Functional Testing Services

We support functional testing services that guarantee powerful quality control by finding bugs immediately for our clients.

Functional testing is a very important process for amplifying the quality of the software development life cycle. Functional testing mainly shows black box testing, which evaluates a particular IT product with the specific functionalities that indicate its specification. Therefore, to promote competencies and to convey a great product, it is necessary to perform a functional testing process.


Functional testing is very important for your product and software to let them work properly as it’s the process that ensures the quality of your software and product.

We perform automated functional testing to get the quicker reaction, and for avoiding the continuous manual work or to make sure that we are performing the test repeatedly at the same environment and according to our user’s expectations.

TestOrigen’s Functional Testing: Specialization

In this process, our professional QA testers will help you out. If you are having problems with your system i.e. an occurrence of error or difference.

  • Our QA engineers will examine and make a plan to make sure that the whole system is flawlessly integrated.
  • For the assurance of excellent customer experience, it is important that the UI matches the code of the software.

Functional Testing Types

The functional testing process is performed with various functional testing types that are given below:

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • System testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • Usability Testing

And the TestOrigen software testing services. Pvt. Ltd. will provide you the best functional testing services.

As our team uses the latest functional tools such as:

  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • TestComplete

For the testing of your Software and product. As these tools consist of a large number of varieties where any software functionality and verification can be verified.

Frequently, non-functional testing is less concerning as compared to functional testing, they are not practically done during software testing.

Key Benefits Of Using TestOrigen’s Functional Testing

  • Testorigen with years of experience in supporting functional as well as non-functional testing services will provide you best and affordable QA.
  • Our main objective is to make sure that the whole system and software are doing well before it goes to market.
  • Our teams of professionals have the potential to do the best functional testing as a part of the QA of your system and to guarantee the highest quality of the product.

TestOrigen’s Functional Testing: Vision

  • Our approach begins with exploratory testing where our group plays around with the application.
  • In light of their experience, they step by step get precise, build up a situation network and execute all conceivable experiments to survey application quality.
  • Our completely adaptable functional testing services are prepared to meet each and every difficult end client necessities and urgent deadline.

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