Learn Different Faces of Content QA. content testing in software testingIn the world of QA and Testing, generally the attention has been on functional test areas as well as on non functional test areas. In any case, one region that is quietly picking up the fame is content testing in software testing or content quality assurance.

What truly is content QA and what are some of its different faces? These some of the questions that always arises in terms of content management testing.

People always remember to execute its website quality assurance testing or proper functionalities of their domains but forget to test the content.

As you always forget  that if want to convince your customer for purchasing something or for using your services, then the more important part of your website is content that must be tested for the better interaction of you with your users.


What is content testing in software testing?

Content testing in software testing is an efficient procedure to guarantee that content meets indicated necessities before distributing.


Below mentioned some of the different faces of website content testing:

QA content is a key segment of content quality administration. Quality assurance concentrates on the procedures you use to create content, guaranteeing that your content creation forms create quality expectations.

Logical Linguistic QA – Culture and Legal – What is adequate socially for a France – French market isn’t what is appropriate for the Canadian French market. The promoting campaign hosted by Pepsi in English “Come alive with the Pepsi generation” came apart in Taiwan as it implied breathing life into the expired back. In any case a pure English statement can have changing implications in various parts of the world in light of social sensitivities and in advertise subtleties at play, one can envision the need to do Google analytics content testing for this, falling flat which the user acceptance of the product in the neighborhood market can be in danger. Beyond just client acknowledgment, un-tested content can have legitimate significance as well. Regardless of whether it be duplicate content, privacy issues, utilization of pictures and so on – all set up together etymological Logical Linguistic QA are critical to guarantee logical accuracy of the content in the application.

Dynamic Content Feeds – Online actions have turned out to be omnipresent today. Whether it is banking, shopping, online learning courses, or at a basic level even browsing. Moreover the content is not really anything besides static. Feeds are dynamic not even by the day sometimes – where the content changes by the hour, particularly to shop applications. The tester here need not test savvy, but rather should be web content testing master – commonly it makes sense to collaborate with educators, understudies, and experts of the domain to help with these checks. Checks incorporate – assessment material authoring, copy editing and accuracy checks etc.

Content QA from a language and rendering outlook – While the functionality and UI of an application are two center bits of what a client sees and builds up an involvement with, soon the content is the third vital piece that they get to. Content is the thing that makes an application discoverable in the digital world. Content has to thus be convincing in passing on the message definitely – the peruser isn’t online to peruse long stories or literary content much of the time. Content testing in web application to guarantee the content is exact, linguistically right, in general in a state of harmony with the informing tone are everything to check for.


These are some different faces of content testing or content QA that are performed using best suited content testing tools and helps in providing quality assurance plan for website development as well.

Thus, TestOrigen’s content testing specialist ensures a software product is well verified in accordance to best end users experience and its benefits over competing applications. Whereas the focus of our company is to provide the broad range of QA services to our users for improving their product and advertize its salability.