Robot Framework: The New Revolution in Software Testing

Robot Framework-The New Revolution in Software Testing. robot automation frameworkRobot Automation Framework is a wonder in the testing business. The system is open source and above all, it understands test and HTML!

It has easy-to-use, unimaginable test data language structure and it utilizes the Keyword driven testing approach.

The robot framework system can achieve its maximum capacity with the assistance of robot test libraries executed either with Programming languages like Python or Java, and customers can make new higher level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax structure that is used for making test cases.

Robot Automation Framework:

Launched under Apache permit 2.0, Robot Framework is a testing system that has been put to utilize widely by testers.

The system has got standard test automation framework libraries and can be reached out by test libraries executed either with Java or Python.

Robot Test Framework Features:

All the features, referenced underneath guarantee that Robot Automation Framework can be utilized to automate test cases in a speedy and capable form.

  • Data-driven Test Cases
  • High-Level Architecture
  • Basic Tabular Syntax
  • Separate Test Data Editor
  • Point by point logs
  • Clear Reports
  • Generic test libraries
  • Text editor support: Emacs, Vim, TextMate
  • Remote test libraries and different modules for Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Ant etc.
  • Windows GUIs, Webtesting, Swing, SWT, databases, SSH, Telnet etc.

Robot Framework Libraries:

When you’ve installed robot framework test automation you get the center framework and a group of valuable Standard Test Libraries. Yet, you are not constrained by those regardless. Aside from Standard Test Libraries, there are numerous outer ones that are generally contributed by the liberal Robot Framework community and fill diverse needs. The cool thing about those is that you can combine and match all the keywords from all the diverse libraries out there the manner in which you like and make your own robot framework keywords for a solid test case.

Robot Automation Framework Remote Libraries:

To make Robot Test Automation Framework “incomparable” Framework we can utilize Remote Libraries to compose our very own Test Libraries in any programming language that underpins the XML-RPC protocol and run them on various machines if that is the thing that we require. Remote Libraries are utilized indistinguishable route from “typical” Test Libraries; aside from you’ll have to import them in Test Cases as well as Resource Files. Another huge benefit here is that Robot IDE also completely supports this functionality and can use the documentation from Remote Libraries. When it comes down to composing the keywords in your own Test Library, do it in Python IDE you need, or e.g. Eclipse when utilizing Java as a programming language.

Robot IDE is a graphical UI called Robot Integrated Development Environment that can be of great help while coding and managing test cases and keywords written in Resource Files. Automation robot framework RIDE gives development condition to Robot Framework test cases with syntax highlighting, framework specific code completion, keyword completion, etc. Its configuration simplifies composing test cases by offering tunable setups for various parts of test suites that can be naturally edited and updated by means of a GUI.

Robot Framework is a simple to-utilize, yet still sufficiently amazing to be an acceptance-level test automation framework. It is very adaptable and you don’t need much programming experience to write test cases. Thinking of them in tables makes your tests all around organized and ultra-readable. The logs and reports are additionally a decent data resource. Pass on Robot Framework is our go-to web automation tool. If you need to know more about how to perform test automation with Robot Framework to secure your web applications, get in touch with us.

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