Why Test Case Management Using Excel is Hell!

Why Test Case Management Using Excel is Hell. excel based test case managementMost importantly, the simple reason behind not utilizing excel based test case management is that “Excel was never implied for test case management.” Therefore ignoring this reality can cost your business some critical dollars.

It’s an ideal opportunity to get real; utilizing excel based test case management, documentation and providing details regarding testing activity can be an amazingly bulky, wasteful, time-consuming and sometimes, a frustrating procedure. It can be Hell!

Managing resources, time, cost and quality is essential to your business. The procedures around those are vital to your prosperity and the achievement of your customers. So why you are still having confidence in excel test template?

We’re not hostile to spreadsheets. They are awesome for a few sorts of information examination such as pivot tables. But, test case management using excel can be complicated. Regardless of whether you are working with waterfall, Agile or another test case management tools, effectively finishing a task expects you to be over a lot of strands of data at any one time.

Here are the few reasons why excel based test case management is bad:

Countless Excel sheets required:

For arranging your testing procedure, you will need multiple excel sheets. You have to keep a different excel sheet for following necessities, test cases, test runs, bugs and one for traceability. Independent of the size of the task, you need 5 distinctive excel sheets per project. In the case, you isolate the sheets according to testers, modules or releases, the number of excel sheet will be troublesome for your team to manage. Because of the higher number of test management excel sheets, there will be higher chances of mistake.

Making test sets:

Making test sets containing both manual and automated tests includes a lot of copy and paste in the sample excel test sheet. This can be a tedious and boring process. A test management tool like TestRail can make this procedure frictionless by helping you build different test libraries by an easy drag and drop. Therefore, testers can make distinctive test sets, while using a test case template.

Trouble to collaborate on excel sheets:

The greatest trouble doing test case management in excel is collaboration. In the case, you want to share the excel test case management sheet with your colleagues, it would be through emails only. On account of virtual teams that are isolated by distance, excel test case management tool turns into all the more troublesome to organize, deliver and work together. Your colleagues may wind up working with different versions of excel sheets.

Trouble to scale:

The drawback of working with excel sheets is that as the association develops, the information stored in spreadsheets gets more circulated. Indeed, even as you add more colleagues to your testing team, there will be a necessity of more excel sheets. You may need to edit the information in the excel sheet with an expansion in your team estimate. Test case management excels sheets are inclined to human mistakes which makes test case management all the more difficult.

Hard to Test or Troubleshoot:

Regardless of whether you needed to troubleshoot or test the information, it’s next to impossible. The omnipresent nature of spreadsheets implies it’s normal to have ones with interrelated information spread crosswise over various folders, workstations, offices, and areas.

Following the logic of formulas themselves would be time-consuming and take too long. Furthermore, notwithstanding the way that people discover time to manipulate the data, most never have sufficient time to document what they did to get there.

All the above activities won’t just take up your testing time yet they are additionally inclined to mistakes. Although the trouble to implement consistency with the recommended positions. Henceforth the best way to deal with handle test cases is utilizing a test management tool.

Picking a test management tool, thinking differently and updating test management procedures will help the testing team start walking out of Excel Hell.

We at TestOrigen use TestRail as well as JIRA test case management tools to manage our test data that assists our testers in providing high-quality testing services.

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