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Solutions to Third-Party Integration Challenges

Solutions to Third-Party Integration Challenges. third party integration challengesPreferably, your participation product conveys proficiency, profitability, and adaptability to its clients. By integrating significant third party application, for example, CRM, single sign-on capacity, social media sharing features, and document editors, you can increase the value of your business software and enormously enhance the client’s involvement.

Intensive third party integration services guarantee that your third-party integrations work as expected and don’t influence the current functionalities of your third party app.

Attentive integration of third party application can make your participation product more helpful, and therefore more appealing, to your clients. To guarantee successful testing, envision these three third party integration challenges:

  • Third party application mistakes masked as product issues.
  • Access issues between third party software and your product
  • Incompatibility between 3rd party apps and your software product interface

Utilize the accompanying rules to help settle the above mentioned third party integration challenges:

Collect Large-Scale Product And Third-Party Integration Knowledge Before Testing:

As we have talked about before, the Third-Party application issues may be accounted for as product issues and this can turn out to be enormously tricky during the testing practices. You will not predict, however overlooking this obstacle can obstruct your testing and extend your time-to-market hugely. In this manner, your QA team should have definite knowledge of every conceivable sphere, for example, smart gadgets, OSs, APIs, UIs, digital stages and so forth before testing.

Confirm Appropriate Communication Between The Third Integration Party App And Software Product:

The third-party application development may sometimes fail while using it. Failures can happen if your product isn’t enabling the application to be utilized, or if the application isn’t enabling access to your product. Troubleshooting knowledge and skills of the API integration are fundamental to fixing this issue. Additionally, your team must check that just approved applications approach the product and that every appropriate consent and limitations are connected.

Watch That Functionality Stay Flawless Following Integration And Preceding Upgrading:

Give careful consideration to any effect on the work process and features of the 3rd party app or product after data integration. Updating either the third-party app or your product may make highlights disappear or different breakages. To keep issues from influencing your clients, updates should be completely tested before launch.

While APIs bring a load of business benefits, it can likewise acquaint your business with a few dangers with 3rd party integration. So, follow the above-mentioned API application integration business solutions to limit the potential third party integration challenges and set up your business for long-term development.

All in all, one can state that third party management is challenging for testers and QA. But, utilizing reasonable API integration tools and high test coverage can overcome these third party integration challenges. So, go for it!

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Web App Testing Best Practices Explained

Web App Testing Best Practices Explained. web application testing best practicesThe rise of mobile apps and the decay of desktop browsing have made it fundamental for projects to build mobile-friendly sites. Also, the company must send skilled testers to assess all parts of the website crosswise over programs, stages, and gadgets.

The testers must aware of web application testing best practices to deliver accurate high-quality software products. Additionally, they have to investigate approaches to accelerate web application testing and upgrade test coverage.

These days every business requires web applications that convey more extravagant user experience crosswise over various platforms, devices, and browsers. That is the reason the testing experts need to assess all parts of the web application under changing user conditions to assess its customer experience exactly.

With sites ending up excessively complicated, the proficient QA experts need to put additional time and push to assess all parts of the website adequately. At the same time, the experienced testers can simply execute a few web application testing best practices to deliver precise and dependable test results without expanding testing time.



Here Are Top 5 Web Application Testing Best Practices Each Tester Must Know:

Execute Elaborate Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing

To convey quality user experience, the web application must run flawlessly on various versions and types of web browsers. Yet, the older versions of specific browser don’t support CSS3 and HTML5. So the testers need to guarantee that the web application software runs easily on various versions of each usually utilized internet browser.

But, they can’t evaluate the cross-browser compatibility of the site without utilizing specific web app testing tools. The business must pick the right automation testing tools to assist testers to check the application’s functionality across different browsers rapidly and productively.

Keep in mind to Perform Sanity Testing

Frequently experienced testers overlook sanity testing as a subset of regression testing. But, sanity testing encourages QA experts to assess the features and functionality of the web application inside a short measure of time.

