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In terms of AI, we’ve crossed a critical threshold. Either you support it or you don’t! Everything is being affected by this divisive new advancement, including how we work, what we do, and why we do it. The practical uses of AI can be hazy, but many firms are actively investigating how it might help them achieve their goals for digital transformation. Let’s look at AI and ChatGTP with regard to Automation testing.

Can ChatGPT and Test Automation Coexist?

Yes. Technologies like ChatGPT, according to Acceleration Economy will transform how testing is conducted. Check out the features of ChatGPT that are specialized in automated testing below.

  • Development of Test Cases: Using the given guidelines, ChatGPT can help you develop test cases and test scenarios for your program. For instance, ChatGPT can generate test cases that include scenarios like an invalid username or password, an incorrect captcha, an account being closed due to too many failed attempts, etc., if a user scenario involves a user checking in to a website.
  • Test Data Generation: ChatGPT can produce the test data needed to verify the functionality of the program. It can take input from a particular test scenario or user narrative and produce pertinent test results after that. For instance, ChatGPT can generate test data for multiple payment methods, goods, payment and discount amounts, etc. if a user narrative involves a user purchasing a product.
  • Test documentation: By generating descriptive content based on the data you give, ChatGPT may assist you in creating and updating test documentation, such as test plans, test cases, and test results.
  • Exploratory testing: By utilizing ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities, testers can help users explore the features of the program and find any bugs.
  • Bug Prediction: ChatGPT can assist in identifying potential software problems. By examining the code and testing data, it can identify the problem regions that are most likely to have issues, allowing testers to concentrate their efforts there.
  • Communication across teams: By transforming natural language descriptions into test scripts, ChatGPT can close the communication and collaboration gap between technical and non-technical team members.

chat gpt

It’s crucial to remember that these are merely the first possibilities. In no way is this a comprehensive list or blog post. AI is an emerging field with a wealth of unrealized potential.

An actual case study demonstrating how ChatGPT has improved Octopus Energy’s customer satisfaction

Energy business Octopus Energy, based in the UK, claims that it currently manages 44% of all client inquiries thanks to the integration of ChatGPT into its customer care channels. CEO Greg Jackson claims that the program currently handles the tasks of 250 employees and outperforms human customer service representatives in terms of customer satisfaction.

How Effective is ChatGPT Compared to Human Testers?

The most effective method for automating repeated tasks, time-consuming tests, impossible-to-perform manual testing, and tests involving many data sets is ChatGPT. Human testers are still necessary because they are aware of what other people need and because machines have a long way to go before developing “common sense.”

Throughout the course of the product development lifecycle, we will continue to need innovative, highly skilled QA engineers.

In conclusion, ChatGPT can support test automation efforts but is not yet sufficiently advanced to take the role of human testers.

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