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How to Choose Right Performance Testing Tools

How to Choose Right Performance Testing Tools. performance testing tools and techniquesChoosing the right performance testing tools and techniques is a vital step in the performance testing process that starts some time before your business begins gathering information. There are numerous factors to consider in coordinating a performance testing tools to your web platforms– so many, indeed, that it can crave exploring in the dark.

In this time of latest technology, Performance testing has a noteworthy significance for any business application. Performance testing empowers you to make your application more versatile, feasible under simultaneous clients load. At its most abnormal amount, performance testing is utilized to gauge the continuity and application status in the market.

Multinational associations relying upon the modern technologies are presently centering towards their application checking and assessment procedure to make it more dependable and robust for greatest measure of clients at once.

In later past, numerous online business organizations have closed down their online applications on account of inadequate execution under an overwhelming load of simultaneous exchanges by different clients.

Numerous commercials and open source performance testing tools are accessible in the market. Commercial performance testing tools in software testing are exceptionally costly. Low and Mid-level associations can’t bear their present license cost.

So there are also numerous free open source performance testing tools available in the market to encourage business applications to decide their execution and finding bottlenecks in the system

There are numerous factors assumes a vital part of any tools choice. From the non-functional testing point of view, choice of best tool for performance testing is technically oriented.

Following are the imperative factors must be considered before choosing the right performance testing tools and techniques, regardless of open source or commercial tools:

Client Options for Testing:

Distinctive good performance testing tools offer diverse client alternatives for performance testing, so the tool your organization picks should have the ones most appropriate to your requirements. These alternatives can shift from the greatest volume of virtual clients to local performance changes important to work around bottlenecking issues that obstruct test accuracy.

Capability to learn mobile performance testing tools/support:

It is of no utilization utilizing a tool if it requires complex learning and can’t be given over effortlessly to another person. The support and convenience are as vital as doing the activity required. Pick a tool where the code can easily be peer-checked on and handed over should somebody choose to proceed onward.

Client Preference Tool:

In the case that your IT staff is already comfortable with the load testing process, it’s critical to consider which performance testing tools for Android applications they have utilized as a part of the past– and which ones they favored. Familiarity is essential and can considerably chop down the learning curve important to implement the tool on your organization’s stages. Components like GUI usability and accessible investigation modules are imperative here.

Productivity of Tool:

A testing tool’s effectiveness refers to what number of current virtual clients it can create a test on a single test OS. A more proficient test website performance tool implies your business will require less testing gadgets to create a bigger scale virtual test. In a perfect circumstance, the testing tool will be sufficiently proficient to create the desired number of clients on your current equipment.

Vendor Support:

In some cases, the general populations behind the tool are as vital as the tool itself. Similarly, as with any real buy, your business will depend on long haul, your organization needs to inquire as to whether the vendor will support the tool while you require it. Different components like help amid the setup procedure and investigating support are imperative.

There are circumstances where we worked with substantial undertakings in setting up numerous performance testing tools and techniques in their execution labs. In the meantime, there are undertaking customers whose necessities were totally met with one single tool.

While choosing a tool from the list of performance testing tools, look at the protocol support first. At that point, look at the workforce accessibility. Third criteria will be the convenience. Try not to take a look at the cost if one of these three isn’t lining up with your necessities.

These data sources are proposed to fill in as kinds of perspective to understand the right way choose for performance testing tools and techniques to deal with fortifying performance testing activities.

So, if your business is hoping to enhance its platform performance through load testing, look at how our services can enable you to have an effect by conveying a perfect final product that is free of errors and flaws.

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Briefing on Prototype Model in Software Testing

Briefing on Prototype Model in Software Testing. prototype model in software testingThe prototype model in software testing is connected when detailed data identified with output and input necessities of the system isn’t accessible. In this model, it is accepted that every one of the necessities may not be known toward the beginning of the development of the system.

It is typically utilized when a framework does not exist or in the event of a substantial and complex system where there is no manual procedure to decide the necessities.

This model enables the clients to associate and explore different avenues regarding a working model of the system known as a prototype model. The model gives the client a genuine feel of the system.

The requirements are gathered from the customer in a printed form. The software prototype model or dummy of the software product is created. The prototype model making is only a picture or photo of the required product according to necessities. The client can look at the model or dummy and if the customer isn’t fulfilled, at that point he can ask for more changes in the necessities.

