Performance and Load Testing Services

TestOrigen will assist you to foresee your application performance and behavior in a software development lifecycle. 

Performance Testing or Load Testing

Performance Testing or load testing both are basically the processes of measuring the Stability, Scalability, Speed, responsiveness under various load environments. It is the testing performed for the identification of bottlenecks or users response time problems and its reasons. Performance Testing assists your system to reach consistency and provide the exact outcome according to your business needs.

Why Your Applications Need Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is necessary for the proper working of your system. It includes

  • The comparison of the System’s performance at various levels.
  • The reduction of threat to whole application performance malfunction
  • Compose your system’s consistency.
  • Avoid future performance problems.
  • Reduce the extra time and cost.

TestOrigen’s Performance testing services will helps you defeat the above dangers and convey a bug-free system with high-quality assurance.

Our highly expert engineers will provide the best performance validation by using latest load testing tools for web applications to test their performance as well as various open source performance testing tools that help you supporting in numerous business forms.

The Practice

TestOrigen’s Testers will follow the following process to perform the test

  1. They firstly research the characterization of heavy and normal loads for your app.
  2. Decide the designation of heavy and normal data transfer for your app.
  3. Observe the possible development of your business
  4. Draw test plan to confirm system Performance for all defined load
  5. Execute tests, record standards, and collect the necessary information
  6. In the end, they give you a report on testing outcomes.


Volume and Scalability Testing: It offers opportunities to enhance performance away from specifications.

Load testing: It describes the regular performance capability.

Soak testing: It is performed to verify system performance and patience level under stable condition.

Stress testing: It discovers limitations and improves performance level.

Our proficient testing team will help you with the success of your web application and resolves the risk of product failure.

As they do all the testing by using various web Performance testing tools like

  • JMeter
  • LoadRunner

These performance testing tools assist our engineers in providing high QA to our clients across the world.

TestOrigen Advantages

  • We perform the performance testing by making a statistics of various loads such as normal load, heavy load, and projected growth load, this increment is continued until our system reaches the level of stoppage and find out the failure threshold. This data is as well used to conclude the load boundaries and trace the bottlenecks.
  • TestOrigen supports the various forms of performance testing services for many different domains and runs diverse stages such as mobile, web, desktop, analytics and cloud.
  • TestOrigen’s Team also performs web server load testing by using various licensed and open source load testing tools for efficient per load test results for our clients.

Our testing engineer uses a diverse range of latest website performance tools that have confirmed their capability and knowledge in continuously providing the best potential load or performance testing solutions and QA to our proud clients.

The Viewpoint

Our viewpoint is providing practical load tests to our proud client that helps them to run their organization proudly at an affordable price and giving the bug report of all their performance issues.

Let's Work Together!

We are proud to have best testers who are ready to work 24/7, so if you have any question regarding our performance testing services, then does contact us we will be happy to help you.