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A five minute guide to Known Error Database

A five minute guide to Known Error Database. known error databaseLet’s learn something new is the term known Error Database. What is this KEDB? And how it is connected to software testing world?

The key to progress lies in climbing the stairs step by step, instead of a single jump skyward. Approaching slowly and carefully expects knowledge to be stored, utilized and enhanced. In Information Technology Infrastructure Library one such tool that enables associations to make this progress is the Known Error Database.

What is a Known Error Database Tool?

A known error database is a database that portrays the majority of the known issues inside the general frameworks. It depicts the circumstances in which these issues show up, and when conceivable, it offers a workaround that will get the client around the issue and back to profitable work. The configuration management system is part of known error database.

This database also turns out to be a part of the general Problem Management Database, where IT can go to distinguish and organize issues that need perpetual resolutions. Workarounds are just impermanent fixes with the goal that work can precede until the point when issues are definitely settled.

The ITIL known error database must incorporate screenshots of the issues, and additionally the content of error messages, and portrays the issue from the perspective of the client.

Advantages of a Known Error Database

IT groups inside undertakings build up a known error database format as it offers many advantages, both to clients and straightforwardly to the IT teams.

Repeatable Workarounds – Without a decent framework for producing brilliant Known Errors and Workarounds we may locate that diverse engineers settle a similar issue in different ways. Inventiveness in IT is completely something worth being thankful for, yet repeatable procedures are presumably better. Two clients reaching the Servicedesk for a similar issue wouldn’t expect a difference in the speed or nature of determination. The known error database software is a strategy for bringing repeatable procedures into your condition.

Stay away from unnecessary exchange of Incidents – A powerless point in the Incident Management process is the exchange of ownership between groups. This is where a client issue goes to the base of another person line of work. Frequently with insufficient detailed setting or foundation data. Empowering the Servicedesk to determine errors themselves prevents exchange of possession for issues that are already known.

Quicker rebuilding of service to the client – The client has lost access to a service because of a condition that we definitely think about and have seen some time recently. The most ideal experience that the client could seek after is a moment rebuilding of administration or an impermanent determination. Having a decent Known Error which makes the Problem simple to discover as well implies that the Workaround must be speedier to find. The greater part of the time required to legitimately understand the underlying driver of the clients issue can be evacuated by permitting the Servicedesk build snappy access to the Workaround.

Keep away from Re-work – Without a known error database fields we may find that developers are frequently investing time and vitality attempting to discover a determination for a similar issue. This would be likely in dispersed groups working from various workplaces, yet I’ve additionally observed it normally happen inside a single group. Have you ever inquired an engineer if they know the answer for a clients issue to be told “Yes, I settled this for another person a week ago?” Would you have preferred to have discovered that data in a less demanding way?

Thus tracking and implementing a known error database empowers the IT group to work all the more proficiently, while enhancing the fulfillment of clients.



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Warning: Don’t dare to miss these weirdest Software Defects

Warning- Don’t dare to miss these weirdest Software Defects. types of defects in software testingAs a tester, you would be stood up to with tricky practices of software while at the same time performing testing. Whereas it is essential that each types of defects in software testing you experience should be accounted for, it is important to recognize whether an error is truly a flaw or a defect.

All things considered, it is exceptionally hard to distinguish between a software product defects or a flaw as it requires accuracy with respect to tester for understanding the software product functionalities.

Although, in basic terms, software defect is a deviation from the prerequisite that causes failing of a software product.

It doesn’t really mean a bug in the code. It can be any capacity that was determined in the Software Requirement Specifications record yet was not perceived, created or executed by the developer. Subsequently, the software product acts in a weirdest way.


From a client’s point of view, some of the common example of defects in software testing is following:

Situation 1: The software product will enable a client to make online installments utilizing a debit card.

Defect: The alternative of choosing a debit card for making installments is absent.

Situation 2: The software product will help me in evading spelling error.

Defect: The component for distinguishing the spelling mistakes is absent.

Masked Defect

A Masked Defect is types of software bugs officially existing in the software product. But, it has not caused failure in software testing of the application execution mostly as it is secured or masked by other types of defects in software testing. Masked Defects regularly are hard to recognize since they don’t get recognized until the real origin of defects in software testing hiding it gets revealed or a particular operation is executed.

