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Mobile Native App’s Description with its Testing Process

Mobile Native Apps Description with its Testing Process. native app testingA native app is a software program that is created for use on a specific platform or gadget. Since these apps are developed for use on a specific gadget and its OS, it can utilize device particular software and hardware.

Native app testing can provide an upgraded performance and exploit the latest technology, like a GPS, contrasted with web applications or mobile cloud applications created to be generic across multiple systems.

The term native mobile app is utilized to refer to stages like Mac and PC, with examples such as the Photos, Mail or Contacts applications that are preinstalled and designed on each Apple PC.

In any case, with regards to mobile web applications, the term native application is utilized to mean any application written to work on a specific device platform.

The two principle mobile OS stages are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Native applications are composed in the code to preliminarily utilize for the gadget and its OS. For instance, developers compose iOS applications in Objective-C or Swift, while they make Android-Native applications in Java.


Native App Testing Process

Mobile applications are those that individuals download from Google Play and App Store – at least that what 90% of individuals think they are. Those application downloads are controlled by Google and Apple that rank applications and offer data about the accessibility, availability and numerous different things that make individuals discover those. This is vital regarding monetization of your app.

There are also enterprise applications that don’t really wind up in application markets. And, to be honest, beyond their acceptance in the buyer showcase, they likewise enable enterprises to convey efficiency tools to an increasingly mobile workforce. Native mobile app testing give a rich client experience to the buyers and more probable are gainful for their product life-cycle, those applications additionally add a few complexities to those individuals who test them.

Native App Testing – individuals who are accountable for getting all points of interest why certain things occur and did the application perform precisely as expected – needs to know whether the application can be effectively downloaded from the market, put on to the gadget, executed there properly and would users be able to cooperate properly with the supporting back-end framework. At the point when application updates are done, everybody in the association must make certain that the application can be pushed out and is acknowledged by those shoppers. For the most part, there are loads of flawed data out there that mobile native application testing on specific gadgets would make it readily working on conceivable variations out there – even running a similar hardware, specification, and the similar operating system.

These native apps are specifically attached to the hardware, its specification, and software – above all the OS. It is constantly prescribed to test app on physical gadgets and check whether everything is working fine and if the compatibility of the entire ecosystem is meet. Moreover, it is critical to stay aware of this kind of agile mobile application testing to guarantee your application versions meet similar criteria and are accessible for clients whenever released on application markets.

A few benefits of the Native Application Testing:

  • The native application works disconnected.
  • It can utilize all of the features of its gadget.
  • Advanced UX/UI
  • Pop-up messages can be utilized for users alert.

A few Limitations of the Native App Testing:

  • Native Apps creation is costly in contrast with the Mobile Web applications.
  • It requires high expenses for the support.

Native Mobile Application Testing Tools:

Java and Swift are open sources, and they are the principal programming languages utilized by Google and Apple.

Xamarin is a cross-platform software testing tool utilized for native application development on iOS and Android and different stages that depend on C# as a programming language.

A native mobile application is installed on the gadget and is accessed through the icons on your cell phone or tablet. Native applications are specifically downloadable from the App store of the particular gadget OS. These applications are created for a single stage form and exploit the features of the host gadget.

Thus, we require a mobile automation testing tool where you can design a test set for the various gadget to test out the application over a variety of connectivity modes. The tool should be platform independent and enable you to make real end-to-end testing with a single test script conceivable.

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5 Mobile App Testing Scenarios and Conditions


Day by day, latest mobile applications are introducing with an expanding number of organizations and associations. Thus, for the achievement of these applications in the marketplace, they must be tested under various mobile app testing scenarios. So, that the applications offers the most ideal experience for end clients.

Here are the top 5 mobile app testing scenarios for testing mobile applications


The bugs are famous interruptions exist during mobile app testing of devices. As the application usual interface is interrupted by various external actions.

Mobile application testing approach includes pop up observant like cautions, schedule, notices, approaching/active voice calls and instant messages. Among these the approaching/active calls are the most critical sort of interruption occurred.

Occasionally, this can influence the running of different applications in the devices as well. This is basically universal for each application. Clearing this bug before releasing the application in the market can add to its productivity.

Device Integration

Device integration in mobile application testing is important. As in this mobile responsive test, the applications need to join all the settings, alignment and configuration. Additionally they have to merge with in built applications of the mobile device like GPS service, screen orientation, camera, audio, OS, screen resolution, and so forth. It is essential to know how a mobile app testing conditions runs at particulars specifications like your area, video and camera.

