How much dependable Smoke Testing is?Software testing industry terms Smoke Testing, as high-level test, which involves the testing of the primary functions of application, resulting in exposing of failures, that creates problems during the release of software. Smoke testing also identify key features, and is considered as cost-effective method in terms of recognizing software defects, because Smoke tests is a part of test cases that represent the test plan at a high-level. TestOrigen also helps in organizing of the smoke test cases, by providing a simple interface for carrying out the test cases and maintaining the track record of all the results in each test run.

Smoke testing endorse the build at high levels, and takes limited amount of time to carry out the test effectively, Smoke tests are also highly effective in identifying proper positioning, making sure that the build is ready to send for the test. Smoke testing gets involved in, identifying major problems early, which saves the cost wasted on further testing. And in the end, Smoke testing makes sure that the software is of the prime quality i.e. being built and released timely.

With the help of such testing, results are obtained rapidly and helps in flourishing of the business effectively and efficiently.