Prototype model testing implies that testers and developers are checking if all of the parts specified in requirements are accessible or not. The contrast between prototype testing and real testing – in Prototype testing, testers are checking every one of the parts according to requirements are existed or not, and then again, in Actual testing testers check all segments are working.

The prototype SDLC model isn’t a complete system and a significant number of the details are not demonstrated in the prototype model in software testing. The objective of building prototype model is to provide a system with complete functionalities according to necessities.

When to utilize Prototype Model of SDLC:

  • At whatever point the client does not clear about the requirements in this circumstance we mostly go for prototyping software life cycle model.
  • In any case, it is complicated project then types of prototype model in software engineering clarify the requirement.
  • Prototyping ensures that the client continually works with the system and gives a feedback about the system.

Prototype Model and its types:

Static Prototype: – It doesn’t contain detailed data about prototype model in software testing or no data about different pages dummy or prototype.

Dynamic Prototype: – It has connections to different pages; links are for navigation of different pages dummy or prototype.

The accompanying is the steps carried in prototyping model:

  1. Requirement identification:

Prototyping model starts with the recognizable proof of the requirements and the necessities are characterized in detail. In this progression, the extremely fundamental necessities of the product are recognized.

  1. Developing the initial model:

The initial stage model is created by distinguishing the fundamental requirements of the product. These features may not work in a similar way inside in the real software created.

  1. Client assessment:

This proposed system is exhibited to the client and different partners to take the feedback, for example, what are the things which are should have been included or expelled. Suggestions and Feedbacks are gathered from the client and it is given to the developer.

  1. Refining Prototype:

Once the client has assessed the model and if the client isn’t happy with the initial model then the model is disposed of and the new system is produced by the necessities. Thus, the new model is created by the client’s necessities.

  1. Developer product:

When every one of the requirements is met totally, the last model is created by the new extra necessities. Models can have vertical or level measurements among which the even measurement speaks to the UI for the model. Furthermore, the vertical measurement of the model is a detailed elaboration of a particular capacity. The motivation behind both the models is extraordinary.

Prototype Model Pros and Cons:

Advantages of Prototype Model:

  • The client doesn’t have to hold up long as in the Linear Model or Waterfall Model.
  • Feedback from the client is received periodically and the progressions don’t come as a very late shock.
  • Customer’s cooperation enhances the Quality also the achievement rate.

Disadvantages of Prototype Model:

  • It is a costly approach and time taking procedure when it’s contrasted with successive models like Waterfall model.
  • The client could trust the model as the working form.
  • The engineer likewise could make the usage bargains.
  • Once Requirements finished at that point receiving changes in Requirements and including New Requirements are troublesome.

The Prototype Model in Software Testing is an SDM in which a model is fabricated, tested, and after that modified as essential until the point when a satisfactory model is at long last accomplished from which the total system or product would now be able to be produced.

This model works best in situations where not the greater part of the project necessities are known in detail early. It is an iterative, experimentation process that happens between the developers and the clients.

By utilizing this model, the client can understand the necessities of the desired system. It is an appealing thought for complicated and larger projects.

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Myths Hidden Behind Usability Testing

Myths Hidden Behind Usability Testing. types of usability testingIt is rather interesting that while types of usability testing have been around for more than two decades, it is still covered in various misconceptions and myths. Throughout the years’ usability testing methods, an essential part of software development has turned out to be significantly less difficult, speedier and less expensive – there are extremely no justifiable reasons to NOT do usability testing process.

At the beginning of the internet, before Google move toward becoming ruler and there was as yet a wild-west feel to the advanced world, types of usability testing was a lot harder than it is now. Information was similarly as frequently accumulated physically as carefully, which means you needed to physically discover clients, record their actions question them and after that make conclusions. Analytics and data weren’t as incorporated or available, which means you couldn’t easily pick up or show information.

This drawn-out process implied that some loco myths created around usability testing in software testing. Presently, when you consider “myths” you most likely consider old, false yet part of the structure holding the system together.

Usability testing myths are somewhat similar to that: they originate from a period while everything digital was more troublesome, less incorporated, and there were numerous difficulties as far as gaining pertinent information. For any business that didn’t have loads of extra money, usability testing was a puzzling, semi-legendary process.

