Testing Tutorial to Test Compatibility Using Browserstack

Testing Tutorial to Test Compatibility Using Browserstack.browser compatibility testingFor the Testing of any browser compatibility, the testers need to test all their test-cases at different platforms and as well as on browsers. As the testers cannot install all the stuffs in their local box. This is the place where Browserstack is needed to install their browser compatibility testing stuff.

BrowserStack is one of the wide used tools among various browser compatibility testing tools that testers always depend on at compatibility test training. Its tool for browser compatibility testing that makes it simple to perform the cross browser compatibility testing. At whatever point we refresh our site plan or test another element, we can undoubtedly investigate issues on various mobile devices and in major browsers using various compatibility testing tools.

As engineers and originators, we regularly misinterpret in testing of our responsive plan on a desktop PC. Resizing the compatibility testing test cases imitate the screen size of cell phone, although it does not give a really precise outcome.


This browserstack tutorial demonstrates the best practices for browser compatibility testing process, so our clients can get the ideas how we perform the browserstack automate local testing.


First Step: Login for BrowserStack account (Free Trail)

Login for BrowserStack account


Second Step: Get your UserName and Password.

  • Then click on Account at the top of browserstack
  • And as well tap on automate to automate your test cases.


Get your UserName and Password



Third Step: Make your Test Scripts utilizing TestNG

Make your Test Scripts utilizing Testing



Fourth Step: Make a TestNG.xml record to run tests in parallel

  • And then set the browsers and platforms with desired version.


Make a TestNG.xml record to run tests in parallel 


Fifth Step: Perform TestNG.xml.


Perform TestNG.xml


Sixth Step: To see your outcomes, Login and tap on “Automate” link. You can see your task results on screen.

To see your outcomes, Login and tap on "Automate" link. You can see your task results on screen


This Six Step guide helps our client in understanding that how TestOrigen’s testers execute their browser compatibility testing of their site for expanding their businesses at good level. TestOrigen provides the best practices of automated browser testing using browserstack and ensures the high quality of compatibility testing in software testing world.

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