OctoPerf: The JMeter on Steroids

OctoPerf-The JMeter on Steroids. octoperf jmeterOctoPerf JMeter is a full-stack cloud load testing SaaS platform. It enables engineers to test the design performance breaking points of mobile applications and sites in a reasonable virtual condition.

“OctoPerf is a load testing platform in relying on JMeter. It permits sensible and open load testing, community work, cloud, and on-preface infusion.”

OctoPerf democratizes stack testing. Relying on JMeter load testing it gives you a chance to realistic and dynamic visitors on your mobile or web monitoring software.

It gives the best of inheritance load testing tools at a small amount of their cost. Utilize its cloud platform to dispatch a large number of virtual clients originating from all around the world. Or then again use on-premise load injectors to reenact clients originating from your own server foundation.

OctoPerf JMeter Features include:

  • Full JMeter performance testing support, you can import any JMX document.
  • Codeless scripting engine, design virtual users specifically in your web load browser.
  • Cooperative work utilizing Workspaces.
  • On-premise load injection and cloud web server performance test, utilizing Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean.
  • Free and boundless server checking engine: you can cross observing measurements with KPI to rapidly spot performance bottlenecks.
  • Live, adjustable, and exportable investigation reports. Utilize your own particular marking on sent out reports.

OctoPerf depends on JMeter. You can import your .JMX for a simple progress. Our incentive is to expel torment from Jmeter because of an ergonomic interface disentangling the test plan and investigation.

So, need to see OctoPerf Jmeter in real life and find how it can rearrange your JMeter performance testing efforts? Try it out.


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