Estimated outcomes may move as per the specifications of the device. Reaction of device to the signals can as well be incorporated and how the mobile reacts should also be calculated.


The performance is the mobile application testing basics mainly concentrates on two things:

The responsiveness of the application, proper running speed of app during mobile friendly test, the battery drainage, the CPU of the devices and memory utilization in device or SD card.

Indeed, even minor or significant flaws in the network linking can influence the performance power of the app. This is a type of application versus device. So mobile application testing techniques concentrated on the network availability or Wi-Fi connection can enhance these parts of failures.

These as well cover up the quantity of data utilized by the app.This are one of clients most loved as well. Performance is justified on the premise of how well applications run on the mobile devices.


Mobile app testing scenarios on networks manages weak or poor signal, data transition and quality loss.

Mobile apps that do not need network traffic after the establishment wouldn’t be highly influenced. The fundamental course issue with the application that requires organizes information for additionally working is that, they tend to expand a lot of information. MB. Messenger applications are one among these.

During the application use, the battery is also consumed. The application like sound cloud where client can tune in to music online can cause enormous battery drain.

Due to this Network mobile application testing approaches are followed for better running of battery during application usage.



Installation is the mobile application testing strategy in which the tester should follow the procedure of uninstalling and installing or the properties of updating

Occasionally, testing of installation in the mobile application is not done fully.

There are a plenty of things to judge while testing the installation of a mobile app. At first, we need to arrange the end clients. The aimed audiences have a connection with the procedure of uninstalling and installing the application using mobile application testing tools.

Additionally, the experience can change the first time users of the application. The procedure of updating the installed app must be dealt with care. The fundamental inquiry that emerges here is whether the updated version of a mobile application is compatible to device?


TestOrigen’s Testers well known to these top five Mobile App Testing Scenarios and Conditions. Due to this our testers provide you the best application compatibility to the numerous devices using various latest mobile automation testing tools.




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Cushions for Digital Banking

Cushions for Digital BankingOnline payments have become indispensable part of human lives in today’s world, allowing the Banks to come on the tips of the humans, thus reducing the work load with ease.

To maintain effective operations of Banks on Digital Horizon there are few armors available, keeping the sphere of Digital Banking safe and sound from the occurring like threat of losing records & unprecedented bugs.

The key cushions are:

1) Functionality of banking apps : Functional Testing, examines the entire functions of the apps by rendering end-to-end test execution, commencing right from the collecting phase, hence certifying that the pace of defects have come down and the Banking app is defect free.

 2) Performance of banking app: Performance Testing ensures the operation of the app is desirable and the way it was calculated to operate.

3) Software validation of banking apps: Software Testing works as a shield ensuring the internal applications and processes are trouble-free and productive, thus protecting the integrity of the records from the threat of potential hack.

4) Security of the banking apps: Security Testing assures the reputation and confidentiality of vital record of the user present in the banking app. Thus, making the app safe to launch in the market.

TestOrigen understands the importance of digital banking in today’s scenario and carries out fruitful testing along with experts in order to maintain smooth working of the banking apps, hence delivering best services to the clients accordingly.

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Software testing ‘nurturing’ Retail’s sphere

Software testing nurturing Retails sphereSince the onset of the 21st century, there has been a colossal establishment of Retail Industry. As, markets in today’s dynamics scenario, are growing at an impressive potential rate, which are resulting in changing of the perspectives of consumers on a regular basis. In order to cope up with this context, Retail Industry strives hard to introduce, ingenious and majestic ideas to work with latest technology, for increasing their selling capacity miraculously.

This drift is likely to expand further in coming years, as the wave of technology in today’s world, is bringing everything under one platform i.e. Digital Platform. Software Testing in the field of Retail enables the retailers to interact with the consumers, which improves their efficiency and quality in deliverance of the services. TestOrigen, understands this evolution in Retail Industry, and provides end to end testing services, which brings down all the level of failures regarding the functionality of the software strikingly.

Big basket, Paytm, Flipkart and amazon, are the leading online retailers apparently in India, which are ruling the markets comprehensively. Testings’ like, the Functional, Regression, Performance, Security and Device are performed thoroughly, for all the apps to work effectively and generate positive outcomes for the both, retailers and consumers.

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How Important is Testing in Gaming Industry?

How Important is Testing in Gaming Industry_Driving at 100 miles on hilly areas, or walloping a long home run into the stands, yes! gaming has become the new denotation of merriment for both, younger and older generation.

