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Automated Testing Solutions Ensuring Flawless Streaming Audio Applications

Automated Testing Solutions Ensuring Flawless Streaming Audio Applications.The music business has been experiencing a colossal change for quite a while, expecting to find better approaches to drive reception and use and to explore new income streams and development. Automated Testing Solutions monitors streaming audio applications execution by recognizing the media requests of an application.

The presentation of Streaming Audio Applications such as MP3, iTunes etc. was the principal massively troublesome wave, trailed by unrecorded music streaming.  After finished a time of miserable standpoint, things are beginning to look encouraging, on account of the rise in digital music services.

Test automation solutions as well guarantees flawless working by appealing customer/media players and giving particular insights related to the quality of audio playback. As the streaming media consumes loads of server and system assets. So, the automated software testing solutions also guarantees the audio player application framework is prepared to deal with these requests.

With daily new inventions to broadband the significance and importance of application audio has expanded to a quite amazing level on the web. All media related sites contain audio streaming in one frame or the other. Streaming audio application of multimedia is a decent decision when you don’t need individuals to download your music and share with others.

Here are some quick steps to automated testing solutions for application of audio amplifier.

  • Mobile testing solutions guarantee the essential functionality of the audio mixer application works by means of standard test automation services. Run those prepared test cases daily or even as major aspects of the smoke test at each submit.
  • Using automation testing tools in your daily audio test. Guarantee that the audio applications are conceivable working flawlessly by means of appropriate engines.
  • Last, add audio quality estimation to your testing. Repeat both in perfect conditions and additionally in sub-optimal system and device load conditions enhance the quality of audio applications.


Nowadays audio services and music streaming are picking up popularity. Thus the testing of those services is tasks are best managed by automated testing solutions. This approach empowers the advancement group to concentrate on development while guaranteeing on-time conveyance of superb audio applications to the market.

TestOrigen is one of unique and standard automation testing company that provides their clients high quality automation testing services in every domain. Our proficient testers are well known to all Streaming Audio Applications and giving best testing solutions across the world.

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Boost Up Your Website through Website Analytics Testing

web analytics testingWebsite analytics testing helps in enhancing the performance of your site to meet your business destinations. Regardless of whether you will likely get more leads, deals, or decrease client service phone calls. Web analytics automation testing framework can be utilized to make your site more successful at meeting those objectives.

Google web analytics is significantly more than looking at your site hits, novel users, and income. Web analytics basic concepts offers knowledge into user’s behavior and testing methodologies that can help make your site substantially more applicable to users, making them more liable to change over.

Advantages of utilizing website analytics to control and enhance website analytics testing efforts:

Web analytics encourages you find, monitor and set focuses for your key achievement measurements. These will be essential to utilize and monitor during your web analytics testing solutions to see how well your tests attempt are achieved.

Website analytics testing encourages you to know and organize what pages on your site require enhancing the most on your site, as opposed to just think about what you should test. For instance, you shouldn’t be testing pages that have low impact or low traffic on your conversion rates.

Web analytics testing using selenium also assists the data that can enhance site basic leadership, which is frequently basic to beat dangerous Highest Paid Person’s Opinion who is regularly uncertain to permit widespread testing.

Eventually, website analytics testing furnishes you with some impressive user insights to enable you to make surprisingly better tests, and tests that will normally have a higher shot of seeing more symbolic conversion lifts.

Important points you must be doing with your website analytics tools to control and enhance your testing:

Check your key conversion funnels.

As the shopping baskets and sign up procedure to search for pages that have especially high leave rates or drop-off rates and after that run tests on them to expand conversion rates. These conversion funnels can be set-up in Site Catalyst utilizing the ‘Drop Out Report’.

Begin higher up the conversion flow funnel.

While performing Google analytics automated testing for your conversion flows, locate the best passage ways to the primary page of your conversion flow. For instance, if you are testing to advance your registration flow, you should discover the best pages that a large portion of your users arrive from, and streamline those pages.

Audit your from any pages that have high bounce rates.

These are extraordinary possibility for testing and advancing. Make sure to as well check the keyword or source they are landing from as well to check whether there are any issues with continuation of informing.

On pages that you are thinking about website analytics testing, utilize your visual examination reports to know what users are tapping on and their conceivable purpose.

This encourages you recognize and organize which page components may require testing and improving the most. Set up alerts in Site Catalyst to illuminate you of when more up to date exceptionally went to pages happen, as these are additionally prime possibility for testing and improving.

