Automation Testing Services

TestOrigen is one of the best leading companies among the test automation companies supporting automation testing services to their customers around the world.

Automation Testing is basically performed for verifying the software product and saving the testing efforts by using various best test automation tools to reach the software product’s quality at time. Automation Testing has become important with the developing difficulty of any software app and it requires the successive test protection within the deadline, due to which the automated software testing is performed to get the best accuracy and productivity at a given time.

We, at TestOrigen, has come up with a balance among the test automation challenges and the software automation testing framework by producing our own automation testing solutions in order to provide the effective cost with high productivity using custom built open source automation testing tools for web applications.

Choosing Right Tool, Save Money and Time

TestOrigen provides all types of Automated Software Testing Services as our testers work on latest automation testing tools list as Cucumber, Ruby, Protector, and QTP, etc to develop customizable frameworks on top of open source test automation tools for simple plan execution.

Although, the open source tools are a good support system of conventional commercial tools and benefit like automation testing selenium is money saving. We herein with a dedicated team of testers, who are very much handy in using all the latest tools and significantly advance your end-product quality.

TestOrigen’s Test Automation: Benefits

  • It helps the developer in better detection of bugs with a high level of consistency in all the test executions.
  • It improves testing efficiency, mainly important for digital conversion plans.
  • It minimizes the risk of manual testing and also results in a reduction of multiple repetitions of test executions.
  • It decreases the testing efforts of testers that give our client the time-saving work with cost benefits.
  • Automated testing is mainly important for regression testing, where it enhances the effectiveness and productivity of software product with a low cost of testing delivery.

At TestOrigen, our team of professional testers gives accurate test automation services to guaranteed improved performance that is reasonable and commendable.

 TestOrigen’s Automation Testing Support

  • First, we evaluate and examine the functional requirement of your business.
  • And then we give you the best list of automation testing tools that summarized as per your software product needs.
  • But if you have already known about the tools then we assist you in modifying and describing the automation plan.
  • Based on your need or manual test cases, we create an automation script and design to performing the automation test suites.
  • After that we record the bugs and make a report of defects relying upon performed automation test suites, later on, we discuss these issues with your organization.
  • At last, continue the automation script made according to newly launched changes and provide you the bug-free software product.

For providing best test automation services, we have hired the expert team of testers with profound knowledge of mobile automation testing tools or web automation testing tools and also have strong technical skills that assist them in developing the great test cases and test automation frameworks for finding the bug and issues.

TestOrigen’s Test Tool Expertise

Performance Testing Tools

  • Jmeter
  • Loadrunner

Functional Testing Tools

  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • TestComplete

TestOrigen’s Automation Testing: Differentiator

We have test automation professionals, who are highly experienced in finding the exact test case for automation, as well great thinking analytics skills for selecting the timing of automation based testing on the phase of SLDC, well known of the best set of framework and right tools that give up the best ROI.

  • Our Test Automation services consist of a wide range starting from the automation strategy up to automation of regression test codes.
  • We have broad coverage to web automation tools across changed advancements and industry verticals. We will guarantee to meet your needs with lower cost values.
  • Our passionate team of automation testing has assisted us in numerous projects of various domains and technology that actually lead us in solving the complicated test automation troubles that others have failed.
  • After spending years on various test automation project, we have made a plan that begins with a stage involving extensive strategies and test plans for best QA services.

TestOrigen’s main goal is to connect with all of our customers so as to accomplish their needs and delivers the software product they trust. We do this by working carefully to guarantee that we have known to their each and every business needs, rather than just testing for required compliance and technical consistency.

Let's Work Together!

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