What make TestOrigen so much SAASY?

saas testing toolsWhen TestOrigen first started, the software testing industries are at their top level. But as we all know that technology is changing and updating daily. At this time if you are not walking with time, then time will left you behind. Thus TestOrigen also get updated with latest SaaS testing tools and technology timely that make us SAASY.

Our professional engineers made us successful in such a short period of time. We become the best and highly known among various software testing and SaaS testing companies.

We have also gone for a wide range of products and even revealed some of our own procedures while attempting to locate the correct harmony between usability, work process implementation and adaptability.

So, we have wound up with a gathering of SaaS testing tools which we use consistently to oversee software advancement here at TestOrigen.


We generally have various projects going ahead in the meantime being produced by various groups however in some cases colleagues switch between the project relaying on their range of abilities and the necessities of each task. It soon gets hard to deal with everybody’s chance without a dedicated SaaS testing methodology for it.

We utilize Forecast which is by Harvest. We can see effectively SaaS testing challenges when we have holes for individuals from staff which require filling and we additionally utilize it to tell potential new clients the most punctual begin date for their task.


Trello is essentially an advanced SaaS based test management tool which we use to separate tasks into little units of work which the developers conflict with and track time against.

We have considered changing Trello out for Jira by Atlassian in light of the fact that it would give us better combination for testing SaaS applications with BitBucket yet we continue backpedaling to Trello on the grounds that it is so basic and gives us significantly greater adaptability. In a perfect world all project would be taken care of a similar way and the task management system would encourage a single work process.

Tragically clients have diverse requirements and some of the time requires us to work marginally in an unexpected way. There is nobody measure fits all work process when working with clients. We do however adhere to a single work process that we know functions admirably for all internal software development.


As organizations develop staff and clients go back and forth, yet what necessities to stay is a record of everybody you have worked with. This is particularly essential for software testing companies as we compose SaaS testing strategy which are still under support agreements.

When one of these old clients rings with an issue, new individuals from staff who have never managed them need some SaaS testing best practices, so they can look at to know more about the client.

We store the greater part of this sort of data in a wiki which every one of our workers can access and add to. We utilize Confluence for our wiki for the most part since it is an Atlassian SaaS testing tools that likewise possesses BitBucket. It’s sufficiently simple to utilize and offers a considerable measure of components.

This rundown will without any doubt change after some time as new SaaS testing tools enter the market and improvement techniques also change.

At the present time I think we are fit as a fiddle and have never been as beneficial as we are currently. We have made some inside devices to pull information from Trello and Harvest for revealing purposes yet fortunately the majority of the SaaS testing approach we pull information from have great APIs.

If you are taking a look at adding some SaaS to your business, and additionally looking at the client highlights, make sure to look at the Application programming interface includes as well and also go for TestOrigen for solving your issues.

As we offer wide range such as SaaS performance testing and SaaS penetration testing using all the latest SaaS performance testing tools  and also understand the importance of SaaS testing in any software product lifecycle that made us so much SAASY and flexible at such a short interval of time.



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