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Basic Translation of Manual Test Cases into Automation Scripts

Basic Translation of Manual Test Cases into Automation ScriptsAutomation dependably takes after manual testing. Ordinarily, at least one rounds of manual testing as of now would be performed on the Application under test. This means manual test cases currently exist and have been executed at any rate once as an automation scripts.

Anyway the software product, a few measures of manual regression and functional tests can be automated. There are various outlines of automated test scripts over all stages and working frameworks, and paying small notice to what sort of system is being tested, it justifies looking for after that target.

The more fundamental functional structure and inauspicious regression tests can be automated, the more manual testing projects with test cases can focus on business work forms, defect examination, negative conditions and diverse opening and-corners that can turn a framework from normal to hearty.

To be sure, even with a determination to automation scripts, regardless, the best approach to changing over manual test cases can be frustrated before you even begin if the manual testing test cases are not composed in a way to deal with make them automation scripts. The automation scripting tools uses manual test cases as a blueprint to forming code. The arrangement is pointless if the writing manual test cases are indefinite, lacking subtle element, or too much broad.

The accompanying are the rules we will take after to accomplish the translation of Manual Test Cases into Automation Scripts:

  1. State of the AUT: The segment precondition is only a specific condition of the foundation to be set for a specific advance to be executed.
  2. Test Steps: We can order the manual test steps into three groups:


Information section – Data passage steps are the place you are entering some data as a contribution to your AUT.

Change of AUT state steps – these means are the ones that will make a change happen to your AUT. It may incorporate going another page, a specific field being unmistakable, an alter box being editable and so forth.

Combination – as the name suggests, this is mix of both of the above sorts. Take the instance of a checkbox, when turned on will make a specific field dynamic. All things considered, you are entering the esteem “Valid” for the checkbox field and it likewise brings about a condition of your AUT.

  1. Automation steps:

Information section steps are not altogether different in the automation test script and manual techniques. Everything you do is entering the information. The way you reference the field is unique. Since it will be machine playing out the means, we simply need to ensure we allude to the fields in the AUT in a way that the device gets it. That implies, you need to utilize its consistent name as utilized as a part of the QA test scripts.

For Change of AUT/Combination sample test cases for beginners in a manual situation, you play out the action and confirming the change at one go. However in automation situation that isn’t conceivable. So we need to ensure we include steps for action and approval/check.

  1. Remarks for readability.

Debugging declaration – these are particularly vital which you are making and testing the test itself. Attempt to utilize message boxes regularly to yield different esteems at different phases of test execution. This will give you perceivability into the test like nothing else would.

Result proclamations – to write to comes about or some other outside place like a scratch pad or exceed expectations sheet.

Verification and Validation

Without check and approval the purpose of testing is lost. Commonly you should utilize test cases for web application in manual testing. So you should utilize a ton of restrictive articulations and furthermore circle proclamations to fabricate the rationale.

  1. Test Data

The accompanying is a portion of the inquiries that you should seriously consider responding to your sample test cases for manual testing requirements:

  • Where to put it?
  • To hard code or not?
  • Security concerns?
  • Reusability concerns?

When you glance back at the manual test script, you will see that having the test information, the username and password accessible is one of the preconditions to try and start the test.

  1. Results

For a manual test case, you can put the consequence of each progression in the “genuine outcome” section. An automation tool’s outcome record contains the aftereffect of each progression when executed.

Post Operations

When you are finished with testing it require not be expressly specified in your manual test case to close the program or close the AUT and so on. As a tester you would do it determinedly. On account of automation test scripts, you can incorporate these means in your script. Moreover clean up – is the thing that I call these actions. Execute every one of the associations you made. Close all the applications. Discharge the memory.

So, you perceive how effectively an automation script unfurls when you have an elegantly composed manual scripts and an arrangement of fundamental rules to take after.  Test content being the crucial building square, it is easy to extemporize on a script when you have the good knowledge of how to automate test cases using selenium, how to write automated test scripts in java as well as agile test scripts.


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Exploring Past Life of Software Testing

Exploring Past Life of Software Testing. history of software testingThe short history of software testing contains a modest bunch of unavoidable trends. Take any software resource, for example, an application, a database, or a data framework. In a high likelihood, its size and intricacy have developed all through its entire lifetime. Take any software resource that is still in dynamic utilize.

Chances are the quantity of its dynamic clients and outer conditions have developed all through its entire lifetime. Take any bit of software that is still effectively kept up.

No doubt the time between consequent releases is substantially shorter now than it was in the past life of software testing methodologies.

These days because of the quick advancement of innovation, there is an expanded enthusiasm towards software testing proficients.

