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Pulse Secure VPN: A Next Generation Secure Access

Pulse Secure VPN_ A Next Generation Secure Access. pulse secure vpnThe pulse secure VPN is a Secure Remote Access advantage gives workforce, understudies, and staff with the capacity to interface with limited University assets while off grounds or utilizing Wireless PittNet.

The administration scrambles activity between a client’s PC and the University’s system.These directions disclose how to utilize the Secure Pulse Client with the pulse secure remote desktop Access benefit.

When you’re off grounds, Pulse Secure is the recommended plan for strengthening a remote desktop association with your office PC or for accessing departmental databases and servers that dwell behind system firewalls.

With a specific end goal to utilize Pulse Secure VPN helps reach these assets; your Responsibility Center Account Administrator must have just made a Secure Remote Access part for you.

A Secure Remote Access part is an extraordinary arrangement of authorizations that concede you access to particular system assets. You should choose your Secure Remote Access part when utilizing Pulse Secure.



What is pulse secure?

The best portable VPN to empower secure access from any gadget to big business applications and administrations in the cloud and data centre.

Component of Pulse secure VPN:

Pulse secure host:

It is an extra component of the Pulse Secure client. It can evaluate the protected aspect of the interfacing customer PC. On another side, Host Checker ensures your PC meets certain security prerequisites when you endeavor to get to secured information using the pulse secure VPN client.

Pulse secure access client:

Pulse secure client download helps in Easy sending and utilizing of client pulse. The client works consistently with Pulse VPN, and the system gets to control (NAC) solutions for conveying a similar native client encounter on portable workstations, desktops, and cell phones. It is the primary incorporated brilliant gadget customer with worked in NAC, VPN, and against malware abilities.

How to use pulse secure?

  • Interface with VPN
  • Tap Connect on your new association.
  • Enter your ePassword and VUnetID at the prompt. Tap Connect
  • The VPN access approach will show next.
  • It will take a couple of moments to an interface.
  • You should be associated.
  • To detach from Pulse Secure, tap on the application window and tap Disconnect.

What is pulse secure app for?

Pulse secure network connect, is another organization conceived from the offer of Juniper Networks Junos Pulse product offering to Siris Capital, a main private value firm. As an independent organization, pulse connect secure, now thinks assets and center to resolve enterprise portability challenges.

The accompanying Juniper products will progress to pulse secure support:

  • Odyssey Access Client
  • IC Series Unified Access Control Appliance
  • Junos Pulse programming
  • MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways
  • SA Series SSL VPN Appliances
  • SBR Enterprise Series

The mobile security space is probably going to warm up after some time, as that is the place where Junos pulse secure access service may use. There’s a great deal of rivalry in the space, and in the meantime, there’s a ton of space for exceptionally critical development.

However, TestOrigen’s testers are using pulse secure setup client for testing your software’s security level. Thus Turn on Pulse Secure and change your general IT office into Secure Access whizzes or Hybrid IT and prepared for the upcoming all-new next generation pulse secure app.

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Effect of Agile Environment on QA Specialist’s Role

Effect of Agile Environment on QA Specialists Role. qa role in agile methodologyThe QA role in agile methodology confronts a problem: How would you understand your part when, you are in an agile environment, it not characterized? QA Specialist’s Role knows how to function in a customary waterfall condition. Seeing precisely what’s required as they move into agile projects is vital to a QA supervisor’s prosperity.

However, on the other hand, there’s a drawback. Progressing to agile testing is a procedure that takes extensive time and exertion before quality can turn into a center competency.

The role of tester in an agile environment is very specialized and in this way tends to concentrate on the specialized parts of quality assurance, for example, tools and test automation. They can end up plainly isolated from the more subjective viewpoints like, the integration, business drivers behind the code, and working with clients.

Agile QA process flow:

An agile team environment depends on more outstanding joint effort and definite correspondence between the colleagues. Attributable to them as often as possible changing needs in an agile development environment, the originators, engineers, testers and business analysts work as an inseparable unit with each other.

The Agile teams work to convey software product over short cycles. They grasp change and efficiently adjust. Adaptability, train, responsibility and specialized aptitudes are the most critical properties of coordinated colleagues. It is essential to guarantee that each cycle’s outcome is of high caliber and fits in with the predefined necessities.

Effect of Agile Environment on QA Specialist’s Role:

Pick quality measurements:

Before you can assess the quality of conveyances, you should build up the measurements you’ll use to quantify it. As QA role in agile methodology, you should assist the team in an agile software development environment to characterize quality measurements. For instance, how are defects ordered? What was the underlying quality conveyed? What constitutes a “work of art”? What caused the regression? What’s the regression proportion?  How is effectiveness characterized?

Equalization the load:

Oversee endeavors to adjust testing requests for your QA role in agile methodology. In a case, there’s abruptly a requirement for additional test cycles; the advancement team captain may distribute additional role of tester in agile environment from inside the team. As a QA Specialist in an Agile Environment, all individuals must have some ability to run tests. As a general rule, in any case, this isn’t conceivable.

