Protractor Making Angular Js App Testing Simpler. protractor test automation toolProtractor test automation tool plays an essential part in the Testing of AngularJS applications and fills in as a Solution integrator joining effective advances like Selenium, Jasmine, Web driver, and so on. The protractor testing tool is planned to test AngularJS application as well as for composing automated regression tests for typical Web Applications too.

AngularJS is a structure that is picking up in prevalence since it expands the functionality of HTML and can be utilized to speedy release applications. Protractor test automation tool, formally known as the E2E testing framework, is an open source useful automation system outlined particularly for AngularJS web applications. It was presented amid AngularJS 1.2 as a substitution of the current E2E testing framework.

The protractor Angularjs testing tool works with both Angular and non-Angular JS applications similarly well.

Features of protractor testing tool:

  • Based on the highest point of WebdriverJS and Selenium server
  • Acquainted new easy syntax to composing tests
  • Permits running tests focusing on remote locations
  • Can exploit Selenium matrix to run various browsers at once
  • Can utilize Jasmine or Mocha to compose test suites

The protractor test automation tool is a wrapper around Selenium WebDriver, so it contains each component that is accessible in the Selenium WebDriver. Furthermore, it gives some new locator methodologies and abilities which are extremely useful to automate the AngularJS application. Illustrations incorporate things like: By.binding, By.repeater, waitForAngular, By.textarea etc.

Protractor deals with a bundle of things under the spreads for you that you don’t need to stress over it, for instance, you are making a structure without any preparation utilizing just Selenium.

Those are probably the most usually known things for Protractor, which should enable you to begin. For performance testing utilizing protractor tool for testing, there is even a Protractor-Perf structure you can look at.

We also utilize the protractor test automation tool for testing the AngularJS Apps and well understand what is protractor testing tool? And how it works? So do give us chance to test your apps/websites and get 100% guaranteed best results.