E-shopping generates better results through Accessibility TestingE-shopping portals, in modern times, has become an essential part of routine for the masses. As, this information technology, when it comes to E- shopping portals, are being widely used by the population on a regular basis to save their time, efforts and money.

Shopping portals like, Amazon, Myntra and Jabong are some of the most frequently used E-shopping portals in India. And to ensure proper operations, it becomes mandatory to perform Accessibility Testing for these portals. TestOrigen, also initiates proper Accessibility Testing, hence, making the portals to operate satisfactorily to release remarkable results.

Lot of variety in regard with tools, are made available, to execute Accessibility Testing fittingly. Accessibility Checker, is a part of evaluation tool, that is used for E-shopping portals, as it helps in rectifying the accessibility, in terms of uploading through HTML or, writing through the URL.  Accessibility Valet, ensures proper designing of the guidelines, for the Accessibility of E-shopping portals. Wave, provides, ample alternatives for accessibility for the portals, which includes, uploading, running and reporting of the file perfectly. Accessibility Toolbar for the portal, manually demonstrates numerous accessibility features of these E-shopping pages. And in the end, Analyzer for color contrast, keeps the check on the contrast and the appearance of the portals, to attract as many users as possible.

By  adopting testing in E-shopping portals, the scope of enhancement increases, thus , providing better  experience for the users.

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