Illustration of a Masked Defect

According to the main occurrence where an application was not tested for DMP, assist two issues are covered.

  • The DMP Printer Search
  • The DMP Print

The application dependably neglected to choose Laser printer because of which the DMP printing defect was never identified. Accordingly, the DMP print stayed covered up.

Defect Cascading

In software testing, Defect Cascading implies activating of different types of defects in software testing of the application. At the point when a cause of software defects is not distinguished or goes unnoticed while testing, it conjures different types of software defects. As a result, various functional defects in software testing manifest in the later stages. At the end of the day, it is a master defect which acquaints many defects connected with it onto additionally phases of the application lifecycle.

Illustration of a Defect Cascading

An application has been conveyed to compute monthly salary of the representatives. The module in charge of figuring salaries is having a unidentified types of defects in software testing. Therefore, it wrongly computes the salaries. This prompts the database to transmit off base salary numbers which are additionally reflected in a critical balance sheet, tax calculations and yearly salary calculations.

In any case the defects cascading keeps on influencing different capacities in the application, distinguishing the influenced work ends up noticeably difficult. You may make distinctive experiments to illuminate this issue; however it is troublesome and tedious. As a tester, you may choose a subset of various test cases and execute them without bugging over interdependencies among test cases.

Latent Defect

A Latent defect is a covered flaw in a software product which is not distinguished by the user until the point when an arrangement of operations is not performed. This category of defects in software testing is recognized just when the software product is relied upon to execute a specific task without consistent situations or is presented to weird conditions. This production defects in software testing typically goes with a software product during the generation procedure, and furthermore goes to the pre-production testing.

Illustration of a Latent Defect

An application to print pay slips of the workers which give two distinctive printer alternatives to print in the dropdown:

  • Laser Printer
  • Dot Matrix Printer

Although, the application by default chooses the Laser printer dependably. Thus, at whatever point the print order is started, printouts leave the Laser printer. At the point when the application can’t find the laser printer, it tries to discover the DMP. The application endeavors to print utilizing Dot Matrix Printer however over and again gives an issue message.

As the latent defect in the app was never tested for Dot Matrix Printer and since this situation was never encountered while utilizing the laser printer, this flaw stayed covered up. This means while testing, the previously mentioned situation was never experienced.

Being a tester it is hard to know whether it is a mistake in the working of the software product or it is a fluctuation of functionalities in the software product. Subsequently, it is critical to understand diverse types of defects in software testing and actualize test cases fit for recognizing these defects. While Masked Defect, Defect Cascading and Latent defect have the capacity to wind up noticeably a prevailing reason for client blackout, you can get over these by using standardized procedures and latest software testing tools.

If you don’t want your software product suffers the above mentioned types of defects in software testing, then grab your testing needs with TestOrigen and also get reduces cost of defects in software testing now.

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Salesforce Funding $50 Millions for AI Startups

Salesforce Funding $50 Millions for AI Startups. salesforce newsLatest Salesforce news stated that the, a cloud-computing organization has increased its work with AI through Salesforce Einstein tool.

John Somorjai, the EVP of Salesforce projects and corporate development stated that the is investing the Funds dollar 50 millions for artificial intelligence startups.  

The reason for this investment is to persuade another era of organizations to assemble their own particular applications while exploiting the knowledge that Einstein APIs can give them.

“The objective of the Salesforce AI Fund is to advance the development of transformative AI arrangements on tech industry Salesforce“. Matt Garratt, VP at Salesforce Ventures told TechCrunch that “There is an unimaginable open door for organizations and business people to make cutting edge AI arrangements and our objective is to fuel that open door.

“Salesforce news as well stated that they want a greater amount of those organizations that can do AI advancements on Salesforce’s stage.”

Salesforce’s incomes and salary have developed quickly in late quarters, and it has helped spending on innovative work despite extreme competition from adversaries like Oracle and Microsoft.

Salesforce recent news as well told that the Funding capital investment in AI startups is rising rapidly. For 2017, worldwide financing for AI startups is anticipated to outperform US$10.8 billion – almost double the US dollar 5.6 billion spent in 2016, as per research from salesforce latest news.

John Somorjai said that since its establishing in 2009, has conveyed more than US dollar 700 million in subsidizing to more than 250 new businesses.

Again salesforce in news because of its new fund is hoping to invest in more developers for assembling of AI applications that work couple with its product.