A decent software testing organization may help you incredibly enhance your software product by dispensing with the issues the developers skipped during the software product creation.

Furthermore, software testers are typically the ones that speak to the clients’ advantages.  Usability testing is a typical practice for them.


A brief history of software testing explained below:

Software testing fundamentals first started in the 1950s and it was essential evolution of software testing. In any case it was discovered that the sort of testing that was being done was not ready to discover all types of the bugs. In the 1970s a quality assurance software testing technique that was known as accuracy verification was created that was outlined yet it was tedious and it did not de-bug the levels of testing adequately.

The next software testing strategies for test documentation was produced in the late 1970s and this strategy attempted to discover extreme defects in the framework that had not yet been found. This was a change of the past technique that attempted to evacuate defects that had just been found. The way these types of software testing worked is by testing the program as though there were bugs to void expecting that there are no mistakes which would make the projects completely examine each piece of the program and additionally review each test outcomes.


In the 1980s defect counteractive action was incorporated into the procedure of QA software testing. This was characterized as planning tests and it was an immense change on alternate techniques for testing that existed until at that point. In this software testing methods, it audits the entire program was done as it was produced. This included testing the necessities of the program, the plan of the program, the code, the program and in addition the tests that were done to guarantee that they were viable. After that the types of software testing tools were automated and were created to influence the software testing process more effective and enhance the quality assurance of testing that was done at the time.

Computers could accomplish more tests contrasted with individuals which were the manner by which proficiency was expanded. In the 1990s the early test configuration was created. This method of testing was finished by doing tests in the design, maintaining, planning, building, and in the testing of the program. It additionally included QA of the program. Different techniques for testing that were created right now, the tools that further developed in scripting dialects and detailing offices. One of the primary improvements at this stage was scope planning where tools were produced that tested regression and the heap of the objective framework that decided the limit of the framework.

In the 2000s a strategy for testing known as Business Technology Optimization was created. In this technique for testing, the business objectives of an association’s program and the viability of the program were taken into consideration. The test cases in software testing is a way this technique was produced to work is to gauge the estimation of the program and augment it by improving the way the program works.

The Future of Software Testing

The pressures depicted above in the history of software testing are what introduced tools like Selenium. In any case, today, engineers confront another arrangement of necessities, and those requirements require much more advanced developments.

For example, take Continuous Delivery, which puts tremendous weight on developers to test and refresh code on a progressing premise. Software regression testing never again work in the time of Continuous Delivery.

The approach of automation mobile computing, IoT gadgets and so forth additionally imply that situations differ more generally than any other time in recent memory. However a solitary program frequently needs to keep running over these stages. That implies all the more testing like Black box, grey box, functional testing and regression testing, as well.

Luckily, developers are presently better prepared to deal with these pressures.  The cloud has made it simple to offload testing from nearby situations, and influence it to scale. What’s more, parallel testing enables developers to test software significantly speedier than they could before.

So new issues have prompted new answers. What’s more, it’s an easy win that this pattern will remain constant at whatever point the following programming transformation moves around.

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Importance of Quality Assurance in Avionics

Importance of Quality Assurance in Avionics. software testing in avionicsThe quality assurance in avionics is characterized as planned and efficient generation forms that give confidence in product appropriateness to its planned purpose. The QA procedure must be actualized each time during improvement/alteration and software testing in avionics.

QA comprises of mainly two procedures:

  1. Completion certification of functional and technical specifications
  2. Procedures and plans ensure completion.


Quality assurance in avionics assumes a key part in any industry to meet the client desires and more and in this way has turned out to be fundamental in the present quick moving innovation. The Avionics software testing business is no special case.

Frameworks and Software Life Cycle:

Presently, how about we endeavor to see how avionics products are produced and also the avionics software development. The greater part of the associations that create avionics products take after their representing nation’s guard or military characterized procedures and techniques as an establishment and include any client particular structures, and so on.

The initial step of a QA in avionics product in ideation begins from recognizing the safety basic capacity. Post this; a satisfactory investigation should be performed to decrease the dangers in any program. Software testing in avionics has prompted the advancement of security building which is a subset of the framework designing area. The key obligation of Avionics software testing is to guarantee that worthy levels of dangers are accomplished and kept up over the avionics quality assurance and product advancement life cycle.

Safety building is the duty of everybody who is a part of the end-to-end improvement of security basic products. This incorporates a quality assurance in avionics to understand the dangers in the life cycle and guarantee that the avionics software testing procedures are laid as per the security prerequisites.

QA Objectives in avionics systems:

QA should address the accompanying destinations.

