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Chennai Boy Seeking for Cyber Course Seat Hacked the University Website

cyber crime cases: Chennai Boy Seeking for Cyber Course Seat Hacked the University Website.Latest cyber crime cases report in CHENNAI revealed about the boy from Tamil Nadu hacked into the administrator pages of a cyber forensics centre at University of Madras to exhibit his hacking tricks to the experts and persuade them to allow him to a cyber security course offered by the centre.

The authorities stated that the boy later showed up for a placement test led by the centre, yet had failed to pass it.The student mentioned about his cyber crime in an email in June to professors stated that he doesn’t want any damage however simply wanted to tip them about the underlying weaknesses in the university website and claimed his passion for working in the field of INFOSEC.

The college’s Center for Cyber Forensics and Information Security offers a M.Sc degrees in various cyber courses such as ethical hacking course , cyber crime courses  or computer hacking security courses and standout amongst the most well known and profitable courses with employment opportunities in top banks and financial institutions for those who complete it. For the 25 seats on offer, the centre got around 350 applications.

Furthermore in the email, the young boy, even hooked up screenshots of the hacking information of accessible administrator logins he could break into, including the administrator pages, library and the WiFi availability login. He as well stated that he had discovered a small weakness, which skirted numerous login pages of the college’s site. Additionally the student stated that he had imagined for long about learning cyber forensic sciences and that the efforts was just to show the essential types of hacking aptitudes he had. He asked for the experts for an opportunity to be enlisted as a student in the course.

Professor N Kala, chief responsible for the centre, gave speech on cyber crime that the educational websites were among the main focus for hackers, moral or cyber crime cases. “This is a direct result of cyber security hacking of these sites.  She as well stated that it turns into a helpful strategy for hackers to exhibit their abilities.” The course additionally digs into moral hacking and security of information technology frameworks, preparing the scholar for cyber-crime prevention and detection.

Now-a-days the cyber crime cases are increasing daily resulted in the need of cyber security course in india and the software testing importance for educational websites or universities in terms of security. If the cyber forensics centre at University of Madras well tested their website then it would not happened to them.

Testorigen’s Testers attains great skills or cyber crime information and always get updated to cyber crime complaint that assists them in helping the various domains in their cyber crime security testing issues. So come to us today and let your websites work flawlessly without any computer cyber crime fear.

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Complete Step by Step Guide to Test a Web Application

testing steps for web applicationNow-a-days more and more web applications are developed daily. Furthermore, with each line of code being composed, the potential for bugs rises. Thus this well prepared guide of eight testing steps for web application helps you in understanding of automated web application testing procedure briefly.

In general, the expense of detecting bugs increasing exponentially.

Also, an examination by the University of Cambridge found that product bugs cause monetary harm of approx $312 billion every year around the world.

These numbers reflects the significance of discovering bugs as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected and to completely test an application before it is launched.

That is the place web based application testing comes in. Web application testing for the most part comprises of different testing steps for Web Application testing that guarantee an application’s functionality runs safely and smoothly. The fundamental guide of steps by step Web Application testing helps in improvement, which guarantees an application is running appropriately before its launch.

Given below testing steps for web application testing should give you a review of what sort of tests need to run for web application testing.

Step One: Method and Reporting

  • Examine the testing needs and understand the Web application that you are going to test in depth.
  • Integrate that everybody on your testing team knows his or her part to characterize the testing procedure.
  • Planning of Testing Strategies and Test Plan.
  • How and where to report about issues?
  • How to assign and classify issues?
  • Who requires what report and when do they require it?
  • Get ready with good test cases for beginning testing process.
  • Create adequate test information before tests,
  • Prepare the data set incorporates the test suite conditions
  • And furthermore the database records if tester will test the DB related application.
  • Execute repeated tests with various test condition.

Method and Reporting

Step Two: Set-up the Test Condition  

  • Set-up a test condition that is not quite the same as advancement and production condition.
  • It contains distinctive database server, application server, and web server if fitting.
  • Testers might possibly be competent to utilize existing PCs to setup a gap test condition.
  • The test condition should be copy of generation condition if conceivable.

Create a reasonable characterized process for moving code to and from your test condition and ensure the system is followed.

Set-up the Test Condition

Step Three: Functional testing

Functional Testing is the kind of testing done against the business prerequisites of app. It works on the individual function of the Web application to ensure that the individual function is working properly.