Enhance your test designs with web analytics testing tools and information.

While making a test get ready for each of your tests, you should dependably incorporate the web analytics insight found that drove you to think about the test. This will help other people recognizing your rationale for the test, and help with prioritization attempts to get it propelled. Ensure there is solid joint effort between testing managers and web analysts, since this will help build the amount of testing insights being produced.



TestOrigen is well known among top web analytics companies. Our testers are very much handy in using website analyzer tool and provide the best tested software product with high conversion rates or optimize your website at high quality level.


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Android O: Soon Disclosed to World

android latest versionAndroid Nougat was formally launched in August 2016, and we’ve been seeing a consistent rollout on Android leaders from that point onward. Presently android latest version O should be Android 8, and soon launch with all Android updates. The main thing that world want to know is which dessert name Google is picking for this android latest version. Android Oreo, Android Oatmeal, or some other sweet. Yet, it would seem that Google won’t pick that name at all.

Why is it called O?

Android has gotten into the tradition of naming its OS’ in alphabetical order, and generally after desserts. There’s been Jelly Bean, Kit-Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. Thus when newest Android O is made open there will be a rumors of change in naming. It looks like this time android latest version name would be an octopus showed at its developer previews, indicating an adjustment in naming could be in the air.

Android latest version O Release Date:

All through its I/O keynote, Google stated that “O” would come later ‘in the late spring’ which is the same time allotment it gave a year ago with ‘N’. Ideally, we will see this latest android os – for the Pixel in any event – before the end of this month August.

From that point onward, more devices should get the updated, with latest version of Android O additionally set to include on Google’s 2017 leader, the prospective Pixel 2.

Latest android “O” support following devices:

Right now, the developer previews stated that, there is just a predetermined number of Android phones and tablets that this latest version android O will deal with. These are: Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Nexus 6P. Although, when the public version is launched this will be extended with passing time.

Android latest version 2017 “O” Features:

Battery Life

Android stated on its developer blog that this latest android version 8.0 “O” is specifically designed by putting an immense priority on enhancing a user’s battery life and the device’s interactive performance. It is said that new android version O will naturally bound what an application can do when it is open out of sight. This will prevent an application from reliably utilizing information when it is not in use. Google says cutoff points will concentrate on applications broadcasting in the background, services, and location updates.

Picture in Picture

Google initially appeared Picture in Picture on Android TV with the Nougat upgrade a year ago. As the name recommends and as observed on iOS 10, Picture in Picture enables one to watch recordings in a little windowed frame while utilizing different applications. This implies you can keep chatting while viewing a video. The PiP window can be dragged anyplace on the screen and can be resized too.


Like Chrome and other significant browsers, it will now be feasible for Android gadgets to autofill content into shapes. Through new autofill APIs for engineers, those utilizing phones will have the capacity to “select an autofill application, like the way they select a keyboard application”.

Top notch Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Google is at last getting around to including support for superb Bluetooth sound codec in Android. Contributed significantly by Sony, LDAC is another sound gushing innovation from Sony that gives a wealthier sound experience.

Copyless Paste

Google is stated that they are trying  Copyless Paste feature in its Chrome Android application that utilizes machine figuring out how to anticipate what the client will need to paste, chopping the procedure down to only one tap. For instance, if the client took a look at a restaurant site then switched to the Maps application, the keyboard would offer the restaurant name as a proposal. Google has not affirmed yet whether the element will land with update android version “O”.

Soon this android latest version update 8.0 hit the world with all its android new version features. Let see whether this new version of android get the fame or discarded by their users.

Testorigen always introduce their clients about latest news and rumors that also helps our testing engineers in providing the best to our clients. The latest version of android i.e. Android “O” will soon shock the people and increases the need of software testing for their devices, which TestOrigen must fulfill.

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Deepest and Darkest Truth of Executing Manual Testing

manual testing challengesNow-a-days most of the companies are working on automation software testing solutions because of manual testing challenges. As automation make the testing procedures run more accurately and faster that results in saving of time and money. So what do you think manual testing has no importance? Or is it possible to perform the entire test without manual testing?

The right answer is no, as not all the test can be performed without manual testing. Some of testing procedures are executed manually, but this is also true that execution of manual testing is not an easy task.

The essential goal of manual testing is to make the software product bugs free, and guarantee that it is working as per the required detailed data. Yet, the Testers are required to perform manual testing without utilizing test automation tools and test scripts.