  • Build up a Quality Management System that incorporates forms, rules, measures, agendas, and layouts might follow standard (ED109) prerequisites.
  • Guarantee that product improvement designs and principles are created and affirmed.
  • The transition criteria of each period of software development life cycle are fulfilled.
  • Any deviation from the plans and principles during software development life cycle must be distinguished, announced, and investigated with conclusion.
  • Guarantee every single legitimate control is set up for its basic procedures that incorporate software check process, software design, and change administration process.
  • Guarantee that hardware software integration testing in avionics information is accessible and examined for consistence.


QA Approach

Aside from characterizing the QMS, QA survey must be an agenda driven appraisal that is extensive and very much characterized with transition criteria. Additionally, there must be stringent gate criteria for every one of the phases of software life cycles. This causes the software testing in avionics to pick up certainty on the product. Following is the reference or a case of gate checks.

QA arrangement to SDLC

You have known about transition criteria and life cycle information in the destinations. Understanding them is pivotal in building a far reaching agenda and to play out a congruity audit for every ED109 standard.

Transition Criteria

Transition criteria are characterized as “the base conditions, as characterized by the software product arranging process, to be fulfilled to enter a procedure.”

To deliver a security basic framework and productive software, avionics testing tools are needed to give certainty that the life cycle forms are confirmed. In any case there’s a need, of an outsider evaluation, Transition definition are to be produced during the arranging period of a software product improvement and concurred with the partners.


A strong avionics testing is indispensable to the avionics business and QA must be included well in advance of any framework improvement life cycle to assemble and build up the procedures, principles, design, rules, agendas, and formats. An efficient quality assurance in avionics adventure will dependably succeed in life cycle.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are engaging today’s Avionics industry to offer proficient services and products with certainty. Regardless of whether its system, application, or gadget testing, Quality Assurance is crucial for maintaining in this very aggressive segment.

TestOrigen is centered on helping the domains handle the previously mentioned challenges and puts resources into, and backings, advancements and research for the same. Our advisory and integration services help understand the genuine fundamental needs of our client’s association, along these lines assessing how best to beat the persistent difficulties.

So, interconnect with us to build up an important QA and testing system for the avionics domain.


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Recently Microsoft challenged Facebook by purchasing AltspaceVR App

Recently Microsoft challenged Facebook by purchasing AltspaceVR App. altspacevr app

Silicon Valley is once taking care some of the most concerning issues rising around virtual reality: to be specific that it’s costly and takes everlastingly to set up. But, one it hasn’t is the way the innovation strikes toward singular encounters. Regardless of whether you’re eye to eye with a whale on a submerged ship or taking off the highest point of a building wearing a jetpack, loved ones have no clue what you’re encountering until the point that they slip on a headset themselves. AltspaceVR app around 2017, as attracting as it can be, is an inherently single issue.

At a gala occasion on 3 October 2017 in San Francisco, Microsoft declared that it has purchased socialVR application AltspaceVR.

The social virtual reality application permits clients crosswise over virtual reality headsets and web stages to join 3D talk rooms to play games, watch recordings and go to occasions.

In July, the Startups reported it was closing down after another subsidizing round had fallen through finally, letting the Microsoft mixed reality startup well enough alone for runway. Weeks after the fact, the organization reported that it was keeping the lights on after assistance from an “outsider.”

We now realize that outsider to be Microsoft acquires AltspaceVR app.

Microsoft is eager to consolidate communications innovation into our mixed reality biological system. Microsoft latest news also stated that the present social encounters can be uneven: content, photographs, and recordings are posted by a solitary individual, to be devoured by others later,” a latest news on Microsoft technology, the representative told TechCrunch in an announcement. “However, AltspaceVR app takes social networks, consolidates them with continuous encounters, and use immersive nearness to rise above past sharing presents on sharing circumstances. Circumstances of individuals, spots, and things have further importance and thus, are more vital.”

This Latest news of Microsoft technology also stated that terms of the sale were not uncovered. AltspaceVR raised more than $15 million in project subsidizing from Comcast Ventures, GV, Formation 8 and others.

Microsoft new app starting at July, the startup described that it had only 35,000 month to month dynamic clients. Following the AltspaceVR shutting down declaration, the startup let go a critical number of workers, leaving what it alluded to as a “skeleton group” to remain the service running.

The startup joins Microsoft new app for android as the organization is expecting to recognize its windows mixed reality stage for VR headsets running Windows 10. The organization is discharging a huge number of headsets with OEM accomplices this occasion at a more forceful value point than its rivals, with headsets beginning at $299.

