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How Beta testing will improve your business?

How Beta testing will improve your business-Testing your product before a launch is not an easy decision to make, Right? So if you are thinking about your product to meet your user’s needs and their wishes, then you need to do in-house testing first before launching to real world users.

So, the Beta testing in Marketing is very important for your business advertizing plan as it is done for refining and developing your product. This testing is not just a beta testing in software testing but also build buzz around your product and provide you a better sense of how your arranged promoting efforts may play out.

Here are a few ways that will tell you how a beta testing can be a savvy method for the improvement of your business:

Improve Your Marketing Plan.

In this Beta Product testing, you run the same promotions you have planned for the launch of your product on small scale like on social media channel after that this Beta testing assist you to coordinate the feedback about your products and enhance your Marketing Plan.

Pick up an Excited, Engaged Audience.

TestOrigen’s Beta testers are very industry-savvy with their fingers on beat of what’s new and hot. They will help you by communicating with each other about the product’s good/bad features and gives you a helpful feedback for the continuous refining of your product, while they create a network around your product and encourage your audience by making exciting and new changes.

Collect aimed audience statistics from your Beta Testing team.

As you are seeking for the information about your product in beta tests, then you can collect the audience statistics from your beta tester team. Reviews and meeting of your testers will provide you a brief shot of your ultimate audience. You can use this data to modify your test to an exact focused group and track the reactions from group to group.

Start creating Buzz feed.

By adding famous brands in your Beta test, you can support them to share their opinion with their own networks can provide you publicity and help you making connections with long term clients.

So, if you are going to launch a new product and need a best beta testing services, then TestOrigen will be the better choice you will make. We are one of the leading and affordable beta testing companies in Noida that support you in your beta testing program and provide you various beta testing such as IOS beta testing, android app beta testing, mobile app beta testing etc, as our testers uses all the latest beta testing tools . For more details you can contact us.


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Required Skills to become a Successful Tester

REQUIRED SKILLS TO BECOME A Successful TesterNow a day software testing industries are developing at a high speed with today’s growing world. So if you are thinking of making your career as a software testing engineer and QA, then you must be aware of technical as well as software QA tester skills to become successful tester. As talking to some of professional testers we analyzed their perspectives and proposal in regards to the basic skills that can assist you to become a successful professional tester. So let’s take a look at some of the key skills of software testing.

Logical and analytical thinking:

For a great software tester, he/she must have the capacity to make the different scenarios on various situations and should put him/herself in the client’s shoes and think according to the client’s need for preparing workflow chart of the application. Both the logical and analytical thinking are technical skills of software tester that makes you a proficient tester.

Scholarly creativity and curiosity:

Curiosity and creativity is a software testing skills required for enjoying your work. It is belief that software testing is a boring and dull job, but it is really a test of your creativity and curiosity to understand the product and system as deep as possible. The more you inquire; more you find that result in brilliant testing skills.

Thinks and reacts quickly:

Good testers are multitalented and never give up until they get the solutions. They learn immediately when stood up with something new and can accept things are as effectively as they can stay with a plan.

Adaptable to working in teamwork:

While a successful software tester with technical skills is open to working without coordinate supervision, they additionally very respect the value of teamwork. They perceive when to help and also when to request one. They value the skills of their partners and use them to achieve tasks more skillfully and sufficiently when required.

Does not overlook Personal Growth:

Last but not least, a proficient tester understands that their skills for software testing can simply be improved daily. They see the quickly changing trends and attempt to stay aware of them as they learn new skills of software testing and open themselves up to new innovations. They absolutely discovered that what is awesome today might be old fashion tomorrow. To them, learning is the key to success.


Testing is a procedure which never stops all through the software advancement life-cycle and even after that. There is dependably opportunity to get better in the software testing. Other than the important software testing skills given above, you must have good speaking and listening skills as well as non-verbal communication and voice to make a good career in this field.




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Web Analytics Testing: Process and Importance


Web analytics testing is basically the collecting of website data and after that analyzing and reporting this data based on your users targets and organization to conclude the failure and success of those targets for making strategy to improve the user’s understanding.