The salesforce news also revealed that “What they were doing with this fund is truly multiplying down on that responsibility for delivering more AI-centric solutions for their clients.

Moreover the organization said that it was additionally growing the quantity of AI assignments utilized by its ‘Einstein’ innovation.

The rise of AI surely changes the software testing world. Let’s wait and watch till then.

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A Journey towards software Testing Tool QTP

A Journey towards software Testing Tool QTP. QTP testing toolAutomated testing is executed by utilizing automation testing tools, which can playback predefined activities and pre-recorded scripts to contrast the outcomes with the normal outcome to report pass or fail.

Once automated tests are made they can be utilized to retest the application once more. This is the reason why testing automation is required? And QTP testing tool is one of the automation tool that automates the testing procedures.

What is QTP software testing tool?

QTP stands for QuickTest Professional, an hp QTP testing tool encourages testers to execute an automated functional testing flawlessly, without checking, once content improvement is finished.

QTP testing tool utilizes Visual Basic Scripting for automating the applications. The Scripting Engine is not need to be installed solely, as it is accessible as a piece of the Windows OS.

The Current form of VBScript is 5.8 is accessible as a piece of Win 7. VBScript is an object-based language but not an object-oriented language.


How to use QTP testing tool?

The given below automation testing tool QTP tutorial assists you how to execute the fundamental settings that should be done in QTP before recording test scripts:

Step 1: Open a blank QTP script with suitable Add-ins.

Open a blank QTP content with suitable Add-ins. qtp testing tool



Step 2: Navigate to Automation->Record and Run settings.

Navigate to Automation Record and Run settings. qtp testing tool



Step 3: Under Web tab choose the First radio button which states “Record and run test on any open program”.

 Under Web tab choose the First radio button which states. qtp testing tool



Step 4: Tap on Window Applications tab and select the First Radio button which states “Record and run test on any open Windows-based application”.

 Tap on Window Applications tab and select the First Radio button which states. qtp testing tool



Step 5: Tap on Apply button and afterward tap on OK button.

Tap on Apply button and afterward tap on OK button. qtp testing tool



Step 6: Navigate to File->Settings.

Navigate to File. qtp testing tool



Step 7: Select Run on left side window.

Select Run on left side window. qtp testing tool



Step 8: Under Data Table cycles select the principal radio button which states “Run one iteration only “.

Under Data Table cycles select the principal radio button which states Run one iteration only. qtp testing tool



Step 9: Enter ’60’ in Object synchronization timeout field.

Enter 60 in Object synchronization timeout field. qtp testing tool



Step 10: Choose both the check boxes which states “Disable Smart Identification amid the run session” and “Save picture of desktop when issue happens”.

Choose both the check boxes which states -Disable Smart Identification amid the run session- and -Save picture of desktop when issue happens-. qtp testing tool



Step 11: Tap on Apply button and after that tap on OK button.

Tap on Apply button and after that tap on OK button. qtp testing tool


QTP testing tool Utilization Explained:

QTP functional testing tool is most appropriate for regression testing of the applications. QTP is an authorized/business tool possessed by HP, which is a standout amongst the most well known tools accessible in the market. QTP software testing tool looks at the genuine and the normal outcome and reports the outcomes in the execution rundown.

Benefits of QTP:

  • It has fantastic object identification process or system.
  • It supports diverse add-ins such as NET, Web Forms, Oracle, Java, SAP, People soft, and so forth.
  • It enables you to upgrade the current tests even without the AUT through a dynamic screen.
  • Distinctive sorts of suites like Sanity, Smoke, Regression can be effectively maintained.
  • It also supports XML.
  • Test detailing is conceivable by using QTP for investigation reason.
  • Simple to keep up.
  • It provides famous automation frameworks such as data driven testing approach, modular testing approach, keyword driven testing approach etc.
  • It provides record and playback.
  • It accompanies an inbuilt IDE.
  • It can be incorporated with Test administration devices such as Test Director, Winrunner and Quality Center.


This Easy QTP testing tool tutorial helps you understanding how TestOrigen perform you functional testing using QTP. It is just a basic tutorial of QTP testing tool but we can help you with your difficult bugs and defects detection that are become headache to your organization.