Many have alluded to social altspacevr events as the “killer application” of Microsoft virtual Reality yet the opposition has been rigid as smaller new businesses clash with Facebook for control of a market that has only a couple of million clients altogether.

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Everything you want to know about Static Testing

Everything you want to know about Static Testing. static testing in software testingReports of data breaches and site vulnerabilities are buzzing now days in the software testing enterprises. So, securing the SDLC has increased considerably more momentum than before.

This is a caution to the undertaking to be specific in picking the privilege and well-suited security systems to execute. Static testing in software testing is one of the major and most popular security tests.

The Static testing in software testing strategy that includes examination of the program’s code and its related documentation however does not require the program be executed.

Static Testing Techniques give a capable approach to enhance the quality and profitability of software improvement by helping developers to perceive and settle their own particular defects ahead of schedule in the software advancement process.

In this software is tested without executing the code by doing Review, Walk Through, Inspection or Analysis and so forth.

Static Testing might be led manually or using different software testing tools. It begins right on time in the Software Development Life Cycle thus it is finished amid the Verification Process.

Static Analysis – By Static Testing Tools:

Following are the sorts of defects found by the tools amid static examination:

  • Inaccessible code (or) Dead Code
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Programming models infringement
  • A variable with an undefined value
  • Conflicting interface amongst modules and segments
  • Variables that are proclaimed however never utilized
  • Syntax infringement


Why Static Testing

Static testing in software testing is performed because of following reasons:

  • Early bugs or defects correction and detection
  • Decreases improvement timescales
  • Decreases testing expense and time
  • For development of improvement efficiency
  • To get less defect at later phase of testing


In software advancement, static testing definition, as well known as dry run testing, is a type of software testing where the genuine program or application isn’t utilized. Rather this testing technique expects software engineers to manually read their own particular code to discover any defects. Basically Static testing is a phase of White Box Testing.

Benefits of Static Testing:

  • Since static testing can begin ahead of schedule in the life cycle, early feedback on quality issues can be built up.
  • By identifying defects at a beginning time, improve costs are frequently generally low.
  • Since rework exertion is generously diminished, advancement efficiency figures are probably going to increase.
  • The assessment by a team has the extra preferred standpoint that there is a trade of data between the members.
  • Static tests add to an expanded consciousness of value issues.


Static Testing Methods and Techniques

Leading a static testing methodology includes a progression of systems and procedures that assess the software product for conceivable bugs and defects. Testers will break down the code sets inside the software product to direct static testing in software testing and later run it under varying conditions to check whether the software product is running as per the set models or not.

Despite the fact that it is helpful test, static test will be unable to discover a few defects unless you really run the software product under field conditions through powerful testing. The principle objective of the software developer is to endeavor to break the code framework by running a progression of tests. The way toward running this test is to examine the framework reaction and rate of reaction to respond to the pending difficulties.


TestOrigen’s Testers direct various types of static testing to discover the usability of various capacities directly through the formative stages. Static software testing isn’t an inside and out kind of testing.

But, it gives programming engineers helpful experiences about the code structure of the software products. Static testing techniques types additionally guarantee that the software product has the correct sort of code alongside the right calculations supporting them.

Static testing in software testing isn’t hard to test. The static analysis testing is manual in nature, as the testers will check the codes and conceivable defects by utilizing manual strategies.

This will enable static analysis in software testing to cancel out potential bugs and defects once clients run the software product. However, static analysis tools in software testing are sufficiently not to demonstrate the dependability of the product.

Directing static and dynamic tests together in combination will guarantee appropriate approval, check and a wide range of QA tests.

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Tutorial for Test Case execution Using Automation Testing Techniques

Tutorial for Executing Test Cases Using Automation Testing Techniques. test case executionAutomation testing process is done utilizing automation testing tools for test case execution.

The automation software can as well enter test information into the System under Test, analyze expected and actual outcomes and create point by point test reports.

Testing and Automation requests significant investments of resources and money.

Progressive advancement cycles will require same suite of test case execution process over and again.

Utilizing best automation testing tool it’s conceivable to record the same test suite and re-play it as needed.

Once the test suite is automated, no human intercession is required.

Let’s have a speedy look at this automation testing tutorial and see what really happens when a TestCase is executed, both concerning individual TestSteps, the TestCase log and activated occasions, as this will give you a good understanding of how to fabricate TestCases so they keep running as you need them to.