Generally, Functional testing incorporates:
  • The recognizable proof of functions that app should do
  • Testing of data input and entry
  • The execution of the test suites properly.
  • An examination of the real outcomes

During the execution of Functional testing, real system usage is assumed. The thought is to come as close as conceivable to genuine system utilization and make test conditions that are interconnected with client necessities.

Functional testing

Step Four: Usability Testing

Usability goes above functionality testing and consolidates testing for usefulness and additionally overall user experience. Usability testing should not be merging with User Acceptance Testing.

Usability testing includes the accompanying steps:
  • Build up a testing plan that guarantees all elements of your application will be inspected. These incorporate route and substance.
  • Select test members, either inside or remotely.
  • Run the test under the perception of specialists.
  • Investigate the outcomes and enhance your application appropriately.

Usability Testing

Step Five: Interface testing

Interface testing is a standout amongst the most essential tests in guaranteeing the quality of web apps.

  • Interface is the software that comprises of sets of messages, charges, pictures, and different highlights that permit communication between a user and a device.
  • This testing technique guarantees that individual segments are connected effectively.
  • Interface testing assumes a crucial part for your applications that are created to take a shot at different stages.
  • It is most regularly utilized as a part of testing the UI of GUI applications.

Interface testing

Step Six: Security Testing

Web application security testing ensures that your application is secured against unapproved defects and unsafe activities through bugs or different malicious attacks.

Security testing is performed by using security testing tools for web application includes the accompanying activities:  
  • Test whether secure pages can be gotten to without approval
  • Verify that open session are shut in the wake of progressing client inactivity
  • Confirm the application’s SSL
  • Ensure that limited records can’t be downloaded without appropriate approval.

Security Testing

Such checklists should incorporate of undertakings in the accompanying zones:
  • Secure Transmission
  • Validation
  • Session Management
  • Approval
  • Cryptography
  • Information Validation
  • Refusal of Service
  • Particular Functionality Tests
  • Error Handling

Step Seven: User acceptance testing

The point of user acceptance testing is to guarantee that an application accumulates the possibilities of the client, guarantees that the application is much adequate to be conveyed and utilized effectively. Mainly User acceptance testing are two types i.e. Alpha and Beta

A few points to remember for user acceptance testing:
  • Check for time outs and field widths.
  • Make sure that right control is utilized to bolster information. For instance, while asking for gender data, utilize a choice button.
  • Confirm that compulsory fields are given information in frames.
  • Confirm browser compatibility.

User acceptance testing

Step Eight: Performance testing

Web application performance testing does the execution under different situations.  Performance testing comprises of Stress testing, Scalability testing, and Load testing

  • Web Stress testing: Find out the most extreme execution breaking points of an application.
  • Web Scalability testing: Find out how adaptable the application is to changes in programming and equipment.
  • Web Load testing: Check the conduct of an application under substantial load and furthermore indicate insights about memory utilization, CPU use, etc.

Performance testing

These Eight testing steps for web application prepared by TestOrigen’s Experts help you in understanding the Web Application Testing procedure easily. Our Team of testers also provides the software testing in various domains using latest web application testing tools that ensures your app run smoothly.

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Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Projects Testing Solutions

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Testing Projects Solutions.As complication is developing in IT Industry regarding data warehouse and business intelligence testing, QA holds the higher stakes in assisting business to settle on wise and made more wise choices. The quality of a Business Intelligence arrangement is just in the same class as the quality of the DW it gives and the estimation of discoveries it conveys.

Historical data is turning into a key apparatus for basic leadership at Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Projects of all levels. With beginning data, most associations are putting resources into building a powerful data warehouse utilizing most latest tools. Although, testing the data precision, execution and security ends up plainly complex and needs an extensive way to guarantee the achievement of your DW and BI usage.

Inappropriate data warehouse and business intelligence testing can lead to:

  • Increase in pricing related to the late detection of software bugs.
  • Extra expenses of utilizing incorrect data to settle on basic business choices.
  • Business important data loss.
  • Loss of trust in big business data and detailing data
  • Testing of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence arrangement guarantees the data precision, reporting productivity and data security.

The appropriate business intelligence testing methods and data warehouse testing strategy assists the clients in implementing testing solutions with more confidence. The Testers uses a data warehouse automation testing strategy to guarantees the correct and valid data are in the framework and these data satisfy business necessities.

DW/BI testing is splits into various phases given below:

Testing data warehouse/ETL testing:

In this process the testers confirms that data is properly moved from a source to the objective and the change rules have been properly applied on data of course.