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Testing Securing Financial Apps from Cyber Attacks

Testing Securing Financial Apps from Cyber Attacks. cyber security testingWould it be a good idea for you to have restless nights worrying about your financial cyber-security barricade?

The multinational group of cyber-criminals stole up to $1bn over a two-year time frame by invading more than 100 banks crosswise over 30 nations stated by a report of security firm Kaspersky Labs. Thus the need of Financial App testing is critical in this era.

In January, the Bank of England cautioned banks in the UK that they were confronting an “ever-present, consistently advancing danger” from hackers and cyber-criminals resulting in cyber security testing, and should anticipate that effort will enter their systems would be effective for their financial apps.

Thus, information encryption, Strong passwords, two-factor validation, etc are some of the cyber security testing technique or financial app testing is fundamental to avoid cyber crime dangers and to ensure your financial records.

Most usually implemented cyber-attacks:

Despite the fact that there’s no conclusion to the methods by which somebody can dispatch a cyber-attack, and more ways are being discovered, the most widely recognized sorts of cyber-attacks are as per the following:

SQL Injection: It works by abusing known SQL vulnerabilities that permit the SQL server to run noxious code to get to client data.

DoS (Denial-of-Service): Damaging the support of a system, attackers send high volumes of information or activity through the system until the point that it winds up noticeably over-burden and quits working.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): One of the most well-known ways an attacker can convey a cross-webpage scripting assault is by infusing malicious code into a remark or a content that could run naturally and essentially harm the site by setting the clients’ data in danger.

Malware: It is a kind of cyber dangers including viruses, worms and Trojans which can be acquainted with a framework through OS vulnerabilities, software downloads, email connections and so forth.

Phishing: Attacks are sent by means of email which may incorporate a connection that will manage the client to a fake site intended to take a client’s data and individual information.

Session Hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle Attack: An attacker can commandeer the session by catching the session ID, enabling them to sign in as an unsuspicious client and access the data on the web server.

Thus, with the expanded risk of cyber attacks, it is necessary to use the finance domain testing in depth so you can do vulnerability scanning as early as could be expected under the circumstances. Finance domain software testing is far less expensive to extract a basic vulnerability before a financial app goes live than after it has been released.

Best practices:

Much the same as there are a few banking workflows and procedures; there should be different financial app testing systems. This end-to-end cyber attack standardized testing will guarantee that the application being referred to capacities well, is secure, and gives better client encounter.

Planning and survey of sample test cases for banking application: Test cases can yield positive and negative outcomes and are a decent approach to know which ranges require development. QA testers can make test cases and audit the outcomes.

Database testing: Successful database administration is critical to proficiently managing information and giving clients a chance to play out a few undertakings effectively. Data integrity and testing triggers can enhance client encounter and the application’s functionalities.

Consistent joining: Financial applications should have the capacity to coordinate with different projects well. They must have the capacity to deal with complex work processes easily and support multi-level handling without inconvenience.

Cyber security penetration testing: While every single other part of financial app testing are critical, security beat the rundown, as unapproved access and loss of information can cost a financial foundation a great many dollars. The application should not only have the capacity to withstand cyber-attacks as well as it needs to agree with industry principles too. Vulnerability testing should be tended to find bugs and defects. This imperative part of testing can impact if an application can be taken off or should be updated.

The cyber security testing of financial applications is muddled and multi-layered. While the cyber security testing tools decreases the time taken and cuts cost, despite everything it needs to experience certain means to create a productive, secure outcome. The practices specified here are generally utilized as a part of financial app testing and are the standard today.

Financial applications should be tested altogether before using them. Hence, you should consider the cyber security test plan and practices of automated testing.

TestOrigen’s Application Security testing services address the developing number and force of cyber attacks in the present advanced time. With our secure life-cycle administration procedures and security testing, you can survey the security levels of your applications and find a way to enhance them.


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Importance of Shift Left Testing for boosting Software Quality

Importance of Shift Left Testing for boosting Software Quality. shift left testingIn an Agile world, groups are being made a request to move speedier — decreasing the length of time to conveyance the proceeding for boosting Software Quality of every launch.In the meantime, they are confronted with expanded pressure to decrease testing costs. At that point “shift left testing” is the solution to how QA fits in, making them a reality in your association instead of simply aspirations.

So, now you are thinking that what is shift left testing? Worry not let me explain you in brief!!