Beginning up the test case execution:

When beginning a TestCase the accompanying steps are made internally:

  1. A setting for the execution of the TestCase is run. This is passed to all scripts, property-developments, and so on that will happen amidst the execution of the TestCase enabling you to share information, resources and so on between them. For instance, SoapUI utilizes this inside to store a HttpState question in the setting when the “Keep up HTTP Session” alternative has been chosen in the TestCase Options dialog box.
  2. The planned script of the TestCase is executed.
  3. If a most extreme execution time has been determined in the TestCase options dialog, a comparing times is begun that will end the TestCase in any case it has not completed in the designed time.
  4. A beforeRun occasion is activated to all material TestRunListeners.
  5. Any WS-RM or AMF related session or exchange loading is executed as designed under the comparing tabs in the TestCase Options dialog.

Both 2 and 4 above have the likelihood of ending the TestCase if any outside conditions are not met by calling testRunner.cancel or

When running from the UI, a section denoting the start of TestCase will be composed to the test case execution log:

Beginning up the test case execution



Execution of TestSteps:

Now, The TestCase is all prepared to go! Therefore the real well ordered test execution process flow of your TestCase happens beginning with the first empowered TestStep. For each TestStep the steps happen:

  1. The beforeTestStep event is activated to all relevant TestRunListeners
  2. The TestStep itself is run and its TestStepResult is added to the testRunner.results collection
             (i) In any case the TestStep itself executes different TestSteps, these are recursively executed as portrayed here
  1. The afterTestStep event is activated to all material TestRunListeners
  2. If running in the UI, the comparing log is refreshed with the TestStepResult spared in (2);


Execution of TestSteps.test case execution



Completing the Test Case Execution:

When test execution phase passes the last TestStep the TestCase is done and the accompanying events are activated:

All TestSteps are automatically “completed”, which enables them to close any resources, compose results to records, and so forth.

The TearDown script of the TestCase is called, for instance for scrubbing up any resources or doing last approvals.

The TestRunListener.afterRun event is activated for appropriate audience members

The Status of the TestCase will be set to FAILED if any of the accompanying conditions is met:

The TestCase was prematurely ended because of an internal defect

The TestCase was also prematurely ended on account of a failed TestStep or if there were failed TestCase on Error” option in the TestCase Options dialog is chosen

If a script in any of the activated events, contents or handlers expressly failed the TestCase with

The Run Log once more time refects the last condition of the test case execution.


Completing the Test Case Execution. test case execution



Which Test Cases to Automate?

The Test cases that are automated can be chosen utilizing the accompanying basis to build the automation ROI:

  • High Risk – Business Critical test cases
  • Test cases that are executed more than once
  • Test cases those are exceptionally repetitive or hard to execute manually
  • Test cases which are tedious


Advantages of Automation Testing

Following are some of benefits of automation testing:

  • Human Intervention isn’t required while test case execution
  • Builds Efficiency
  • 70% speedier than the manual testing
  • More extensive test scope of application highlights
  • Dependable in outcomes
  • More cycle of test case execution can be accomplished through automation testing techniques
  • Early time to advertise
  • Better speed in executing tests
  • Re-usable test script
  • Guarantee Consistency
  • Spares Time and Cost
  • Enhances precision
  • Test frequently and completely


Right choice of mobile automation testing tools, automation testing services and team are essential players for automation to be effective. Both Automation and Manual testing techniques go as an inseparable unit for effective testing.

We at TestOrigen provides both services using latest automation testing tools for executing mobile automation testing or web automation and so forth.

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SDLC Battles STLC: Let’s Enjoy their Fight

SDLC Battles STLC- Let’s Enjoy their Fight. difference between sdlc and stlcIn simple words, we can say that the SDLC stands for software development life cycle includes the entire Verification and Validation of a Process or a Project. While STLC stands for Software Testing Life Cycle includes just Validation. But is it that simple? No. These terms SDLC and STLC have much more inside them. So, to understand what is STLC in software testing and SDLC testing. Let’s take look on difference between SDLC and STLC or you can say SDLC vs STLC.

SDLC and STLC models Explained:

In the prior days of software development, coders used to create software without considering a coordinated approach since there was once in a while a need to include different individuals.

With the coming of complex frameworks where Lines of Code keeps running into millions and software development being the obligation of numerous coders and partners, the industry felt the requirement for a framework that can coordinate different stages together. Remembering this different handled were acquainted with help oversee programming advancement.

These procedures in basic terms are known a Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC framework.

SDLC methodologies give an arranged and institutionalized process for all testing phase in SDLC of any System Development organize. Each stage tracks the advancement of the framework, from project arranging or viability study to support the framework.

At the point when does Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) begin in SDLC implementation?