Additionally, the testers can perform sanity testing to check if the web application is working as expected regardless of bug fixes and code changes. Regularly experienced testers think that it is hard to execute the required tests because of time limitations.

Execute the Load Tests in Intervals

With a specific end goal to assess the site’s execution under fluctuating loads, it is extremely vital for QA experts to accelerate load testing. In any case, one thing that should be performed is load tests over different interims to check whether the web application performs under changing load circumstances.

During the initial stages, they step by step increases user load, so they can perform load testing and thus it would make simple for testers to characterize the correct point where the web application crashes.

Pick the Right Parameters for Usability Testing

User-experience and usability of the web applications are absolutely critical to keep the visitors connected with and change over them into clients. Consequently, it is vital to assess the usability of the applications relying on the most proper parameters. Performing usability testing on the application before its discharge is a best practice for web app testing.

Concentrate on Keeping URL String Unalterable

While executing web application security testing, testers frequently center on the security features of the web application. They likewise assess the adequacy of the web application for keeping in big business and client information secure. But, the hackers can control the URL string to access sensitive data or redirect clients to a malicious site.

A portion of these malicious sites is outlined particularly to install malware on the client’s system or persuade clients to share sensitive data like credit card details. The testers must check if the URLs can be controlled by potential hackers as a part of the security testing process.

Each application whether web, mobile or desktop based, is encountering more clients. Thinking about the gadget assortment, the ease of access has grown fundamentally over a previous couple of years. With such a great amount of going ahead in the software domain, there is no way that web based testing will get simpler.

All in all, the testers can execute a few best practices to accelerate web application testing. However, despite everything they have to choose the correct testing methods and web application testing best practices as indicated by the prerequisites of individual sites. Likewise, the testers must continue searching for new web application testing best practices to create more exact and reliable test outcomes.

TestOrigen follows an exhaustive QA methodology that handles the special necessities and difficulties related with testing web applications. So, connect with our professionals to enhance the general client experience of your application with our testing methodologies.

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Proven Testing Solutions for Point of Sale Systems

Proven Testing Solutions for Point of Sale Systems. point of sale testingPOS system is at the center point of each retail business and is an extensive innovation investment. Thus, a proficient point of sale testing package expands profitability by reducing pointless work and dealing with the whole business. In any case, as innovation is improvising day by day, the point of sale systems are additionally advancing with innovation.

As omnichannel activities are catching the attention, retailers are conveying shopping activities mobile POS, for example, click-n-collect crosswise over mobile and other digital channels.

These are imaginative approaches to give portability and opportunity to the clients and keep the money register ticking.

Yet, alongside these demand creation openings with digital technologies, organizations should be careful about different application traps like functional issues, unpleasant customer experience, payment frauds, server crashes and security breaches etc. This requires the need for a nonstop point of sale testing through QA, performance administration, and security.

Why is guaranteeing the quality of retail POS system through thorough testing so critical?

In a competitive business, like retail, a POS can be a key differentiator. Best POS software package builds effectiveness by eliminating unnecessary work and can deal with the whole business. In any case, the POS terminal doesn’t work as expected at that point grave repercussions may happen.

  • More labor may be required because of the slowness and unreliability of checkouts.
  • Dangers of employee thefts and incorrect inventory records
  • Incorrect Sales reports would not give correct inventory levels and consequently controlling expense would turn into a troublesome work.
  • Intensely hard tracking of discounts, promotions, and coupons
  • Invalid loyalty member information and subsequently loss of business due to non-repeating clients and so on…

Obviously, it is essential for POS app to be dependable, versatile, effortlessly viable, exceptionally anchored, and effortlessly adjustable by the client and subsequently, it requests a great deal of focus on adequately testing the point of sale systems for small business before it gets conveyed.

How to test the point of sale equipment:

A thorough test scenario aimed at ensuring high quality of POS program should incorporate the point given below:

  1. Cashier activities: This should be the beginning stage at each point of sale testing project.

These are the principle focuses that should be checked by QA engineers.

