JIRA: The Top Agile Tool for QA

JIRA- The Top Agile Tool for QA. jira testing toolJIRA testing tool is planned particularly as agile software testing since the number of IT organizations these days accept agile project management system to convey custom programming applications inside a short measure of time.

Agile project management systems stress on consistent arranging, nonstop testing, and constant joining. In an agile domain, QA experts need to play out an assortment of testing consistently and repeatedly.

JIRA tool was made in 2003, to track and oversee bugs in software improvement. Till then, it has extended to assists teams to plan and track all parts of the software product improvement cycle.

From backlog dressing to launch the organization, Jira bug tracking tool was intended to be the connective tissue for your software product team.

Other latest open source bug tracking tools available in the market may help with following and catching bugs and issues, yet nothing else compares to Jira’s effective work process engine, arranging attributes, and far-reaching search function, giving your team full control of the end-to-end improvement of your software products.

What is JIRA tool for testing?

Essentially, JIRA testing tool is Atlassian’s well-known project and issue-following stage utilized by technical support and development teams to accomplish more work done faster. It’s available on-request through a month to month membership, or it can convey without anyone else servers for a forthright permit.

What does JIRA stand for?

JIRA full form: The name “JIRA” is gotten from the Japanese word “Gojira” which signifies “Godzilla”. Initially, the organization utilized Bugzilla for bug following and the engineers in their office began calling JIRA by the code name Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla. When they built up their particular bug tracker, they dropped – thus the name JIRA testing tool.

Uses of JIRA testing tool?

Catch Bugs

Catch bugs anyplace in your software product with Jira software testing tool. Once you’ve distinguished a bug, make an issue and include every single applicable detail, including depictions, seriousness level, screenshots, version etc. Errors can speak to anything from a software product bug, such as to a leave demand frame and every outstanding issue sort can have its custom work process.

Allocate and organize

When bugs are caught, rank and organize them relying on the significance and criticalness of the issue and the group’s workload limit. Allocating bugs can be proficient with a couple of keystrokes from the ticket and organizing these bugs is as basic as moving them in your group’s overabundance or To Do segment. By having one single wellspring of reality, you can keep everybody in agreement and guarantee the team is functioning at the most priority things first.

Track bugs to done

Continuously remain aware of everything by following bugs and issues through your group’s work process. In Jira agile tool, progressing issues will trigger notices, consequently illuminating the following commentator. Design an alternate work process for bugs versus other issue sorts, with the goal that your QA team can concentrate on overseeing and settling bugs, while your software product team can concentrate on building new highlights.

Get told

JIRA bug reporting tool enables you to design your project with the goal that the ideal individuals advised when something changes. So if another bug caught, it will be steered to the right colleague without promoting talk. Notices inside Jira are not simply @mentions, but instead can also be arranged to update somebody when a status change happens naturally.

JIRA bug tracking tool features:

The accompanying focuses clarify some fascinating points of interest of JIRA.

  • JIRA automation tool underpins PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL and Oracle server in the backend.
  • JIRA can incorporate with numerous different tools −Team Foundation Software, Mercury, Subversion, GIT, Concurrent Version System, Clearcase and many more.
  • JIRA is an incident management tool.
  • JIRA is a stage free tool; it can utilize with any OS.
  • JIRA is multi-lingual tool − German, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and so on.
  • JIRA bug tracking tool open source produced by Atlassian Inc., an Australian Company.

The two fields you do not see here are:

  • Status
  • Defect ID

These two fields are auto-made by JIRA. All issues will have a one of a kind ID appointed to them by JIRA testing tool. Status of all errors is “New”  or “To-Do” in JIRA testing tool of course on making a bug.

Accordingly, all the regular offices for imperfection announcing are accessible in JIRA as well. More alternatives, for example, names, connecting deserts, evaluating endeavours can be utilized.

TestOrigen providing this JIRA bug tracking tool tutorial to help you in understanding how to use JIRA bug tracking tool and also using JIRA testing tool for the reporting of bugs to our clients.


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