Although it might sound unusual, STLC in testing includes approximately 50% of the software project. STLC in software Testing starts ideal from Requirements stage and goes exhaustive outline stage, coding stage, testing stage, establishment, to support of the project. On formative process, STLC models includes continuous testing to guarantee the accuracy of the execution and if the advancement forms are followed.

This is how STLC and SDLC in software testing are connected to each other.


What are SDLC and STLC?

SDLC process known to software development life cycle, while STLC process known to software testing life cycle. Both of these SDLC and STLC life cycle contain six stages which introduce consistent difference between SDLC and STLC in software testing. These two SDLC and STLC models are contrasted beneath in detail and an intensive survey of similarities and difference between SDLC and STLC.

Various SDLC and STLC phases Explained Below:

Based On Requirement Gathering Phase:

SDLC models:

  • Business Analyst accumulates prerequisites.
  • Advancement group examines the necessities.
  • In SDLC phases, after abnormal state, the improvement group begins dissecting from the engineering and the outline point of view.

STLC Models:

  • Testing group surveys and examines the SRD archive.
  • Recognizes the testing prerequisites – Scope, Verification and Validation key focuses.
  • Audits the necessities for functional and logical relationship among different modules. This aide in the distinguishing proof of holes at a beginning period.


Based On Development Phase:

Development Phase in SDLC steps:

  • In SDLC analysis Development group begins building up the software product.
  • Coordinate with various frameworks.
  • When all reconciliation is done, SDLC approach prepared to test the provided software product.


Development Phase STLC life cycle:

  • Testing team composes the test situations to approve the quality of software product.
  • Point by point test cases are composed for all modules alongside expected behavior.
  • The requirements and the passage and leave criteria of a test module are recognized here.


Based On Testing Phase:

Testing phase in SDLC:

  • The real testing is completed in this stage. It incorporates unit testing, coordination testing, framework testing, defect retesting, and regression testing etc.
  • The Development group settles the bug detailed, assuming any and sends it back to the tester for retesting.
  • UAT testing performs here in the wake of getting close down from SIT testing.

Test planning phase in STLC:

  • System Integration testing begins in view of the test cases.
  • If any defect is come across then it is reported and get retested and settled.
  • Regression testing is executed here and the software product is closed down once it meets the leave criteria.


Based On Design Phase:

Design phase in SDLC:

  • The engineering of SDLC methods encourages you build up an abnormal state and low-level outline of the software product in view of the needs.
  • Business Analyst deals with the faker of UI plan.
  • Once the plan is finished, it is closed down by the partners.

Design phase in STLC:

  • In STLC phases, either the Test Architect or a Test Lead ordinarily designs the test system.
  • Distinguishes the testing focuses.
  • Resource assignment and timelines are concluded here.


Based On Deployment/ Product Release Phase:

Analysis phase in SDLC:

  • When logout is received from different testing team, application is sent in push condition for genuine end clients.

Analysis phase in STLC:

  • Sanity and Smoke testing in production condition is finished here when product is sent.
  • Matrix arrangement and Test reports and are finished by testing team to examine the product.


Based On Environment Set up Phase:

Environment set up phase in SDLC:

  • Development team at SDLC stages sets up a test domain with created software product to approve.
  • The Test team affirms the environment set up in view of the requirements.

Environment set up phase in STLC:

  • In STLC methodologies Tester Performs smoke testing to ensure the environment set up is steady for the software product to be tested.


Based On Maintenance Phase:

Maintenance phase in SDLC:

  • It covers the post organization back ups, upgrade and updates, assuming any.

Maintenance phase in STLC:

In this STLC phase in software testing, the maintaining of automation scripts, regression suites and test cases take place relying on the upgrade and updates.


Software development life cycle vs testing life cycle take a look at both the advancement and testing periods of software

The difference between SDLC and STLC happen in six principle regions which plot the whole generation condition, specifically requirements gathering, coding, plan, testing arrangement, and maintenance

The six stages of SDLC vs STLC unmistakably archive the particular parts of people and groups in the whole advancement and testing process.

It is imperative to take note of that STLC models in software testing is contained in SDLC, as testing is basically included under the umbrella of software advancement

However testing is under SDLC tools, it must be understood that testing is an autonomous capacity in the software advancement process and should be named all things considered.




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How to select the correct Framework for Test Automation?

How to select the correct Framework for Test Automation.test automation frameworkWhile getting ready for automation testing for any software product, an extreme inquiry for Testing automation engineers are – “Which test automation framework must be selected?”

Since, the correct test automation framework selection helps in keeping up the expenses and keeping up great ROI. Expenses related with test scripting are because of the improvement attempts and the support endeavors.

The approach of scripting utilized during test automation framework for agile development and testing has impact on the expenses.