  • Accuracy of the entry of product purchased
  • Accuracy of the Total applied
  • Validity of discount coupons/gift vouchers
  • Closing and Total figures coordinate.
  1. Sales: Regular deals, deals with a credit/debit card, manages of return and trade, amounts and costs
  2. Promotions and Discounts applied.
  3. Loyalty members data: The system should track who the clients are, what sort of buys they make and how frequently. The compelling
  4. POS sales system will likewise remind you to email your clients before their birthday, for instance.
  5. Performance of the system: How long does it take to send a request and get a reaction applying all transaction rules?
  6. Savvy terminal capacity to read different sorts of cards.

Types of Testing Needed for POS System:

Here are some real sorts of testing that must be executed for powerful omnichannel retailing initiatives:

  1. Functional testing:

Approves whether every part of the mobile POS works in a coordination with the necessities and specifications.

  1. Mobile Testing:

Aides in guaranteeing guarantees proper function and convenience of the portable POS

  1. Compatibility testing:

Recognizes whether the application is working as proposed crosswise over various networks, OS, mobile devices, browsers, hardware, and database.

  1. Load and Performance Testing:

Evaluates the end-client encounter under differing measures of load and movement on the system

  1. Security testing:

Recognizes whether the portable POS system can ensure the information as intended.

  1. Big Data/Analytics Testing:

End-to-end testing from information securing to information investigation helping retailers takes the right business choices and completely understand the client purchasing behavior.

  1. Point of sale test automation:

Backings in accomplishing accelerated time-to-market and better quality

In case you’re occupied with retail business, assessment of your POS system is a fundamental advance to guarantee its satisfactory level of value in every single basic zone, like security, recovery management or reliability

Then Contact TestOrigen to learn what point of sale testing QA solutions will fit your POS needs best.

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Introducing Few IOT Challenges That Can Be Faced in 2018

Introducing Few IOT Challenges That Can Be Faced in 2018. internet of things challengesIoT gadgets are available of numerous kinds – from smart speakers and smart locks to wellness wearables, home security systems, and thermostats – are winding up increasingly predominant in the present market, yet releasing products like these come with a particular internet of things challenges.

Just not organizations, but rather the shoppers are additionally expecting to adopt utilizing the next level technologies— the IoT devices being one of them.

Simply envision your car’s tires imparting remotely through a telemetry system to save you from an accident if you snooze off while driving. Stunning, isn’t that so? All thanks to IoT opportunities that are here and staying around to convey more convenience to our regular day to day existence and work activities.

As IoT ideas keep on advancing at an extraordinarily quick pace, consumers and organizations are guessing about the new difficulties that can be faced in this year and beyond.



How about we discover some of the internet of things challenges that can be looked in 2018:


Scaling IoT device networks is a major innovation challenge for organizations. While numerous organizations can manage general scaling issues, scaling the impression for IoT shows some new difficulties. Leaders should also know about issues in working with software, heritage gadgets, and the requirement for specific arrangements. Deciding the departments responsible for software, and hardware, networking equipment, IoT-related gateways, analytics, and sensors are additionally vital.


Other challenges with IoT for some, leaders are implementing IoT arrangements. One of the principle IoT challenges 2018 has been the absence of help for deploying production quality. There is likewise the question of whether IT, tasks, the C-suite, or some other office should deal with implementation.

Information security

Making sense of network administration is also an IoT innovation challenge. Officials confront the issue of whether they should incorporate connectivity management over any sort of condition. Furthermore, deciding whether connecting the IoT eco-system to different systems is required was also a factor.


Administrators additionally noted security in the IoT world study, with approx 72.16% of leaders expressing that they install and fuse security into the product life and plan of IoT gadgets. But, organizations are as yet struggling with the internet of things security and privacy challenge. The IoT world study found that more than approx 33% of officials won’t remain with security fixes and settles, while approx 57.6% said they had not prepared IT staff on the most recent IoT security updates. Numerous administrators don’t lead vulnerability testing to identify network fragility.

