Automation Test’s Roles & Responsibilities in Functional Testing

Automation Tests Roles and Responsibilities in Functional Testing. automated functional testingDuring a time of fevered go-to-advertise necessities that requests continuous deployments, test automation comes as help for performing and supporting continuous testing and conveyance – particularly automated functional testing, that expects testing to be performed persistently in conditions like the customer’s software development environment.

QA software testing is an imperative part of SDLC. Thus, it is vital to have the best and amazing automation testing tools accessible in the market. The best decision is an automation tool that assists you to make automated tests as well as completely automate the entire QA testing process. For this situation, the automation tool turns into the QA tester’s aide; it can perform practically any QA testing activities, for example, run scheduled automation test plan, checking results, sending reports to various issue-tracking systems and significantly more.

*Automated Functional Testing– Benefits and Ensuring Success *

In basic terms, automation testing is a system which automates the testing procedure utilizing scripts and reasonable software. When the scripts are prepared, those are utilized to execute the test cases consequently to enhance the general test coverage and efficiency.

Organizations hoping to grow their test coverage, save time and expenses, hold the knowledge base and go for profitability enhancement in application testing opt for test automation strategy. While automation framework is certainly not a magic wand which could totally replace the manual testing attempts. However, automated functional testing can drastically enhance the turnaround time, quality and stability of the application.

Role of Test Automation

Test Automation framework makes it simpler to perform end-to-end, comprehensive functional testing that assistance build up a robust product, guaranteeing that product is free of any issues. Although, cautious and high-level planning and strategizing are required to guarantee that the test automation implementation is successful for the association.

Here are a couple of key angles that must be considered for adopting test automation for improving your QA functional testing practices:

The right combination of skills in the team: To guarantee the accomplishment of your test automation procedure, you require the right expertise in the team including the individuals who understand test computerization.

The right of the test automation tools: While no tool will guarantee the accomplishment of your test automation methodology all alone, choice of the correct functional testing tools is one of the key choices to make in the general procedure.

Choice of the correct test cases: As referenced prior, one can’t go for 100% test automation. The key lies in choosing the correct test cases for automated web testing.

Setting up of the test condition: Ensure that you set up the test condition which is as close a replica of the production environment as conceivable including the software and hardware arrangement.

Execution of test cases: The procedure should characterize the execution procedure of the functional test cases. After execution, each test case should be allotted status of ‘Pass or Fail or Not Executed’ which characterizes the achievement criteria for the test cases.

Support of test suite: As new functionalities are added to the application; the automation test scripts should be edited or new scripts should be included. With each discharge, the test suite additionally should be redesigned. So as to enhance the adequacy of the automated functional testing, it should be simple to keep up the test suite.

Test automation, while being an essential part of functional testing types, is absurd without choosing and executing the correct test automation arrangement. Associations should likewise concentrate on standard upgrades of the ranges of abilities of their QA automation tester, characterize the extent of testing as plainly as could be allowed, and proceed to embrace and adjust to the latest technologies.

TestOrigen’s very much organized functional testing approach use demonstrated industry standard testing procedures, tools, pre-assembled test accelerators, and techniques and guarantees that new functionalities or upgrades don’t make any unintended impact to the quality of your applications.

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