Lay the standard procedures:

While administrators should give QA in agile environment, a lot of freedom and obligation to oversee themselves, the association overall should in any case work as a reasonable unit. The QA role in agile methodology is to set a couple of first standard procedures, for example, what testing tools to utilize, which techniques to apply, how to characterize defect statuses, how to arrange the condition of a fabricated, etc.

Fabricate the Team:

Every agile environment testing team has its area of proficiency. One team may work at the user interface, whereas another center on back-end administrations. Diverse fields of advancement require specific learning, as do automation and manual testing in agile environment. Test automation might be altogether different, relying upon whether you’re functioning at the UI, REST API, or falling templates usage.

Look at the large image:

During QA process in agile methodology, the improvement teams create, test, and convey client stories inside their particular areas, while it’s up to the QA role in agile methodology to perform cross-functional testing to guarantee that everything functions admirably together. They test connections between various modules in an assortment of situations and setups to guarantee the framework works from end to end, with no incorporation, security, execution, or different issues.

Thus, agile grasps lean, adaptable procedures, tools and documentation. The general QA demonstrate refined to a conveyance driven part. This requires a cooperative domain where QA centered on tasks that outcome in a specific something: rapidly conveying a high-quality software product.

So, agile teams require QA master as much as some other traditional team. In any case, the parts and duties of the QA authority may shift or face more effects of agile environments and support further inclusion, relying on the extent of the agile project.


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Violation of Uber’s Messy data collides with the launch of SoftBank deal

Violation of Ubers Messy data collides with the launch of SoftBank deal. uber latest newsAn uber latest news advertisement for sale of Uber Systems Inventory was associated with a report on Wednesday, in which there is a report that Trip Service Supplier has added an uber data hack – a metaphor for a company Uber with unsafe investor desire Some part, but its training for protocol-breaking has inspired a series of scams.

According to Softbank latest news, The stock deal promoted in the New York Moments will enable Uber speculators to pitch their shares to Japanese financial specialist SoftBank, which is a significant deal for the company whose inconveniences fused making application Uber messy data hack to spy on competition and avoid regulatory also examined in Asia for paying fixes.

Latest news from Uber on Tuesday clarified that it had stolen more than 100 million possibilities and drivers from the company, and paid $ 100,000 to solve it before the previous CEO Travis Calnike not to report the subject to casualties or specialists. The news about uber today as well stated that Uber was, to begin with, hacked in Oct 2016 and later learned violation of the thirty-day period.

The Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi, who took control in August with the goal of turning all-around the organization and upgrading its way of life, admitted in Uber latest news that Uber defied the management of its violation

The time of disclosure can get even worse.

The organization is trying to finish a deal with Softbank Corp in which the Japanese office would contribute as significantly as approx $10 billion for no less than 14 % of the organization, to a great extent by getting out current investors. Softbank latest news is publicizing to acquire investors who need to sell.

Uber recent thirty-day time span presented a preparatory arrangement for the SoftBank deal investment choice.

As per uber latest news, the only difficulty is whether or not SoftBank will now endeavour to change the selling cost of the deal. A single resource acquainted with the uber latest news today subject disclosed that SoftBank is organizing to hold fast to its settlement to put resources into Uber yet could discover much better terms. SoftBank has not, in any case, delivered a final choice on regardless of whether to renegotiate, the Softbank latest news clarified.

An extra difficulty is a long keep running of Kalanick, the prime supporter who drove Uber to begin to be a universal powerhouse yet did as such with extreme and disputable strategies. He was constrained out by financial specialists in June who dreaded his administration model would hurt the organization, notwithstanding the way that he remained on the board and remains a large investor.

The resource from Softbank news today also said that a bitter quarrel among investors over how to illuminate Uber’s inconveniences prompted a claim by early investors Benchmark, which looked to remove Kalanick from any position. However, a settlement was touched base at already this thirty-day time span to prepare for the SoftBank bargain, with Kalanick holding his load up situate and different rights.

Kalanick was delivered proficiently of the hack last November and was learned of the $100,000 instalment, as indicated by a man involved in this uber taxi latest news close to the subject. Kalanick has declined to comment. Uber did not reply to request from Reuters on Wednesday.

Various examinations, claims

The extent of the influences Uber will facial territory for the Oct 2016 data violation began to pick shape Wednesday with governments all-around the earth opening examinations.

Experts in Britain, Australia and the Philippines in Softbank news clarified they would investigate Uber’s reaction to the data violation. London’s transportation controller, which has been in dialogues with Uber after stripping it of its permit to run, clarified it was squeezing Uber for certainties.

Canada’s security guard dog clarified that it encountered addressed Uber for certainties on the violation; in any case, it encountered not discharged an official examination.