The key objective of Web analytics testing foremost is to optimize the experience of online clients. It is not only the technology to create reports but rather than that even more a website optimization technique. This enables organizations to improve the website in order to get more profit.

Web Analytics Process:

The procedure projected above will empower organizations to make a commanding information obsessed background, to calculate client connection with the site, to sector guests and see how each crowd act, to examine movement ROI, and to upgrade the site so as to make benefit.

  • Begin with a logical description of business objectives
  • Make an arrangement of Key Performance Indicators to track objective accomplishment
  • Collect precise and complete information
  • Analysis of Data to remove bits of information
  • Making of test Alternatives rely upon assumptions studied from data analysis.
  • Actualize bits of information based on either website testing or data analysis.


Testing and Analytics: Which is more essential?

For the selection of Testing and Analytics, it is really important to first choose the company. Because these both processes are totally relies upon the types of company. And the companies are divided into two sections.

  1. The companies which are new to Testing and Analytics: These companies should begin with a web analytics tools before spending huge amount on testing tools. Although, the least demanding approach to become more familiar with how great your attempt is to begin testing. You can begin with a small part of the site.
  1. Analytics based companies: These companies are one, recently using the web analytics testing solution for the enhancement of their conversion rates. Web analytics testing solution can as well assist in giving better approaching to the site optimizing

So in the conclusion, if we have more data, it can be utilized to boost testing achievement; and the test outcomes could be utilized to help following data analysis.

Importance of Web Analytics Testing

The web analytics testing services are important to assist you to see how your users are connecting with your sites. The Google as well takes this data to rank you up with the assistance of an algorithm.

Various opportunities of testing assist you to enhance campaign performance too. So, for the increment of conversions rate, you should use different testing method including Web analytics A/B testing and WAAT using selenium.

Web analytics A/B testing: Web analytics A/B testing enlightens you regarding the execution of clickable components of your website page. This testing process permits measuring execution like tweaking or revolving between two pictures, an essential suggestion to take action and afterward following up on the outcomes. This assists in getting a site with continuous execution development.

Web analytics automation testing framework: WAAT can be performed using selenium testing tool to test Android and iOS apps. Web analytics testing using selenium is basically performed for the mobile applications.


The central issue is: how can a site owner convince users to purchase a product or read an article? And, the appropriate solution is: look at the data and learn what is going on the site, tune in to clients’ voices and improve the site to better furnish them; after all these users are the purpose behind the site’s presence. Clients should guide us, not advisers, companions or emotions; information and online studies are the place to search for clients’ demands.

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6 Most Common Software Testing Methodologies

Software Testing MethodologiesTesting is the basic piece of software development. Poor testing strategies prompt unstable items and unpredictable development times. It is extremely necessary to have a testing Plan set up to make sure that the product delivered is powerful and stable and is delivered in a predictable time span. Software Testing Methodologies are ways to deal with testing, from unit testing through system testing and beyond.

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Why Software Testing is Important?

NEED OF SOFTWARE TESTINGSoftware Testing is important in light of the fact that we all are humans and we all make mistakes. Some of those are unimportant, however some of them are costly or hazardous. We have to check everything and anything we create because that things can simply turn out badly.


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6 Software Testing Tools

6 Software Testing ToolsThe increased demand for automation is trending in our software testing industry, as well. If you check out any software or application testing tool, you will find various tools that can be helpful in their day to day testing activities, whether it is for desktop testing, web testing, browser testing, regression testing, web services and API testing, and many more. Checkout the most comprehensive list of software testing tools that helps in Testing activities.



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Mobile Testing approaches ‘expands’ ROI of organizations

mobile testingAdvancement in the sphere of technology has forced the organizations to remain intact with the requirements of the customer on a regular basis. The mobile apps in today’s scenario have become a necessity for every organization to operate effectively around the globe in regards to generate remarkable outcomes timely.

Mobile Testing on Real Devices or Emulators remains an effective key in maintaining and enhancing user’s experience in handling mobile phones efficaciously. TestOrigen with dedication carries out constructive Mobile Testing, providing the clients and organizations with accurate and rapid results on time.