Shift Left testing alludes to moving testing process right on time in the advancement software product life-cycle. Dissimilar to, the conventional testing approach where testing happens simply after the ending of the advancement procedure.

Shift Left strategy in software testing is tied with involving testing starts from the improvement stage to detect defects instead of finding them later.

In other words, you can say that, it is a way to deal with pre QA testing in shift left closer to the fabricate procedure and proactively test the applications to reveal uncover bugs for speedier curing.

By implementation of Shift Left methodology, organizations can oblige discharges that happen quicker, usually on a weekly or regular schedule. But, if not executed appropriately, there are odds of bug slippages into advancement and afterward to the production stage, which can disturb the whole SDLC.


Some key points of Shift Left Testing Benefits that guarantee Software Quality:

Powerful Collaboration

Joint effort is at the center of the Shift-left approach, where testers get interested appropriate from the earliest starting point of the advancement cycle. This results in better group progression and disposal of frictional contrasts. At last, Powerful Collaboration brings about viable shift left testing in agile and conveyance of strong software products. With developers and testers cooperating a superior group is shaped, who can give trustworthy outcomes. This further adds speed to the improvement procedure and furthermore guarantees the quality of the software product. Constant Development and Delivery is fundamental for effectively actualizing shift left testing concept, which is intolerable without the needed powerful collaboration among testing teams.

Compelling utilization of time and assets

Whenever defects or bugs are settled in time, it conveys products inside tough timetables and empowers compelling utilization of assets. At the point when testers work with engineers, the general procedure helps in making the application more grounded by successfully utilizing the aptitudes and conveying positive outcomes. These further outcomes in cost-viability, which is basic for supporting benefit in the business field.

Powerful resolutions of defects or bugs

As specified, Shift-left testing brings increasingly coordinated effort amongst improvement and testing. Thusly, testing begins way ahead in the improvement cycle which opens up the product for audit and modification ideal from the earliest starting point. This is one of the center advantages of the shift left testing procedure, which distinguishes bugs and fix them in time. It is basic to execute such methodologies in a situation that requires sustenance and speed.

Improved Test Coverage

Considering that the tests get executed appropriate from the earliest starting point of the advancement procedure, the applications can be evaluated for every one of their highlights. In this way, the software/app gets tested for each performance and functionality. Improved test scope additionally helps in guaranteeing the quality of the software product.

With Agile being the standard, shift-left testing is a key empowering influence for expanding quality and proficiency, decreasing expenses and risk, and remaining competitive.


At TestOrigen, everybody turns into a quality associates while executing the shift left testing and the duty for delivering excellent software is equally shared among our testing team.



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Postman Tool Tutorial for Implementing your APIs Testing Techniques

Postman Tool Tutorial for Implementing your APIs Testing Techniques. api testing using postmanIn the present advancement world, the significance of APIs is known to all. But, using APIs whole day results in complication that give rise to testing of these APIs software products. However, it is hard to test APIs by maintaining their correct demand’s address; headers, approval credentials etc. Thus the resolution to these errors is API testing using postman. The postman testing tool is a Google Chrome application that assists you in making, sparing, and sending of HTTP requests and test reaction information.

At an abnormal state, you can utilize it to send a post demand to your web server and it gives you the reaction back. The postman testing tool also enables you to set up every one of the cookies and headers of your API expects, at that point check the reaction when it returns.

That’s as well known as rest API automation testing tool. However postman tool has lots of different built in features such as brilliant cookie administration that can used many times when API devices faces difficulties to deal with it. API testing using Postman provides all HTTP strategy you can consider — including some you may even think about.

Here is given api testing using postman tutorial for get you started quickly to run automated tests on your requests.

First step: download and install Postman

When you open postman it look like as screenshot showed below:

download and install Postman

Postman automation tool is simple to utilize, yet API testing is extremely dubious when your application is complicated. Application give you collection of API calls, you need to take after that gathering of API calls for API testing of your application.


Second step: Then choose API call such as GET/POST/DELET/PUT etc.

Then choose API call such as GET POST DELET PUT


Third step: Set Authorization, Header, Body data as per your API call:

Set Authorization, Header, Body data as per your API call

At that point, you can tap on send to execute your API call.


Fourth step: After that Set environment variable by tapping on manage environment.