Legal advisors fundamental work environments in no less than six US states nearby with the Federal Trade Fee have brought they are looking into the subject. A few states are probably going to follow Uber for breaking the rules on information violation warning inside only a reasonable timeframe.

No less than the two-course activity of uber Montreal latest news claims have been submitted towards the organization in the United States for neglecting to reveal the information breaks and making potential mischief people.

Uber latest news clarified that it has been in contact with the FTC and many states to talk about a hack and swore to coordinate.

Approved specialists clarified the organization is probably going to facial region negligible cash aftermath from data violation claims. Uber may well flourish in repressing them downright for the reason that its concurrences with the two prospects and drivers contact for required mediation of debate.

Uber let go its primary solidness officer, Joe Sullivan, and an appointee, Craig Clark, about their position in dealing with the hack.

The top managerial staff experienced charged an examination concerning Sullivan and his gathering, which is the means by which the violation was found out. The load up board presumed that neither Salle Yoo nor Kalanick, who was essential insight at the time, experienced been counselled in the organization’s reaction to the violation, as indicated by a moment individual acquainted with the subject.

It is vague what the top managerial staff acknowledged if pretty much anything. Various board clients did not reply to demands for comment.

“The extent of this violation is something the Uber board should have informed about and counselled on at any rate,” clarified Cynthia Clark, a partner teacher of the organization at Bentley College. “It is a checking concern and a single of approach and reputation.”

Clark clarified that these sorts of difficulties could affect Uber’s IPO, which the board has concurred will pick a spot in 2019.

The organization has begun redesigning its strength methodology with help from Matt Olsen, past essential guidance of the US Nationwide Security Company and executive of the Nationwide Counterterrorism Heart, CEO Khosrowshahi clarified.

Uber in August advanced with the FTC after the controller found the organization neglected to protect the possess details of explorers and drivers, a settlement that requirements 20 quite a while of standard examining of Uber’s information.

Directly after the current week’s exposures, Uber can trust “additional reviews and additional men or women within the organization” from controllers, clarified digital soundness lawyer Steven Rubin.

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Top Queries to make when Bug Report prepared

Top Queries to make when Bug Report preparedComposing quality bug report is an ability frequently ignored by application improvement organizations. However, the elegantly composed bug report can diminish the time between finding a bug and settling it.

Bugs can postpone an application’s discharge, and issues with bugs can rapidly ruin associations with customers.

A bug report should be clear and brief. Report each bug as a different issue. If there should arise an occurrence of numerous issues in the single bug report, you can’t close it unless every one of the issues settled.

Subsequently, it is best to part the issues into particular bugs. This guarantees each bug can be taken care of independently. An elegantly composed bug report causes the developer to recreate bug at their terminal. This causes them to analyze the issue.

Essential Queries to make when Bug Report prepared:

Question 1: Is the title/outline of the bug report completely clear?

Presently, of everything you can do ideal with a bug report, the one thing that you can do accurate the most is with its title.

They say that the ‘face is a window to the psyche’. So also, the title/outline is the window through which everybody overwatches bug report. You need to nail your title for this exact reason.

How would you compose the best title/synopsis of your bug report?

Cut out the undesirable detail: any proper bug reporting software will give you a heap set of fields and a pack of customization to enable you to enter a gazillion parameters that determine the framework, part, feature, function, program, sort of test, and so forth. So you would prefer not to rehash all that data on your title, similar to a lot of testers won’t precede.

Keep it short and fresh: You can state a lot of few words.

Be particular: the synopsis should be capable and clear to attract a developer’s consideration. ‘UX not adjusted appropriately’ isn’t something you would use to depict a high seriousness bug that warrants quick activity.

There could be handfuls more bugs which have a similar issue, and consequently, a similar title. ‘Pictures not lined up with content according to configuration reference 42658′ is a noteworthy change. Being the most perused piece of a bug report, this title gives the reader enough data to understand what a bug report is?

Question 2: Have you tested the right bug report format?

Time after time, we find that testers have utilized the wrong format as a tool or browser to execute a test case. You can’t anticipate that Chrome version 48 will keep on running your page easily.

“At whatever point you notice a fault that has continued unsolved earlier period SLA, consider inquiring whether the developer was capable of reproducing the Bug effectively at former.”

Any bugs you find when utilizing the wrong form of a tool or browser are, to understate the obvious, invalid.

Great test supervisors work with their project team to keep up a rundown of upheld devices and forms. In this way, remain educated about the right forms to use for any test cycle.

Question 3: Are you introducing actualities or conclusion?

As a software tester, this is one of the critical inquiries you should ask yourself while making an android bug report or apple bug report.


Staying to certainties will enable you to make a reasonable and concise bug analysis report. In a case, you do have feelings on how the software product should be composed or should have manufactured, well, keep that for Retrospectives and other feedback tools intended to gather useful data sources.

The JIRA bug report needs to concentrate on portraying a certain issue with the sole reason for settling it.

Question 4: Is that truly a bug?

Yes – you amazed how often asking only this inquiry could have saved many a tester from shame.

