Google’s top Failures of the Year 2017

Google’s top Failures of the Year 2017. google failed productsSince the Apple happiness has faded away somewhat, everyone’s eyes are on Google which will be revealing its Pixel cell phones on October 4.

There’s an awesome feeling of desire from Google – maybe it’s dependably there – to dispatch a cell phone which competition would be jealous of.

As a brand, Google is known for its collection of well known products, from maps to Android, and now smartphones.

However in spite of famous observation, the organization positively doesn’t have the Midas touch. In its collection store, there have been a series of Google failed products.

Google Glass failure, which should wow the world, is famous for making it to the Museum of Failure in Sweden. Also, who can overlook Google Buzz, the organizations highly praised social networking platform that nearly neglected to take off. Google’s product failures list incorporates some more.

Here’s list of Google failed products that failed to leave a stamp…

Android O

We are talking about new features of Android O like enhanced picture-in-picture and copy-paste, a feature that has been cumbersome and confounding on screens since 1998 become one of the Google failed investments. The main thing that appears to be really slick and valuable is enhanced security in Android applications. God knows we require that or not.

YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat becomes the Google lively failure. As if you watched the Google keynote, you will presumably recall Super Chat due to the introduction by its exceptionally energetic product manager. The component has really been out in the wild since January and is most valuable for YouTube content makers, since it fundamentally gives them another income stream. How? It gives analysts a chance to pay to remark on livestreams.

Alright, beyond any doubt, the paid remarks are a bright color, and yes, apparently the individual doing the livestream will see it fly up and respond to it. Thus, evidently, you could burn through $10 and advise the host to remove their jeans. YouTube obviously needs to give this choice to guiltless appearing youngsters on its huge stage.

Smart Reply for Gmail on Android and iOS

This is one of the most exhausting and Google failed products. In case you’re one of the nine individuals on the planet that uses Smart Reply, you will definitely dislike it. If you like to react to messages with your mind like a typical human, then continue perusing.

Standalone Virtual Reality

This sounds extraordinary! However, all Google offered about the new standalone VR equipment. It is the way that Google is building up some new independent virtual reality equipment with HTC and Lenovo.

HTC prodded the new headset directly after Google’s declaration. HTC likewise neglected to give extra subtle elements. So this could be one of the Google hardware failures. As, we genuinely have no clue what it is, and not knowing about the product is the most exceedingly proved to be Google fails in UX of its VR product.


Not only this year Google fail but the Past is also had so many failure stories of Google failed products such as Google inbox failure in 2006, failure of Google glass in between 2011-2015, Google plus failure in 2011 and much more till 2017. However failures always turned in success at the end. As stated by writers that there aren’t secrets to success. It is the outcome of hard work, research, and knowledge from failures. I hope this line would lead to a lot less failed Google products in upcoming year.

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