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Mobile Testing approaches ‘expands’ ROI of organizations

Mobile Testing approaches expands ROI of organizationsAdvancement in the sphere of technology has forced the organizations to remain intact with the requirements of the customer on a regular basis. The mobile apps in today’s scenario have become a necessity for every organization to operate effectively around the globe in regards to generate remarkable outcomes timely.

Mobile Testing on Real Devices or Emulators remains an effective key in maintaining and enhancing user’s experience in handling mobile phones efficaciously. TestOrigen with dedication carries out constructive Mobile Testing, providing the clients and organizations with accurate and rapid results on time.

Mobile Testing helps in increasing the ROI of organizations by implementing few approaches like, execution of Shift Left Testing to ensure the readiness of the test cases in the most effective way by introducing testing at the prime stage itself. Also by performing Test Automation effectively to generate proper planning of the organization in the process of long run. Carrying Performance Testing to certify the expectations of the customer is met on time, thus resulting better ROI. Performing Continuous Testing to assure defects and bugs are identified in the earlier stage itself, allowing the applications to perform well, increasing ROI of the organization. And in the end executing  to ensure that comprehensive efficiency is maintained properly to generate higher ROI for the organization.

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Cushions for Digital Banking

Cushions for Digital BankingOnline payments have become indispensable part of human lives in today’s world, allowing the Banks to come on the tips of the humans, thus reducing the work load with ease.

To maintain effective operations of Banks on Digital Horizon there are few armors available, keeping the sphere of Digital Banking safe and sound from the occurring like threat of losing records & unprecedented bugs.

The key cushions are:

1) Functionality of banking apps : Functional Testing, examines the entire functions of the apps by rendering end-to-end test execution, commencing right from the collecting phase, hence certifying that the pace of defects have come down and the Banking app is defect free.

 2) Performance of banking app: Performance Testing ensures the operation of the app is desirable and the way it was calculated to operate.

3) Software validation of banking apps: Software Testing works as a shield ensuring the internal applications and processes are trouble-free and productive, thus protecting the integrity of the records from the threat of potential hack.

4) Security of the banking apps: Security Testing assures the reputation and confidentiality of vital record of the user present in the banking app. Thus, making the app safe to launch in the market.

TestOrigen understands the importance of digital banking in today’s scenario and carries out fruitful testing along with experts in order to maintain smooth working of the banking apps, hence delivering best services to the clients accordingly.

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Effective Cloud-based Software Testing tools

Effective Cloud-based Software Testing toolsCloud-Based Software Testing comes in with diverse advantages, which authorizes web and mobile based testing in different environments and on multiple machines.

The testing here is executed with the help of certain tools which are:

1) BlazeMeter: It is concerned with executing end to end and load testing of mobile apps and websites. It also helps is lubricating the observation of the performance along with realistic load tests which are merge with reporting on real-time basis.

2) App Thwack: This is a cloud-based simulator which performs tests on Android, iOS and web apps on actual devices. Along with this, the tool is also suitable with automation platforms like Robotium, UI Automation and etc.

3) LoadStorm: This is basically a cost efficient tool related to load Testing of mobile apps and web pages. It helps in verifying the performance in regards with immoderate usage.

4) Nessus: This tool helps in discovering threats like viruses, which are linked with unhealthy and unreliable content. Nessus also executes compliance auditing for industries like healthcare and banking.

5) Xamarin Test Cloud: This tool is generally a UI acceptance testing tool for mobile apps. This tool performs the test on physical devices and showcases full-resolution screen shots of each step effectively.

These tools provide an effective and constructive testing, to generate right outcomes for comprehensive operation of the apps. TestOrigen also helps in providing support in positioning the correct tool for testing, thus providing best results to the clients.


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Functional Testing is a necessity

Functional Testing is a necessityMobile devices and computers comprise of diverse components that operate independently, and jointly, for vigorous functioning as, functional testing is an essential testing that helps in determining as to how the system operates.

Functional testing performs testing on every component ensuring, the code that is generated is desirable, and it carries out examining once again assuring, that any impact doesn’t affect the device through the output of a particular component. Along with this, Functional Testing pledges to render remarkable quality of software to the devices satisfactorily. TestOrigen also assures an effective Functional Testing, thus providing the Clients with effectual outcomes on time.

Functional Testing is categorized into many different types of testing precisely to maintain the quality of the software; some of the testing is like the Unit testing which certifies that every constructed code delivers the favorable outcome. Black Box Testing takes care of the dodgy functions of the devices, by creating the test cases for every framework. System Integration Testing diagnoses the feasibility and suitability of the software with different applications. And User Acceptance Testing showcases the final usability of the system. Functional Testing also makes use different tools, like Selenium & Cucumber which are involved in verifying the software in regards with, the user interface, database, and security.

