Basics of VBScript for Beginners. learn vbscriptSo you are thinking to learn VBScript? Then you may definitely know a web language like HTML and you need to proceed onward to something more intuitive, or you may have found out about programming in VBScript and are interested about it, or one of the numerous different reasons.

Whatever your reason might be, free VBScript tools are an extraordinary language to learn!

Microsoft VBScript is a universally useful, lightweight and dynamic scripting language created by Microsoft that is displayed on Visual Basic.

These days, VBScript is the essential scripting language for Quick Test Professional, which is a test automation tool.

QTP VBScript functions remain for Visual Basic Script, a scripting language created by Microsoft to be utilized with Microsoft products, generally Internet Explorer.

It has experienced numerous progressions throughout the years and is currently fundamentally utilized as the default scripting language of ASP.

The programming VBScript NOT only used in Microsoft products but also for MS Project and MS Office yet additionally in Third Party tools, for example, AUTO CAD.

This tutorial to learn VBScript will show you how to run a VBScript in your day-2-day life of any Web-based or Automation project advancement.

Main features of VBScript:

  • VBScript is a lightweight scripting language, which has an extremely fast interpreter.
  • VBScript, generally, is case insensitive. It has an extremely easy syntax, simple to learn and to actualize.
  • Not at all like C++ or Java, is VBScript an object-based scripting language and NOT an Object-Oriented Programming language.
  • It utilizes Component Object Model keeping in mind the end goal access the elements of the environment in which it is executing.

Effective execution of VBScript can happen just in the event that it is executed in Host Environment, for example, Windows Scripting Host, Internet Explorer, and Internet Information Services.

Why use and learn VBScript?

VBScript is essential for ASP engineers and should be adapted altogether before endeavoring any modern ASP programming. Software engineers who have utilized Visual Basic in the past will feel more at home when planning their dynamic website pages with dynamic array in VBScript; however it should be realized that lone guest’s utilizing Internet Explorer will have the capacity to get to your code, while different programs won’t have the capacity to process the VBScript code.

VBScript advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages to Learn VBScript:

  • If you have a strong understanding of HTML
  • In the case, you need to program effectively in ASP
  • If you definitely know Visual Basic and might want to try different things with VBScript
  • In the event that you are a specialist that appreciates knowing numerous programming

Disadvantages of VBScript:

  • VBScript is utilized just by IE Browsers. Different programs, for example, Chrome, Firefox DO NOT Support VBScript. Henceforth, JavaScript is favored over VBScript.
  • VBScript has a Limited command line support.
  • Since there is no improvement condition accessible naturally, investigating is troublesome.
  • Since the VBScript can be utilized with QTP for automating client activities on the application under test, it turned out to be notable in the Tester Community.

VBScript is a mediator henceforth the content is ordered runtime and executes line by line. All the customary programming languages, for example, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and so forth have compilers and the program will be aggregated immediately and run hence.

VBScript can be composed utilizing VBScript editors, for example, “vbsedit”. In the event that your goal is to learn VBScript for QTP then it is smarter to utilize QTP for composing the contents.

Download QTP from HP’s download focus

Or on the other hand

Download VBScript Editor


Download and install any editors, for example, Notepad++ or EditPlus. Compose the content utilizing the editorial manager and save it as “.vbs” record. Run the VBScript document just by double-clicking the record.

Let us write a little VBScript which shows “Hello World”.

 Dim-aa-Hello-World-msgbox-a. learn VBScript

Save the document as “HelloWorld.vbs” – we can see the VBScript symbol. Double click the document it runs VBScript and output will be as per the following:

Save-the-document-as-helloworldvbs learn VBScript

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