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TestOrigen expertise in Web-based Application Testing, Desktop based Testing and Mobile Application Testing Services and can help in locating the great solutions for your organization.

We provide a huge range of software testing offerings relying on testing goals and aims.

We test the functional and non-functional functions of your software product to ensure it really works as anticipated and delivers a tremendous user experience. Beginning from relatively meticulous manual testing of your project’s most complex features to large-scale automated testing of complex software program suites—our certified QA testers can do all of it.

TestOrigen is a one-stop door for all your software testing and QA needs as we offer more than 20+ varieties of software testing services in and around the software QA domains. Lots of our services are unique to our customers, and such variety is offered by no other company in the global.

We always attempt to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with a package of modern QA and software testing services

Below are the following important features of our services:

  • Amplified Test Coverage: TestOrigen with its domain and application understanding can offer complete test coverage in terms of testing the app or website etc. while a bug arises, our tester has a clear knowledge of the software technical terminologies that must be needed to understand the functionality of the system.
  • Amplified Test Automation Coverage: TestOrigen has in-house automation frameworks based on latest technologies and software products, which could be used for any project for faster implementation of automation testing.
  • Minimum Danger for the Customer: TestOrigen is many year experts in software testing world. Such a wealth of testing experience assures the consumer minimum danger in executing tasks.
  • QA and BA Combination: TestOrigen for all its tasks executions deploys a combination of Business Analysts and Quality Analysts specialists as such team always ensures healthy consequences from both ends.
  • Leveraging re-usable resources: TestOrigen has assembled a greater amount of test cases. Those can be reused and might greatly help in decreasing runtime.

We offer end-to-end Software Testing Solutions. A snapshot of our Automated Functional and Non-Functional Testing offering is as follows:

  • Functional testing
  • System testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Load testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Content testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Third party validations and acceptance testing

Manual Testing

We are ensuring our clients the completeness of QA manual testing with high level test plan that leads to a set of important test cases. We prepare the detailed test cases using best manual testing tools for identifying the clear and concise steps to execute with their expected outcomes and snapshots. We covered major functional, non functional Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services in India including acceptance and fitness of the system under test, its security and usability among other things. Our skilled tester also provides the end to end as well as browser compatibility testing of the application.

Mobile Application Testing

Our team has various tools for mobile application testing with extensive experience in app store testing, various versions smartphone and iOS testing and hardware testing and constantly upgrades its technical proficiency through training and monitoring of latest trends and developments in testing iPhone application, Android mobile application testing, Blackberry testing, and windows phone testing. Our mobile application testing methodology can custom-made for all types of devices and software.

Automation Testing Tools

We reduce the testing effort using various tools like selenium webdriver, cucumber and protector etc to automate the scenarios so that we can execute our positive flow without manual efforts and get better result. Test automation may be able to reduce lengthy testing methodologies for mobile application or eliminate the cost of actual testing. Choosing the right Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services in India is vital to enhance test automation basics, such as quality, effectiveness and economy. TestOrigen experts are adept in using following types of open source test automation tool and those available for licensed use.

  • Automation Functional test tools, such as selenium webdriver, cucumber and protector.
  • Automation performance testing tools, such as Loadrunner and Jmeter.

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