Utilizing Blockchain to make IoT deployments

Numerous organizations are thinking about the utilization of record innovation for making more secure and productive IoT deployments. The absolute most vital purposes behind utilizing Blockchain are to decrease the danger of deployments and altering, creating the trust for clients, accelerating the rate of information exchanges, and reducing the IoT overhead expenses.

Truly, the Internet of Things brings a decent amount of challenges However, the advantages far exceed the potential internet of things challenges, especially once you start to acknowledge with the correct arrangement those “IoT problems” are far smaller an issue than what you pick up from integrating with IoT.

This new flood of advancements is addressing and even eliminating some of the current IoT challenges set up. As we look to 2018 and beyond, the market is advancing quickly to guarantee IoT will win.

Our testers are already prepared to fight these challenges also helping our customers in overcoming the challenges of IoT solutions and providing the best quality of software products.

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Impacts of GDPR in Software Testing World

Impacts of GDPR in Software Testing World. gdpr in testingWhen creating web services and software, it is standard to utilize real production data in testing. However, after GDPR, is it still OK to perform GDPR in testing with personal data like job histories or medical records?

GDPR law is tied in with securing the personal data of EU subjects. The data protection regulation will be completely implemented in May 2018, and it ensures every personal data that can recognize a person. If an association neglects to agree, it faces the danger of lost reputation and approvals.

Yet, for what reason do you have to stress over test data and GDPR in any case?

In numerous organizations, development teams play around with data from real production conditions. Regularly, this information arises from client databases.

It is enticing to utilize real data rather than simply manufactured information: It is the fast track to gain data for testing purposes. It may likewise decrease the potential number of bugs related to differences amongst testing and production conditions.

But, testing with real data has constantly included issues over data security and protection. What is new is that going ahead; GDPR in testing requires particular consideration regarding this practice. The reason is basic: All information that incorporates personal data is liable to GDPR compliance. It is prohibited to have personal data anyplace where it isn’t required.

How does GDPR influence testing?

Test Data Management is the key zone where GDPR in testing has a noteworthy impact. Test data is an essential part which acquires proficiency and precision testing the quality of a product and with strict general data protection regulations; it would require a noteworthy procedure change.

With the new GDPR privacy of the privilege of limitation on the utilization of production data, personal data can never again be replicated into the test condition as it seems to be. Non-conformance to the new data protection rule would result in huge penalties.

Production data must be utilized if anonymization systems are set up on all actually identifiable data, for example, name, email address, gender, photograph, bank details and phone number, to give some examples. Also, the anonymization strategies must be irreversible.

Additionally, GDPR and testing also focus on the requirement for the association to set up a mechanism which would guarantee deletion of test data once the testing is finished.

How to avoid GDPR in Testing, Testers perspective?

  • Try not to Use Production’s Copy of Test-data in the event that it incorporates some Sensitive or personal data.
  • Utilize Mocked or Dummy information at times we would them is able to artificially create the test information while testing in Staging.
  • In the case that you have utilized the Production’s data in Staging and it is breached to ensure you pass on to a separate specialist.
  • You can utilize concentrate and cover procedure, which essentially has Production like a database yet full masked and does not make any sense in real life.

So more or less, Make sure as a tester in your Testing Process is adaptable too to GDPR in testing alongside your Company.

As the new GDPR data compliance is here to stay. Thus, the main path going ahead is to know and be prepared to grasp the new GDPR data protection law challenge!

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Google Docs will Soon be Available with this Main Absent Feature

Google Docs will Soon be Available with this Main Absent Feature. google docsWith the prevalence on Google Docs on the increase, the main feature that has been absent until now is being rolled out. While there are inbuilt dictionaries to check spellings there is no local tool to check for sentence grammar in Google Docs.

For spelling and grammar check, users had to depend on third-party applications like Grammarly. Google has declared the accessibility of Google grammar checks for its G Suite clients. The public version of Google Docs additionally is relied upon to soon get the capacity to check grammar by default.