Consequently, they must face the manual testing challenges to make the manual testing process successful.


  • Organizing Test Case Execution
    While testing a software product manually, the QA experts are required to execute an assortment of tests without utilizing any tools or scripts is the main challenges faced in manual testing. In the meantime, they likewise need to organize test cases, and choose which ones are to be performed first. In any case, the experts regularly need to change the succession of test cases /performed if some of the issue happens within the testing stage.


  • Testing the Whole Application
    The key challenges in manual testing are that QA experts can’t test the whole software product manually. Thus, during testing of whole application manually, it is really difficult to perform large number of test cases. As they are required to finish the procedure inside a given time-frame, it is critical for the association to be plainly characterized the particular combinations to be tested.


  • Meeting the Deadline
    Now-a-days, time is a standout amongst the most critical manual testing challenges faced in software testing and development. Such as developers, the Testers are as well required to execute all tests inside a given deadline. As they can’t execute all test cases inside the given amount of time. So they mostly concentrate on finishing the tasks. The attention on finishing their projects on plan influences the overall QA of manual testing.


  • Selecting the Right Testers
    The principle skills required to face manual testing challenges are investigating, breaking down and communication. As the tester gets more hold of the software product and app testing, increasingly test cases and mistakes and bugs come in to the scene and it turn out to be essentially hard to continue testing the product framework or application further. This is the place where the regression testing comes in to the play.


  • Testing without Tools and Script
    The utilization of software testing tools both achieves and speeds up challenges faced in testing web applications. Although it is being required to finish the task inside a predefined time allotment, the manual testers are not permitted to utilize any test scripts or testing tools. So they regularly think that it’s additionally difficult to execute the test cases manually. Likewise, the manual test case execution requires both extra efforts and time.


  • Understanding the Client Needs Clearly
    As noted before, QA experts need to guarantee that the software manual testing challenges addresses particular issues of the customer. So they have to understand the necessities of the customer obviously. In the meantime, it is additionally critical for them to discover the customer needs obviously to the developers in an unmistakable and plain way. Before beginning the procedure, the QA experts must give careful consideration to the customer’s needs.


An association must recollect that a similar procedure can be directed manually or using automation tools. So the system should plainly recognize the tests to be directed manually to resolve as much as manual testing challenges. Most organizations incline toward utilizing manual testing for test cases that need not run more than once. Despite the fact that it is a cost-effective and time saving procedure. In this way the general technique must deliver these critical difficulties to convey a flawless software application development cycle.

TestOrigen’s testers are highly knowledgeable to these Deepest and Darkest Truth of manual testing and improve themselves daily that is resulting in delivering the best software testing and QA to our proud clients.

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End To End Software Testing Solutions proliferating business

End To End Testing in Software Testing Solutions proliferating business.End To End testing in Software Testing Solutions quicken through control, visibility and collaboration.

Today the current software applications are coordinated and interconnected with numerous frameworks. This makes the whole work process of the app complicated. In any case of error or disappointment in the frameworks lying outside of the project condition, it can unfavorably influence the working of the application with which they are coordinated.

In these situations End To End testing in Software Testing guarantees exact working of the application by testing it at all the layers, ideal from the front-end to completely through the back-end, its interfaces and last endpoints. Further, performing end to end software testing through website testing tool, guarantees that the web application is tested from the client’s end and under genuine situations that assists in reduction of bugs.


Other than these, there are a few more advantages of performing End To End testing in Software Testing Solutions for proliferating your business.

  • Guarantees proper Functionality and Performance of the Application

In end to end testing plan, the application is approved and tested at all the layers such as information layer, business layer, combination layer and introduction layer. This makes sure the proper functionality and performance of the application.

  • Expands Confidence in the Application

End to end testing framework additionally expands the confidence in the proper performance and functioning of the application before its launch as the application is tested crosswise over various endpoints for various platforms and devices completely.

  • Decreases the Future Risks

End to end testing best practices tried on the application is thoroughly tests after each cycle and fastly decreases the chances of disappointment and risks in the future.

  • Reductions of Repetitive Efforts

Since the app is well tested completely, there is no point of thinking back. As end to end test cases decreases the chances of regular breakdowns and eventually reduces the repeated testing efforts.

  • Decreases Expenses and Time

End to end testing in software testing by means of automation end to end testing tools results in reduction of bug’s recurrences that implies the application does not require experiencing regression testing. This extensively decreases the testing expenses or time and accomplishes better efficiency in other huge procedures.


