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Risk-Based Testing ‘Shield’ to curb complications

Risk-Based Testing Shield to curb complicationsRisk in the domain of Software Testing is elucidated as a potential happening in the software, because of the existence of bug in it. And the execution of testing for these unprecedented occurrences is known as Risk-Based Testing.

Risk-Based Testing generally provides assistance in designating the testing of the features and functions of software depending on the potential risk of mishaps. Risk-Based Testing performs testing on the functionality that showcases the highest likelihood of adversity, because it isn’t easy to carry out full fledged testing on complete functionality of the software due to scarcity of time. TestOrigen envelops all the areas, and executes effectual testing with determined set of experts.

Risk-Based Testing follows few stages in order to execute testing which are, first stage i.e. recognizing and explaining the probabilities of risks occurring for all the functional units of the applications that are under testing. Second stage involves, determining the tests according to the degree of the risk involved. Third stage initiates the framing of the tests according to the requirement that was determined. And last stage i.e. the fourth stage involves execution of tests in regards to the framework that was established.

All in all, the prime ambition of risk-based testing is to execute testing by keeping in mind the best techniques involved in risk administration, which in return helps the organization in manufacturing products that are rightly adjusted in regards with the standard.

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Functional Testing is a necessity

Functional Testing is a necessityMobile devices and computers comprise of diverse components that operate independently, and jointly, for vigorous functioning as, functional testing is an essential testing that helps in determining as to how the system operates.

Functional testing performs testing on every component ensuring, the code that is generated is desirable, and it carries out examining once again assuring, that any impact doesn’t affect the device through the output of a particular component. Along with this, Functional Testing pledges to render remarkable quality of software to the devices satisfactorily. TestOrigen also assures an effective Functional Testing, thus providing the Clients with effectual outcomes on time.

Functional Testing is categorized into many different types of testing precisely to maintain the quality of the software; some of the testing is like the Unit testing which certifies that every constructed code delivers the favorable outcome. Black Box Testing takes care of the dodgy functions of the devices, by creating the test cases for every framework. System Integration Testing diagnoses the feasibility and suitability of the software with different applications. And User Acceptance Testing showcases the final usability of the system. Functional Testing also makes use different tools, like Selenium & Cucumber which are involved in verifying the software in regards with, the user interface, database, and security.

Functional Testing basically ascertains desirable behavior of applications, hence making the applications reliable and dependable to operate effectively in the tech world.

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The ‘sphere’ of Regression Testing

The sphere of Regression TestingRegression testing is well known as black box testing, which comes into action when code of units constantly gets executed to certify, that in-action code alterations cause no influence on the functionality of the system. Regression testing is not purely based on the quantity of test cases, but it’s all about enveloping the contexts which are negative in nature. Also Regression testing ensures that the fixing of bug is done successfully, along with the potential to hold the unprecedented behavior on specific functional area. TestOrigen also performs well-planned Regression Testing, providing clients with effective results on time.

Regression testing is performed on diverse stages of testing, different types of Regression Testing are:

1) Complete Regression: Complete Regression testing is performed when alterations are observed in the code, and also when there are multiple changes in the code. Complete Regression provides detailed view of the system and rectifies all the unanticipated hindrances with ease.

2) Unit regression: Unit Regression testing is performed when unit testing phase, executes the tests on the code as a lone unit.

3) Partial Regression: Partial Regression is executed once the impact analysis is completed. In this testing, the formulated new code is introduced to the older existing code, in order to discover that , even with the adjustment in the code, the functions of the system doesn’t get affected , as they still remain desirable.

All in all Regression Testing is executed to make sure, that there is little possibility of after-release shocks, thus ensuring smooth operations.

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ETL Testing is also essential

ETL Testing is also essentialExtract, Transform and Load data or the ETL, is chiefly performed by keeping in mind the standard of the software tools like Informatica, Datastage and etc., which are readily available in the markets. ETL Testing helps in constructing, coordinating and supporting of the data that remains highly unsegregated.

Extract helps in the generating favorable data from equivalent and assorted sources of records. Whereas, Transform, rebuilds the data that has been achieved according to the need of the businesses or the structure with the help of  Basic Transformation ,that helps in purifying  and reorganizing of  the data  and  Advance Transformation, which helps in treating , characterizing  and combining of the data. In the end Load finally helps in slotting of the data to target areas like the databases. TestOrigen has mastery in executing ETL Testing, thus providing the clients bug free data to operate in the market.