  • Tap on ADD
  • Record the Name of Environment.
  • Fill value and key, as the key is equal to variable and value of your host IP address.


After that Set environment variable by tapping on manage environment.


Fifth step: Add the Collection:

  • You can include Each API call in collection and make an accumulation.
  • That will be reusable for application.


Add the Collection



Do Postman Scripts Run in CI?

Since API testing using postman are essentially tests written in JavaScript, they’re simple to incorporate into your nonstop reconciliation conditions.

There’s a gathering of sprinters for both a GUI and charge line sprinter choices. Postman testing tool as well makes a few reports for you that can be outputted to XML in a way that an API testing tools like Jenkins could show the outcomes.


API testing Postman Features:

To specify a couple of the highlights it accompanies:-

  • You can just test any API and see the reaction promptly.
  • You can make a gathering of API endpoints and call them at whatever point you need to see the reactions.
  • You can share these accumulations, when you are signed in with team members.
  • You can utilize Postman’s CLI customer, Newman, to compose Postman tests with JavaScript.
  • You can compose tests in JavaScript to test the reaction that comes when a Postman request is made.


At last, once you have every one of these endpoints made, you can send out a postman JSON record, both for the endpoint tests and the earth factors, which again can be utilized by Postman as a source for the tests.

We hope this postman tool tutorial help you in better understanding of API testing automation procedures. For more tutorials you can contact us and also get your testing issues resolutions anytime.

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A trip to Orthogonal Array Testing Process and Methods

A trip to Orthogonal Array Testing Process and Methods. orthogonal array testing techniqueThe Orthogonal Array Testing Technique is a precise, measurable method for testing pair-wise connections. It gives delegate scope of all variable pair combinations.

This makes the orthogonal array testing strategy especially helpful for integration testing of software segments such as OO frameworks where various sub classes can be substituted as the server for a customer.

The Orthogonal Array Testing Tool additionally very helpful for testing mixture of configurable alternatives like a page that gives the client a chance to pick the background color, text style, and page design.

What is Orthogonal Array?

Orthogonal Arrays concept are two-dimensional Factors and levels, by picking any two segments in the array gives an even division of all the pair-wise combinations.

It is utilized as a statistical method to create the permutation of inputs, resulting in test cases with ideal test scope to determine attempt reduction in Test arranging and Test configuration stage.


What is Orthogonal Array Testing?

Orthogonal Array Testing is a efficient and arithmetical method of black box testing system utilized when number of inputs to the application under test is little however excessively complicated for a comprehensive testing.


How to utilize Orthogonal Array Testing Technique?

Implementation of OATS technique includes the underneath steps:

  1. Discover the non-aligned factors. These will be assigned as “Variables”
  2. Discover the qualities which every factor will take. These will be assigned as “Levels”
  3. Look for an orthogonal array that has all the elements from step 1 and every one of the levels from step 2
  4. Guide the variables and levels with your prerequisite
  5. Make an interpretation of them into the appropriate test cases
  6. Watch out for the special or left over test cases.


Orthogonal Array Testing Example:

In any case we have three parameters, each can have three values then the conceivable Number of tests utilizing regular strategy is 3^3 = 27. Whereas a similar utilizing orthogonal array testing formula, it comes down to 9 test cases.

Orthogonal Array Testing Tools:

Following are the arrangement of a few tools used to perform orthogonal array testing technique.

  • OATS
  • AETG
  • Hexawise
  • Felines
  • TConfig and so forth.


Advantages of using Orthogonal Array Testing Tool:

The prime advantages of Orthogonal Array testing process are:

Decreased Testing Time – OATS decreases the testing time tremendously by giving most extreme test scope. All arrangements of information are not required to be tested; just a sample set is grabbed as it will serve to every conceivable combinations and permutations of information. This results in the reduction of testing time definitely.

Easy Analysis – since all parts of information does not need to be examined, just its representative requires assessment and the examination ends up plainly simpler. This occurs as the similar examination will remain constant for every comparable information combination.

Uniform Test Cases – as orthogonal arrays are the premise, each comparable cluster gets same significance at the time of representation in shaping and creating test cases. Therefore, the test cases are very much uniform and perform an exact picture.

Cost Efficient – the whole information does not require testing under orthogonal array testing tool, this results in huge money saving.

