Checklist for Desktop Based App Testing

Checklist for Desktop Based App Testing. desktop based applicationsYou may have heard that desktop based applications are utilized only by dinosaurs and mobile guidelines on the planet. Hellfire no!  Desktop software is still well known and rocking. Most of the big business software is installation based just like a lot of real-time systems. Also, that is only an example.

Answer to a usually asked question, “Are Desktop Based Applications Still Developed?” is simply YES. Despite the flood of web and mobile applications, Desktop software will remain in style. A large portion of the enterprise applications is installation based and utilized hardware assets to run. Some real-time frameworks are still desktop-based because of their performance capabilities.

Before understanding the fundamentals of desktop application testing, let us first understand the definition of desktop application testing.

This kind of testing is utilized to test the desktop based applications whether they are working as indicated by the customers’ necessities or not. It means to evacuate different bugs, defects, issues or failures that decrease its proficiency.

Desktop applications are full-work programs that work independently from different applications and require an administrator.

Desktop application testing is muddled by the way that in most cases desktop applications are developed for a specific domain, and thusly the association with different parameters of the environment is diminished to zero. Thus, let’s have a quick look at how we can test these applications for guaranteeing smooth functionality.

Comprehensive Checklist for Desktop Based Applications Testing

Making a desktop application testing checklist is an essential part of the way toward composing test cases. With the assistance of such checklists, one can undoubtedly write many test cases for testing desktop applications. Automated testing desktop applications checklist may incorporate the accompanying:

Graphical User Interface Testing

Check for the required fields I mean to watch that if the screen requires data entry on a specific field or not

  • In the case that the screen contains fields especially for the date, numeric or letters in order to ensure that it will accept only the individual qualities
  • Guarantee that error messages are instructive and helpful for the client
  • Numerous other such GUI test cases, the desktop application tester must view

Functional Testing

  • Verifies Installation testing
  • Check for broken lines
  • Ensures Rest mode, cache
  • Testing with different client accounts
  • Theme change and Print

Compatibility Testing

Browser compatibility testing is additionally a part of desktop application testing is performed so as to guarantee compatibility of the framework/software/product on different browsers. Compatibility testing decreases the chances of the abrupt breakdown of any application when they utilized on different browsers.

Desktop Application Performance Testing

Performance testing is utilized to test whether the application is required to perform well under extreme conditions or not:

  • A significant lot of consistent use
  • Memory, and different other issues.

Although, desktop based Applications testing is altogether different from mobile and web testing. Various best automation testing tools for desktop application are important to guarantee the achievement of the testing process.

However, we help you to convey the product on time keeping the quality at the highest level. We are not hesitant to be trendy and utilize the latest and edgy automation testing tools for a desktop application. I hope you find this checklist helpful if you are new to desktop application testing world.

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