Business intelligence reports testing:

This is the final report that includes the arranging/ verification of drilling and export elements of the reports. As well incorporate usability testing of various data sets such as distinctive districts, time-frames etc.

Load and Performance testing:

Approve the execution and versatility of the framework under various loads, the likelihood to store historical data for quite a long while.

Data warehouse and business intelligence testing concentrate on testing complex business guidelines and change in manufacturing utilizing ETL rationale. We test pattern changes, data respectability and change rationales over all phases of data procurement, ETL, OLAP and detailing utilizing the appropriate data warehouse testing concepts like Data Differential Framework and File Differential framework.

TestOrigen provides automated data warehouse testing and business intelligence test automation solutions that run from understanding the business needs and with the justification of data warehouse automation testing tools for report generation and data management. We understand data warehouse automation testing strategy as well as business intelligence testing strategy that help us in designing and developing the Data Warehouse/Data Mart and additionally test them or implement in production.


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A Walk to Remember While Testing Ecommerce Website

A Walk to Remember while Ecommerce Website Testing .When it comes to Ecommerce website testing, the minor points of interest identify with real outcomes. The entire presence of these websites depends on their clients, their users. Guaranteeing these visitors convert, as well as constantly come back to convert is vital to their business.

The Conversion rates are the key metric through which an e-commerce website can be calculated their prosperity. Keeping up these are as high as possible are vital to glad users and a cheerful organization. Influenced by all way of changes in accordance with design, process and speed; it is fundamental to discover which of these issues are keeping down the site, and fix them right now.

All in all, what’s the most ideal approach to discover what modifications you should make to your E-commerce website? The appropriate answer is simple: simply ask your users!  After all, they are additionally your clients. They recognize what they need, so it is likely worth listening to them.

There is no better approach to discover how visitors carry on your ecommerce site and what influences them to change over at a higher rate, than through user experience tests.

Today, Ecommerce sites need to look incredible as well as guarantee that they are easy to understand, effectively safe and don’t set aside much time to load. In this manner Ecommerce website testing has developed as a significant part of e-commerce business achievement.

The need of ecommerce testing is to guarantee that all the parts of the website work in agreement and that execution and security issues don’t prompt awful press. For this to happen, testing ecommerce website can’t be dealt as an afterthought and should ideally be incorporated with the undertaking from the earliest starting point.

Below explained a walk to remember for Ecommerce website testing helps them to grow and expand more effectively:

  • Product Page and Shopping Cart Behavior:

While ecommerce application testing, the product page is proportional to the racking and the merchandise accessible in a physical store. In this manner prepared test scenarios for ecommerce website must test the product show accurately and appropriately on the site. Considering that the product page shows a great deal of data, for example, product specification, picture, pricing and description etc. It is important that this data and the related offer show accurately at whatever point a client sign in. Moreover, you need to check if the shopping basket is including the products and the related pricing effectively.

Testers need to add various things to the shopping basket and afterward evacuate them to check whether the value modifications during the progressions are right. Testers additionally need to do manual testing e-commerce website that guarantee unique arrangements, vouchers, coupons and so forth process work properly through the checkout.

Furthermore, Testers need to guarantee that the cart recollects the things that have been put away when the program is shut all of a sudden and afterward restarted.

  • Category page:

The Category pages have a considerable measure to pass on so testers need to pay a lot of consideration in preparing the ecommerce website testing scenarios for the category pages and should guarantee that arranging, testing and pagination influence testing the search result page basics for e-Commerce achievement.

Considering that the pursuit shape is available in a large portion of the pages, testers must ensure that when a client goes to the search result page the significant items, item data, all things on the following page and the quantity of items per page show accurately as well as that there are no duplication in the following page. Ecommerce website testing also guaranteeing that the arranging parameters work accurately and the different orders stay as picked even when you paginate is essential.

Furthermore, Testers need to pay more attention to filtering alternatives and guarantee that filtering and pagination work friendly. At long last, testers need to check if arranging and separating alternatives are both connected they continue as before as we paginate or if new items are included.

  • Forms and Account formations:

Advancing structures in e-Commerce with the assistance of ecommerce testing tools can help expand conversion rates. As forms are a key argument, whether it is to sign up for the website pamphlet or to make a record or at the checkout, testers need to ensure that these structures work effectively.

Testers need to prepare test plan for ecommerce website that ensure the data assembled in these structures is being put away, showed and utilized accurately. If the client makes another record, at that point testers need to check the login conduct and guarantee that the client is associated with the correct record.

