Let The Journey Begin Towards Component Testing

Let The Journey Begin Towards Component Testing. component testing in software testingA component is the smallest unit of any application. So component testing in software testing; as the name proposes, is a procedure of testing the least or the lowest unit of any application.

An application can be integration and combination of numerous lowest individual modules.

Before we test the whole system, it is supreme that every single segment OR the smallest unit of the application is tested altogether.

For this situation, the modules or the units are tested independently.

Every module gets an input, does some handling and produces the output. The output is then approved against the expected feature.

The software apps are tremendous in nature and it is a challenge to test the whole system individually.

It might lead to numerous gaps in the test coverage. Thus before moving into Integration testing or functional testing, it is prescribed to start with component level testing.

When to Execute Component Testing in Software Testing:

Component testing is performed soon after the Unit Testing is finished by the QA tester and the build is released for the testing team. This build is called Unit Testing Build. The major functionality of the considerable number of components are tested in this stage,

Entry criteria for the component testing framework

Least number of the component to be incorporated into the UT should be produced and unit tested.

Exit criteria for mobile component testing

The functionality of the entire component should be worked fine.

There should not the existence of any Critical or High or Medium severity and priority defects Defect log.

Component testing example:

How about we take a case to understand component testing in software testing better. Assume there is an application comprising of three modules say, module A, module B, and module C. The engineer has built up the module B and now needed to test it. But, keeping in mind the end goal to test the module B totally, few of its functionalities are reliant on module A and few on modules C. In any case, the module A and module C has not been created yet. All things considered, to test the module B completely we can replace the module A and module C by stub and drivers as required.

Stub: A stub is called from the product component to be tested. In the example, ‘Stub’ is called by ‘component A’.

Driver: A driver calls the part to be tested. Example, ‘component B’ is called by the ‘Driver’.

Component testing in software testing assumes a significant part in finding the bugs. Before we begin with the Integration Testing, it’s constantly prescribed to play out the component testing best practices keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that every segment of an application is working successfully.

Integration testing is trailed by component testing. Component testing automation additionally referred to as module testing in a few references.

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