Impressively, Google docs update will utilize AI-based grammar checking functionality will work close by the effectively existing spell check that has already exist. The new feature utilizes machine learning calculations to propose grammatical corrections as you write. It is currently accessible to the individuals who apply for the organization’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite.


According to the organization, the language checker can get grammatical errors that range from the wrong utilization of articles to more complex things like wrong subordinate provisions. To accomplish this level of precision, the feature is utilizing a web-based word processor since this kind of approach has functioned admirably for the firm in the past.

While automatic grammar correction has dependably been a remarkable feature of the new Microsoft Word release however its accuracy has dependably been questioned.

Moreover, Microsoft Word isn’t free. This is the place Google Docs could show up as a superior alternative. Discussing accuracy issues, Google stated, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will help enhance this ability after some time to identify trickier grammar issues.”

Presently, this grammar check feature might be accessible to individuals who utilize G Suite, and the organization has not determined any timetable for when the feature will be accessible to the majority through customer accounts.

Yet, any new feature release requires software testing before it goes live and fails. So TestOrigen is the best option if you really want your product to be successful in the market.

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Hacks to Build a Powerful Business Agility

Hacks to Build a Powerful Business Agility. business process agilityFor organizations today, change isn’t optional.  Client desires, the quick pace of development and the focused, complex business condition require business process agility. They have to settle on choices and follow up on them rapidly.

And As the business trends come and go, the recent discipline organizations of all sizes are receiving – Business Process Agility – seems to be setting down deep roots. Business Agility is an organization’s capability to detect and react to change, rapidly and certainly, and as an issue of everyday business.

Organizational agility is a discipline of embracing characteristics that enable business process management software to foresee and rapidly respond to changes in the inner and outside condition without losing momentum or vision.

So why Business Process Agility? Isn’t this a trend?

We don’t point the finger at you for wondering, however, can guarantee you it is no trend. If your business process is exclusively depending on demonstrated techniques and not looking at developing, your opposition will have your lunch and steal your clients while despite everything you’re still choosing which product you need to build.

Naturally, company agility isn’t something that can be embraced instantly medium-term and the increased time frame are essential. However, for organizations that need to begin with an agile business change, here are three hacks to consider for building powerful business process agility:

Create focus:

It’s easy to be diverted by an extensive list of priorities- and the regular crises and diversions that pop into business process design schedules unexpectedly. Create focus by paring down your needs to a short rundown of only three or four that completely should be finished. As you finish everything, at that point add another to your rundown.

Communicate a reasonable vision of your proposed future:

If you need the colleagues to get to where you need them to go- – when you need them to arrive – then you must furnish them with a reasonable and convincing vision of the future. The better your people understand your huge picture goals, the more rapidly they can settle on the correct choices for your organization.

Make quicker decisions:

What steps have you taken over the most recent three years to quicken basic leadership and act rapidly on those choices?

  • Adjust senior initiative on basic points so quick choices are achievable when issues emerge
  • Settle on choices at the suitable levels and have the ideal individuals in the space to settle on those choices
  • Delegate operational choices to free up pioneers to center around basic vital choices

Adopt data and analytics:

Do you know how your analytics strategy is fixing to your business goals?

  • Consider who approaches different kinds of information and change in accordance with serve the business process software better
  • Apply investigation where they have the greatest effect

Set up your biological communities to act rapidly

How well do you manage relationships with various associations inside your biological community, and with those outside of your quick value chain?

  • Deliberately survey where and how you need to share components of the value chain to accelerate business process improvement.
  • Investigate how sharing data to accomplices may change the business scene
  • See how innovation changes are breaking down barriers amongst endeavors, and the effect that will have on your business process analysis.

Associations with few teams to have mastered agile management do not genuinely understand the advantages of enterprise agility. Keeping in mind the end goal to proceed and prevail as an agile organization, the association must link execution work to the business procedure, create plans for inline scaling and exhaustive adaptive planning. TestOrigen can enable you to oversee along value streams, rather than legacy systems, to decrease conditions and take into account exact, adaptive planning.