Testers likewise need to check the login and logout sessions, the login diverts lastly, check if they obtained things get added to the right record. If the client is continuing to registration as a visitor, at that point testers need to ensure that they get the choice to make a record when the request is set.

  • Payments and Checkout Systems:

Ecommerce testing techniques to test Payments and Checkout frameworks are basic to the accomplishment of an e-Commerce website. Lengthy checkout methods and confounded Payments frameworks can expand the odds of shopping basket abandonments.

Testers need to make the test cases for Ecommerce website that guarantee the Payments and Checkout procedures is smooth and bug free. For this investigation the checkout procedure to evaluate that the last add up to pay is right after every single other charge, for example, VAT, conveyance charges and so forth are required.

Testers additionally need to watch that last updates after modifications, for example, changes in items being requested, difference in conveyance address and so on reflect effectively. Testers need to likewise check the payment frameworks utilizing every payment strategy that is on offer such as PayPal, Platinum cards, Mastercards, versatile payment choices, all should be checked exclusively to check if the frameworks work accurately and furthermore guarantee that affirmation messages are sent effectively.

  • Load and Performance testing:

Testers need to pay unique ecommerce website testing test cases accentuation on load and payment testing of e-Commerce websites. As Just about 18% of shopping baskets are deserted in view of moderate e-Commerce sites. For an e-Commerce site that makes $1 100,000 every day, a 1-second page deferral could possibly cost $2.5 million in lost deals every year.

Testers additionally need to ensure that the site can deal with high movement and evaluate how the site performs when rather than two, 200 individuals sign in all the while on their site without backing off.

Aside from this, testers need to check web browser compatibility, guarantee that cookies are examined and that there are no broken connections. Furthermore, they have to likewise check if the site has phone devices compatibility considering 7 out of 10 clients gets to e-Commerce websites from their cell phones.

  • Security Testing:

Testers need to concentrate on the security testing to defend client information and guarantee that the client’s protection is not traded off. Testers hence need to check the entrance and access control, check for uncertain data transmission, web assaults, and digital signatures and so on.

They likewise need to guarantee that the application handles approaching and active information safely with entrance tests and recognize vulnerabilities that can cause a security rupture and endanger customer data.

Thus Ecommerce website testing requires watchful arranging, fastidious performance and an eye for detail with latest ecommerce website testing tools that help the testers in making Ecommerce websites more effective for their users. TestOrigen has that potential to make your Ecommerce website work in a right manner and assists your business in a profitable way.

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What make TestOrigen so much SAASY?

saas testing toolsWhen TestOrigen first started, the software testing industries are at their top level. But as we all know that technology is changing and updating daily. At this time if you are not walking with time, then time will left you behind. Thus TestOrigen also get updated with latest SaaS testing tools and technology timely that make us SAASY.

Our professional engineers made us successful in such a short period of time. We become the best and highly known among various software testing and SaaS testing companies.

We have also gone for a wide range of products and even revealed some of our own procedures while attempting to locate the correct harmony between usability, work process implementation and adaptability.

So, we have wound up with a gathering of SaaS testing tools which we use consistently to oversee software advancement here at TestOrigen.


We generally have various projects going ahead in the meantime being produced by various groups however in some cases colleagues switch between the project relaying on their range of abilities and the necessities of each task. It soon gets hard to deal with everybody’s chance without a dedicated SaaS testing methodology for it.

We utilize Forecast which is by Harvest. We can see effectively SaaS testing challenges when we have holes for individuals from staff which require filling and we additionally utilize it to tell potential new clients the most punctual begin date for their task.


Trello is essentially an advanced SaaS based test management tool which we use to separate tasks into little units of work which the developers conflict with and track time against.

We have considered changing Trello out for Jira by Atlassian in light of the fact that it would give us better combination for testing SaaS applications with BitBucket yet we continue backpedaling to Trello on the grounds that it is so basic and gives us significantly greater adaptability. In a perfect world all project would be taken care of a similar way and the task management system would encourage a single work process.

Tragically clients have diverse requirements and some of the time requires us to work marginally in an unexpected way. There is nobody measure fits all work process when working with clients. We do however adhere to a single work process that we know functions admirably for all internal software development.


As organizations develop staff and clients go back and forth, yet what necessities to stay is a record of everybody you have worked with. This is particularly essential for software testing companies as we compose SaaS testing strategy which are still under support agreements.

When one of these old clients rings with an issue, new individuals from staff who have never managed them need some SaaS testing best practices, so they can look at to know more about the client.