“It Is not The bug report Itself, But The Tester That Writes It That Makes A Bug Report Effective.”

When you find a bug, you have to approve it against something – ‘the prerequisite’. In a case, the prerequisite doesn’t connect with your bug report meaning, at that point there’s very little ground to remain on, right?

While ‘expected outcome’ and ‘real outcome’ are great measures of characterizing what you’re trying for and what you see in actuality, ‘expected outcome’ should be found on hard, composed necessities.

There are dependably exemptions to the run the show

Testers, being guardians for software product quality, have the additional burden of going well beyond the prerequisite to distinguish bugs that don’t have necessities to back them up.

Minor cases would be the point at which you recognize arranging, duplicate mistakes or irregularities between two unique pages of the journey.

Question 5: What precisely is the bug?

Tracking on from the title/outline, the depiction and related parameters on a bug report assume a noteworthy part in guaranteeing the report is significant.

Utilize the parameters to recognize the framework, part, and program, include, sort of test, condition, channel or gadget utilized, adaptation of working framework and so forth. These parameters enable your group to cut up the bugs list in whichever way they require. Thus, you should do an ideal activity of rounding out the parameters.

“The Title Is The Most Read Part Of A Bug Report.”

As a QA analysts,  you must guarantee any iPhone bug report or android bug report captured is actionable. Bug parameters give you a capable approach to accomplish this.

The bug report has another path for you to give the correct level of data about your bug. Utilize the depiction field to clarify how to write a bug report, including:

  • Any other relevant information
  • Actual result
  • Expected Result
  • Steps to reproduce


We simply portrayed how QA engineers at TestOrigen compose and report bugs. A few subtle elements may change relying on the bug tracking tool, yet following these rules should enable you to create well-written bug reports.

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Top Ways of Testing for digital Product

Top Ways of Testing for digital Product. types of software testingThe recent evolution in digital product advancement has made it fundamental for digital products to travel types of software testing however interrelated streets if they want to succeed.

The main road is multifaceted nature. The use of advanced innovation has spread up until now thus quick that it is presently called upon to help endless activities that only a few of years back done manually. This prompts the second street, which is compatibility.

A first-rate release can help get your new digital product off to an excellent begin. Sorting out the activities leading up to and after the release can regularly be overpowering.

The colossal utilization of digital products in growing the administrations of BFSI division makes different types of software testing digital innovations a key to guarantee trust and certainty of the general population.

Here are some of QA activities that we prescribe to guarantee the exceptional accomplishment of organizations and to affect the client encounter and enhance profitability lastingly.



Digital Security QA

As innovation evaluations are playing a massive part in the upgrading digital change in BFSI segment, they are additionally acquainting a risk situation with the associations. Because of the development of new installment techniques utilizing digital advancements, BFSI associations have been presented further to new entryways of cyber attacks and extortion. Security testing, in this manner, is urgent and has basic business significance as banks hold large volumes of delicate information of clients for which they focused on day by day.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing in BFSI division quickens endless combination and conveyance. It furnishes project teams with continuous input and empowers them to test before more prominent scope, in this way removing traditional testing bottlenecks, for example, inaccessibility of test situations. Budgetary and Insurance parts include enormous volumes of information. Consistent checking amongst improvement and IT operations help the achievement of agile groups utilizing DevOps practices.

Client Experience Testing

The main consideration that characterizes acknowledgement of a digital product or administration when it goes live is the client encounter. Testing a software or digital product from a client’s viewpoint is important. Dissimilar to technical testing, client experience testing can vary from suppositions of a digital product achievement. It impacts a product or an administration accomplishment as it depends on client desires/feelings and furthermore the types of software testing execution and procedures.

Analytics and Testing

The consistently developing requests identified with speed, cost of conveyance, and simplicity of online exchanges is convincing. Banking, Financial services and Insurance applications attract clients every minute of every day around the globe. This makes web based Testing Analytics for site execution, ROI and changes imperative for precise information for basic critical leadership. Testing BFSI applications are significant as it includes basic business approvals, security affirmations, and great simplicity for clients.

The digital products are progressively required to accomplish increasingly and to interface more profoundly accept, rather than adopting traditional types of software testing such as automation Testing, manual testing or agile testing systems.

Being a worldwide leader in the independent software testing administrations, TestOrigen is a solid supporter of Quality Assurance and its usage ideal open source automation testing tools for desktop application and the digital products from the beginning times of the software product lifecycle.

We take extraordinary measures to guarantee that we completely outfitted with best in providing various types of software testing such as mobile testing, web application testing, web services testing, mobile app testing and much more.


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Let’s known the Importance of Spike Testing

Lets known the Importance of Spike Testing. spike testing in software testingSpike testing in software testing is done to assess the shortcoming of an application and see the dramatic conduct of the framework when a sudden decrements or increment in the load by a client. Spike testing in software testing is mostly done to perceive how the system responds to unforeseen ascent and fall of the load. It is additionally called Data volume testing.

