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Mobile Testing approaches ‘expands’ ROI of organizations

mobile testingAdvancement in the sphere of technology has forced the organizations to remain intact with the requirements of the customer on a regular basis. The mobile apps in today’s scenario have become a necessity for every organization to operate effectively around the globe in regards to generate remarkable outcomes timely.

Mobile Testing on Real Devices or Emulators remains an effective key in maintaining and enhancing user’s experience in handling mobile phones efficaciously. TestOrigen with dedication carries out constructive Mobile Testing, providing the clients and organizations with accurate and rapid results on time.

Mobile Testing helps in increasing the ROI of organizations by implementing few approaches like, execution of Shift Left Testing to ensure the readiness of the test cases in the most effective way by introducing testing at the prime stage itself. Also by performing Test Automation effectively to generate proper planning of the organization in the process of long run. Carrying Performance Testing to certify the expectations of the customer is met on time, thus resulting better ROI. Performing Continuous Testing to assure defects and bugs are identified in the earlier stage itself, allowing the applications to perform well, increasing ROI of the organization. And in the end executing  to ensure that comprehensive efficiency is maintained properly to generate higher ROI for the organization.

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Cushions for Digital Banking

digital bankingOnline payments have become indispensable part of human lives in today’s world, allowing the Banks to come on the tips of the humans, thus reducing the work load with ease.

To maintain effective operations of Banks on Digital Horizon there are few armors available, keeping the sphere of Digital Banking safe and sound from the occurring like threat of losing records & unprecedented bugs.

The key cushions are:

1) Functionality of banking apps : Functional Testing, examines the entire functions of the apps by rendering end-to-end test execution, commencing right from the collecting phase, hence certifying that the pace of defects have come down and the Banking app is defect free.

 2) Performance of banking app: Performance Testing ensures the operation of the app is desirable and the way it was calculated to operate.

3) Software validation of banking apps: Software Testing works as a shield ensuring the internal applications and processes are trouble-free and productive, thus protecting the integrity of the records from the threat of potential hack.

4) Security of the banking apps: Security Testing assures the reputation and confidentiality of vital record of the user present in the banking app. Thus, making the app safe to launch in the market.

TestOrigen understands the importance of digital banking in today’s scenario and carries out fruitful testing along with experts in order to maintain smooth working of the banking apps, hence delivering best services to the clients accordingly.

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Performance Testing ‘strengthening’ Agile Domain

Agile environmentAgile Environment has become the top most priority for the organizations in the present scenario, because the organizations today are in the quest to manufacture standard quality of products significantly, with the help of Agile Environment. Also, Agile Environments helps in maintaining healthy relationships between the stakeholders in order enhance the quality of the product produced, resulting uplift in the ROI of the organization.

To remain in-tacked, Agile Environment needs versatility and cannot survive with an incompetent version, for this Performance Testing extensively verifies and pinpoints inefficiency that is present in the final product, thus helping the organization to grow remarkably well. Performance Testing also identifies the barriers related to performance in the primary stage of the businesses and rectifies the hindrance by arresting and solving the performance hold-up for the particular product that is in the examination. TestOrigen also seemingly performs accurate Performance Testing in Agile Surroundings thus, helping the clients and organizations to grow incredibly well.

Performance Testing anchors Agile Domain with few advantages which are like; Hold-ups are exposed rapidly, Applications are balanced accurately, the chances of encountering bugs are reduced at later stages, efforts and money is saved effectively and it helps in fostering the confidence of the organizations in regard with growth.


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Cross Browser Testing ‘harboring’ applications

cross browser testingSimulation of analyzing and differentiating applications for their operations and methodology covering several browser platforms on mobile devices along with operating systems to recognize potential inconsistency is called Cross Browser Testing. Also, Cross Browser Testing guarantees seamless functioning of the applications on different browsers ensuring there is no inconsistency and fixing up all the hindrances timely.