Regardless, it’s regularly led with poor or unsystematic approach thus doesn’t generally satisfy to its full potential. Accordingly, here are some myths and Misconceptions about usability testing strategy that gives locate a chance to out if there is some helpful truth to them.

Myth 1: You require a usability lab or potentially costly equipment

This was genuine 20 years prior when you expected to employ a lab with two-way mirrors and video recording suite that resembled something from Nasa’s Cape Canaveral.

Ten years ago even a ‘lab in a pack’ cost a few thousand pounds/dollars and you expected to drag a big camera around.

Nowadays with the broadband web, low-cost great quality webcams, coordinate screen recorders, this is not true anymore. Remote usability testing by a client sitting at home is presently possible.

Myth 2: It’s All About the Metrics

A few people believe that usability testing approach is tied in with estimating the usability of a UI and collecting usability testing metrics such as user-satisfaction ratings, task-completion rates, error rates, and time on task.

But, the metrics aren’t as critical as they are valuable in comparative and summative usability testing, with countless participants. The motivation behind these tests is to survey the usability of a final software product, benchmark a UI, or look at least two UIs.

Myth 3: Usability Testing must be done when the development/ design is finished

Again, not reality! It is fundamental to assemble client input and incorporate it into the development system ideal from the word ‘go’ with the goal that the design can be changed by feedback. While some might not have any desire to actualize types of usability testing at all phases of development, it succeeds to motivate clients to test fundamental things like the menu, wireframes or prototypes in the underlying phases of development and afterward have them test the entire and developed product at last.

Myth 4: You Should Test Just Before Launch

Some conclude that usability test should happen once a website or application has been produced to discover any usability issues before going live.

However, Testing before launch will either uncover that you’ve outlined a powerful UI or recognize issues that clients will confront, objections that you’ll get, support issues you’ll need to manage, and preparing that will be vital. If you hold up to test until just before release, it’s too late to settle anything besides the most minor issues. You’ll need to settle the huge issues in the next launch.

Myth 5: Usability Testing and User Acceptance testing are similar things

In Usability Testing individuals who are illustrative of the clients take part in the testing procedure. Their testing center exclusively around the client experience and has no bearing what-so-ever on whether the UI meets the business requirements making is completely not quite the same as User Acceptance Testing.

In spite of the way that more individuals think about usability testing and research than any time in recent memory, you may even now experience these myths and misconceptions on projects. A portion of these myths may sound obsolete—like something you haven’t heard in years—and you may think, “Oh, people can’t even now trust that.” But I frequently locate that, exactly when I’ve begun accepting that everybody must hear what I’m saying, another old fantasy or misguided judgment emerges.

Regardless of whether your customers and project colleagues do appear to be educated about types of usability testing, it’s best not to expect that they think about and understand client inquire about techniques. Clarify everything obviously and request inquiries to guarantee that you can keep away from any myths about the usability testing techniques.

We also provide usability testing service and well understand the myths hidden behind the types of usability testing that well assists us providing usability testing best practices to our worldwide clients.

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Honor 10 Launch Today All Around the World

Honor 10 Launch Today All Around the World. honor 10 launch todayHuawei’s low cast sub-brand Honor 10 launch today. A mystery has additionally been shared by e-commerce portal Flipkart which expresses that the Honor 10 smartphones will a selective and will go at a bargain around the same time itself.

The worldwide Honor 10 launch today on May 15, at 2:00 PM BST, which is 6:15 PM IST. You can watch the Honor 10 launch live stream on Honor’s official YouTube channel. Furthermore, clients can likewise watch the Honor 10 launch events by means of Honor’s official Facebook page.

Honor 10 full Specification:

The Honor 10 cell phone brandishes a resolution of 2280×1080 pixels with a 5.84-inch Full-HD+ display and a 19:9 viewpoint proportion. It is powered by Huawei’s own particular HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC and comes in two memory versions, one with a 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and another with a 128GB internal storage as the same RAM offering.

The Honor 10 phone runs EMUI 8.1 over the latest Honor 10 Android 8.1 Oreo out-of-the-case. It is provided by a 3400 mAh battery that backings the speedy charge and according to Honor 10 news, can charge the phone to 50% in 25 minutes.