We store the greater part of this sort of data in a wiki which every one of our workers can access and add to. We utilize Confluence for our wiki for the most part since it is an Atlassian SaaS testing tools that likewise possesses BitBucket. It’s sufficiently simple to utilize and offers a considerable measure of components.

This rundown will without any doubt change after some time as new SaaS testing tools enter the market and improvement techniques also change.

At the present time I think we are fit as a fiddle and have never been as beneficial as we are currently. We have made some inside devices to pull information from Trello and Harvest for revealing purposes yet fortunately the majority of the SaaS testing approach we pull information from have great APIs.

If you are taking a look at adding some SaaS to your business, and additionally looking at the client highlights, make sure to look at the Application programming interface includes as well and also go for TestOrigen for solving your issues.

As we offer wide range such as SaaS performance testing and SaaS penetration testing using all the latest SaaS performance testing tools  and also understand the importance of SaaS testing in any software product lifecycle that made us so much SAASY and flexible at such a short interval of time.



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Indonesia’s People Suffering: Thousands of ATMs stopped working

indonesia atm problemIn Jakarta so many people were suffering from cash issues as thousands of E-card payment machines and ATMs stopped working over weekend. This Indonesia ATM problem news also revealed that it might take more weeks before systems are restored again properly. This happened due to an outage from a satellite belonging to state-controlled telecom giant PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom).

Telkom’s leader executive Alex Sinaga told reporters on Monday that around 15,000 ATM machine working crosswise over Indonesia were influenced by the issue on the ‘Telkom-1′ satellite, whose services is utilized by government offices, banks, supporters and different enterprises.

A move toward the satellite’s antenna, which was first distinguished last Friday, had upset network connectivity that resulted in Indonesia ATM problem.

BCA CEO Jahja Setiaatmadja told reporters that Bank Central Asia, Indonesia’s biggest bank by advertise esteem, had around 5,700 of its ATMs influenced by the blackout, or 30% of the aggregate worked by the bank. This ATM news today also stated that the Internet association in some remote BCA branches was as well influenced.

State-controlled Bank Rakyat Indonesia said around 300 of its ATMs were influenced by this Indonesia ATM problem, however some had since been reestablished.

This ATM news latest stated that the few customers in Jakarta stores couldn’t process their Mastercard installments utilizing electronic data capture machines throughout the end of the week, while Twitter clients grumbled about various ATMs that were not on the restored yet on Monday.

As indicated by national bank information, there are more than 100,000 ATM machines in Indonesia.

“Our estimation is by September 10, all 15,000 destinations would be recuperated,” Sinaga said. Up to Monday, around 17% of the connections had been reestablished, he included, by moving connections with different satellites and changing the bearing of ground antennae.

Telkom is moving its connection from Telkom-1 to two different satellites possessed by the organization and different satellites claimed by foreign organizations which cover Indonesia.

Telkom-1, which was propelled in 1999, has a plan lifetime of 15 years; however as per a 2016 audit and meeting with its creator Lockheed Martin it could work typically up to 2019.

“We don’t decide out the likelihood that we will never again utilize Telkom-1. We will choose in the following couple of days,” Sinaga stated, including that the organization may utilize the circle space of Telkom-1 for its fourth satellite booked to be propelled mid 2018.

Telkom-1 contributes 0.6% of Telkom’s aggregate income, the organization said.

Thus the software testing plays important role in E-payment methods. It is very important to test all the software of ATMs machines before installation so that no one can face the problems, which Indonesia is facing now.

Thus Testorigen provides best software testing services across the world. Do contact us and get the solutions.

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The Power of Test Automation Leveraged the Dating Sites

test automation for dating sites Special Occasions like Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers get together. As everyone is busy in buying flowers and gifts that get the most traffic for e-commerce sites as well as dating sites which result in test automation for dating sites. But not only people in love flooding the web. Rather the one who are searching their better half are also doing same.

Online dating sites and applications are as well observing an expansion in the large number of people, and also in user interaction. The activity to these sites and applications expands a couple of days before Valentine’s Day and a couple of days after.

For Example site visits increase by half, exceptional guests by 100% and user interaction by 150%, in normal. On Match, the time from New Year’s to Valentine’s Day observes a 38% spike in new individuals. Tinder and Grindr additionally told that days prior to Valentine’s Day bring all the more new users.

Thus test automation for dating sites ensures that the user’s journey for love doesn’t crash while functioning.

So, what do you think what should help the developers of such sites? Yes you are thinking right!! The Test Automation Framework and method help you out.