Basically a test automation framework gives a stage to automate test scripts. The execution condition enables you to create, and report the test scripts effectively. Hence, you can state that these systems incorporate rule, coding standard, idea, and so forth.

The rules and standards are effortlessly trailed by the clients and give many advantages, including modularity, adaptability, reusability, and much more. Thus, remembering the end goal to boost the advantages, developers can utilize more than one test automation framework architecture.

But, numerous methodologies make disarray now and again, which builds the possibility of defects. So, selecting a best test automation framework is essential to get the advantages of utilizing test automation framework evaluation criteria, such as Maximum scope, Minimum manual mediation, and Easy recording.

Luckily there are a few test automation framework designs that developers can access for both iOS and Android. Before settling on one product to deal with all their testing needs, there are some standard demands that should be considered:

  • Code must be reusable, ready to be effectively understood, and viable.
  • Testing information should be kept separate from the code itself.
  • Test outcomes should be logged and simple to learn.
  • Procedures should be set up to deal with any testing defects.


Different test automation framework is usually utilized by testers:

  1. Hybrid automation framework
  2. Data driven automation framework
  3. Keyword driven automation framework
  4. Structured automation framework
  5. Linear automation framework


So Test directors/test Architects must be astute in picking the correct types of automation framework. Testers need to distinguish the accompanying for all test automation framework features:

Is the approach organized?

What amount of software/improvement is required? As scripting approach changes from liner to keyword driven contents, the advancement costs are rising.

What sort of automation tool selection criteria required? Such as – In linear less capability is required in programming, however in keyword driven more capability is required in programming.

What amount of arranging and administration attempts required for the agile test automation framework? Arranging required dealing with the automation project increases as we move from straight to Keyword framework.

The amount Maintenance is required? Support cost of test automation framework design patterns decreases as we move from direct to Keyword framework.

Getting Started selenium test automation framework

To help figure out which automation framework selenium is ideal for your association, put forth the accompanying supportive inquiries:

Consider the application and the innovation included. How was the application manufactured? How is the client encounter?

Consider testing prerequisites. Does the application have an extremely complex work process?

Decide license cost of the selenium tool. What costs are related with every test automation framework?

Assess the ranges of abilities accessible inside your association. What aptitudes does your team already have? Is there a team that could connect to one of the frameworks?

While assessing numerous tools, it is useful to make a scorecard to evaluate different parameters, for example, simplicity of scripting, combination, utilization, reports produced. This will enable you to pick the correct test automation framework for you.

These above mentioned points help in selection of correct test automation framework and also assists you how to choose automation framework in selenium.

TestOrigen provides best automation testing techniques. So, do give a try to our services and get the satisfaction.



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Test Advisory helps in achieving greater Agility

Test Advisory helps in achieving greater Agility. test advisory servicesToday, numerous organizations battle with building a proficient and versatile testing plan that can carry distinctive sorts of software testing. The other basic difficulties they confront incorporate incapable automation endeavors, lacking test advisory services and administration, and disgraceful test information administration alongside insufficient requirements traceability and test condition administration.

These difficulties have the ability to obstruct manufacture and discharge administration. In this way, obviously these undertakings need a viable Testing Consultancy to convey agility software.

Therefore, a brilliant software test advisory services helps address these difficulties over the Testing Compliance to guarantee better agility in software engineering.

Software quality is a reactive differentiator in the present techno driven worldwide economy. Accomplishing quality requires a precisely created test advisory procedure that is executed and observed by a combination of individuals, process, and innovation.

This additionally guarantees a perfect IT operation that is vital to reinforce business conditions with the correct Testing Advisory Services, devices, and assets to address the software testing needs. This arranging is conceivable with test advisory and consulting administration.

What is test advisory services and how it will help in achieving agility in software engineering?

Test Advisory Services are intended to transform test administration into a business empowering influences. Assessment and Consulting Services enable you to fabricate develop forms that coordinate testing into the agility software improvement lifecycle by taking out wasteful aspects without trading off on speed or economy.

Offshore Test Advisory & QA consulting services offering incorporates end-to-end QA IT assessment and evaluation crosswise over different aspects viz., individuals, process, innovation and tools. This Software Testing Consulting gives ideal agility software solutions for effectively changing your QA IT association to meet your IT vision and destinations with business objectives and system.

Test advisory services characterize customized change procedures spreading over administration, tool legitimization, benefit centralization, measurements driven administration system, process harmonization hence maximizing the end-value conveyed by IT services to business.