Concerning its optics, the Honor 10 availability conveys a 16-megapixel + 24-megapixel double camera setup at the back with the f/1.8 gap and a double LED flash. At the front, the cell phone wears a 24-megapixel camera for selfies.

Honor has likewise included Huawei’s AI 2.0 innovation in the Honor 10 which, according to the organization, helps in better picture selfies, better face discovery in the picture display and a propelled self-clock. Network alternatives on the Honor 10 incorporate 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It quantifies 149.6×71.2×7.7mm and weighs 153 grams.

Honor 10 Price:

The Honor 10 cost was tipped by the organization a month ago to associate with Rs 35,000. Nonetheless, the exact pricing of the cell phone will be uncovered at the Honor 10 launch today. As per the China pricing of the cell phone, the Honor 10 could cost Rs 28,000 i.e. 2,599 yuan for the 6GB RAM and 64GB storage model while the 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variation are probably going to be estimated at around Rs 32,000 i.e. 2,999 yuan.

The organization has officially shared that the Honor 10 will be only accessible by means of Flipkart only a day after the Honor 10 India launch, which implies that the clients will be able to purchase the Honor 10 on May 16 – the last day of Flipkart Big Shopping Days.

We, at TestOrigen always updated and also update our services time to time as per changing features or technology to provide best services to our customers.

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Key Best Practices for Continues Testing in Agile

Key Best Practices for Continues Testing in Agile. continuous testing best practicesIn Agile, where we mostly release software to production, we have to guarantee that product is of a highly Quality assured all through the development. We have to test early and we have to test frequently.

We have to ensure that we get right requirements in any case and to guarantee that we test all through the development and not leave testing just before launch and it can be possible only knowing continuous testing best practices.

Developing is in a fascinating period since we’re on the border between modern testing and traditional and continuous testing approach. We’re moving from the structure of the vast, siloed Dev group with an incorporated QA, and bottlenecks and delays in handoffs, to another structure.

This structure comprises little, self-sufficient and independent teams, which mostly dispatch software, utilize continuous testing and integration tools to automate and deal with their own particular form condition to limit bottlenecks.

An association may adopt competent and modern procedures and tools, yet they can’t get any value without the eagerness of individuals to adjust them to execute these procedures and utilization of tools. The limitations of developers and testers roles end up unclear in Agile and DevOps systems.

Nowadays a tester may need to design arrangements, and a developer may require arranging the automation test cases, and add them to the QA storehouse. Cooperating and assuming complete liability for the conveyance and quality of the product is a need nowadays.

This social movement can be accomplished by boosting coordinated effort while enhancing visibility to all partners into a project’s goals and status. Building a DevOps culture is completely in view of coordinated effort and conviction however it expects individuals to change their old attitude at times.

The following are an arrangement of continuous testing best practices that we can follow to actualize and enhance continuous testing strategy all through the development lifecycle.

  1. Work together With Business:

Continuous testing software implies testing early and as often as possible. We should guarantee to obtain necessities from business to begin development.

  • Building a cozy association with the business analysts is critical for QA.
  • Eliminating blurriness from client stories is critical one must guarantee client story incorporates a reasonable arrangement of acknowledgment criteria and is testable.
  • Ignoring non-functional testing can be unsafe as it can hamper security and execution.
  • Building important and essential end-to-end test situations by using information/examination and patterns from the creation site to gather data about client voyages and activities through the application should be noteworthy.
  1. Lean Testing:

Business continuity testing best practices requires being completely centered on offering some benefit for the business. Instead of investing energy and exertion on delivering antiques that don’t offer some benefit, we should sort out testing leanly

  • Pair testers and developers to guarantee powerful continuous unit testing is performed.
  • Decrease superfluous testing relics, for example, broad test designs and test cases, decrease waiting time for testing.
  • Receive a more exploratory state of mind to testing when testing manually.
  1. Follow Standards, QA Processes:

Continuous testing best practices and procedures are intended to enable you to accomplish quicker and simple outcomes, so it should be a decent practice to stick to them.

  1. Access Your Software Risk Appetite:

What could be basic for a business client? What are the features that for software should work flawlessly and any issues in that could be heartbreaking? Measure your features according to the risk related with them and devise a Risk-Based Test Suite. It is possible that you could appoint a number from 1-5 to your test cases and afterward could make a suite. Or then again you can get assistance from your business clients/top-level experts to help you with that.