ETL testing is necessary because, when in the process of transferring data from extraction to the load few instances may arise like the errors which will be either made by humans or by the systems, resulting in poor statistics being conveyed to the organization, so in order to avoid these errors ETL Testing is conducted which kills the bugs based on few techniques like the, Perfectness of the data, Quality of the data and Modification of the data. Few testing like Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing and etc are executed in the process of ETL for achieving satisfactory results.

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Hazards that should be avoided during mobile testing

Hazards that should be avoided during mobile testingThe colonization of the mobile apps in human lives are increasing at an enormous pace, fabricating the humans to rely heavily upon the applications in order to get their work done on time.  Today, Mobile users have enormous availability of the apps to pick from. This derives to a point that the users don’t showcase any level of patience towards one app to meet their demands, when they can switch on to different apps in order to get the work done on time.

For the apps to remain effectively operational, testing should be executed on various levels to avoid glitches at all instances. With this it also becomes priority for the testers to perform constructive testing and avoid all the pitfalls like, should not stop thinking from the perspective of the user as reaction of the user in testing is the key to all the queries for testers. Also, testers shouldn’t carry the testing right away, but should have a full proof plan in advance to carry out testing effectively, as it will help the testers to achieve proper testing timelines, ensuring effectual testing. Testers shouldn’t restrict themselves to avoid using real devices for testing, because testing on real devices will give the testers an experience of real user interactions and accountability to interruptions during the services. And in the end the testers shouldn’t runaway from non-functional testing because by performing non functional testing the apps tend to remain intact with the real world testing.

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Shift-left & Shift-right exercise ‘empowering’ Continuous Testing

Shift left and Shift right exercise empowering Continuous TestingToday’s scenario demands of speed along with ability to deliver software rapidly in order to maintain healthier edge in the market. Also, establishing of the latest applications in production has turned into complex transformation that is issued by the enterprise, which also requires the need for restructuring testing methodology.

To master the hindrances, Shift-Left operation is considered to be the most favorable asset to execute testing in the earlier stages because it helps in developing satisfactory quality. But, constructing of the quality is just not enough because generating assessments from the users on a regular basis is evenly important in performing testing with the help of Shift-Right operation.

Continuous Testing is a process, where Automated Tests are performed as part of the software delivery and also to get acknowledged about the feedback on the businesses in order to curb the level of threats that are involved when releasing new software.

Shift-Left and Shift-Right operation provides robustness in Continuous Testing because each of them helps in identifying of the bugs rapidly and fixing them right in one go while performing testing. Shift-Left and Right also saves time and efforts involved in execution of testing. They also speeds up the delivery time of the software and in the end Shift-Left and Shift-Right makes Continuous Testing a cost effective affair.

TestOrigen, also keenly invest time in executing Continuous Testing with the help of Shift-left and Right approaches, in order to provide clients with effective results on time.

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BrowserStack integral for Cross Browser Testing

BrowserStack integral for Cross Browser TestingA website which has been established for the purpose of multiple browsers is said to be the cross-browser website and Cross Browser Testing examines as to how systems operate on diverse browsers.

BrowserStack renders browser-based virtualization service in cross-browser testing, which is done with the help of Adobe Flash because it helps the virtualized browser to connect to the real browser effectively. BrowserStack is also involved in boosting the ideology of virtual test center because Cloud-based testing techniques are facile to testing through connecting the devices virtually in order to bring the testing into a single unified testing hub. TestOrigen also prefers BrowserStack when implementing Cross Browser Testing, and providing the clients with positive results on time.

The advantages of having BrowserStack in Cross Browser Testing is that BrowserStack consistently upgrades latest Android and iOS devices remarkably, which allows the devices to operate satisfactorily. Also, BrowserStack on a regular basis executes test on the comprehensive range of browsers, whether being the legendary versions of Internet Explorer, or the latest Chrome and Firefox. Progressively, BrowserStack helps in generating dependable security in testing on development and staging environment. BrowserStack also takes care of entire screen resolutions in browser-based testing, thus making it easy to switch to any resolution during testing. And in the end, BrowserStack bestows skilled and capable group of people to execute effective testing in order to fetch positive results out of testing.