“Spike” implies a sudden increment in the extent of something. Commonly live web application confront short burst of the high load which prompts moment to fall under such client load. Apparently, along these lines, associations need to confront large measure of income misfortune, and corporate status endanger. So it is vital to test the behaviour of app against uncommon spikes of client load.

The execution of a product must assess under a wide range of conditions. Some of these conditions would be typical and routine yet some eventual uncommon but imperative to its prosperity. Testing of every single such circumstance is critical to ensure that regardless of what the conditions the product still performs at an ideal level. One such sort of load testing is Spike Testing in performance testing.

What is spike testing?

Spike testing definition: spike testing is a subset of the load test. The object of this kind of execution test is to check a framework’s strength during blasts of the simultaneous client as well as framework movement to differing degrees of load over changing time phases.

Spike testing in software testing with example:

Think a system intended to deal with 1000 simultaneous clients. When one more client tries to enter the system, it may give a message that system is already full and no one can sign in at that moment.

Another method for taking care of is to enable the client to enter the framework yet framework execution may get degraded. The system may give a message that there could be an execution issue when framework overloads.

How to do spike testing in JMeter?

Spike Testing using JMeter gives Synchronizing Timer which can stop strings till required number is accessible and discharges them at the very same minute causing “spike”.

You can as well consider utilizing Ultimate Thread Group where you can control virtual client’s entry in the simple visual way.

Importance of Spike Testing

The primary aim of Spike Testing is to get to:

Recovery Time – The stress testing graph of software product needs to recover between two consecutive spikes or crests as it impacts the execution. Thus, the recovery time should be negligible but then sufficiently adequate for the framework to do at its best.

How Well The System Performs – The primary point of Spike Testing is to get to how well the load is overseen by the product when it wavers between two inverse ranges. At the point when the load is less, things will undoubtedly move easily however when the load all of a sudden expands the framework may very well hang or crash. To keep away from such an extraordinary reaction post the dispatch, Spike Testing executed.

Advantage of Spike Testing

The different benefits of Spike Testing are:

Helps Access Extreme Case Scenarios – While standard testing the most pessimistic scenario situations not tended to. In any case, sitting above them doesn’t imply that they won’t happen. Every product must prepare for such inevitabilities. One such most dire outcome imaginable is loading, the effect of which can be judged and limited through Spike Testing.

Manages The Software Performance – Business progression must keep up no matter what and this is conceivable just if the product executes as proposed. At the point when there are a radical decrement and increment in a load of any framework, there will undoubtedly be some unpredictable behaviour. Spike Testing is the most suitable method for judging the execution of the product even under such unpleasant conditions.

Disadvantages of Spike Testing in software testing

The main predictable downside of Spike Testing is that it is a costly action as it requires setting up of exceptional test conditions. However, over the long haul, its advantages supersede its disadvantages.

We, at TestOrigen, provides all types of software testing including spike testing at very much affordable cost with 100% high quality guaranteed.



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JIRA: The Top Agile Tool for QA

JIRA- The Top Agile Tool for QA. jira testing toolJIRA testing tool is planned particularly as agile software testing since the number of IT organizations these days accept agile project management system to convey custom programming applications inside a short measure of time.

Agile project management systems stress on consistent arranging, nonstop testing, and constant joining. In an agile domain, QA experts need to play out an assortment of testing consistently and repeatedly.

JIRA tool was made in 2003, to track and oversee bugs in software improvement. Till then, it has extended to assists teams to plan and track all parts of the software product improvement cycle.

From backlog dressing to launch the organization, Jira bug tracking tool was intended to be the connective tissue for your software product team.

Other latest open source bug tracking tools available in the market may help with following and catching bugs and issues, yet nothing else compares to Jira’s effective work process engine, arranging attributes, and far-reaching search function, giving your team full control of the end-to-end improvement of your software products.


What is JIRA tool for testing?

Essentially, JIRA testing tool is Atlassian’s well-known project and issue-following stage utilized by technical support and development teams to accomplish more work done faster. It’s available on-request through a month to month membership, or it can convey without anyone else servers for a forthright permit.

What does JIRA stand for?

JIRA full form: The name “JIRA” is gotten from the Japanese word “Gojira” which signifies “Godzilla”. Initially, the organization utilized Bugzilla for bug following and the engineers in their office began calling JIRA by the code name Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla. When they built up their particular bug tracker, they dropped – thus the name JIRA testing tool.

Uses of JIRA testing tool?

Catch Bugs

Catch bugs anyplace in your software product with Jira software testing tool. Once you’ve distinguished a bug, make an issue and include every single applicable detail, including depictions, seriousness level, screenshots, version etc. Errors can speak to anything from a software product bug, such as to a leave demand frame and every outstanding issue sort can have its custom work process.