Continuous testing in agile is a procedure that could furnish you with most extreme throughput when you are Continuous. So don’t lose heart. Making sense of how to do combination testing in CI situations can be a test, yet the prizes are beneficial. Follow the continuous testing best practices laid out here, and you will save your testing team a lot of time.

The business continuity plan testing considerations and best practices have turned out to be a noteworthy resource for associations who are hoping to quicken their product advancement and launch plans.

TestOrigen, as an early adopter of continuous testing best practices and agile testing, satisfies conveyance plans for time and boost software development procedures. Find out about our Agile and continuous testing services and enable us to help you to deliver your product applications quicker and better.

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How to Setup & Install Protractor Automation Tool

How to Setup and Install Protractor Automation Tool. protractor automation tool installationProtractor automation tool formally known as an E2E testing framework is an open source functional testing tool planned particularly for AngularJS web applications. It was presented amid AngularJS 1.2 as a substitution of the current E2E testing Framework.

The protractor automation tool installation is likewise suggested by AngularJS for scenario testing. To learn more about protractor automation tool installation please refer to this “Protractor Automation Tool Tutorial.”

The Angular JS Apps have some additional HTML properties like ng-repeater, ng-controller, ng-model., and so forth which are excluded in Selenium locators. Selenium can’t recognize those web components utilizing Selenium code.

In this way, Protractor Automation Tool Setup on the highest point of Selenium can deal with and controls those traits in Web Applications.



Steps to protractor automation tool installation and setup:

To set up protractor, we have to first install given three things

  • Protractor Installation Node js
  • Protractor
  • Selenium Webdriver

How to install protractor automation tool:

First Step: Open Command prompt and type “npm install – g protractor” and Click Enter.

The above Command will download the fundamental records and install Protractor on the customer framework.

First Step-Open Command prompt. protractor automation tool installation

Second Step: Check the protractor installation and version utilizing “Protractor – version.” If effective it will demonstrate the version as like in beneath screen capture. If not, execute the first step again.

Second Step-Check the protractor installation and version. protractor automation tool installation

(Step 3 and 4 are Optional however prescribed for better practice)

Third Step: Update the Web driver manager. The web driver manager is utilized for running the tests against the angular web app in a particular program. After following protractor installation steps, the web driver manager should be upgraded to the recent version. This should be possible by running the accompanying command in the command prompt.

Third Step-Update the Web driver manager. protractor automation tool installation

Fourth Step: Start the web driver manager. This progression will run the web driver manager running in the background and will tune in to any tests which run by using the protractor automation tool to test Angularjs applications.

When Protractor is utilized to run any test, the web driver will naturally load and run the test in the relevant browser. To begin the web driver manager, the accompanying command should be executed from the command prompt.

Fourth Step-Start the web driver manager. protractor automation tool installation

Presently, in any case, you go to the accompanying URL (http://localhost:4444/wd/center point/static/asset/hub.html) in your browser you will really observe the Web driver manager running in the background.

Presently in any case you go to the accompanying URL. protractor automation tool installation

You can build Selenium to work like protractor testing tool yet for what reason to re-invent the wheel? If Google has invested such a great amount of push to influence Protractor to bring about the ideal result, let utilize it minus all potential limitations. At any rate for the AngularJS sites, it will make your life considerably less demanding.

In spite of the fact that Selenium can do a portion of the things what protractor does, the protractor automation tool download is the mechanical standard and best practice to test AngularJS applications. A Protractor can likewise deal with various abilities in it and handle the dynamic changes of web components utilizing ng-model, ng-click etc.

We also use the latest version of protractor tool for automation and provide high-quality products to our clients all around the world.

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Defining Bug Triage Meeting Process

Defining Bug Triage Meeting Process. bug triage meeting processWe should break the term “bug triage meeting process” and understand their meanings separately to determine the idea of bug triage. A bug is a common term, which all of you should know about.

In software engineering, the term ‘bug’ has been allocated to defects or mistakes display in the product application or software which delivers a deviation in its planned working, resulting into incorrect or wrong or unpredicted results and outcomes.

