Test Environment Management in Testing. test environment managementThe key component to successful software testing is the accessibility of a reasonable stage to execute the testing. Non-production test environment management is a key empowering agent of dependable service delivery and gives basic assurance to production frameworks. The part of the test environment is to safeguard the user experience and thus, they should keep pace with the requests of quick service delivery cycles and expanding systems complexity.

Test environment management is the procedure by which test machines (customers, servers, or both) are managed. There’s a lot of data center management occurring here. It’s super-basic to have clean machines when running automated and manual tests.

Test bed or test environment is arranged according to the need of the Application under Test. On a couple of events, test bed could be the mixture of the test environment and the test data it works.

Setting up the correct test environment guarantees software testing achievement. Any defects in this procedure may prompt additional expense and time to the customer.

Test Environment Management Process Importance

In the present consistently changing powerful IT/Software field, necessities continue changing and advance as technology advances. There is a complex trap between three dimensions – in particular, cost, quality and time. Preferably, if we have adequate spending plan and time, software groups will probably a high-quality product. Generally, however, it’s infrequently the situation that projects have the correct spending plan and time. More often, projects keep running over the spending plan and time requirements. Subsequently, the quality of the product suffers.

Procedure of Software Test Environment Setup

Tests are restricted to what can be tested and what not should be tested.

Following individuals associated with the test environment setup

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • System Admins
  • Sometimes techies or users with a connection for testing

The test environment requires setting up of a different number of definite zones like,

Setup of Test Server

Each test may not be executed on a local machine. It might require building up a test server, which can support applications.


Network set up according to the test necessity. It incorporates,

  • Web setup
  • LAN Wifi setup
  • Private network setup

It guarantees that the blockage that happens during testing doesn’t influence different individuals.

Test computer setup

For web testing, you may need to set up various browsers for different testers. For desktop applications, you need different kinds of OS for various testers PCs.

Bug Reporting

Testers should have bug reporting tools.

Our exceptionally experienced team has the broad ability in building up and managing non-production test environments.

We work with associations universally to evaluate the present state and recognize chances to enhance the provisioning and running of the test environments.

TestOrigen offers suggestions to automate test environment activities like test environment booking, asset management, knowledge management, test environment management and processing of service requests. Automation test execution by altering the alternatives helps in dealing with the Test Environments adequately.

So, we are the one-stop solution for all of your needs in getting advice on Test Environment Planning.

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