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The open-source, low-code test automation platform Testsigma in April 2023, announced the release of their API testing feature which streamlines both the creation and execution of tests. The newest update allows users to create and manage API test assertions and data sets more efficiently! 

Let’s have a detailed look at the new features introduced and what you can do with Testsigma’s API Testing.

API testing

Create API tests without coding in a matter of minutes

You may save hours by designing and managing API test assertions and data sets with Testsigma’s fully scriptless API test assertions. Just input your endpoint, select an API method, add header content, define a status code, and launch the test. API endpoint validation, response validation, and testing for HTTP status codes are just a few of the many tools that Testsigma provides for API testing.

api testing

Flexible options for comparison when validating responses

Select the degree of rigidity to use when comparing actual response values to your anticipated API return. You can have more control over your tests by automatically extracting particular runtime data from API answers that you can then reuse in other tests.


Easily validate various REST API methods

By validating APIs using several REST API methods, including GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, and PATCH, Testsigma enables you to save time and effort. XLS and CSV are only two of the many data sources from which data-driven API tests can be created. You may optimise your testing process for increased productivity if you have the option to save and reuse test groups across many projects.


Easily integrate with well-known CI/CD tools

The popular CI/CD technologies are perfectly integrated with Testsigma’s API testing functionality, making API testing a crucial component of your deployment workflow. Real-time test execution reports give you readily customisable information so you can find problems and fix them right away.

testing api

Author testing in simple terms

Testsigma is dedicated to providing low-code test authoring in simple English so that testing is accessible to everyone. Testsigma provides a comprehensive testing solution for all of your testing requirements with the brand-new API testing functionality.

Over the past year, Testsigma has improved the platform, adding features like desktop app testing, support for flutter app testing, and integration with DevOps ecosystem technologies like Azure DevOps, Xray, Codeship CI, etc.

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