Acceptance Testing Services

Strengthen with latest innovation, TestOrigen’s acceptance testing services can turn out to be profitable for you in reducing and resolving your application problems.

Scope of TestOrigen’s Acceptance Testing

The fast change in mobile economy has unlocked a broad range of opportunity for companies to grow in this competitive market.

  • But, in a meantime, the mobile technology has turned out to be more complicated than ever. Thus you need to make sure that your business application works flexibly during this complicated situation, and give the best user experience with the goal that your clients continue revisiting for extra.
  • This is possible only by conducting an acceptance test for your application to run smoothly in any complex situations.
  • Acceptance testing is one of the best methods to decide how your applications run, and whether it satisfies the acceptance standard or not.

TestOrigen guarantee you that your application should launch on time as we take care of our user’s demand and needs very precisely.

Estimated importance

Business Acceptance Testing encourage the closer connection among the user and Tester as the purpose is that the business needs must be spoken out. Acceptance testing also decreases the severity/chance of both new regressions and bugs that declare the software product suitable.

    TestOrigen’s Procedure

    • Our testers first audit and examine functional and business necessities of their users.
    • Then develop test cases as per needs.
    • Perform ideal test cases and interconnect the ad-hoc tests applicable to acceptance and usability specifications.
    • After that they record and report issues, suggestions, defects and usability remarks and also discuss all these with your team for knowing your point of view.
    • At last retest the software after making changes.

    TestOrigen’s Acceptance Testing Types

    TestOrigen perform various forms of acceptance testing i.e.

    • Automated acceptance testing,
    • System acceptance testing
    • Unit acceptance testing

    By using broad range of new user acceptance testing tools such as

    • Cucumber
    • Ruby
    • QTP etc

    For focusing on bugs prevention and correction.

    Our outlook towards acceptance testing helps us in identification and reporting the issues and providing you the highly assured quality acceptance testing services.

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