End to End testing in Software Testing plays an important role in scaling the app over a scope of various frameworks, database interactions, layers, devices, servers, communication and APIs. Moreover, automating end-to-end testing enables you to rapidly react to changing business needs and adds more agility to the whole software testing projects.

TestOrigen’s software testing services are the best among various testing companies across Delhi/NCR. Our proficient Testers are well qualified and providing the best End to End software testing solution to our proud customers for years.

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Quality Control VS Quality Assurance: Let the Battle began

Quality Control VS Quality Assurance- Let the Battle began.As these terms Quality Control and Quality Assurance are closely connected to each other creates confusion to numerous companies and people. However both are different concepts but plays important role in managing the risk of maintaining software and in developing products.

Thus it is very necessary to understand the Quality Control vs Quality Assurance that are explained below:

QC is the function of software quality that verifies whether the project is following its processes, benchmarks and strategies properly. And as well quality checks the project must be produce the essential external and internal products. At the point when the statistical methods or tools are implemented to completed software products. Then they are known as Statistical Quality Control and goes under product Quality Control.

QA is also the function of software quality that guarantees whether the chosen procedures and standards are properly implemented and are suitable for the project. The statistical methods or tools are used in both Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Small change diverse them such as if they are implemented to processes. Then they are known as Statistical Process Control and goes under quality assurance procedures.

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance:


  1. Quality Control procedures are the reactive process that discovers the possible defects in the completed products. A set of quality control checks are executed for quality in software products.
  2. The main objective of quality control system is to find the bugs after the development of software application. Thus basically Quality Control methods are utilized to confirm the quality of the output.
  3. Quality control techniques are also called Reactive as it not only finds the defects but also corrects those bugs and defects. Methods of quality control always engaged in implementing the code or program.
  4. QC is a product oriented procedure in which mainly testing team is answerable for Quality control. It aims mainly in detection of defects for improving the quality of product.
  5. Quality Control is performed after quality assurance activities are finished as it is a line function. The Software Testing Validation is an example of QC that means Action is executing them.


  1. Quality Assurance process is the proactive procedure that prevents defects with an attention on the quality assurance standards used to build the product.
  2. The main objective of quality assurance software is to improve the testing and improvement procedures by resolving the introducing bugs in the software app. Thus the quality assurance program is mainly the procedure followed for managing the quality of product.
  3. Quality assurance system is also known as Pro-active as it finds out the flaws and faults in the procedures. Methods of quality assurance are not engaged in the execution of program or code.
  4. QA is process oriented procedures in which all the people involved in the developing software application are answerable for the quality assurance requirements. It mainly aims in the reduction of bugs to advance the quality.
  5. QA is executed before QC as it is a staff function that discovers the limitations in the procedures to advance them. Software Testing Verification is one of quality assurance examples that means planning is necessity for performing the QA process.


Hence the battle of Quality Control vs Quality Assurance is never ending subject as both quality control and quality assurance activities are normally essential for successful software development lifecycle.

TestOrigen’s quality management is highly qualified and very much known among various Quality Control Company and Quality Assurance Company. As we provide the best quality control and quality assurance solution to our clients.


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Apple’s Gift to Technology: The first smartwatch independent of iPhone

apple smartwatch specificationSoon the Apple is going to launch their first smartwatch that are independent of iPhone. This latest version of apple smartwatch can be directly connected to cellular networks without much dependence on the iPhone.

The rumors stated that this new apple watch 3 is expected to have LTE that can be released by the end of this year. And will be easily carry out numerous tasks without an iPhone in range. This apple smartwatch specification assists the users to utilize the latest apps and download their favorite songs without carrying their iPhone with them.

The Bloomberg report stated that this time Intel Corp. will deliver the LTE modems for this apple iphone watch. That’s really a success for chipmaker Intel. As they were trying for years to get its component into this new smartwatch apple series. As far as, Qualcomm Inc. has been the primary modem provider for iPhones and other Apple compatible smartwatch devices. But due to some quarrel, the two companies are involved in a sour legal dispute. Thus Apple appears to have moved out with Intel as their modem provider this time.

Apple is previously caught taking with carriers in the Europe and US about offering the cellular networks. In any case, sources disclosed to Bloomberg that in the AT&T, US, Sprint, Verizon Communications and T-Mobile US intend to trade the devices. There are additionally risks that the new apple smartwatch launch could be postponed past 2017. Apple, Intel and the bearers declined to remark.