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Salesforce Testing ‘Evolving’ businesses

Salesforce Testing Evolving businessesE-commerce businesses in present scenario have become vibrant and are flying high with intense acceleration to achieve desired goals effectively. Monetary gains are no more the prime key of success for the organizations because, today all the business collaborations are battling it out majorly in regards with customer experience to generate success.

In order to remain consistent, a well defined Customer Relationship Management platform remains the need of the hour for the businesses to operate effectively. The prime ambition of the CRM platform is to bring solidity in business relationships and provide guidelines to the customers for sustainable growth.

Salesforce Testing is being considered as the most preferred testing unit for CRM software vendors because it provides a comprehensive implementation with Scalability along with Agility to the organizations for effective results. TestOrigen, with dedicated team of experts merge in together on executing a well defined Salesforce Testing, thus providing the clients with best satisfactory results.

Proper implementation of Salesforce Testing ensures rapid finalization of deal for the organizations and renders ample methodology for growth of the organizations, which helps the organizations to maintain healthy relationship with the customers. Salesforce Testing also helps in understanding the scale of efforts that has been put by the organizations, along with carrying agile and performance testing in intervals to give out best results to the organizations.

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Service Virtualization ‘Stimulates’ Agile Testing procedure

Service Virtualization Stimulates Agile Testing procedureService Virtualization is known to approximate the implementation of the services that are available in a virtual world, because it helps in addressing the hurdles relating to SOA i.e. Service-Oriented Architecture Testing strategy.

In today’s scenario applications have transformed into diverse platforms, which are supposed to develop strong strategies to encounter and fight any real-time defects with ease. Hence, Service Virtualization along with Agile Testing technique helps in constructing a well extensive testing structure for the same. When it comes to forming of tortuous SOA based system, then Service Virtualization is preferred the most under this scenario. TestOrigen also, performs Agile Testing, with the help of Service Virtualization, helping to generate quick and effective results for the clients.

In recent times, organizations have rapidly increased their use of Service Virtualization with Agile approach, because it helping the organizations in improving the productivity; reducing the cost of testing, and deploying software’s quality efficiently.

Service Virtualization remarkably supports Agile Testing because, it helps in forming conditions that mimic the actions, which are expected during the testing. It also helps in upgrading the assets rapidly that are demanded during the testing.  Along with this Service Virtualization also delivers shared access to updated assets during testing. And in the end Service Virtualization also construct’s advance applications produced with the help of virtual assets, which can be grasped for the testing of application’s performance with diverse functionality almost in a LIVE scenario.

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Things to be taken into account when executing Mobile Test Automation

Things to be taken into account when executing Mobile Test AutomationPreviously food, clothing and shelter used to be the three basic needs of living for humans, but with the introduction of the mobile phone, things have reshaped drastically, because in the 21st century mobiles, have become one of the major need of living for the population.

In today’s aura mobiles are not only meant for communication, but with the arrival of diverse applications, mobiles have now become multi-use personal gadgets. And with this movement the competition in the mobile industry has grown rapidly, indulging more and more mobile companies to bring out new trending innovative methodology to ensure an edge over their rivals in the sphere of technology. Also, this evolution in the mobile industry has made it progressively demanding for testers to execute mobile testing.

Mobile test automation offers productive solutions to the customers, along with extra features in order to enhance the coverage area and the potency of the test. TestOrigen also is involved in carrying out effective Mobile Test Automation, thus providing the clients with satisfactory results.

Mobile organizations tend to keep certain points in their minds, while executing Mobile Test Automation in order to get desired results, which are as follows:

1) What types of automation will be desired: This will make the organization to pick as to, which tool they should buy, because when it comes to picking up the tools there are object based and image based tools, where object base tools only comes into action when the GUI application is not up to the mark but demands for a substitute to remain within the standards. Whereas, image based tools gives out way to independent test frameworks but it also requires a stable GUI.

2) How much cost is going to get incurred and what will be its ROI: In here organization needs to carry out research as to what they are willing to automate and accordingly execute an economical analysis to measure ROI at various points.

3) How comprehensively the testing would be executed:  When coming to executing the test, testing in both simulators and actual devices should be considered by the organization, because simulators are preferred in the prime stage of development, as they carry out the testing on basic functionality of the application whereas, testing on later stages are executed on actual devices, because they help in verifying the experience of the users.

Hence, by following up few key points, mobile organizations can flourish and achieve success with ease.


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