Data Migration Testing Process & Challenges with Best Practices

Data Migration Testing Process & Challenges with Best Practices. data migration testingData Migration testing is one of the most challenging activities in the IT Industry. These activities yield high business benefits and yet, they tend to include a high level of risk because of the volume and criticality/complexity of the data.

Data can be relocated manually, yet an automated Extract–Transform–Load tool is regularly utilized for data migration. An ETL tool maps the source data structure to the objective database likewise improves the quality of data by joining certain business rules as required. Data migration turns out to be very challenging when it includes an intricate application with huge information. A proper arrangement of migration is required so as to keep up the reliability, quality, and integrity of data.

Challenges of Data Migration include:

  • Inappropriate evaluation of existing data as far as quality, behavior, and nature can end up being a huge pitfall
  • Data is prone to get debased during migration which may result in a crash of apps/IT frameworks
  • The incongruity of units for certain fields in the objective and source databases
  • Loss of data may prompt inaccurate business choices
  • Extended-term of data migration prompts expanded downtime for the application
  • Ignorance of interdependence between different objects and fields result in serious mishaps
  • Data migration may hamper the functionality and security of app and performance of database
  • Any progressions to source DB during the migration of data prompts inconsistency of data in objective DB. Moreover, changes in objective application during data migration make it incompatible to the migrated data.

What is Data Migration Testing?

At the point when data is migrated from one database to another database, the procedure is called data migration. The procedure to check the successful movement of the considerable number of data with its quality kept up notwithstanding the right mapping of the old structure with the new structure is called data migration testing.

What can be Testing Activities?

Testing actions are too adaptable to even think about understanding. If you are into data migration testing, at that point you need to recognize as well as analyze the steady necessities, test all of the streams in legacy application against and for the new application and confirm whether the whole application works accurately or not.

If your framework experiences the procedure and outcasts as a perfect work of art, at that point you will have an application that has various databases at the backend to support the huge data. Data analytics will be readily available, and data upgrade can be accomplished. Additionally, an appropriate analysis of data can add to the quality of the data and data purifying, and inspecting can keep the database spotless just as effective.

Best Practices for Data Migration

  • Regardless of which implementation technique you pursue, there are some prescribed best practices to keep in mind:
  • Back up the data before executing. If something turns out badly during the implementation, you can’t bear to lose data. Ensure there are backup assets and that they’ve been tested before you continue.
  • Adhere to the system. Such a large number of data directors make an arrangement and after that desert it when the procedure goes “as well” easily or when things escape hand. The migration procedure can be convoluted and notwithstanding disappointing now and again, so get ready for that reality and afterward stay on track.
  • Test, test, test. During the design and planning stages, and all through maintenance and implementation, test the data migration to ensure you will, in the long run, accomplish the ideal result.

Attributable to the criticality of the data and its utilization in business basic leadership, data migration testing turns out to be much significant. It requires particular abilities, skill, tools, and assets. As an assembled independent software testing services and pro-QA staffing services organization, TestOrigen gives advanced data migration testing services. Get in touch with us to explore through your data migration needs successfully.

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