Test advisory services enhance the Agility in software engineering with the accompanying:

  • Conveys software agility, solid agility software solutions that successfully mark organizations.
  • Enhances endeavor agility software development in IT business engagement as it decreases testing process duration.
  • Facilitates to get uniform test administration, arranging, and scaling software agility.
  • Clears approach to build up a dependable and profitable business objective centered test procedure and plan.
  • Encourages constancy to the objective check, approval, and consistence Compliance Testing needs.
  • Systematize the whole agility maintenance software procedure of test administration and produces systematize reports.
  • Encourages defeating testing compliance difficulties, and building strong testing abilities.
  • Decreases cause and effect of disappointments and helps construct high agility software.
  • Test advisory services helps Streamlines testing forms, oversaw test condition booking, and reporting
  • Decreases total cost of testing and enhances business value


TestOrigen’s Test Advisory specialists are well known to cookie-cutter testing solutions and provide Independent Software Test Advisory Services (TAS) as we don’t work for the present complex IT conditions. We convey extensive and successful testing arrangements that fit your special business needs – altered Advisory services that address general testing methodologies and in addition strategic test execution.

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Technologies come back to schools in the aftermath of Hurricane

Technologies come back to schools in the aftermath of HurricaneIn hurricane battered regions of Florida and Texas, school locales are swinging to technology to facilitate the arrival of understudies scattered by storms. Teachers and students utilized social media, messaging app, Smartphone exchanges and websites to remain associated in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Presently, as the hardest-hit schools start to revive, backers of innovation that is turned out to be pervasive in American classrooms say it will just turn out to be more fundamental in helping students scattered by the tropical cyclones.

This recovery, directors say, can possibly exhibit how much guideline can bear on outside school dividers in the midst of future accidents and disasters.

Gay Foust said “Oh, it was magnificent,” that messaged and messaged materials from Houston instructor Kristen McClintock helped Foust’s little girl, who has extreme autism, adapt to the interruption of staying at a companion’s home when their home overwhelmed during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Gay Foust also stated that “We’re not in Miss McClintock’s classroom, we’re not in school, but she could connect and beware of every last bit of weather forecasts to her students and offer any sort of assistance and help during hurricane.”

Florida’s Orange County Public Schools dispersed around 75,000 educational technologies like laptop to center and secondary school student and educators prior this year. The thought even in reasonable weather is to customize education and lift engagement and accomplishment by giving students boundless access to their course readings and different materials, calendars and assignments.

As schools arranged to revive after Hurricane Irma and hurricane Harvey, area authorities were anxious to evaluate how the gadgets fared in the students’. They also providing care by advising them through online networking to charge and afterward unplug them or seal them in plastic sacks. Moreover numerous educators posted assignments previously school was crossed out that allowed students to excel, and school destined students could keep getting ready for the natural disasters.

Mariel Milano, director for digital curriculum stated that “This is truly our opportunity to ensure the majority of our frameworks are working the way we need them.

One advantage when hurricane strike is there is less reading material to get spongy or wash away in a surge. However, Hurricane Maria offered an update that even innovation has its flaws. Specialists anticipate schools in Puerto Rico could be without the power important to control gadgets for a significant number of the U.S. domain’s approx 350,000 students for few months.

The Orange County locale, similar to others, has strict principles against punishing students who need access to power or the social affairs outside of school, even in the best of climate, Milano said.

In Florida, where every one of the approx 2.8 million students missed school for no less than two days due to hurricane Irma, Gov. Rick Scott a month ago said the state’s current virtual government funded school would give remote access and materials to the individuals who are still uprooted, and also advanced substitutes for assets physical structures may have lost. With the hardest-hit areas just start to revive, it’s still unknown how many students will be getting selected.

In the Houston region, also approx 1.4 million students influenced by hurricane Harvey may wind up taking virtual field outings and directing on the web science tests utilizing innovation embraced by many schools in light of budget cuts.

While schools were still closed in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, it posted a three-page rundown of instructive sites for understudies at each level to access as valuable time-fillers.

Moreover Nicole Ray, a district spokeswoman stated that “Such an extensive amount what they have been improving the situation years is all on the web, and they’re recently used to doing it that way.”


The accidents and disasters, which could leave structures covered or head out teachers, are likewise observed as openings to grow “virtual educating” — administrations that have educators give direction remotely by video conference.

Orange County has been investigating utilizing the video conferencing program Safari Montage Live to let students unfit to influence it back to town to immediately join their classrooms remotely. The program is being guided now for a class being “co-instructed” by two instructors in various buildings.

“We need schools to be successful when students return,” Milano said. “We need availability to occur in each classroom and we need there to be that consistent continuous time of learning.”

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