Cross Browser Testing is vital because it executes testing of application for multi-browser compatibility, it also helps in recognizing the scripts that are ideal on one browser and get rendered as unresponsive on others. Along with this, Cross Browser Testing certifies accurate functionality of applications in a wide range of browsers, hence creating an impressive affair for the users, thus resulting in enhanced usability for the users. TestOrigen also performs effective Cross Browser Testing, providing applications to work on different browsers without any hindrances.

The well known browsers that are taken into the account for executing Cross Browser Testing are like Windows Phone, IPhone, Android, Mozilla Firefox for Mac and Windows users, Safari for Windows and Mac users, Google Chrome for Mac and Windows users, and Internet Explorer for different versions of Windows 7-11.

The updates in the sphere of browsers are constant in nature; hence Cross Browser Testing becomes vitally important in smooth functioning of the applications on diverse browsers.

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Continuous Testing ‘safeguarding’ Applications

continuous testingThe world of applications has immensely installed numerous opportunities for the population by providing them with effective services on time. Also, in present scenario applications has made it easy for every single entity to reach out to masses in just one click with ease. This boom in sphere of applications has increased the demand for Continuous Testing of the apps for their effectual operations, thus providing the masses with accurate results and reducing their burden of travelling to places in order to get their work done on time.

Continuous testing is an approach, where Automated Tests are performed as part of the software delivery and also to get acknowledged about the feedback on the businesses in order to curb the level of threats that are involved when releasing applications. It is rightly said that the more you test applications, the better they will operate, hence providing remarkable quality.  Also, Continuous Testing in the arena of app’s development certifies the quality and enhances the outcome of the apps by carrying out different set of testings like the API Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, System Testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing for the same. TestOrigen performs rigorous Continuous Testing, providing seamless functioning of the apps, hence providing exact and effective results to the clients.

Continuous Testing provides diverse advantages like, impeccable delivery of information by the applications, Stamping proper efficiency of the applications, making it easier for the applications to enter the market, & promoting rapid learning through applications.

Therefore, Continuous Testing gives strength to the automated testing and provides smoother way in generating accurate comments on the business risks involved in regards with the applications.


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SaaS Testing ‘unravels’ Hindrances

SaaS TestingSaaS Testing is a technique which certifies applications that has been fabricated through the help of the software, which serves as a version of expansion in terms of services, along with the functions that are designed accordingly. Applications during the SaaS Testing demands comprehensive testing in regards with the solidity of the applications. Also in contrast SaaS Testing has a brief cycle of testing when compare with other testing cycles because of the version of software that exists in terms of services.

Testing approaches in SaaS Testing excludes test cases that are meant for clients, multiple version support or even backwards compatibility and etc. SaaS Testing constitutes Agile technique because of the lightning pace of the services. TestOrigen takes up complicated challenges with ease and perform SaaS Testing with emphatic enthusiasm to provide clients with accurate results through operating on cloud.

SaaS Testing make full use of various testing techniques that includes, Availability Testing, which ensures that the applications are readily available to the users after the execution of testing. Security Testing, confirms that there is no presence of threat on applications in regards with loosing or stealing of the data by the hackers. Performance Testing, establishes an effectual momentum for the applications, thus ensuring proper workflow of the applications. Interoperability Testing, verifies smooth working of the applications without any problem for the users across various environments. And Business Workflow Testing, guarantees the best outcome from the application in regards with their operation.

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Effective Cloud-based Software Testing tools

cloud-computing. pngCloud-Based Software Testing comes in with diverse advantages, which authorizes web and mobile based testing in different environments and on multiple machines.

The testing here is executed with the help of certain tools which are:

1) BlazeMeter: It is concerned with executing end to end and load testing of mobile apps and websites. It also helps is lubricating the observation of the performance along with realistic load tests which are merge with reporting on real-time basis.

2) App Thwack: This is a cloud-based simulator which performs tests on Android, iOS and web apps on actual devices. Along with this, the tool is also suitable with automation platforms like Robotium, UI Automation and etc.

3) LoadStorm: This is basically a cost efficient tool related to load Testing of mobile apps and web pages. It helps in verifying the performance in regards with immoderate usage.