Now, the “Triage” is French medicinal term originates from verb Trier. The feeling of this term is to partitioned, sort and select. In medicinal and it is utilized to portray the priority of patient base on the severity of the condition.

The unwell people groups are divided into three distinct classifications: the individuals who will die regardless of what you do the individuals who will recover regardless of whether unaided and the individuals who will recover just if aided. In the case that you have excessively numerous patients at that point, doctors should be focused on the last group.

On comparative lines, the Triage term is presented in the bug triage software testing to characterize the priority and severity for new defects. It is more appropriate to greater tasks where lots of new bugs were documented most frequently. Generally, this isn’t utilized as a part of the cases for small projects where detailing of bugs/defects isn’t more successive.

Presently, going to the subject of discussion i.e. bug triage meeting process. As the name determines, a task meeting held with the end goal of triage process i.e. dealing with the need of open bugs, when it should be settled, how to settle it, endeavors and trouble in retesting.

What is bug triage?

The bug triage is where each bug is organized in view of its severity, risk, recurrence, and so forth. Triage term is utilized as a part of the Software testing/QA to characterize the severity and priority of new defects.

Responsibilities and Roles of people in Bug Triage Meeting Process:

  1. Project Manager

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs
  • Sends out gathering minutes when proper
  • Tracks issues list
  • Discusses the conveyance date of next cycle to QA.
  1. Software Product Manager

  • Helps in the prioritization of the defects.
  1. QA Lead

  • Calls the bug triage meeting
  • Submits bug solutions to the CFT, preceding the beginning of the meeting
  • Helps in the prioritization/seriousness of the bugs
  • Helps in deciding Root Cause of bug
  • Manages deserts in CQ
  • Distributes refreshed bug report, screenshot the notes from the bug triage meeting.
  1. Development Lead or potentially Developer

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs and do not think development situate the priority, they should situate severity.
  • Explains the level of many-sided quality and the hazard related to each bug being exhibited at the bug triage meeting
  • Assigns the bugs to the suitable engineer a
  • Updates Resolution and development notes fields in CQ
  • Helps in deciding Root Cause of defect
  • Discusses the conveyance date of next emphasis to QA.
  1. Client Transition Manager

  • Ensures that proper User Representatives are welcome to the bug triage meeting
  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs
  1. Client Representative

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs

Bug triage meeting process:

Mostly underneath bug triage process is taken after for bug triage meeting.

  • QA lead conveys a bug report with the new defects presented since the last gathering.
  • QA lead assembles out a conference.
  • During the gathering, each defect is investigated to see whether right severity and priority are allocated to it. Severity and priority are corrected if require be.
  • Bugs are talked about by the team. This includes examining the multifaceted nature of the risks, bugs
  • Task, dismissal, reassignment of bugs is finished. Updates are caught in bug tracking system.
  • In the wake of meeting finish, minutes of bug triage meeting in scrum process are conveyed to included parties

What is Exit Criteria for bug triage in software testing?

Every single unsigned bug is examined in the bug triage meeting and appointed Severity and Priority of bugs. The following stage will set up the chosen one of bug. Every last activity will be followed by QA lead in the Defect Tracking System. End of each bug triage meeting bug triage metrics will be arranged and share with meeting participants.

The bug-finding is a vital step in the software product testing stage. It empowers the engineers to analyze the errors and locate a proper solution for it. Thus the bug triage techniques are picking up momentum in software QA procedures.

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Software Testing is not Just an Error Detection Process!!

Software Testing is not Just an Error Detection Process. software testing processes and methodologiesIndividuals have diverse meanings of software testing processes and methodologies. Some say testing is simply in regards to UI verification. Also, some say testing is simply discovering defects. However, Software Testing is not Just an Error Detection Process

Throughout the years, I’ve seen how software testing processes and methodologies play an Important Role in Project Success—now and again, following the correct software testing process flow chart is as vital as having the perfect individual for work. You can contract any software testing company for your project, yet it won’t make any difference much if they don’t have a good knowledge of the robust software testing process to govern themselves during delivery.

Software testing is the process used to gauge the data related to the quality of services and product under test. In the software product testing process, we are completing an estimation of value and commonly endeavor to discover the fulfillment, rightness, security of services and product under test.



Software testing process document is something more than just error detection.