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Preview Of Bug Reporting Process

Preview Of Bug Reporting Process. bug reporting processBug reporting process is the heart of the software testing procedures. Their primary objective is to depict an issue in detail and in a way that it can’t be misunderstood. They guarantee that nobody can avoid the significance of fixing the issue.

Thus, if the bug reporting document is badly written, complex and confusing it doesn’t fulfill the need.

The most ideal approach to guarantee the quality of a bug report is to focus on the pillar of the software testing procedure: testers.

What do you anticipate from your tester? How might want them to report bugs? What should be incorporated into a buglog to streamlining the resolution procedure?

Finding a bug is a sure one thing, however writing it is similarly as essential, if not more so.

Bug reporting process exhibits a developing issue and gives your engineers a place to begin fixing it. It might irresistible to compose a 10-page bug database on what you find, however, we’ve discovered that the less difficult and briefer your report is, the better you’ll be over the long run.

As should be obvious, the bug reporting process is important to make high-quality software. Presently, as we have depicted the centrality of bug tracking system, how about we look in more prominent detail at bug reports in software testing.


To learn better what is bug reporting and tracking in software testing it is important to describe all the details of an appropriate bug report. All of them are important to fix the bug and stay away from its occurrence in the future.

Each bug report must contain the accompanying data:

ID of the bug

The number is required to make it easier to discover all the data about the bug later on.

Description of the bug

This line contains all data on the type of bug and its effect on the final product.

Version of the product

To fix the bug it is important to know the software product’s version.

Steps for fixing bugs

This incorporates the brief details of steps important to fix the product.


The date when the bug was found is also critical.

The engineer who made the report

This column incorporates the information of the person who found the bug.


Here you should record the present status of the bug like “fixed” or “new”.

The developer who fixed the bug

The information of a person who fixed the bug is composed here.


This column incorporates data on the importance of the bug.

Great bug tracker advantageous to everybody and enable your team to work like a well-oiled machine. Invest some additional energy upfront to create quality bug reporting system and you’ll save lots of time not far off as you work through them. Everything comes down to communication – logging a bug is communicating an issue.  Communicate well and the bug reporting life cycle will be productive and enjoyable.

TestOrigen defect management makes it simple for bug reports to be consequently made when a test case fails. We coordinate with best of our leading defect tracking tools, allowing us to speed up the bug reporting process by making detailed bug reports for our customers. Try our software testing services today and see how you can enhance your product’s quality.

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Scriptless Test Automation Renovating the Software Testing World

Scriptless Test Automation Renovating the Software Testing World. scriptless test automation frameworkScriptless test automation framework, this term is most famous these days in the realm of Test Automation. The organizations that have such scriptless test automation tools/framework advance that it enables the business clients to comfortably automate the business situations without having much information on the automation testing tools and their fundamental languages.

A simple meaning of “scriptless test automation framework” may be “an approach that enables clients to automate their tests without scripting or code utilizing any programming language.” automation testing process requests useful learning, anyway test automation approach is an SDLC process that requests core specialized capacities. QA automation, frequently than not, is driven via automation specialists who may not really have enough functional skill about the application under test.

A typical approach for automated software testing is to construct a structure that guarantees usability, is adaptable and decreases support endeavors in a universe of demanding business needs, developing prerequisites, changing technology interfaces and people.

Anyway building a framework that is easy to utilize is simpler said than done due to all systems that we see today are vigorously reliant on technology people. What script less test automation does is that it empowers useful specialists, be it manual testers or subject matter experts, to effectively add to automation testing. Script less test automation framework endeavors to cross over any barrier amongst functional and specialized ability by enabling useful specialists to take the driver seat in the test automation framework.