Allocate and organize

When bugs are caught, rank and organize them relying on the significance and criticalness of the issue and the group’s workload limit. Allocating bugs can be proficient with a couple of keystrokes from the ticket and organizing these bugs is as basic as moving them in your group’s overabundance or To Do segment. By having one single wellspring of reality, you can keep everybody in agreement and guarantee the team is functioning at the most priority things first.

Track bugs to done

Continuously remain aware of everything by following bugs and issues through your group’s work process. In Jira agile tool, progressing issues will trigger notices, consequently illuminating the following commentator. Design an alternate work process for bugs versus other issue sorts, with the goal that your QA team can concentrate on overseeing and settling bugs, while your software product team can concentrate on building new highlights.

Get told

JIRA bug reporting tool enables you to design your project with the goal that the ideal individuals advised when something changes. So if another bug caught, it will be steered to the right colleague without promoting talk. Notices inside Jira are not simply @mentions, but instead can also be arranged to update somebody when a status change happens naturally.

JIRA bug tracking tool features:

The accompanying focuses clarify some fascinating points of interest of JIRA.

  • JIRA automation tool underpins PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL and Oracle server in the backend.
  • JIRA can incorporate with numerous different tools −Team Foundation Software, Mercury, Subversion, GIT, Concurrent Version System, Clearcase and many more.
  • JIRA is an incident management tool.
  • JIRA is a stage free tool; it can utilize with any OS.
  • JIRA is multi-lingual tool − German, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and so on.
  • JIRA bug tracking tool open source produced by Atlassian Inc., an Australian Company.

The two fields you do not see here are:

  • Status
  • Defect ID


These two fields are auto-made by JIRA. All issues will have a one of a kind ID appointed to them by JIRA testing tool. Status of all errors is “New”  or “To-Do” in JIRA testing tool of course on making a bug.

Accordingly, all the regular offices for imperfection announcing are accessible in JIRA as well. More alternatives, for example, names, connecting deserts, evaluating endeavours can be utilized.

TestOrigen providing this JIRA bug tracking tool tutorial to help you in understanding how to use JIRA bug tracking tool and also using JIRA testing tool for the reporting of bugs to our clients.


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Myths & Truths of Security Testing in Software Testing

Myths & Truths of Security Testing in Software TestingThere is no silver shot for securing software product. Security testing in software testing includes a multi-dimensional approach over an association’s whole application portfolio.

Nowadays innovations move at extraordinary velocities which is the reason building software that is secure must dependably be the best need for any association.

As new software developed, so is more vulnerability. As these vulnerabilities made, attackers stand an excellent shot at finding and misusing them for malicious purposes.

Thus, to convey truth to the absolute broadest misconceptions about security testing, we’ve built up the few myths of software security testing techniques.

These myths investigate how software security testing activities should function, and aren’t just about how to secure a specific application.

Myth 1– Penetration testing illuminates everything

Penetration security testing is the most regularly and ordinarily connected to all product automated security testing practices and directing it toward the conclusion of the software product improvement lifecycle can be an advantageous security movement. But, much the same as a security testing tools can’t take care of the software product security issue without anyone else; neither would penetration security testing in software testing.

A larger part of software security vulnerabilities and defects don’t simply link with security usefulness; rather, they regularly include sudden mishandle of an application found by an attacker. It is an easy task to test whether an element works or not, but instead, it’s considerably more hard to demonstrate whether a framework is sufficiently secure under malicious attack.

What number of tests do you execute before declaring and giving up it ‘secure enough’?’Passing.’ A software product penetration test gives little confirmation that an application is sufficiently secure to withstand an assault and most associations misinterpret this. Therefore, security testing types frequently leave organizations with a misguided feeling that all is well and good.

Myth 2: Vulnerability examining can distinguish all vulnerabilities in an organization’s situation, and consequently, penetration tests are pointless.

The vulnerability evaluation is the way toward recognizing shortcomings in an IT situation by methods for automated vulnerability scanners. Automated vulnerability scanners are pre-stacked with “marks” to recognize known vulnerabilities. While known issues announced by weakness scanners can utilize as starting purposes of the section into systems, following steps that an attacker could take here and there can’t be distinguished.

For example, a vulnerability scanner may identify a framework utilizing a default password. A penetration tester could additionally sign into the framework utilizing the default password and concentrate decoded delicate information, accepted by the IT staff to be stored encrypted on the framework included.

Myth 3: Compliance with Internal Standards Is a Guarantee of application security testing.

This is an exceptionally misled explanation of the entire need, necessity, and objectives that linked with the International gauges. These principles are no way connected to security testing methodology, nor verifying, the vulnerabilities of any application. Most measures just touch the surface of the part of security testing test cases as they have been set down to accomplish some other, particular objectives.

Add to this; a few associations feel that the inspectors for these benchmarks may enable them to recognize the security issues. In all actuality, nothing can be more beyond from reality.

Myth 4: Penetration testing is very expensive.