Functional Testing basically ascertains desirable behavior of applications, hence making the applications reliable and dependable to operate effectively in the tech world.

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Salesforce Testing ‘Evolving’ businesses

Salesforce Testing Evolving businessesE-commerce businesses in present scenario have become vibrant and are flying high with intense acceleration to achieve desired goals effectively. Monetary gains are no more the prime key of success for the organizations because, today all the business collaborations are battling it out majorly in regards with customer experience to generate success.

In order to remain consistent, a well defined Customer Relationship Management platform remains the need of the hour for the businesses to operate effectively. The prime ambition of the CRM platform is to bring solidity in business relationships and provide guidelines to the customers for sustainable growth.

Salesforce Testing is being considered as the most preferred testing unit for CRM software vendors because it provides a comprehensive implementation with Scalability along with Agility to the organizations for effective results. TestOrigen, with dedicated team of experts merge in together on executing a well defined Salesforce Testing, thus providing the clients with best satisfactory results.

Proper implementation of Salesforce Testing ensures rapid finalization of deal for the organizations and renders ample methodology for growth of the organizations, which helps the organizations to maintain healthy relationship with the customers. Salesforce Testing also helps in understanding the scale of efforts that has been put by the organizations, along with carrying agile and performance testing in intervals to give out best results to the organizations.

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Things to be taken into account when executing Mobile Test Automation

Things to be taken into account when executing Mobile Test AutomationPreviously food, clothing and shelter used to be the three basic needs of living for humans, but with the introduction of the mobile phone, things have reshaped drastically, because in the 21st century mobiles, have become one of the major need of living for the population.

In today’s aura mobiles are not only meant for communication, but with the arrival of diverse applications, mobiles have now become multi-use personal gadgets. And with this movement the competition in the mobile industry has grown rapidly, indulging more and more mobile companies to bring out new trending innovative methodology to ensure an edge over their rivals in the sphere of technology. Also, this evolution in the mobile industry has made it progressively demanding for testers to execute mobile testing.

Mobile test automation offers productive solutions to the customers, along with extra features in order to enhance the coverage area and the potency of the test. TestOrigen also is involved in carrying out effective Mobile Test Automation, thus providing the clients with satisfactory results.

Mobile organizations tend to keep certain points in their minds, while executing Mobile Test Automation in order to get desired results, which are as follows:

1) What types of automation will be desired: This will make the organization to pick as to, which tool they should buy, because when it comes to picking up the tools there are object based and image based tools, where object base tools only comes into action when the GUI application is not up to the mark but demands for a substitute to remain within the standards. Whereas, image based tools gives out way to independent test frameworks but it also requires a stable GUI.

2) How much cost is going to get incurred and what will be its ROI: In here organization needs to carry out research as to what they are willing to automate and accordingly execute an economical analysis to measure ROI at various points.

3) How comprehensively the testing would be executed:  When coming to executing the test, testing in both simulators and actual devices should be considered by the organization, because simulators are preferred in the prime stage of development, as they carry out the testing on basic functionality of the application whereas, testing on later stages are executed on actual devices, because they help in verifying the experience of the users.

Hence, by following up few key points, mobile organizations can flourish and achieve success with ease.


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How Multi-Channel Testing is different from Omni-Channel Testing

In this epoch of technology, success are emerging to only those organizations, who are absolutely being rigorous and swift in adapting themselves to diverse challenges that are coming in their way, because of Digitalization. Organizations in recent times have amalgamated their experience across all the platforms, to remain updated with the affirmation and the speed of Digitalization.  omni and Multi channel

Since the birth of technology, the enterprises across the globe are identifying concrete opportunities to  operate among diverse cultures, in order to boost their businesses effectively.

Omni-channel Testing and Multi-channel Testing are observed as a vital asset in this context, as customer and their requirements in recent times, have brought enormous growth into the businesses, because apparently, Omni-channel Testing has become the root of business-operating initiative among many companies and institutions for growth. TestOrigen ,also works with organization  to perform  the ideal QA approach for their business in this digital era.

Meanwhile both, Omni-channel testing and Multi-channel testing seems to be inter-related to each other yet, there remains few differences, when executing either of them. Some of the key difference are, Differences on applications, I.e. If only one application, which is applicable across many devices, is  tested, then  Omni-channel takes an edge over Multi-channel. But, when identical features is tested on a range of devices, then Multi-channel testing comes into play.  Likewise in terms of Outlook of users and device , then in Multi-channel testing, the users doesn’t have to redo the study of the devices, as each user has to only perform the testing on a single device to, test all the features. Whereas, in Omni-channel Testing, the users executes the test on the application over all devices, in order to log in across devices and share if the experience has been smooth.  Involvement of the customers, when it comes to Multi-channel testing then, the organizations make use of multiple platforms to indulge and provide the same requirements, as expected by the customers. But in Omni-channel, organizations expects, that customer may have identified an activity on solo platform and probably would have moved on to different platform for possible reasons. Accordingly, the testing takes place and the objectives are defined comprehensively.