Key Features & Benefits of Common Script less Test Automation Framework

Before to the appearance of script less automation, the technical workforce was in charge of the majority of the testing, constantly. With a script less automation framework, yet, functional personnel, including test automation engineer and strategists, can automate testing for scenarios that were once reserved for technical personnel to handle by means of manual testing. For more understanding of how it functions, consider a portion of the key features and benefits of script less test scriptless testing:

  • It is a human programming language that permits non-technical colleagues to compose automation scripts without composing code
  • An automated test suite is accomplished by just entering English words into assigned controls
  • Instinctive UI makes programming simple to utilize
  • All tests are automatically documented, making it easy to make sense of what activity was performed on which question with what value.
  • Clients can transfer the whole spreadsheet with lots of information to execute a similar content against various information conditions
  • Mobile applications exist for the product, so clients can test anyplace they go
  • Arrangements are reusable, extendable, and particular for any development project
  • Review of Test Cases and Functional discussions ends up rearranged when the language is easy
  • A part of technical obligation is disposed of when script maintenance efforts are decreased.
  • Maintenance and development processes turn out to be altogether quicker, giving all gatherings included more opportunity to focus around territories past repetitive manual testing

These benefits and features of script less test automation framework help make a more Agile project condition where testing is done simultaneously with improvement, and no time is wasted on incorporating untested, buggy functionality – or whole applications, so far as that is concerned. All things considered, Agile is about a joint effort, transparency, and change management, which are three key regions in which your association can profit while going script less.

With the development of AI, high-speed cloud computing, and big data analytics we may sooner rather than later have an essence of scriptless testing actually, however, for the time being, it is sheltered to accept that scriptless testing is a profoundly adaptable and customary testing structure with insignificant code introduction to clients.

TestOrigen’s ability and profound knowledge to perform scriptless automation has conveyed huge savings in the price and efforts of maintenance and test design for our customers. Our QA automation testers have accomplished a considerable substantial reduction in test design and maintenance that resulted in high quality and gave speedier input from types of automation testing.

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Let The Journey Begin Towards Component Testing

Let The Journey Begin Towards Component Testing. component testing in software testingA component is the smallest unit of any application. So component testing in software testing; as the name proposes, is a procedure of testing the least or the lowest unit of any application.

An application can be an integration and combination of numerous lowest individual modules.

Before we test the whole system, it is supreme that every single segment OR the smallest unit of the application is tested all together.

For this situation, the modules or the units are tested independently.

Every module gets an input, does some handling and produces the output. The output is then approved against the expected feature.

The software apps are tremendous in nature and it is a challenge to test the whole system individually.

It might lead to numerous gaps in the test coverage. Thus before moving into Integration testing or functional testing, it is prescribed to start with component level testing.


When to Execute Component Testing in Software Testing:

Component testing is performed soon after the Unit Testing is finished by the QA tester and the build is released for the testing team. This build is called as Unit Testing Build. The major functionality of the considerable number of components are tested in this stage,

Entry criteria for the component testing framework

Least number of the component to be incorporated into the UT should be produced and unit tested.

Exit criteria for mobile component testing

The functionality of the entire component should be worked fine.

There should not the existence of any Critical or High or Medium severity and priority defects Defect log.

Component testing example:

How about we take a case to understand component testing in software testing better. Assume there is an application comprising of three modules say, module A, module B and module C. The engineer has built up the module B and now needed to test it. But, keeping in mind the end goal to test the module B totally, few of its functionalities are reliant on module A and few on modules C. In any case, the module A and module C has not been created yet. All things considered, to test the module B completely we can replace the module A and module C by stub and drivers as required.

Stub: A stub is called from the product component to be tested. In example ‘Stub’ is called by ‘component A’.

Driver: A driver calls the part to be tested. In Example, the ‘component B’ is called by the ‘Driver’.

Component testing in software testing assumes a significant part in finding the bugs. Before we begin with the Integration Testing, it’s constantly prescribed to play out the component testing best practices keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that every segment of an application is working successfully.

Integration testing is trailed by the component testing. Component testing automation additionally referred to as module testing in a few references.

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