Decision of right automation testing tools enhances the Dating sites lifecycle.

The market is full of open-source load testing tools that can be used by testers such as JMeter, QTP etc. Choosing right open source test automation tools enhances the dating site’s capacities with modern reports, bigger versatility from numerous integration and geo-locations or collaboration options that result in highest QA.

Including the automation testing for dating sites identify bottlenecks and errors.

Test automation for dating sites assists in finding the bugs and bottlenecks in advance and provides the time to get ready for expected traffic spikes. Investigate Grindr, the biggest gay dating site for men, conducts automated performance testing as a major aspect of their total advancement process, rather than just as a last step confirmation. By doing so, they expanded their users discharges by 500%, decreased their downtime to zero and their framework never again falls during blackouts.

Automation Stress test the dating sites

Automated Stress testing analyzes the maximum furthest reaches of your dating site by taking it to exceptional burdens. It likewise breaks down how your framework recovers, through KPIs like throughput and reaction time, and additionally memory leaks, slowness and security issues.

Thus test automation strategy is vital before large expected events to learn your expected abilities, to perceive how your framework responds and for making a business and improvement get ready for such a case. Along these lines, if you see on Valentine’s Day that user number is rising and falling than estimated and you’re achieving your farthest point as you can respond and prevent the failure and crash.

Make and recreate real-world user situations

Do your users swipe right and left a lot? Do they talk more? Do they have to buy in-application features? How frequently do they refresh their profile? Know about your product, client achievement and promoting to get the best thought of what your clients do on your site, and after that test automation for dating sites assembles the testing situations as per your needs. This is the way that ensures the arrangements are applicable to what will really occur on site when traffic surges.

So, if you want to know more about test automation services then come to Testorigen. We resolve all your issues as our testers are highly qualified and have more than 2+ year of knowledge about all the domains.  We assist you with best test automation tools and guarantee you high QA of your software product.

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Top most Important Localization Testing Methodologies empowering Websites and Software

Top most Important Localization testing methodologies empowering Websites and Software.When you are all set to have your website or software adjusted for new markets, there is lot of things to judge before release. Such as, what sort of software localization testing will you need to guarantee your final website or software is first class? If you have not considered yet, then think about localization testing methodologies as it is critical all through the whole globalization process.

You would not have any desire to deliver a localized product to China; localization testing example state that, the confused and undermined test scripts keeps the page running off.

Localization testing methodology guarantees that you convey a top notch software product after discovering any bugs that exists in the localization procedure before its launch. It spares you time and cash, as well. After all, finding these bugs and defects at post-release can mean expensive reworks and addressing them in different circumstances.

How about we investigate top three localization testing methodologies so you can keep away from all mishaps.

Internationalization availability testing:

How much your website or software is prepared for localization? That is the thing that internationalization availability testing can let us know. Consider it taking precaution measures to guarantee localization will go easily.

The localization testing checklist can demonstrate to us how well your product functionalities in an international environment—incorporating how it collaborates with local language working frameworks and outsider applications. Testers evaluate how your product can deal with various characters and composing frameworks.

Localization testing methods additionally verify that your product can support a multilingual UI and area particular arrangements for time and dates, cash images, telephone numbers, address and postal divisions thus considerably more.

Testers at that point supplement this with pseudo-localization, where they “mislead” how your strings will look in a given target language, which encourages them to recognize hard-coded strings and potential over-interpretation issues. It will likewise feature any possible plan issues with how the software product can oblige an interpreted interface.

Localization testing:

While internationalization availability testing happens before interpretation, the testing localization stages occur after a noteworthy segment of interpretation work has been finished. The motivation behind localization testing is to guarantee that bugs weren’t presented amid the interpretation procedure, that the interpreted substance shows accurately, and that the localized product works of course for the objective market.

Here are a few zones we take a gander at amid this test:

  • All localization assets are interpreted effectively
  • The produced fabricate incorporates all the vital documents
  • Functionality in localized version is steady to the source product
  • The localized screen has an indistinguishable number and sort of components from that of the source product
  • All area particular characters show up effectively
  • No words keep running over buttons or get cut off on the page

Obviously, this is only an insignificant look into the numerous components we take a gander at during this stage. However, fundamentally, we need to make certain that everything shows up effectively and functions how it should be like after interpretation happens.

In-context review:

An In-context review puts the last clean on your software or website. This localization testing methodologies has considerably more to do with interpretation quality than product functionality. With this type of localization testing test cases, a qualified language specialist audits the interpretations in the genuine product manufacture. Why is this so urgent?