Mobile Testing helps in increasing the ROI of organizations by implementing few approaches like, execution of Shift Left Testing to ensure the readiness of the test cases in the most effective way by introducing testing at the prime stage itself. Also by performing Test Automation effectively to generate proper planning of the organization in the process of long run. Carrying Performance Testing to certify the expectations of the customer is met on time, thus resulting better ROI. Performing Continuous Testing to assure defects and bugs are identified in the earlier stage itself, allowing the applications to perform well, increasing ROI of the organization. And in the end executing  to ensure that comprehensive efficiency is maintained properly to generate higher ROI for the organization.

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Cushions for Digital Banking

digital bankingOnline payments have become indispensable part of human lives in today’s world, allowing the Banks to come on the tips of the humans, thus reducing the work load with ease.

To maintain effective operations of Banks on Digital Horizon there are few armors available, keeping the sphere of Digital Banking safe and sound from the occurring like threat of losing records & unprecedented bugs.

The key cushions are:

1) Functionality of banking apps : Functional Testing, examines the entire functions of the apps by rendering end-to-end test execution, commencing right from the collecting phase, hence certifying that the pace of defects have come down and the Banking app is defect free.

 2) Performance of banking app: Performance Testing ensures the operation of the app is desirable and the way it was calculated to operate.

3) Software validation of banking apps: Software Testing works as a shield ensuring the internal applications and processes are trouble-free and productive, thus protecting the integrity of the records from the threat of potential hack.

4) Security of the banking apps: Security Testing assures the reputation and confidentiality of vital record of the user present in the banking app. Thus, making the app safe to launch in the market.

TestOrigen understands the importance of digital banking in today’s scenario and carries out fruitful testing along with experts in order to maintain smooth working of the banking apps, hence delivering best services to the clients accordingly.

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Usability Testing ‘revitalizing’ Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation21st century has been said to be the epoch of Digitalization, as the world has embarked into the arena of being digitally savvy in order to get their work done on time. Organizations have also ascended on a quest of Digital Transformation with experience of the user, along with enhancement of the brand being top most priority in order to maximize their profits effectually.

The walkway of the Digital Transformation isn’t easy as the there are rough pavements along its path like the impeccable operation of the applications, along with the experience of the users over the applications. To rectify all these challenges Usability Testing becomes a catalyst in order to energize the process of Digital Transformation significantly to ensure that the applications are functional, preferable, feasible & easy-going for the users. TestOrigen performs Usability Testing, by patiently observing the problems and executing it effectively, hence boosting up the process of Digital Transformation and allowing the organizations to grow remarkably well.

Usability Testing renders ample benefits to Digital Transformation like, enhancement in the process of transformation rate because of effective user interface, along with surging satisfaction of the users in order to have competitive edge. It also, refines the accessibility of the applications that helps in the ideal growth. Usability Testing also helps in deepening the trust among the users, which results in exceptional bonding. And in the end Usability Testing reduces the cost and efforts due to rapid comments of the users.

The Quality of the products reflects from the testing that has been carried out, proper testing results in well defined extensive product, thus making the end user happy, and the entire testing function a huge success.

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Performance Testing ‘strengthening’ Agile Domain

Agile environmentAgile Environment has become the top most priority for the organizations in the present scenario, because the organizations today are in the quest to manufacture standard quality of products significantly, with the help of Agile Environment. Also, Agile Environments helps in maintaining healthy relationships between the stakeholders in order enhance the quality of the product produced, resulting uplift in the ROI of the organization.

To remain in-tacked, Agile Environment needs versatility and cannot survive with an incompetent version, for this Performance Testing extensively verifies and pinpoints inefficiency that is present in the final product, thus helping the organization to grow remarkably well. Performance Testing also identifies the barriers related to performance in the primary stage of the businesses and rectifies the hindrance by arresting and solving the performance hold-up for the particular product that is in the examination. TestOrigen also seemingly performs accurate Performance Testing in Agile Surroundings thus, helping the clients and organizations to grow incredibly well.

Performance Testing anchors Agile Domain with few advantages which are like; Hold-ups are exposed rapidly, Applications are balanced accurately, the chances of encountering bugs are reduced at later stages, efforts and money is saved effectively and it helps in fostering the confidence of the organizations in regard with growth.


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