Disadvantages of Orthogonal Array Testing Technique:

Orthogonal Array Testing tool does not ensure 100% test scope; it can just guarantee ideal test scope.

Test Scripts produced through orthogonal array testing technique must be manually approved and extra test cases must be added to guarantee most extreme test scope.

None of the testing methods gives an assurance of 100% scope. Every system has its own particular manner of choosing the test conditions. However, we at TestOrigen perform all types of software Testing methods and guarantees 100% QA to your software products.


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Top 2017 IoT development Problems with Solution for QA testing

Top 2017 IoT development Problems with Solution for QA testing. iot solutions in testingWhat are IoT solutions?

IoT solutions in testing is empowering organisations to fabricate diverse associated, intelligent IoT applications with a specific end goal to reinforce various measurements of client engagement and maintenance.

As per lately market reports, the number of associated “things” is set to bang and anticipated that would achieve approximately 25 billion by 2020.

Attributable to these advances in IoT, connections and best IoT solutions will soon empower firms to utilize software to monitor clients’ true encounters and reactions over the full scope of customer and also business-to-business situations.

The internet of things is a processing idea that depicts the possibility of ordinary physical items being associated with the web and having the capacity to recognize themselves to different gadgets.

The term is firmly related to RFID as the technique for communication, in spite of the fact that it likewise may incorporate other sensor advances, wireless innovations or QR codes.

Internet of Things is changing the business scene, making open doors for new sources of income, more brilliant cooperations with clients, and more noteworthy efficiencies. IoT solution provider will be a standout amongst the most troublesome innovation inclines in the following decade, with clearing suggestions for organizations and policymakers.

The genuine guarantee of IoT lies in the capacity to join machine-produced information with information made by people for more profound knowledge, understanding, and continuous basic leadership. IoT solutions will significantly affect almost every industry, making new plans of action and new sources of operational efficiencies.

Most joyful Minds gives best ideas and bits of knowledge to organizations on the privilege IoT solutions in testing for receiving the rewards of Machine-to-Machine/IoT innovation.

Internet of things Testing Challenges for IoT Applications:

Essential difficulties:

  • Dynamic condition: Unlike application testing in a characterized domain, IoT has an extremely unique condition with a large number of sensors and distinctive gadgets utilized as a part of conjunction with intelligent software.
  • Continuous multifaceted nature: IoT applications have different, constant situations and its utilization cases are more complicated.
  • Adaptability of framework: Creating a test situation to survey reliability, scalability and functionality is challenging.


Other operational difficulties:

  • Related subsystems and segments possessed by outsider units
  • Complex arrangement of used cases to make test cases and information
  • Equipment accuracy and quality
  • IoT security problems


Here are some of the Latest Emerging Trends of 2017 for IoT solutions in testing:

Developing Leaps of IoT

With the development of IoT technology solutions, numerous clients depend on IoT testing process first earlier utilizing the software product. In any case the software product is not tested for its functionality, security, and viability, it won’t be quality assured and will come underneath scanner.

Python and Ruby fame will develop more

The individuals who are new to coding, Python stays the favored language since it is simple to learn. Indeed, even Ruby can be next alternative as its engineering is suited for installed project benchmarks. Software engineers can get unlimited benefit by both of these languages. These languages are the two imperative pillars of the IoT solution and services.

Future with open source tools

The forthcoming time will be noteworthy for most open source internet of things testing tools. More organizations will uses these tools for        suitable execution of Test administration, Agile, Defect administration, Development and test automation.

Speed and Quality will run as an inseparable unit

Each individual or business will need the best industrial IoT solutions and as right on time as possible. Time and quality will dependably go about as a main judging factor in moving the landscape of software testing market.

QA and Developer roles will combine

The developing acknowledgment of DevOps conclusion is anticipated to break cellar of role between QA/testers and developers. With time running, the developers and operation administrators began to acknowledge IoT testing framework movement as a part of their day by day work. In fact, the developers love to get bugs before it goes to the generation condition. Thus, remembering this, the experts foresighted that the QA engineers and developers role will combine in future.

The top iot problems and solutions that the QA can enroll are as per the following:

The merging of Hardware and Software: The biological system of IoT is made of sensors, devices, and applications. With regards to a large number of devices and sensors in coincidence with smart software, just functionality approval is insufficient.

