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How much dependable Smoke Testing is?

smoke_testingSoftware testing industry terms Smoke Testing, as high-level test, which involves the testing of the primary functions of application, resulting in exposing of failures, that creates problems during the release of software. Smoke testing also identify key features, and is considered as cost-effective method in terms of recognizing software defects, because Smoke tests is a part of test cases that represent the test plan at a high-level. TestOrigen also helps in organizing of the smoke test cases, by providing a simple interface for carrying out the test cases and maintaining the track record of all the results in each test run.

Smoke testing endorse the build at high levels, and takes limited amount of time to carry out the test effectively, Smoke tests are also highly effective in identifying proper positioning, making sure that the build is ready to send for the test. Smoke testing gets involved in, identifying major problems early, which saves the cost wasted on further testing. And in the end, Smoke testing makes sure that the software is of the prime quality i.e. being built and released timely.

With the help of such testing, results are obtained rapidly and helps in flourishing of the business effectively and efficiently.

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How JMeter superintends Hyperlinks

JMeter, fundamentally is an open source JAVA linked tool, which is generally fabricated to load test functional behavior and quantify the performance timely. The prime use of this tool is generally to test web applications, moreover, it also expands the usage of other test functions too.
JMeter follows few steps in checking of hyperlinks, along with measuring of the time, that will be taken to load all the hyperlinks. TestOrigen, also make use of the JMeter tool to perfection, which allows the team to handle all the Hyperlinks properly, and to generate best results for the clients.

The step are as follows;
1) Creation of Thread Group

thread group

2) Expounding the sample of the HTTP request

HTTP Request

3) Releasing of all the hyperlinks away from the key page, by defining the post processor extractor.

4) Elucidating of the HTTP request through the use of each and every controller.

5) Explaining of all the Regular expression inside the HTTP request.

HTTP REQUEST REgular expression


6) And in the end, by running of the JMeter to observe the outcomes in listeners.


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Devops Testing “Rescuer” to Digital Transformation

DevopsIn today’s epoch of modernization, the organizations across the globe, is shifting gears from stereo-type to technological techniques, in order to achieve targets coherently. Digital Transformation, has given positive direction to the businesses, to flourish globally with ease. This has resulted a boom in ‘Globalization’, where organizations across the world, are integrating with one another to conquer maximum profits.

Digital Transformation, expounds as to how digital technologies, like Social Media, Big Data, and Cloud technology, can be used to maximum advantage for businesses to transform successfully.

Carrying out experiments and updating on a regular basis, is the key to growth for any business, which also derives a point that, there is a constant need to test these platforms for their sustainability, experience, and quality assurance. Software testing and Quality Assurance has become the most vital ingredient to all this innovation taking place in today’s world. TestOrigen, also invest efforts in carrying out DevOps Testing. Our well-trained testers, dedicate themselves with numerous businesses, and delivering them with improved quality and comprehensive operational efficiency.

DevOps Testing, boosts up the release Cycle and brings in ample advantages, by enabling the release of code at any point of time, which results in test cycles to be quicker. With the help of DevOps, identification of the bugs becomes easier and cost- efficient, because DevOps helps in making the development process more conjunctive and accessible to change in the production environment, helping it in identifying all the possible bugs in the cycle. And in the end, DevOps encourages the trend of experimentation, because, experimentation and Innovation is essential for all the enterprises to prosper in sizes.


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VR headsets, ‘new adventure’ into the world of Technology

VR HeadsetsThe advancement into the world of technology is at boom. You flick your eyes, and there is something new for the taking. Every second or so, the technology is transforming and becoming different and Avant-grant then before.

That’s what pretty much is happening into the world of virtual reality. VR headsets, is an overwhelmingly impressive, advance part of technology, that is engrossing all the attention of the users towards it. The Built-in VR Headset, is constantly changing the point of view of the users towards virtual reality, i.e. users can move their head, to identify as to what’s being presented in front of them and alter it correspondingly. Which also means, that the users can escapade miscellaneous scenarios first-hand, from anywhere they are.

Giant tech companies are mounting over one another in order to win the attention of the markets all around the globe, over this magnificent newly born baby into the world of technology.

Google as we know is one of the major early adopters of the VR, as the Google Cardboard is a simple and economical VR device, which allows the users to see the apps from all different perspectives. Samsung Gear VR, is another VR device which is slightly expensive then Google Cardboard, and it introduces an exhilarating platform for observing different contents and games to an absolute next degree of reality.

2017 is expected to be even more fruitful year for the VR headsets. With the launch of Google’s Daydream, HTC Vive VR, will definitely thrill the users, allowing them more sovereignty.  So now can you imagine, how impressive It will be to experience different modes in virtual reality using the VR Headsets.