A language specialist can see the strings in the earth where they normally live rather than in a confined source content record or an interpretation tool. This enables the commentator to improve understanding of the unique circumstance and stream of the product and gives more noteworthy lucidity into which interpretation is best to utilize—which implies better interpretation quality.

Let’s take a look on one example to understand it in a better way. The word “Home” has many important possible outcomes. It can allude to an activity button that causes you come back to the landing page of a site. It can as well be a thing showing that you should enter your place of residence on a contact shape. Seeing the interpretation in setting, in this manner, clears up any uncertainty around which interpretation is right.

The localization testing using selenium webdriver is only one of the approaches to decrease the cost and limit the quantity of potential traps on the websites and software localization street.

You can also relay on Testorigen’s experts for all your localization testing services as our testers uses best localization testing tools and glad to help you in localization testing for mobile applications and websites etc.

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Necessary elements for executing Payment Gateway Testing

Necessary elements for executing Payment Gateway Testing.A payment gateway framework is an e-commerce application benefit that allows credit card payment for online buys. Testing a payment gateway is same as testing other components of Ecommerce; although, security testing assumes a clearly essential part in payment gateway testing. Payment gateways protect the credit card details by scrambling delicate data like Visa numbers, account holder subtle elements and so forth. This data is passed securely between the client and the dealer and the other way around.

Current payment gateways as well safely allow installments through reward points, cash cards, electronic bank exchanges and platinum cards etc.

Sorts of Payment Gateway:

Mainly two types of payment gateway system are used in e-commerce websites.

Hosted Payment Gateway

The Customer is being coordinated to payment gateway page or connection outside the area of the internet business site. After the finish of the installment procedure, the client is diverted back to the e-commerce site. Paypal and Worldpay are the cases of hosted payment gate-way.

Shared Payment Gateway

In shared payment gateway, client is coordinated to payment gateway connect inside the domain of the e-commerce site. The client remains on the site continues with the installment procedure such as: eWay, Stripe.

Payment Gateway Testing Meaning:

It’s an e-commerce software testing procedure which is utilized to assess the working of the payment gateway providers different elements, related with an e-commerce site so as to guarantee powerful and bother free transaction of payment gateway on a web application between the client and the vendor. Generally, it includes the test cases for payment system simulating the end to end transaction process in an actual domain to inspect every one of the functionalities and elements relating to a payment gateway system.

Here is a top necessary elements used for performing Payment gateway testing:


To check the fundamental working of the payment gateway, it is vital to test payment gateway i.e. whether the payment gateway is functioning suitably and expectedly, what it assumes to do. It might as well incorporate different components additionally, like if the payment gateway testing test cases are right and according to the benchmarks of a specific nation such as Value AddedTax-VAT, exchange or handling charge and so forth.


Prepare test case for credit card payment to test the integration of payment gateway with different credit cards such as payment gateways are more compatible in accepting various cards.


Performance testing of payment gateway includes the recognizable proof of the execution measures or measurements. For example, numbers of clients every day getting to the site are calculated to prepare the payment gateway document with error codes that helps in decreasing the traffic jams by simultaneous clients.


Crackers and Hackers are making best utilization of the innovations to break into the Payment framework. Thus payment gateway security testing helps the system to be solid and secure by invalidating the impacts of malicious attacks.

Underneath given are portions of the conceivable payment gateway testing scenarios that may be valuable in performing payment gateway testing.

  • Test whether all sorts of payment alternatives accessible through the payment gateway.
  • Test whether every installment alternative is demonstrating its particular and necessities subsequent to being chosen by the client.
  • Test for What happens, after the failure of the payment procedure or if the session closes.
  • To check, if the payment gateway is permitting to enter information in the clear fields of the card number, card name, expiry date and CVV number.
  • To inspect, how the payment gateway framework carries on or reacts, subsequent to abandoning at least one field, blank such as leaving CVV number field, blank and so on.
  • Test whether the client is being diverted to the application page, after the fruitful finish of the payment procedure.
  • Applying language change, during the payment procedure.
  • Checking fruitful integration of a wide range of cards with the payment gateway framework.
  • Test whether the database can store and recover the Mastercard details and other helpful data.
  • Checking the arrangement of the sum to be paid, alongside the money organize.
  • Checking exchange process for the Zero or negative sum value.
  • Assessing the payment gateway in the wake of permitting and obstructing pop up.
  • Test whether the exchange ID is being produced after the installment is done, effectively.
  • To check, whether exchange process is quickly exchanged to the bank for the further handling.
  • Test whether the mail, used to illuminate the client is scrambled or not.
  • Checking the support pages between the application page and payment gateway framework.
  • Inquiring end process during the payment procedure.
  • Confirming security and failure page during the payment procedure.
  • Test whether the correct message or ready message is being appeared for the effective payment or for the payment issues, individually.