All in all, performing,Multi-channel or Omni-channel testing approach will be totally dependent  to a great extent on the organization. since , the customer are the core part of Digitalization , hence the preferences of the customer will keep on upgrading the QA and testing approach.

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Software testing ‘nurturing’ Retail’s sphere

Software testing nurturing Retails sphereSince the onset of the 21st century, there has been a colossal establishment of Retail Industry. As, markets in today’s dynamics scenario, are growing at an impressive potential rate, which are resulting in changing of the perspectives of consumers on a regular basis. In order to cope up with this context, Retail Industry strives hard to introduce, ingenious and majestic ideas to work with latest technology, for increasing their selling capacity miraculously.

This drift is likely to expand further in coming years, as the wave of technology in today’s world, is bringing everything under one platform i.e. Digital Platform. Software Testing in the field of Retail enables the retailers to interact with the consumers, which improves their efficiency and quality in deliverance of the services. TestOrigen, understands this evolution in Retail Industry, and provides end to end testing services, which brings down all the level of failures regarding the functionality of the software strikingly.

Big basket, Paytm, Flipkart and amazon, are the leading online retailers apparently in India, which are ruling the markets comprehensively. Testings’ like, the Functional, Regression, Performance, Security and Device are performed thoroughly, for all the apps to work effectively and generate positive outcomes for the both, retailers and consumers.

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Devops Testing “Rescuer” to Digital Transformation

Devops Testing Rescuer to Digital TransformationIn today’s epoch of modernization, the organizations across the globe, is shifting gears from stereo-type to technological techniques, in order to achieve targets coherently. Digital Transformation, has given positive direction to the businesses, to flourish globally with ease. This has resulted a boom in ‘Globalization’, where organizations across the world, are integrating with one another to conquer maximum profits.

Digital Transformation, expounds as to how digital technologies, like Social Media, Big Data, and Cloud technology, can be used to maximum advantage for businesses to transform successfully.

Carrying out experiments and updating on a regular basis, is the key to growth for any business, which also derives a point that, there is a constant need to test these platforms for their sustainability, experience, and quality assurance. Software testing and Quality Assurance has become the most vital ingredient to all this innovation taking place in today’s world. TestOrigen, also invest efforts in carrying out DevOps Testing. Our well-trained testers, dedicate themselves with numerous businesses, and delivering them with improved quality and comprehensive operational efficiency.

DevOps Testing, boosts up the release Cycle and brings in ample advantages, by enabling the release of code at any point of time, which results in test cycles to be quicker. With the help of DevOps, identification of the bugs becomes easier and cost- efficient, because DevOps helps in making the development process more conjunctive and accessible to change in the production environment, helping it in identifying all the possible bugs in the cycle. And in the end, DevOps encourages the trend of experimentation, because, experimentation and Innovation is essential for all the enterprises to prosper in sizes.


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Real World Testing ‘troopers’ for Mobile applications

Real World Testing troopers for Mobile applicationsDue to the advancement in the sphere of technology, Utilization of mobile applications in today’s world, are developing at rapid pace. Users are the real majesties, when coming to the use of applications. As, for every question they put up, there are availability of apps, to sort all the queries with ease.

In order to meet the demand of the customer’s reckoning efficaciously, it’s necessary to find out, as to how does all the mobiles apps, respond in the real world.

So, when it comes to mobile apps, Real World Testing, is said to be the best platform for testing. Because, it just not only improves the quality of the apps, but also enhances the level of operations, related to the apps. TestOrigen, along with skilled team, works day in and day out, giving the clients, smooth and effective working of the apps, which in return, helps the clients to generate solid results at their workplaces respectively.

Real World Testing on mobile applications, has quite a few merits, which are as follows:

  • Understands the behavior of the users: It is a relevant testing platform, because it explores, how users respond to introduction of new ideas and features related to apps.
  • Enhances the pace of updates: Real world Testing, helps in releasing of new features and their upgrades quickly, without any hindrance. Also, the cost of identifying and rectifying of the bugs becomes cheaper, due to the increase in the speed of updates.
  • Gains the Insight on Users Engagement: Through Real Testing, it is easy to identify as to, how different users react to apps, and what other improvements can be introduced in the features of the app, to engage and delight more users.
  • Improves the Performance & Security Features: With the help of Real Testing, it becomes relatively easier to reach diverse audience and also gain insights on areas for improving the security & performance feature of the apps.

So, through testing in the real world, it is easy to judge, whether the app is ready or not. And with the help of feed-backs, the improvement in the apps for the users to experience becomes easy.

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