How Software Testing Affects Companies And People

How-Software-Testing-Affects-Companies-And-People. softwareNow a days anything which we are using is dependent on any software. Software plays a very critical role in our lives at this point of time. It is everywhere whether we talk, travel, study or doctors performs different tests or operations etc.

So, if it’s so important then it needs to be correct also, because it is affecting life of people in every way. Companies are investing major amount of their investment in R&D and making their product correct so that it provides the desired result. Assume if these software don’t work correctly, what will be its affect as it is used everywhere in health, security, transport, business, etc. Companies know the ill-effects of using not correct software, so they are investing a particular amount in doing the proper testing of that software before it goes to people for use.

Around $15 billion a year is spent on testing of software and network systems. This huge amount is spent because companies know what will be the result of ineffective testing. NIST study estimates that ineffective testing costs the U.S. economy around $56 billion per year.

KPMG research says businesses spend an average of €514,000 per IT failure, but 50% of these incidents occurred because of software coding errors or failed IT changes and these are avoidable.

Some of the software glitches we must know how affected a particular organization or country –

1. Amazon – On Christmas 2014, Amazon products were on sale for just 1 penny. It was festive for shoppers and many of them bought expensive items like mobile phones and just for 1 penny. Amazon realized that there is a bug in their price comparison software which resulted in $100,000 for the vendors.
2. Knight Capital Group – KCG had a very good reputation in the industry till August 2012, but on August 1 companies trading algorithm was having a bug due to which it’s software made a decision to buy the stocks for high and sell the stocks for low and this was for 150 different stocks. By the time the software been taken care KCG had lost $440 million on trades.
3. A tragic incident occurred when six radiation patients were delivered the wrong type of therapy. The software that powered the unit was not properly tested which resulted in a defect where the operator, upon changing the mode of the device, would send the machine two sets of instructions. Because of this all of them suffered from radiation poisoning which claimed several of their lives.
4. Internal revenue Service – IRS in 2006 was working on computer software which calls out potential fraudulent cases in returns claiming refunds. Due to not proper testing of the software, it costs America $300 million in damages and another $21 million to fix it.
There are many other examples where we can see that due to ineffective testing of software people get affected. Software systems are now the backbone of almost everything and most of the critical and high-risk applications been dependent on software applications which have human on risks must be tested properly which leaves the system with zero defects.

So it’s important that every company gets benefited from testing which helps them making future invulnerable.

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