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Real World Testing ‘troopers’ for Mobile applications

Due to the advancement in the sphere of technology, Utilization of mobile applications in today’s world, are developing at rapid pace. Users are the real majesties, when coming to the use of applications. As, for every question they put up, there are availability of apps, to sort all the queries with ease.MobileApps

In order to meet the demand of the customer’s reckoning efficaciously, it’s necessary to find out, as to how does all the mobiles apps, respond in the real world.

So, when it comes to mobile apps, Real World Testing, is said to be the best platform for testing. Because, it just not only improves the quality of the apps, but also enhances the level of operations, related to the apps. TestOrigen, along with skilled team, works day in and day out, giving the clients, smooth and effective working of the apps, which in return, helps the clients to generate solid results at their workplaces respectively.

Real World Testing on mobile applications, has quite a few merits, which are as follows:

  • Understands the behavior of the users: It is a relevant testing platform, because it explores, how users respond to introduction of new ideas and features related to apps.
  • Enhances the pace of updates: Real world Testing, helps in releasing of new features and their upgrades quickly, without any hindrance. Also, the cost of identifying and rectifying of the bugs becomes cheaper, due to the increase in the speed of updates.
  • Gains the Insight on Users Engagement: Through Real Testing, it is easy to identify as to, how different users react to apps, and what other improvements can be introduced in the features of the app, to engage and delight more users.
  • Improves the Performance & Security Features: With the help of Real Testing, it becomes relatively easier to reach diverse audience and also gain insights on areas for improving the security & performance feature of the apps.

So, through testing in the real world, it is easy to judge, whether the app is ready or not. And with the help of feed-backs, the improvement in the apps for the users to experience becomes easy.

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E-shopping generates better results through Accessibility Testing

E- shoppingE-shopping portals, in modern times, has become an essential part of routine for the masses. As, this information technology, when it comes to E- shopping portals, are being widely used by the population on a regular basis to save their time, efforts and money.

Shopping portals like, Amazon, Myntra and Jabong are some of the most frequently used E-shopping portals in India. And to ensure proper operations, it becomes mandatory to perform Accessibility Testing for these portals. TestOrigen, also initiates proper Accessibility Testing, hence, making the portals to operate satisfactorily to release remarkable results.

Lot of variety in regard with tools, are made available, to execute Accessibility Testing fittingly. Accessibility Checker, is a part of evaluation tool, that is used for E-shopping portals, as it helps in rectifying the accessibility, in terms of uploading through HTML or, writing through the URL.  Accessibility Valet, ensures proper designing of the guidelines, for the Accessibility of E-shopping portals. Wave, provides, ample alternatives for accessibility for the portals, which includes, uploading, running and reporting of the file perfectly. Accessibility Toolbar for the portal, manually demonstrates numerous accessibility features of these E-shopping pages. And in the end, Analyzer for color contrast, keeps the check on the contrast and the appearance of the portals, to attract as many users as possible.

By  adopting testing in E-shopping portals, the scope of enhancement increases, thus , providing better  experience for the users.

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Software Testing assisting Cosmetic companies to excel

CosmeticsIn today’s world, population has been categorized into two different variables, i.e. the real and digital. Digitalization, has brought in ample opportunities for the cosmetic industry, to mark their steps on global platform successfully. The cosmetic industry has always been constituting with giant market players, and in the present scenario, they have become herculean.  Also, due to the increase in the availability of media houses all around, cosmetic companies are immensely increasing their interaction with target audience effectively.

With the introduction of cosmetic apps in the market, users are finding it easy, to use the font camera of phone as a mirror of sorts, to apply make-up virtually.  This transformation due to advancement in technology has escorted an effective growth into the world of cosmetics.

Due to the arrival of numerous mobile applications in the market, cosmetic companies are also in the quest of maximizing the use of technology, to provide cutting-edge services to masses. Therefore, for them to be successful, cosmetic companies are moving towards the need of software testing, because cosmetic processes, that make full use of innovative technology, requires end-to-end testing for bona fide quality. Also, they need  deep analysis for research and development, to make the apps bug free and seamlessly functional. TestOrigen, also briskly get involved in testing of cosmetic apps, hence, providing the clients with desirable results, on time.

Testing like, Continuous Integration Testing, Functional Testing and Unit Testing, ensures that the bugs in the cosmetic apps, gets spotted rapidly and at the same time is resolved instantly, for the apps to release desired results satisfactorily on time.

