The sphere of Regression TestingRegression testing is well known as black box testing, which comes into action when code of units constantly gets executed to certify, that in-action code alterations cause no influence on the functionality of the system. It is not purely based on the quantity of test cases, but it’s all about enveloping the contexts which are negative in nature. Also Regression test ensures that the fixing of bug is done successfully, along with the potential to hold the unprecedented behavior on specific functional area. TestOrigen also performs well-planned Regression Tests, providing clients with effective results on time.

It is performed on diverse stages of testing, different types of Regression Testing are:

1) Complete Regression: Complete Regression test is performed when alterations are observed in the code, and also when there are multiple changes in the code. Complete Regression provides detailed view of the system and rectifies all the unanticipated hindrances with ease.

2) Unit regression: Unit Regression testing is performed when unit testing phase, executes the tests on the code as a lone unit.

3) Partial Regression: Partial Regression is executed once the impact analysis is completed. In this testing, the formulated new code is introduced to the older existing code, in order to discover that , even with the adjustment in the code, the functions of the system doesn’t get affected , as they still remain desirable.

All in all Regression Testing is executed to make sure, that there is little possibility of after-release shocks, thus ensuring smooth operations.

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