Myths and Truth hidden behind Automation TestingAn ever increasing number of associations are experiencing a change inside the advanced transformation age. They are under strain to stay aggressive and to convey quicker. It is more critical now for everyone to understand what is automation testing in software testing?

And viably meets objectives, desires and remains practical. The initial phase in understanding automation testing is to address some of its myths that are hidden and kept unknown most of the time.

Thus during the progress to QA testing automation, it is critical to oversee desires.

A few regular myths and truth are defined below:

Myth 1: Automation software testing is fast!

Truth: Well Automation testing consumes time!

Solution: Automation testing can help the association highly when utilized in the right manner and with the correct arrangement of needs. However, for this to be conceivable, we need to invest some energy, cash and in particular patience. Testers need to know the domain, the test cases to be automated and after that pick an automation testing framework in like manner to build automation testing metrics. This will bring about solid establishment working for upcoming difficulties to come.

The amount of attempts to be placed in for Automated Software Testing is equivalent to the amount of attempts that are placed in for building up an application which needs careful approval. Mobile application automation testing scripts must be examined appropriately keeping each conceivable arrangement of test data under thought which as well incorporates negative testing. Neglecting to do as such and giving over incomplete tools for automation testing therefore prompts disappointment of automated scripts amid execution, because of which you have a tendency to lose trust in the automation testing tools.

Myth 2: Users simply need to click a button to execute the testing automation test cases.

Truth: When mobile automation testing is finished and conveyed to end clients, they expect that software testing automation scripts can be executed with no adjustment in test information yet this happens just in an uncommon circumstance. End clients must as well invest their energy in execution. They must know about the streams of the application, keywords utilized as a part of the application and the test information should be given.


  • We must have an occasional discussion about the test case stream and test information to the end clients which will maintain a strategic distance from wrong desires.
  • We must as well know the test information utilized which can be consistent and which can be utilized as input. This will limit the amount of information inputs required for each test case.


Myth 3: Expecting 100% Automation Testing with no Failure!

Truth: Executing Automated Software Testing without a failure is almost impossible!

Solution: There can be a few reasons why UI automation testing scripts can flop in their execution. Be it because of information variation or it may be network problems, environment problems and might be due to variations in the UI failure of Test case can’t be discounted.

Myth 4: Automation replaces Manual Testers.

Truth: After the web automation testing scripts are created, the basic confusion is that we can replace the manual testers with Automation, however this isn’t valid. Website automation testing is a program which will test the stream of the framework. Indeed, even a little imperfection can be missed in any case we don’t compose test scripts to search for it, yet this can simply be found during manual test execution. Additionally, if the application being tested experiences changes, this regularly brings about the failure in test scripts and the manual tester must test the progressions until the point when the scripts are refreshed.

Although the basic concepts of automation testing is to decrease the amount of time taken by manual testing, one needs to invest energy in test outcomes examination to ensure that software testing and automation has not missed out any vital defects and bugs.


  • We generally require a human mind to examine the test outcomes. Robots can’t replace people in automation testing.
  • For applications, which are evolving much of the time, open source automation testing tools for mobile applications must be utilized as a source of perspective and not as a substitution for a manual tester.
  • Automation testing must be utilized for static applications which are autonomous of different modules and which should be regression tested.


Myth 5: Automated Software Testing has Quick ROI!

Truth: Automation Testing’s ROI is a long haul return!

Solution: While actualizing Automated testing Solutions ,aside from simply composing the test scripts there are as well a couple of interrelated software formative assignments that are involved. First of a framework that can support the testing operations must be produced, which a huge task in itself and will require exceedingly talented individuals to work on it. However regardless of the possibility that a team chooses to us a completely created system, the underlying test case checks will take additional time than physically executing the test. So if an application is still in the formative stage and requires speedy input, Test Automation isn’t the correct activity. The ROI of Automation Testing is, therefore, a long run activity design.

Why automation testing is required?

  • Automation testing is the most ideal approach to build the viability, proficiency and scope of your software product testing. Each product improvement gather tests its products, yet conveyed software dependably has bugs.
  • TestOrigen’s Test engineers endeavor to get them before the product is discharged yet they generally sneak in and they frequently return, even with the best manual testing forms.
  • An Automation testing tool can playback pre-recorded and predefined activities contrast the outcomes with the normal conduct and report the achievement or disappointment of these manual tests to a test build.
  • Once software testing and automation tests are completed they can without much of a stretch be re-used and they can be reached out to perform tasks unimaginable with manual testing.


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