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Selenium Automation Testing benefiting Publishing Industry

The Publishing Sector in today’s high-powered dynamic world, is getting chock-full with huge amount of records, and the reason behind this is, because of the process known as Digitization. This development has brought a constructive germination in to the Publishing Sector,  allowing it to flourish even more.selenium

To encourage, the publishing industry, digitization has introduced new gadgets like the Kindle, which is growing out immensely in the markets, all around the world. Also, when it comes to Publishing Industry, then website becomes the first link, that is to be judged by the users, and to keep it working in a quintessential condition, testing plays a paramount role in it. TestOrigen, also keenly invests its ideal time, in terms of carrying out effective Testing for the Publishing Industry.

And, when it comes to picking up of ideal testing for Publishing Industry then, Selenium Automation Testing, is tailor-made for this platform. As, Selenium Testing succors the use of Multiple Languages like the JAVA & JAVA script, for fruitful results. Selenium also supports multiple OS like the MAC or LINUX.  Ministration of Multiple Browsers like the Firefox or Safari is also taken care by the Selenium in this case. Also, it, affiliates skillful programming languages and different frameworks, like the ANT and Maven. And in the end, Selenium test automation becomes an armor for the mobile automation testing for many devices, like the Android and iPhone.

Hence, with the help of these certain points, the Publishing Industry is in the quest of boom, and day by day it is changing and getting way better than before for its users, because of testing, i.e. Selenium Automation Testing in this particular scenario.

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Exploratory Testing is similar to baking of cake

exploratory-testing It may feel quite awkward to unite baking with testing, but certainly, these areas necessitate mastery and sustainability to achieve desired goals.

It there is something amusing about testing, then it’s Exploratory Testing, because testing of software in Exploratory, doesn’t entail particular recipe of plans or timetables. Exploratory Testing, is a testing approach that apprise the testers to apply their ability and skills in a most effective way. Testers in TestOrigen having multiple skills, are prone to carry out Exploratory Testing with ease, hence providing the clients with effective and efficient work.

The advantages, that comes along with the Exploratory Testing are that, this type of testing doesn’t need a mandatory preparation for testing, because comprehensive documentation for testing is absent. Also, Exploratory Testing brings down the level of time consumption due to simultaneous working of the tasks like, Designing and executing of the test scenarios at the same time. And, Tester can file a report of numerous issues encountered during testing, because of incomplete requirement.

Similarly, when it comes to baking of cake for the first time, strict methodology is escorted in order to get the ingredients at the right destination. Correspondingly, with testing – testers keep every test principle, according to specified algorithms, in order to execute the test appropriately. At the next stage once, the baking is done, the applying of cherry on the cake and other fruits are the best example of “exploratory cooking”, hence making it resemble like the Exploratory Testing, because by executing heterogenous types of testing, testers become more prone in knowing as to what strategy can be applied effectively, to get the best outcome in any sort of projects.

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What gives Crowd Testing an edge over In-house QA

Crowdsourced-TestingCrowd Testing fundamentally, channelizes the coherence and provides the edge of crowd sourcing which is related to software testing.

In today’s world, the organizations are now shifting gears from a long-established lab based testing master plan to a well-defined testing model that circumscribe the testing into the real world.

TestOrigen also provides, excellent services in quality assurance testing services, along with Crowd testing, aiming to deliver the projects to the clients on time and under their budget.

If you sneak peek into the topic, then you will identify that, Crowd testing appendage In-house QA efforts to attain suitable test coverage. But still there are some valid points that differentiates Crowd from QA.

In, In-house the QA manpower is guided & commanded by the same coordinator, who is operating at same place, and is more likely to find identical issues on a software, hence less of heterogeneity, but whereas in Crowd Testing, manpower from divergent places operates in different test environments, to bring in testing of the product in a real world, resulting in, easier in catching of the bugs that users working on the apps are likely to find, hence more of heterogeneity.

When it comes to understanding of the system, then it becomes, quite complicated for the QA team to get a new outlook regarding the product, hence not much comprehensive in terms of understanding, whereas, in Crowd Testing, testers chip in with the fresh ideas, that may have been missed out by the internal team, hence resulting in proper and comprehensive understanding of the system.

In, In-house QA, due to scarcity of resources, it becomes difficult to measure the Testing efforts, especially when there is a quick need of releases. But in Crowd Testing, with proper availability of resources, it becomes easier to meet the needs of the users effectively and efficiently.

In-House QA is bound to suffer from unprecedented expenses, on devices and training, but Crowd Testing, helps the coordinator to receive help of the testing experts to test their applications, hence, making their testing efforts effective, without surpassing their budget of testing.


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