The developing rivalry between penetration testing and security testing services has revealed insight into the persona of penetration testing and brought costs down to a more sensible level. Usually, sellers will cost the association’s size, or by the piece of IP address, or something that makes it moderate for smaller associations and still budget-friendly for bigger associations.

However, the centre research and security testing tutorial are helping individuals turn out to be more knowledgeable on various types of security testing; there are as yet numerous myths of security testing in software testing – separated from those recorded above – that are yet to deal with.

TestOrigen offers various security testing in software testing such as web security testing, mobile application security testing as well as web application security testing using multiple open source security testing tools that guarantee an association’s reputation, protection of critical information, client certainty, and furthermore trust. It gives a thorough security investigation upheld by far-reaching reports and dashboards alongside therapeutic measures for your information security challenges.




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TinyTake Complete step guide for learners

TinyTake Complete step guide for learners. tinytake downloadIn a case, you want to capture your screen or record video on Windows, Macs, Mobile phone and cannot able to find the right tool for it then must try TinyTake Download. The TinyTake is an open source screen video recording and capture software used on various platforms.

With TinyTake, you can capture pictures and recordings of your PC screen also upon mobile phones, include remarks and share them with others in minutes. MangoApps make TinyTake – This Team Intranet Software and Company Collaboration Software are accessible for free of cost.

Honestly, the first amazement with TinyTake download accompanies the way that it isn’t only best screen capture software, as it can also record your screen in the video.

With this, we can securely accept that TinyTake free download is a standout amongst the best screen recording software accessible in the market. Not exclusively is TinyTake easy to utilize, it additionally gives broad console shortcuts.



How to download and install TinyTake?

To download and install the new version of TinyTake, download it from!/download or utilize your TinyTake by MangoApps web customer and pick “TinyTake” from the “Customer Apps” in the left route.

To download and install the new version of TinyTake, download it. tinytake download

Follow the on-screen guidelines to install tiny take screen capture download to your Windows-based PC.

Follow the on-screen guidelines to install tiny take screen capture download. tinytake download

How to interconnect my MangoApps with TinyTake?

After launching TinyTake download for the first moment, it will request that you sign in. Enter your MangoApps certifications as provoked including Password, User ID, and Server URL as in this screenshot the Tap “Login”.

After launching TinyTake download for the first moment, it will request that you sign in. tinytake download

How to save captured locally?

If you rerecorded any video or a picture, then to save a captured screen locally, tap on the symbol clarified in the photos underneath.


If you rerecorded any video or a picture Video. tinytake download


If you rerecorded any video or a picture, then to save a captured screen locally Picture. tinytake download

How to take a screenshot of the picture?

To take a screenshot of a picture with TinyTake download, you can utilize the default Hot Keys that are given below:

  • <CTRL> + <PrtScrn> Captures the full screen.
  • <SHIFT> + <PrtScrn> Captures a district you determine.
  • <ALT> + <PrtScrn> Captures the present window.

Pressing the key combination will screenshot your screen and display a capture tool if the “Locale” or “Current Window” key combination squeezed. Snap and drag to choose an area or tap on the window that you need to capture.

You can as well utilize TinyTake download gallery to choose the captured choice.

You can as well utilize TinyTake download gallery to choose the captured choice. tinytake download

How to change the default key combinations for screen captured?

You can adjust the default key combinations of screen captured from TinyTake settings:

Step 1: Open TinyTake Settings by tapping on the small apparatus symbol and choosing “Settings.”

Open TinyTake Settings by tapping on the small apparatus symbol and choosing Settings. tinytake download

Step 2: From the “Hot-Keys” tab, tap in the box of the hot key combinations you need to change.

From the Hot-Keys tab, tap in the box of the hot key combinations you need to change. tinytake download

Step 3: Touch any key in given the accompanying limitations to change the Hot Key combinations.

  • Any alphabetic key A-Z
  • Any numeric key 0-9
  • Function keys F1-F12

Step 4: Tap the “Ok” button to enrol your progressions and close the window.

How to make a video in TinyTake?

To make a video, tap the key combination (default is <CTRL> + <V>) or select “Capture Video” from the TinyTake Capture menu.

To make a video, tap the key combination or select. tinytake download

Then draw the area that will appear in the video. When you are finished recording, tap the “Stop” button.

Then draw the area that will be appeared in the video. tinytake download

After that select the “Share and Save” symbol or the “Save” symbol. To close the video without saving or sharing, pick the X.

After that select the Share and Save symbol or the Save symbol. tinytake download

How to post TinyTake screen recording to MangoApps?

Once a screen recording was done, you can transfer the same to TinyTake server. It will produce a link to a picture which can be replicated by a right tap on the button> copy link to clipboard.

Once a screen recording is done, you can transfer the same to TinyTake server. tinytake download

Presently share this link inside MangoApps and client can see your recording online by tapping on the link.

