Overview of Youtrack Issue Tracking Tool

Overview of Youtrack Issue Tracking Tool. youtrack bug trackerYouTrack bug tracker, from developer JetBrains, is one more project management/bug tracking software offering Agile/SCRUM support. Is there anything special about it?

Anybody that has been working in SDLC for some time realizes that there is an entire bucketful of tasks/issue tracking software. When beginning a project, if a specific decision isn’t now pre-chosen by somebody above in the management chain, essentially settling on the decision on which arranging and issue tracking tool to utilize can be a monumental task.

YouTrack bug tracker fills in as a single place to deal with your projects, plan work for future launches, iterations, and sprints and track your day by day tasks, bugs, and client requests. It speaks your language and is sufficiently adaptable to pursue your correct procedure. Backings Scrum and Kanban.

Overview of YouTrack Bug Tracker Benefits:

YouTrack project management has a savvy look function that empowers clients to rapidly discover the data they require because of auto finish. It additionally offers alternate ways that essentially quicken mundane processes, incredibly enhancing one’s productivity and output. Users can likewise nearly monitor every project and team activity by means of personal live Dashboard.

With YouTrack issue tracker, clients can get insights and track the advancement of each task with incredible reporting tools, empowering them to settle on better business choices and viably actualize techniques. No time will be wasted as YouTrack manages and allocate time with its time tracking capabilities.


Bug & issue tracking:

YouTrack workflow gives you a chance to follow and manage issues from the moment they’re accounted for to the moment they’re settled. Effectively make issues, adjust custom fields, include labels, watchers, set the priority, and edit added attachments with a built-in image editor.

Agile Board:

Agile boards in YouTrack free issue tracker are intended to assist teams to pursue a wide scope of agile project management processes. You can make Kanban, Scrum, or Scrumban boards.


An assortment of reports is accessible to assist you to analyze and manage tasks and teams activities. Make private reports or arrange reports that you share with your team.

Time management:

The Time Tracking features let you and your group report the amount of time spent working at issues in your task. Estimate how much time you hope to spend to determine each issue, add work items to the issues alongside the spent time, and make rundown reports to see the aggregate total of time spent on the diverse kinds of work.


Utilize a Gantt chart for an outline of the flow of your project plan. Pursue the advancement of your tasks, estimate time, and track the outcomes. Arrange the graph to demonstrate issues from different projects, limit the amount of work in progress, and control what numbers of dimensions of subtasks are incorporated into the report.


YouTrack project management tracker is truly adjustable! Regardless of whether it’s issue fields, work processes, notices or languages– you can arrange everything for your requirements.


Connect outside devices with YouTrack to upgrade your profitability and enhance your working procedure! Incorporate with automatically set the value for the ‘Settled in build’ field in YouTrack when an issue is closed in a successful build.

YouTrack Mobile:

Stay associated with your team anyplace and whenever utilizing YouTrack Mobile! Utilize agile boards, make new and update existing issues, work with connections, and get notices appropriate on your phone. YouTrack Mobile is accessible for iOS and Android.

Experimental features:

Experimental features in YouTrack let you attempt the new functionality before the official launch. This technique gives us a chance to get feedback for a feature as we work on it, becoming familiar with what you need to find in the final product.

Pros of Youtrack Bug Tracker:

  • Contrasted with the different issue tracking tools, this one is overly basic, and simple to set up and go ahead.
  • The interface is instinctive and helps keep sprints clean and organized.
  • Performance is great as long as the setup has been done legitimately, else you will encounter lags.

Cons of Youtrack Bug Tracker:

  • The URL is fairly long: mycompanyname.myjetbrains.youtrack.com
  • Comment boxes under tickets look rather medieval.

Overall it is perfect for small teams to be utilized fundamentally for free bug tracking and sprint arranging. Simple to set up and use without going through the hoops.

The interface and the entire system is fairly instinctive which proves to be useful particularly for organizations where teams work on different projects in the meantime and as a rule each is tied with another task somehow. Accompanies a lot of incorporations so one can edit as required.

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