Content Testing Services

TestOrigen is the best option for you as we have a proficient team for content testing that helps you in making your landing pages more creative and understandable to your clients.

Content Testing is basically known as an act of testing performed to know the usability of your content for the users. It is very important part of the internet based content, as the content testing is related to advertizing, selling of the product by attracting all types of users toward your product also.

The achievement of any application or software depends on the degree of satisfaction and usability it gives to users. TestOrigen’s content testing specialist ensures a software product is well verified in accordance to best end users experience and its benefits over competing applications. Whereas the focus of our company is to provide the broad range of QA services to our users for improving their product and advertize its scalability.

Here is list of few potential tests performed for web content testing

Our experts will perform this testing process by using various content testing tools like

  • A/B Tests
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Clicktail

And give you high quality assurance for your content.

Performing simple usability test

Through this test, we can set a task and invite the users to read it, by this you will assure get some viewpoint from them come to conclusion whether your content is doing well or not, if not then it need an improvement.

Doing cloze test

In this test, we remove a few words from a small sample of your content and then invite users for filling those missing words. Sitting on our PCs, we also check the previous words and match them to the user’s answers to identify the removed words.

This is how TestOrigen will help you by executing these two test cases and will improve your quality of content. So that you can connect more efficiently with your customers.

Benefits of working with TestOrigen

  • We have efficiently working testing team in a flexible environment that provides our users with the best QA services in all over the world.
  • Our proficient team has very deep domain knowledge in the publishing industry and in learning, for more than many years.
  • Our modified content testing checklists and courseware, efficiently decrease the testing time and ensure us to provide a given amount of content tested within the deadlines.
  • Our in-house test automation system is specially built for content testing quality assurance that provides personalized technical solutions covering the E2E extent of content conversion.

Let's Work Together!

Though our user friendly analysis and verification of your products within the deadline at an affordable prices provides our client the satisfaction and acknowledgement. So, for more details does contact us.