 Additional components alongside a working framework: IoT works with devices and sensors corresponding with different software back-ends with complex algorithms. An IoT service offering is not sufficiently just to guarantee a working arrangement of device software. Thus, Problems in IoT requires a vigorous approval process with highly complicated ongoing situations. Getting such IoT research problems is an extraordinary test for the QA group.

Sensor Interactions: The greatest iot challenges and opportunities lies in the making of a situation keeping in mind the end goal to test the continuous usage of the IoT application. Setting up such a domain requires various analytics engine and a noteworthy involvement in technical recreation. In spite of the fact that the equipment and the conventions are very much tested in advance, understanding the application knowledge and the device complexity is an intensely big research issues in internet of things for the QA specialists.

The device cooperation layer: Here the hardware and software parts collaborate in an ongoing iot service platform. Their conformance to gauges, interoperability, in reverse compatibility and security are the extra difficulties to regular iot solutions in testing.

The client cooperation layer: The achievement of the general application relies upon the client accepting consistent encounters. The principle iot solutions in testing challenges incorporate the reproduction of system modes alongside device level approval, the ongoing usability alongside the back-end IoT condition.


In order to execute and master IoT, associations need to work intimately with develop merchants to conquer key problems with using the internet. Testing IoT in tending to information administration, security and protection concerns helps in offering trusted software products.

Testorigen specialists give their 100% skill test to recognize potential bugs and defects dodging terrible failures of software products. Testing regularly and testing constantly will end up being an essential factor in recognizing and settling the errors of the IoT software products.

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Google’s top Failures of the Year 2017

Google’s top Failures of the Year 2017. google failed productsSince the Apple happiness has faded away somewhat, everyone’s eyes are on Google which will be revealing its Pixel cell phones on October 4.

There’s an awesome feeling of desire from Google – maybe it’s dependably there – to dispatch a cell phone which competition would be jealous of.

As a brand, Google is known for its collection of well known products, from maps to Android, and now smartphones.

However in spite of famous observation, the organization positively doesn’t have the Midas touch. In its collection store, there have been a series of Google failed products.

Google Glass failure, which should wow the world, is famous for making it to the Museum of Failure in Sweden. Also, who can overlook Google Buzz, the organizations highly praised social networking platform that nearly neglected to take off. Google’s product failures list incorporates some more.

Here’s list of Google failed products that failed to leave a stamp…

Android O

We are talking about new features of Android O like enhanced picture-in-picture and copy-paste, a feature that has been cumbersome and confounding on screens since 1998 become one of the Google failed investments. The main thing that appears to be really slick and valuable is enhanced security in Android applications. God knows we require that or not.

YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat becomes the Google lively failure. As if you watched the Google keynote, you will presumably recall Super Chat due to the introduction by its exceptionally energetic product manager. The component has really been out in the wild since January and is most valuable for YouTube content makers, since it fundamentally gives them another income stream. How? It gives analysts a chance to pay to remark on livestreams.

Alright, beyond any doubt, the paid remarks are a bright color, and yes, apparently the individual doing the livestream will see it fly up and respond to it. Thus, evidently, you could burn through $10 and advise the host to remove their jeans. YouTube obviously needs to give this choice to guiltless appearing youngsters on its huge stage.

Smart Reply for Gmail on Android and iOS

This is one of the most exhausting and Google failed products. In case you’re one of the nine individuals on the planet that uses Smart Reply, you will definitely dislike it. If you like to react to messages with your mind like a typical human, then continue perusing.

Standalone Virtual Reality

This sounds extraordinary! However, all Google offered about the new standalone VR equipment. It is the way that Google is building up some new independent virtual reality equipment with HTC and Lenovo.

HTC prodded the new headset directly after Google’s declaration. HTC likewise neglected to give extra subtle elements. So this could be one of the Google hardware failures. As, we genuinely have no clue what it is, and not knowing about the product is the most exceedingly proved to be Google fails in UX of its VR product.


Not only this year Google fail but the Past is also had so many failure stories of Google failed products such as Google inbox failure in 2006, failure of Google glass in between 2011-2015, Google plus failure in 2011 and much more till 2017. However failures always turned in success at the end. As stated by writers that there aren’t secrets to success. It is the outcome of hard work, research, and knowledge from failures. I hope this line would lead to a lot less failed Google products in upcoming year.

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