Regression Testing Services

TestOrigen expertise’s in Regression Testing processes of all software development lifecycle whether it is end-to-end, done in-house or outsourced through FCR, Alpha and Beta release phases.

TestOrigen daily faces the outstanding challenges that are given by our clients. It really made us expert and shaped us in a right manner across the world.

Regression Testing

Regression testing basically the process of retesting. Although when a developer modifies or change their software products, even a small modification can have surprising results. Due to this, all test cases are performed again simultaneously to verify whether the new changes have not brought the new bugs and all the previous functions are working properly or not. Such tests are performed manually, but some time in few test cases repetition of source code and updating is too much complicated as well the time consuming to think, so an automated regression testing tools are used.

TestOrigen’s Regression Testing: Requirement

Regression testing is important for detection of undesirable bugs that are caused by the changes to any software product development lifecycle. The regression testing process is more useful for fixing those detected bugs which will come across at performance of your software lifecycle.

The Process

  1. Our QA software engineers firstly analyze the project details
  2. Then they demonstrate the application through a test
  3. Make a Regression Test Plan
  4. Implement the Regression test suit according to plan.
  5. Record the bugs and defects.
  6. At last, they retest the problems after fixing them again.

Our professional team member performs all kind of software testing with their regression testing automation skills by using various latest visual regression testing tools like Kobold, BackTrac, Argus Eyes, Galen Framework, etc.  As we have spent too many resources on these tools and technologies expertise to build the best infrastructure for our project achievement.

Advantages on Choosing TestOrigen

  • TestOrigen provides regression testing services across the globe as our specialized testers’ works on best-automated regression testing tools.
  • No matter what you have done, what changes you made, our proficient QA mentors will resolve all your issues and take off your burden by performing consistent and regular regression testing for you.

The Outlook

Our approach is to provide our customer a high-quality Regression testing services by continuously updating them about the bugs and ensures the high level of corporate system protection.

Let's Work Together!

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