Apple CEO Tim Cook guarantees that this new apple smartwatch specification is the top most selling smartwatch for apple ‘by a very wide edge.’ despite the fact is that it being just a small part of Apple’s overall incomes.

Moreover Bloomberg reports also said that this latest apple smartwatch features be a standalone device that going to boost the sales of their products. And analysts trust that this latest apple smartwatch specification could be more beneficial to Apple Company. Also if it works out then apple watch features prove to be the tech giant becomes a new direction for the business.

Apple’s initial move towards making the Apple Watch a more self-directed gadget was the point at which it sold some new models with a GPS chip a year ago.

Presently, aside from adding smartwatch apple compatibility, Apple as well seems to be worried about the software change for device with more Siri voice-empowers highlights, installment choices in iMessage, new stories and considerably more in the WatchOS 4.

TestOrigen always being updated to latest devices that assist our team in getting a new way to enhance their testing process effectively.

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Struggles or troubles faced by Software Testers

Software testerssoftware testing challenges and problems manage large number of software testing challenges & problems straight in the wake of morning coffee. Lack of time, resources, tools and materials are the main struggles for software tester. Still 99% is the highest level of accuracy that can be attained in a software product. Testers have plenty of practices, trends and techniques today that provide great software testing challenges and solutions for almost every defect.

But, today some of our most remarkable successes end up being difficult to utilize day by day. Due to this achieving your application quality assurance can turn out to be troubles for software tester.


Here are some of the top software testing challenges & problems faced by software testers.

Lack of resources

Talented Testers with excellent knowledge of every domain can enables you to provide more successful test scripts and scenarios. Aside from their knowledge they also require the good resources and right testing tools to face key challenges of software testing. As the right tools assists the QA team in better way. So, they can execute the project faster.

Testing all the aspects is not possible

As in any app testing, there are a wide range of test scenarios and so many resulting combinations. Due to this testing all the possible aspects is the main challenges faced in software testing. Thus the testers must have clear focus on their goals and must be specific to software testing challenges & problems to fulfill organization’s aim.

Test Scope

Now-a-days world is changing with latest trends that become challenges for software tester as everyone need an efficient testing services to make sure that their application works admirably, everywhere constantly.  Thus scope of testing in this diverse geographies become testing challenges for tester that depend entirely on a customary QA outlook. Lab-based testing with restricted assets can never reproduce a genuine situation. Getting a precise knowledge in these cases subsequently turns out to be more troublesome. In spite of the fact that a 100% scope won’t be conceivable, you can expand your QA attempts by depending on crowd sourced testing stages.

Lack of good communication

It is very important to be well known to all the software testing problems and solutions for starting any project.  A small change in application features or any new update regarding that project must be provided on time to the QA team. So they can fix the arisen types of issues in software testing timely. This whole process requires a good communication among all the development and QA tester team for detecting common testing problems.

Setting of procedure in right way

The organization procedure for testing must be adjusted in right manner and should be more effective for catching the bugs on time. The software testing methodologies problems must be avoided for setting the uniform procedure. But it is the problems for software tester to set the procedures for the teams that are situated in various workplaces in various time zones.

There are wide ranges of testing issues in software engineering such as challenges faced in manual testing projects, testing challenges in agile, technical challenges in automation testing and many more challenges faced in testing web applications. As 100% bug free software product might be a dream that can become partially true by using above mentioned software testing challenges & problems.

And TestOrigen’s experts also help you in deal with challenges faced in automation testing as well as raised challenges in automation testing selenium and provide you high quality software products.

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Explore the Software Testing world with Network Virtualization

Explore the Software Testing world with Network Virtualization.Software Testing is developing every day with new methodologies and systems. This evolvement gave birth to Network Virtualization technology that is leveraged to bring the flexibility, ensure reliability, network speed, and make the software testing process secure and scalable. Software testing on a virtualized network makes testing process simple to highlight real issues in a LIVE environment.

Software testing teams can profit by using network virtualization in software testing as it gives precise ways to test an application. Benefits of virtualization to the software testers are that they can assume the actual outcomes with expected examples and jamming issues.

Need of Network Virtualization for Application Software Testing.

Software Testing is important for concluding and completing the software improvement process. The tester is required to set up the test condition and write about the outcomes by utilizing different software testing tools that requires a lot of investment and testing platforms.