Software testing processes and methodologies are also known as the technical investigation which completed to permit understanding dangers of software created. This technical examination technique incorporates, yet it isn’t simply restricted to executing a program or Service or application for the expectation of discovering Defects, Bugs or mistakes or software testing process flow is the way toward executing a program or system with the goal of discovering defects.

The testing process for software is the procedure of Verification and validation of the product Service or application or program by checking whether it’s gathering the prerequisites specified in the Functional Requirements Document, which filling in of course and what all is implemented according to the attributes.

In the process of Verification simply is the checking or testing of software, for consistency and conformance by assessing the outcomes lined up with necessities. For the Verification we can likewise ask our self a simple inquiry: Are we building the product right?

In the time spent Validation simply confirming the rightness of system, it implies in this basic software testing process you can check what actual client needs and what has been determined. For the Validation we can likewise ask our self a straightforward inquiry: Are we constructing the correct product?

In the software test management process there is contrast amongst QA and testing. Quality Assurance is the essentially a procedure of actions intended to guarantee the system will meet its destinations and make a quality software. QA process is significantly more about giving the persistent observing and predictable change and maintenance of process. QA is utilized to set up the procedure for an avoidance of bugs showing up, the TESTING movement is essentially called the “Quality Control” which is utilized to measures the quality of the software product. Testing is Identification or revealing the bugs previously moving to actual clients.

Quality isn’t an outright; it is a value to some individual. In view of that, software testing process diagram can never totally build up the accuracy of random PC software; testing outfits a feedback or correlation that analyzes the state and conduct of the product against a specification.  For software testing process models numerous methodologies can be utilized, this isn’t just issue of new normal strategy but rather also especially important of research in view of how complex software going to test.

One basic overview of software testing process to remember is “Make inquiries to software product keeping in mind the end goal to analyze it”, where the “inquiries” are the real execution of software testing process steps of the testers, and the reaction from the product is answer to the inquiries, with the assistance of this we can explore the conduct of the product. The quality of the application can be compelled to normal quality traits like efficiency, portability, maintainability, reliability, compatibility and usability capability. A decent test case is express as the test cases which uncover defects in the Software application.

Our Proficient testers understand the real meaning of software testing processes and methodologies that assist and encourage them to provide you 100% bug-free software products at an affordable price.

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Key Tips/Tricks for Successful iOS App Testing

Key Tips and Tricks for Successful iOS App Testing. ios app testing tipsSince the first iPhone burst onto the scene in 2007, mobile applications have gone from a curiosity to a need. Presently with more than 1,000,000 applications accessible in Apple’s App Store, the need for successful iOS app testing tips has become a necessity. Intensive testing and QA have never been more vital, and there are a few noteworthy stage particular zones that testers need to represent.

There is a prevalent view that iOS app testing is a considerable lot easier than testing for Android as you must test app on iOS device only. Indeed, don’t be so certain. As a matter of first importance, it should be noticed that few parameters are an unquestionable requirement test for each application, be it iOS or Android. Think about the accompanying situations:

End-client experience- This guarantees your application is easy to use. Key territories tested incorporate GUI, usability, scalability, reliability, localization and so on.

Hardware- The distinctive stages of this testing center around finding hardware issues, for example, interoperability, battery utilization, compatibility, memory utilization and so forth.

Application flexibility- Locates application issues identified with multitasking, versatility, design, environmental interaction, memory allocation and so forth.

Network and communication- Tracks down issues from security vulnerabilities, synchronization and so forth.

Did you realize that in excess of 377K iPhones are sold day by day all around the globe? And those devices require programming, navigation, amusements or different applications clients fill them with. Furthermore, how would you get effective in a market that will likely change even before you wrap up this? You test your applications, you check, double check and after you have done everything you check everything once more. And with a specific end goal to do as such in a quick and harmless to the business way we have a few iOS app testing tips and tricks that helped us.

