Postman Tool Tutorial for Implementing your APIs Testing Techniques

Postman Tool Tutorial for Implementing your APIs Testing Techniques. api testing using postmanIn the present advancement world, the significance of APIs is known to all. But, using APIs whole day results in complication that give rise to testing of these APIs software products. However, it is hard to test APIs by maintaining their correct demand’s address; headers, approval credentials etc. Thus the resolution to these errors is API testing using postman. The postman testing tool is a Google Chrome application that assists you in making, sparing, and sending of HTTP requests and test reaction information.

At an abnormal state, you can utilize it to send a post demand to your web server and it gives you the reaction back. The postman testing tool also enables you to set up every one of the cookies and headers of your API expects, at that point check the reaction when it returns.

That’s as well known as rest API automation testing tool. However postman tool has lots of different built in features such as brilliant cookie administration that can used many times when API devices faces difficulties to deal with it. API testing using Postman provides all HTTP strategy you can consider — including some you may even think about.

Here is given api testing using postman tutorial for get you started quickly to run automated tests on your requests.

First step: download and install Postman

When you open postman it look like as screenshot showed below:

download and install Postman

Postman automation tool is simple to utilize, yet API testing is extremely dubious when your application is complicated. Application give you collection of API calls, you need to take after that gathering of API calls for API testing of your application.


Second step: Then choose API call such as GET/POST/DELET/PUT etc.

Then choose API call such as GET POST DELET PUT


Third step: Set Authorization, Header, Body data as per your API call:

Set Authorization, Header, Body data as per your API call

At that point, you can tap on send to execute your API call.


Fourth step: After that Set environment variable by tapping on manage environment.

  • Tap on ADD
  • Record the Name of Environment.
  • Fill value and key, as the key is equal to variable and value of your host IP address.


After that Set environment variable by tapping on manage environment.


Fifth step: Add the Collection:

  • You can include Each API call in collection and make an accumulation.
  • That will be reusable for application.


Add the Collection



Do Postman Scripts Run in CI?

Since API testing using postman are essentially tests written in JavaScript, they’re simple to incorporate into your nonstop reconciliation conditions.

There’s a gathering of sprinters for both a GUI and charge line sprinter choices. Postman testing tool as well makes a few reports for you that can be outputted to XML in a way that an API testing tools like Jenkins could show the outcomes.


API testing Postman Features:

To specify a couple of the highlights it accompanies:-

  • You can just test any API and see the reaction promptly.
  • You can make a gathering of API endpoints and call them at whatever point you need to see the reactions.
  • You can share these accumulations, when you are signed in with team members.
  • You can utilize Postman’s CLI customer, Newman, to compose Postman tests with JavaScript.
  • You can compose tests in JavaScript to test the reaction that comes when a Postman request is made.


At last, once you have every one of these endpoints made, you can send out a postman JSON record, both for the endpoint tests and the earth factors, which again can be utilized by Postman as a source for the tests.

We hope this postman tool tutorial help you in better understanding of API testing automation procedures. For more tutorials you can contact us and also get your testing issues resolutions anytime.

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