Virtualization benefits the software testing by increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the hardware and provides the leverage of virtual test environments.

There is some of the software products that are needed to get checked under specific conditions such as various setups and network pressures are required. In such cases, the testers can rely upon virtualization technologies to give the required resources. The network virtualization in performance testing settings can be changed according to the testing necessities.

Network virtualization in software testing also assists the testers in combining various physical networks into a single physical network or split single physical network into various analytical networks.

This process, load test the application/software under multiple settings for determining near-to-real outcomes. The present condition includes different difficulties, for example, variances in data transmissions, changes in the system, and spikes in movement; network virtualization in loadrunner help in measuring its effect on the application.

Main Advantages of network virtualization in software testing

Network function virtualization is also known as Software Defined Networking, encourages projects to program and make the network accessible on-request, in spite of no physical access to the routers or switches, the network virtualization in performance testing system is always accessible for testing plans at whatever point required. This conveys a great deal of advantages to the front line that projects can use.

Gainful Networks

It is possible to manage the network devices with a single management console by using Network Virtualization. Network virtualization in software testing does not need any physical access to the switches or any extra abilities/ qualities to manage various routers and switches. This make virtualization technology more simpler and cost gainful networks as it cut down the cost of buying routers and switches.

Brings Speed

Network virtualization in software testing makes exceedingly programmable networks accessible according to the required workload. This conveys applications in a faster time period, thus supporting quicker go-to-advertise. This is a key virtualization benefits to be considered while utilizing virtual networks as Speed is an essential element for an effective app launch.

Offer adaptability of network virtualization in performance testing

If the network accessibility is fixed and does not support the adaptability required to test your applications, at that point the possibility of virtualization fails. Network Virtualization does not constrain the network topologies yet gives versatility and adaptability to deal with the network settings. Thus, you have the degree to make expensive virtual networks according to your testing necessities.

Decrease in Downtime

Settling issues with the network directs to longer hours of downtime for the business applications that results in a waste of resources, time and efforts.

Taking the competitive market situations, for all intents and purposes, associations can’t bear to have a downtime.

Network Virtualization has an analytics motor to monitor the networks and give the past and current information. This data can be utilized by the application and the APIs, which brings the enhanced adaptability and user-friendliness of the application.

Thus, it additionally reduces downtime of the application and increase the speed of activities relating to application launch/upgrade.


Thus the TestOrigen as always being updated to new approaches and methodologies that is the network virtualization in software testing. Thereby the various forms of these virtualization technologies have been leveraged to bring agility, speed, profitability and scalability to boost better software development and make it accessible at any point of time.

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Rock your IOS & Androids Apps with Compatibility Testing

compatibility testing in software testing

In this highly developing world people is also facing problems of compatibility with respect to IOS and Androids Apps that result in the need of compatibility testing in software testing companies.

Androids and IOS devices daily updated with latest technology that leads to the increment of mobile users which caused an explosive growth for mobile apps as well. IOS and Androids have become an important part of people’s life and so are apps.

Compatibility testing in software testing is performed to verify your Apps compatibility on different platforms such as browser compatibility testing and os compatibility testing etc.

Mobile application testing is very necessary for the compatibility of your various IOS and Androids Apps. Although it is different from traditional software testing as mobile apps are required to tested on various compatibility testing platforms and under various network connectivity environments. It is critical that overall testing is done so that there are no bugs in the application.


There are mainly two types of compatibility testing in software testing is performed:

Backward compatibility Testing is done to confirm the behavior of the created software and hardware with the old version of the software and hardware.

Forward compatibility Testing is performed to check the behavior of the created software and hardware with the latest version of the software and hardware.

Both the Compatibility testing  plays important role in IOS and Androids Apps as before launch of any application it is critical for app to be as good as from old version and as better as from latest version.


Compatibility testing with example explained below:

Test the application in same browsers however in various versions. For e.g. to test the similarity of site Download diverse versions of Firefox and introduce them one by one and test the ebay webpage. Ebay site must behave similarly same in every version.

Test the application in various browsers yet in various versions. For e.g. testing of webpage in various accessible browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera and so on.


TestOrigen solve all your Compatibility issues such as browser compatibility, mobile performance testing and IOS and Androids App Testing as our mobile test automation services are the best among our competitors. Our Testers are well known to cross browser testing tools as well compatibility testing tools and gives you the unique compatibility testing in software testing for all your platforms under one rooftop only.

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