Exploratory Testing is similar to baking of cakeIt may feel quite awkward to unite baking with testing, but certainly, these areas necessitate mastery and sustainability to achieve desired goals.

It there is something amusing about testing, then it’s Exploratory Testing, because testing of software in Exploratory, doesn’t entail particular recipe of plans or timetables. Exploratory Testing, is a testing approach that apprise the testers to apply their ability and skills in a most effective way. Testers in TestOrigen having multiple skills, are prone to carry out Exploratory Testing with ease, hence providing the clients with effective and efficient work.

The advantages, that comes along with the Exploratory Testing are that, this type of testing doesn’t need a mandatory preparation for testing, because comprehensive documentation for testing is absent. Also, Exploratory Testing brings down the level of time consumption due to simultaneous working of the tasks like, Designing and executing of the test scenarios at the same time. And, Tester can file a report of numerous issues encountered during testing, because of incomplete requirement.

Similarly, when it comes to baking of cake for the first time, strict methodology is escorted in order to get the ingredients at the right destination. Correspondingly, with testing – testers keep every test principle, according to specified algorithms, in order to execute the test appropriately. At the next stage once, the baking is done, the applying of cherry on the cake and other fruits are the best example of “exploratory cooking”, hence making it resemble like the Exploratory Testing, because by executing heterogenous types of testing, testers become more prone in knowing as to what strategy can be applied effectively, to get the best outcome in any sort of projects.