This invasion of Gaming, has enraptured every unit in the population, providing them indoor excitement and refreshment from regular routines.

For population to relish gaming, testing in Gaming is remarkably important, as games are the immutable compounds, which includes categories of entertainment to provide smooth and pleasurable experiences.

PCs, Play Stations, X boxes’ and mobile games are some of the well know gaming platforms, that provides excitement and fills in enthusiasm. But, at times these platforms can also marshal to a lot of unprecedented muddles, which can be rectified comprehensively through Testing. TestOrigen also provides, a genuine testing platform for the gaming industry to operate satisfactorily.

Testing in Gaming includes; Testing on Installation, verifies, as to whether the game will install, load and run easily on different platforms. Testing of Features, ensures genuine features, like the features of diverse players’ rankings and the features of the characters within the game. Testing of User Interface, focuses on the both Graphics and Content related to game, and also creating a proper checklist to perform the test effectively. And in the end Performance Testing identifies, the tasks players are supposed to perform in the game. And it also helps in maintaining the speed of the game, even if it is running continuously for 24 hours.

The world of gaming never stops to grow its branches, as new games come and take over the previous ones. Testing of games is the cherry on the cake, as it helps in ideal functioning and operating of games.


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Breaching of Data and Security Testing to the rescue

Globalization Breaching of Data and Security Testing to the rescuehas brought the world under one roof, and with an immense velocity, businesses that are manufacturing products not related to technology, are also optimizing digital platforms to their maximum level. So, in this age of technology, businesses are quickly marching ahead, at various levels, be it social media or even APIs, to further weld their presence on online platforms.

So, does everything flows smoothly? or even there are hindrances in this process?

Breaching of Data is one threat that, rattles up many organizations, and dismantles their services big time.

So the question that arises is, what exactly is Breaching of Data? And how it can be rectified?

Before, coming to the solutions, let’s understand that, Breaching of Data is an accidental exposing of, what is ranked as confidential information. The banking industry is skeptical to hackers most of the time, because several third-party institutions are involved, right from the network carrier, to the internet service provider, and to other interfaces that might be connected with the bank.

So how can it be rectified?

To get the things on a smoother track, institutions are moving towards robust Security Testing, as there are a few common methods for security testing, that are based on testing specific targets like, the entire system or just one part of it, applications from the side of the server, applications from the side of the client and OS or Network.

Security Testing exposes off the security mechanisms of the applications, under context of protecting data and maintain functionality. With the help of Security Testing it becomes easier to identify potential weak links and bottleneck areas that are present in the software application. TestOrigen also offers effective, security analysis including comprehensive reports and dashboards, with instant solutions if any issues found.




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The new cherry on the cake: Android 7.0 Nougat

The new cherry on the cake-Android 7.0 NougatThe world of Android, always enthrals the mind of the users, by keeping them thrilled and amazed about new updates. Likewise, the launch of Android 7.0 Nougat, was by far the sweetest release till date.

It took an innovative approach, to building and launching of the Nougat. The launch of Android Nougat reflected the inputs from thousands of fans and developers all across the globe. And guess what? Android Nougat has over 250 amazing features that brings the sense of excitement.

To maintain good flow of services, Nougat has go to get tested on a regular intervals, for which, TestOrigen, also actively participates in performing high professionalised testing. From Performance, to Usability, to Security, testing does makes it easier for the Nougat to operate.

So, what makes the Nougat different from other sweets of Android?

There are many distinctive features that, that makes Nougat, sweeter than other sweets, like:

Unique: Android Nougat, accord its users, even more ways to make them feel closer to their phone. This is because, there are now over 1,500 different emoji, including 72 new ones, allowing the users to go ahead and express feelings and emotions comprehensively. Also, with Android Nougat, users can actually control what goes where, and move it according to the needs. Apps can also tailor their content based on the locale settings. Like the multiple languages, for instance.

Fruitful: With the introduction of new features like Multi-window, Direct reply, and Quick switch, Android Nougat helps the users to multitask with ease. Multi-window, runs two apps side-by-side, making the windows change their size. With the addition of Direct Reply, Reply can be done directly to the notifications without even opening any app. Also, Quick Switch smartly allows, switch between two most recently used apps.

Enhanced battery life: With Nougat, device can now get drop into lower power usage, when it’s getting jostled around in pockets, while on the move.