Following are few iOS app testing tips and tricks that must be followed to deliver high-quality software product:

First, of all, there are regions that must be tested in your iOS app testing best practices regardless. Beyond any doubt it’s difficult to list everything that may turn out badly, however here are the must-haves:

  • Sign-up and login: If clients are encountering inconvenience when they are simply endeavoring to begin your application – consider the fish is free and every one of your attempts is wasted.
  • Screen size: consider how much your clients should look up-to down and left-to-right and whether the application will be full-screen on all models conceivable.
  • Connection speed and carrier: ensure your tests incorporate mainstream transporters since the iPhones are currently running on Sprint, Verizon, and others.
  • Menu alternatives: Try to ensure your principle menu choices are open and simple to translate.
  • Error messages: If a client really is getting one attempt to ensure it’s as basic and exact, as could be allowed.
  • Interruptions: You have to know how your application acts when the gadget is getting texts, calls, and so on. You should likewise make certain that it’ll be running appropriately when the battery’s charge is low or medium.
  • Data handling: The most noticeably bad thing that could occur here is surprising client information erasing. In any case, the application stores information – ensure it stores it right.

Utilize your application on various gadgets. Gadgets with various profitability and screen estimate. You do need it to look incredible on both iPhone and iPad, isn’t that so?

Get some solutions concerning particular device bugs? Not all things will work easily on various gadgets.

Look at how quick does your application dries the battery of the gadget. You may do as such utilizing different automated arrangements.

Do similar tests with the screen lock and power saver modes off. At that point begin the application on its main screen and discover how it can deplete the battery in a detached state.

In lately couple of years, numerous systems made apple iOS app testing extremely less demanding. Likewise, Apple has given greatest help to iOS by simple to utilize screen capture strategy by pressing the home and power button all the while. iCloud and Photo Steam both right away updates your System through wifi.

In the case, detachment issue is there with the system, it won’t be covered up inside the application, may crash the application on launch or after a particular activity, or other application identified with the divided application. In this way, if you need iOS to perform well on all gadgets; execute complete iOS app testing strategy on the lower-end gadgets that you fundamentally target such as iPhone and iPad and simply do the “once-over to verify everything is ok” to invest some time in later gadgets.

It is extremely critical to cover each kind of iOS gadgets while testing your iOS app. More often than not, individuals neglect to test iOS for iPad, which isn’t great; iPad is additionally a significant gadget as far as iOS app testing on device.

In the case that you have just purchased the iOS application in the commercial center with the bug, which has been gotten by the client, don’t get panic, Apple gives a feature “crash logs”. “Crash logs” is where anyone can log the established bug, which can be effectively observed by the principle concern individual for the brisk reaction and resolve the established bug without using any of above-mentioned iOS app testing tips.

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WhatsApp Users Getting New Features That They Should Know!!

WhatsApp Users Getting New Features That They Should Know. new whatsapp update featuresGood News for WhatsApp Users as soon they are getting all the new WhatsApp update features. Moreover, this time the news about WhatsApp apk new features does not come by rumors or a report but rather specifically from the company. WhatsApp executive Mubarik Imam stated the new WhatsApp update features at the ongoing F8 conference.

As indicated by Imam, The new features added in WhatsApp including stickers and the business-centered application. The messaging stage will likewise be including group video calls in the coming months, WhatsApp chief Mubarik Imam stated.

Imam didn’t have numerous WhatsApp new features to give about how to assemble video calls will function right now; however, from the example video, we can see that calls will enable four individuals to all the while taking an interest. She uncovered that WhatsApp now has more than 450 million day by day clients, and more than 2 billion minutes of video and voice calls are made through WhatsApp every day.

A portion of these new WhatsApp update features has just shown up in the beta version of WhatsApp. While the new WhatsApp features tested in beta mode don’t necessarily make it to an official release, yet, can unquestionably be expected. You can utilize these new features of WhatsApp by enlisting Google’s beta program or download WhatsApp with new features.

Also, The WhatsApp new features update is getting stickers, following in the footsteps of other messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, Line, and WeChat. It will likewise let enable outsiders to build up their own collections of stickers.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp organizer Jan Koum left the organization after detailed conflicts with the Facebook administration over security. WhatsApp Payments propelled by the organization not long ago is said to be one of the key prickly issues.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion in the year 2014.

Lastly, WhatsApp is growing its push into business. It released WhatsApp for Business on Android prior this year, which right now stays free. In any case, the application may start to charge extensive brands for extra perks that would enable them to achieve more clients and profit.

So, let’s wait and silently watch what these WhatsApp new features 2018 will bring to the company, a loss or more profit as well as one more successful moment for them.

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