Features of best screen recording software TinyTake:

  • This screen capture software is intermediary server
  • Additionally, you can open and explain the current pictures in this TinyTake screen recording software.
  • Moreover, you can copy any substance to the clipboard and save it locally use best video recording software
  • Record a video for the duration of up to 120 minutes.
  • You can record the video utilizing your webcam.
  • You can capture the whole screen or part of the screen while recording video.
  • This program to record screen empowers you to store your recordings and screenshots in the cloud.
  • With this video recording software, you can share the link to any stored screenshots and recordings.
  • Additionally, you can zoom out and zoom in at whatever point you need.
  • You can modify the other way keys according to your need.


However there are limitations in TinyTake, but it is still valuable device as this screen capture video software can assist various platforms such as Andriod, Windows, Macs, Chromebooks and much more. This free screen capture software is also good for somebody who requires a basic free recorder for short screencast on their Windows PC as well as on Mobile phones.

We, at TestOrigen, use TinyTake to capture or record the testing report for our client. It is the best tool for both Computers and Smartphones.


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Relationship between Cyclomatic Complexity & Software Testing

Relationship between Cyclomatic Complexity and Software TestingBoth the cyclomatic complexity and software testing are relating terms as Cyclomatic Complexity is software metric used to some independent way executions in the application. Presented by Thomas McCabe in 1976, it gauges the amount of directly independent ways through a program module.

The cyclomatic complexity helps to understand the engineers about independent way executions and pattern unit tests that they have to approve. The developers utilizing cyclomatic complexity tool can guarantee that every one of the ways has tested at least once. It’s an extraordinary comfort for the developers and their respective managers.

What is Cyclomatic Complexity?

Cyclomatic complexity in software engineering is a source code intricacy estimation that is related to various coding defects. It computed by building up a Control Flow Graph of the code that measures the quantity of directly independent ways through a program module.

As QA software testing, we can utilize this strategy to distinguish the “level” of our software testing. It is training that if the consequence of cyclomatic complexity is more or a greater number, we view that bit of functionality has a complex nature, and henceforth we finish up as a tester that the bit of software testing process code/functionality requires an in-depth software testing and quality assurance. Then again if the aftereffect of the Cyclomatic Complexity is a smaller number, we finish up as quality assurance that the functionality is of less complexity and choose the scope accordingly.

To understand relation between Cyclomatic Complexity and software testing, let’s first understand –

What is Software Metric?

Estimation is an only quantitative sign of size/measurement/limit of a trait of a product/process.

Software metric in software testing techniques characterized as a quantitative measure of an attribute a software system has regarding Cost, Quality, Size and Schedule.

Cyclomatic complexity example:

Measure – No. of Errors

Measurements – No. of Errors discovered per individual

Properties of cyclomatic complexity testing:

Following are the properties of cyclomatic complexity metric:

  • V (G) is the greatest number of independent ways in the diagram
  • V (G) >=1
  • G will have one way if V (G) = 1
  • Limit complexity to 10

How is this metric valuable for software testing concepts?

Basis Path testing is one of White box procedure and its assurances to execute at least one explanation amid testing. It checks each directly independent way through the program, which implies number test cases in software testing, will be proportionate to the cyclomatic complexity in software testing of the program.

This metric is helpful due to properties of cyclomatic complexity (M) –

  • M can be number of test cases to accomplish branch coverage software testing methods (Upper Bound)
  • M can be some ways through the charts. (Lower Bound)

Reason and Origin of cyclomatic complexity and software testing

Cyclomatic complexity is the most utilized individual from a class of static types of software testing metrics. Cyclomatic complexity might view as a broad measure of soundness and certainty for a program. It quantifies the quantity of straightly autonomous ways through a program module. This measure gives a single ordinal number that can contrast with the many-sided quality of different projects.

Cyclomatic complexity is frequently referred to just as program multifaceted nature, or as McCabe’s unpredictability. It regularly utilized as a part of the show with other software quality testing measurements. As one of the all the more acknowledged testing process in software testing measurements, it is proposed to be independent of language format and language.

Cyclomatic complexity has additionally been stretched out to incorporate the outline and auxiliary many-sided quality of a framework.

Uses of cyclomatic complexity and software testing:

The cyclomatic complexity can turn out to be extremely useful in the following ways:

  • Encourages testers and developers to decide independent way executions.
  • Engineers can guarantee that every one of the ways has tested at least
  • Encourages us to concentrate more on the revealed ways.
  • Enhance code scope.
  • Assess the hazard related to the application or program.
  • Utilizing these measurements ahead of schedule in the cycle diminishes more danger of the program


Cyclomatic Complexity is software testing procedures valuable for organized or White Box Testing. It is, for the most part, used to assess multifaceted nature of a program. In a case, the choice focuses are all the more, at that point multifaceted nature of the program is more. In a case a program has high multifaceted nature number; at that point probability of the bug is high with expanded time for support and investigates.

Moreover, our team of testers is very much known how to calculate cyclomatic complexity or how to reduce cyclomatic complexity and provides best software testing services in Delhi/NCR region.

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