Secured: New features like Seamless updates, File-based encryption and Direct Boot with powerful layers of security, keeps the private data private. Seamless updates, install software updates in the background, as it helps the device to install the update and optimize all the apps for the new version. File-based encryption, isolates and protect the files for individual users on the device. Direct Boot, helps the device to startup faster, allowing the apps to run securely even before unlocking the device.

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E-Learning doesn’t just ‘happen’, It requires proper ‘Planning’ & ‘Testing’

E-Learning doesnt just happen It requires proper Planning & TestingIn today’s dynamic and technological advance world, there are many institutions that have sponsored e-learning contrivance for their students. This concept is equally attracting many students, as they find it easy to access the courses online, according to their ease and comfort.

E-learning platform basically serves the need to create courses, enroll students, and update their progress. It also allows students to have access to the courses they are looking for, allowing them to submit tasks, and take the assessments. In order to perform all these tasks in a smooth manner, the E-learning platforms have got be flexible, reliable, and saleable.

In order to achieve all these targets, testing is required.

So, what are the benefits of testing in the E-learning portals?

The most important aspect of an e-learning platform is to be more comprehensive and effective for the students.  E-Learning platforms should also focus on its accessibility across the globe without any hindrance. This all can be achieved by focusing on the following verticals of testing on an e-learning platform which are:

  • Performance Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing

Performance Testing ensures, there is no hindrance or impact on the user experience while accessing the platforms or accessing various content.

Browser Testing ensures, about the smooth user experience in all the platforms consisting of different hardware, software, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Testing of Usability ensures, there are no errors or challenges while the user navigates to the e-learning portal or website.

Testing of Functions guarantees, the functioning of the product according to the specifications.

Security Testing prevents, vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to e-learning platform, ensuring data integrity and protection.

TestOrigen carries out effective testing, on each and every aspects of the E-learning apps, allowing the users to feel comfortable in grasping out knowledge without any hindrances.

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The new dawn of Banking: Mobile Banking & its challenges

The new dawn of Banking-Mobile Banking & its challengesMobile banking usage in today’s world is exploding. Banks are constantly coming out with modern and newfangled mobile services. Compared to other industries, banks are distinctly among the early adopters of mobile applications. Today, most of the banks have already positioned mobile banking applications, and are now looking for ways to enhance its capabilities that will improve users experience.

Some of the banking applications like ‘State Bank Anywhere’, ‘ICICI Mobile Banking iMobile’, ‘HDFC Bank MobileBanking’ and etc., are doing relatively well in country like India, where the population is moving towards DIGITALIZATION.

So how safe are these apps? Do these apps also face some challenges? And what are the solutions to keep these apps effective and satisfactory?

Mobile baking apps are secured once tested, yes, these apps do go under few challenges which can be in terms of Monitoring i.e. whether the apps are getting real time incident alerts, for where the service is facing delays or is not available. Also, High performance of the mobile application i.e. whether the web based or mobile banking apps are performing effectively or not.

Testing solutions that can be considered in terms of providing a successful Mobile Banking app are:

Performance Testing: It will look for the mobile performance on test development and its execution on real devices, by providing real insights of application performance prior to actual production.

Mobile Monitoring – It will involve in rectifying the receiving alerts in real-time, when the mobile banking service response time is slow or when service is down.

TestOrigen provides an effective mobile banking solution that basically handles these key challenges. Based on the QA & Testing, TestOrigen deals with end-to-end quality solution ensuring banks to install their mobile applications with confidence for the end users.




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Is your E-Payment platform tested and reliable?

Is your E-Payment platform tested and reliable_In today’s world, humans have embarked themselves on a quest to build new things. Everyday or other humans are coming up with new technology and improvement in the world.

Electronic payments have shown great promises in global business environment, as customers and businesses are using the internet to conduct and run business, displaying an incredible growth. E-payment system has become an essential element in everyone’s life, as it is allowing the transactions through an electronic medium without the use of cash.

E- payment apps like Paytm, Mobikwik, ICICI pocket and JIO money are currently being the most favorable apps used by the users in order to carry out transactions.

But, in this age of e-payments where From younger generation to the older ones is making full use of these e- payment gateways, it is necessary to keep track of the transactions that you are carrying is reliable or not and whether the app is performing effectively or not. This is where mobile application testing of E-payments for handheld mobile devices becomes mandatory, because chances of threat, crashing and theft become a serious issue.

We at TestOrigen along with our dedicated team of experts are there to provide you with the best mobile app testing services. From functionality test to, usability test to, performance test of the app, our skilled team works towards it full dedication and determination.

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