4) Nessus: This tool helps in discovering threats like viruses, which are linked with unhealthy and unreliable content. Nessus also executes compliance auditing for industries like healthcare and banking.

5) Xamarin Test Cloud: This tool is generally a UI acceptance testing tool for mobile apps. This tool performs the test on physical devices and showcases full-resolution screen shots of each step effectively.

These tools provide an effective and constructive testing, to generate right outcomes for comprehensive operation of the apps. TestOrigen also helps in providing support in positioning the correct tool for testing, thus providing best results to the clients.


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The ‘sphere’ of Regression Testing

Regression TestingRegression testing is well known as black box testing, which comes into action when code of units constantly gets executed to certify, that in-action code alterations cause no influence on the functionality of the system. Regression testing is not purely based on the quantity of test cases, but it’s all about enveloping the contexts which are negative in nature. Also Regression testing ensures that the fixing of bug is done successfully, along with the potential to hold the unprecedented behavior on specific functional area. TestOrigen also performs well-planned Regression Testing, providing clients with effective results on time.

Regression testing is performed on diverse stages of testing, different types of Regression Testing are:

1) Complete Regression: Complete Regression testing is performed when alterations are observed in the code, and also when there are multiple changes in the code. Complete Regression provides detailed view of the system and rectifies all the unanticipated hindrances with ease.

2) Unit regression: Unit Regression testing is performed when unit testing phase, executes the tests on the code as a lone unit.

3) Partial Regression: Partial Regression is executed once the impact analysis is completed. In this testing, the formulated new code is introduced to the older existing code, in order to discover that , even with the adjustment in the code, the functions of the system doesn’t get affected , as they still remain desirable.

All in all Regression Testing is executed to make sure, that there is little possibility of after-release shocks, thus ensuring smooth operations.

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ETL Testing is also essential

ETL TestingExtract, Transform and Load data or the ETL, is chiefly performed by keeping in mind the standard of the software tools like Informatica, Datastage and etc., which are readily available in the markets. ETL Testing helps in constructing, coordinating and supporting of the data that remains highly unsegregated.

Extract helps in the generating favorable data from equivalent and assorted sources of records. Whereas, Transform, rebuilds the data that has been achieved according to the need of the businesses or the structure with the help of  Basic Transformation ,that helps in purifying  and reorganizing of  the data  and  Advance Transformation, which helps in treating , characterizing  and combining of the data. In the end Load finally helps in slotting of the data to target areas like the databases. TestOrigen has mastery in executing ETL Testing, thus providing the clients bug free data to operate in the market.

ETL testing is necessary because, when in the process of transferring data from extraction to the load few instances may arise like the errors which will be either made by humans or by the systems, resulting in poor statistics being conveyed to the organization, so in order to avoid these errors ETL Testing is conducted which kills the bugs based on few techniques like the, Perfectness of the data, Quality of the data and Modification of the data. Few testing like Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing and etc are executed in the process of ETL for achieving satisfactory results.

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Hazards that should be avoided during mobile testing

mobile appsThe colonization of the mobile apps in human lives are increasing at an enormous pace, fabricating the humans to rely heavily upon the applications in order to get their work done on time.  Today, Mobile users have enormous availability of the apps to pick from. This derives to a point that the users don’t showcase any level of patience towards one app to meet their demands, when they can switch on to different apps in order to get the work done on time.

For the apps to remain effectively operational, testing should be executed on various levels to avoid glitches at all instances. With this it also becomes priority for the testers to perform constructive testing and avoid all the pitfalls like, should not stop thinking from the perspective of the user as reaction of the user in testing is the key to all the queries for testers. Also, testers shouldn’t carry the testing right away, but should have a full proof plan in advance to carry out testing effectively, as it will help the testers to achieve proper testing timelines, ensuring effectual testing. Testers shouldn’t restrict themselves to avoid using real devices for testing, because testing on real devices will give the testers an experience of real user interactions and accountability to interruptions during the services. And in the end the testers shouldn’t runaway from non-functional testing because by performing non functional testing the apps tend to remain intact with the real world testing.

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