This is only a begin to a decent establishment of payment gateway testing. There are considerable measures of different things that go into preparing the test cases for payment module. Once this first level of payment gateway testing is legitimately arranged and composed, then testers have to dig deeper and recognize basic regions of testing relying upon the needs of clients. Further, testers might need to get the right payment gateway testing tool such as give chance to TestOrigen for helping you in testing various necessary elements of your payment gateway as our testers have motivated bright minds.

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Exploratory Testing: The Crush of Agile Team

Exploratory Testing Tools  Exploratory Testing- The Crush of Agile Team.Numerous businesses trust Exploratory Testing is the eventual future of manual testing – particularly for agile procedures. Exploratory testing techniques are used substantially for more than bug hunting or common error guessing with the help of exploratory testing tools; it’s a coordinated process that empowers agile groups to get bugs prior as well as to team up on more viable session-based testing.

Exploratory testing explained:

Exploratory testing meaning is revelation, examination and learning. It highlights on personal opportunity and duty of the individual tester. Exploratory testing test cases are not made in advance but rather tester’s check framework on the fly. They may note down thoughts regarding what to test before test execution. The concentration of exploratory testing is more on testing as a “thinking” action.

With the help of exploratory testing tools and methods, software testers have the chance to find new area. It as well assisting the testers in maintaining the fast advancement pace of agile exploratory testing software projects life-cycle.


Beneath given benefits of exploratory testing tools demonstrating that why now-a-days Agile teams increasingly loving the Exploratory Testing:


1.  Exploratory Testing encourages you uncover bugs that manual and automated testing neglect.

By exploring and investigating new product regions from different points of view—without automation or broad arranging endeavors—Exploratory Testing quickly uncovered numerous serious issues. Since it use human insight, exploratory testing in agile gives you a more extensive and more profound view than any automated test could. For instance, an automation testing could let you know whether a UI component worked appropriately, however it could not decide whether that UI component was confounding to the end client. Regardless of the possibility that thorough automation testing was attainable—which it’s not in packed Agile runs—such issues would even now bypass it. In addition, since Exploratory Testing supports well investigation of various stories and thoughts and branching, it reveals a bigger number of issues than organized, predefined manual testing does.

2.  Exploratory Testing enables various colleagues to work together to uncover more sorts of imperfections

With Manual Exploratory Testing, an assorted gathering of individuals—from engineers, to product proprietors, to UX planners, to business experts, to technical writers, to help engineers—would all be able to add to the quality exertion since no specific test automation or scripting learning is required. All these distinctive individuals each convey diverse strengths and alternate points of view to the table.

With a bigger and more assorted gathering looking at the application, you cannot finish additionally testing in less time—you likewise uncover a more extensive assortment of issues and reduce the hazard that a basic issue goes unnoticed. There’s never enough time or assets to test everything completely. Yet, if you perform Exploratory Testing from a wide range of outlooks, you can get more hazards decremented from whatever time and assets you can designated to testing.

3.  Exploratory Testing gives you a chance to discover practical imperfections when Automation testing is not reasonable.

Although, we likewise perceive that automated testing isn’t generally achievable or reasonable. Once in a while a run concentrates on prototyping some new functionality that is relied upon to advance drastically finished the consequent runs. For this situation, it won’t bode well to invest energy in test Automation. On the other hand, many exploratory testing agile groups progressing to bring heritage regression test suites that take a long time to execute. How would they protect quality while they’re changing to a more appropriate automated testing technique?

Exploratory testing is ideal for executing a snappy sanity check on new functionality and its most prominent effects over the application. In any case you utilize an Exploratory testing tools to naturally record and document your attempts; any bugs found are effortlessly reproducible. Afterward, when they do include test automation, you can coordinate and connect the automated test outcomes with their Exploratory Testing outcomes.

So, the exploratory testing is not a silver projectile for all your testing needs… no single procedure could guarantee that. It is, thus, the ideal supplement to automated testing and the agile eventual fate of manual testing.

TestOrigen providing the best exploratory testing solutions to their client. So grab your chance and get the best solutions to your testing problems.

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