Reach Excellent Product Launch with TestOrigen’s Robust Testing Solutions

Reach Excellent Product Launch with TestOrigens Robust Testing Solutions. software testing methodsThe robust software testing methods are either disregarded or skipped by software organizations, which results in the poor test management and accordingly’ a “buggy” product launch to the customer, which prompts “unsatisfied clients”.

As a QA and testing services provider, TestOrigen needs to approve the quality of a major launch at regular intervals. Each major launch typically incorporates two new big features and three smaller features like a change in the UI or a new report, just as steadiness issues and bug fixes.

Accordingly, it is extremely essential to keep up an intuitive balance between development and software testers. The intuitive model should incorporate proactive communication at each level instead of toward the end of each release cycle. To meet these goals, our team adopted these top 5 best practices to make the workload manageable while guaranteeing that the launches we validate keep up the highest standards of quality.

Plan the QA & software testing methods

Our team well plans characterize the test procedures and afterward document it. As should be obvious, great documentation is a tool that assembles efficient communication inside the software team. So, effective planning involves the production of the quality and test plans for a project.

Pick your launch criteria carefully

You can’t test everything in an enterprise product for each launch, and luckily, you don’t have to. You can still be positive about the product you favor if you center on regions of your code where the most critical changes were made. Before another release cycle starts, our team communicates with all of the partners to understand which parts of the product will be moved by an updated or new code. We utilize that data to organize our testing attempts. We center on those parts of the code and utilize existing automation tests to deal with different parts. So base your launch criteria on new code that is being included.

Form a devoted performance testing team

We have committed performance testers who run tests when a product is stable, and brief the group about new features and versions with the goal that they can evaluate the performance dangers. Also if we suspect that a feature may influence performance, we additionally compose and execute new performance tests. This step is essential. If you don’t have the way to form your own dedicated performance group, at that point TestOrigen is here for you.

Stay close to the pertinent condition

Our testers and development groups run the very same condition. As our builds travel through the development pipeline, nonetheless, we should test the code under production conditions, so we build our organizing condition to simulate our clients’ production environments.

Run a regression cycle

We run our regression cycle in the last period of product stabilization, and it is that procedure that triggers the green light to go to production. We likewise automate our regression cycle, so it just takes a couple of days to run.

To keep up product quality while staying aware of the interest for the regular product launches, QA testers must break traditional molds. You should grow new skills, like software testing methods and development so you can be progressively engaged with various phases of the development procedure.

Following these 5 best practices is a win-win for your group and the business. Does it right, and you will shorten development cycles or you can contact TestOrigen for manual testing and automation testing for approving cross-browser compatibility. We would assist you with more than 1000+ browsers to test from. Your development team members truly can use the capabilities of our adaptable software testing methods.

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