Defining Bug Triage Meeting Process. bug triage meeting processWe should break the term “bug triage meeting process” and understand their meanings separately to determine the idea of bug triage. A bug is a common term, which all of you should know about.

In software engineering, the term ‘bug’ has been allocated to defects or mistakes display in the product application or software which delivers a deviation in its planned working, resulting into incorrect or wrong or unpredicted results and outcomes.

Now, the “Triage” is French medicinal term originates from verb Trier. The feeling of this term is to partitioned, sort and select. In medicinal and it is utilized to portray the priority of patient base on the severity of the condition.

The unwell people groups are divided into three distinct classifications: the individuals who will die regardless of what you do the individuals who will recover regardless of whether unaided and the individuals who will recover just if aided. In the case that you have excessively numerous patients at that point, doctors should be focused on the last group.

On comparative lines, the Triage term is presented in the bug triage software testing to characterize the priority and severity for new defects. It is more appropriate to greater tasks where lots of new bugs were documented most frequently. Generally, this isn’t utilized as a part of the cases for small projects where detailing of bugs/defects isn’t more successive.

Presently, going to the subject of discussion i.e. bug triage meeting process. As the name determines, a task meeting held with the end goal of triage process i.e. dealing with the need of open bugs, when it should be settled, how to settle it, endeavors and trouble in retesting.

What is bug triage?

The bug triage is where each bug is organized in view of its severity, risk, recurrence, and so forth. Triage term is utilized as a part of the Software testing/QA to characterize the severity and priority of new defects.

Responsibilities and Roles of people in Bug Triage Meeting Process:

  1. Project Manager

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs
  • Sends out gathering minutes when proper
  • Tracks issues list
  • Discusses the conveyance date of next cycle to QA.
  1. Software Product Manager

  • Helps in the prioritization of the defects.
  1. QA Lead

  • Calls the bug triage meeting
  • Submits bug solutions to the CFT, preceding the beginning of the meeting
  • Helps in the prioritization/seriousness of the bugs
  • Helps in deciding Root Cause of bug
  • Manages deserts in CQ
  • Distributes refreshed bug report, screenshot the notes from the bug triage meeting.
  1. Development Lead or potentially Developer

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs and do not think development situate the priority, they should situate severity.
  • Explains the level of many-sided quality and the hazard related to each bug being exhibited at the bug triage meeting
  • Assigns the bugs to the suitable engineer a
  • Updates Resolution and development notes fields in CQ
  • Helps in deciding Root Cause of defect
  • Discusses the conveyance date of next emphasis to QA.
  1. Client Transition Manager

  • Ensures that proper User Representatives are welcome to the bug triage meeting
  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs
  1. Client Representative

  • Helps in the prioritization of the bugs

Bug triage meeting process:

Mostly underneath bug triage process is taken after for bug triage meeting.

  • QA lead conveys a bug report with the new defects presented since the last gathering.
  • QA lead assembles out a conference.
  • During the gathering, each defect is investigated to see whether right severity and priority are allocated to it. Severity and priority are corrected if require be.
  • Bugs are talked about by the team. This includes examining the multifaceted nature of the risks, bugs
  • Task, dismissal, reassignment of bugs is finished. Updates are caught in bug tracking system.
  • In the wake of meeting finish, minutes of bug triage meeting in scrum process are conveyed to included parties

What is Exit Criteria for bug triage in software testing?

Every single unsigned bug is examined in the bug triage meeting and appointed Severity and Priority of bugs. The following stage will set up the chosen one of bug. Every last activity will be followed by QA lead in the Defect Tracking System. End of each bug triage meeting bug triage metrics will be arranged and share with meeting participants.

The bug-finding is a vital step in the software product testing stage. It empowers the engineers to analyze the errors and locate a proper solution for it. Thus the bug triage techniques are picking up momentum in software QA procedures.