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The new cherry on the cake: Android 7.0 Nougat

The new cherry on the cake-Android 7.0 NougatThe world of Android, always enthrals the mind of the users, by keeping them thrilled and amazed about new updates. Likewise, the launch of Android 7.0 Nougat, was by far the sweetest release till date.

It took an innovative approach, to building and launching of the Nougat. The launch of Android Nougat reflected the inputs from thousands of fans and developers all across the globe. And guess what? Android Nougat has over 250 amazing features that brings the sense of excitement.

To maintain good flow of services, Nougat has go to get tested on a regular intervals, for which, TestOrigen, also actively participates in performing high professionalised testing. From Performance, to Usability, to Security, testing does makes it easier for the Nougat to operate.

So, what makes the Nougat different from other sweets of Android?

There are many distinctive features that, that makes Nougat, sweeter than other sweets, like:

Unique: Android Nougat, accord its users, even more ways to make them feel closer to their phone. This is because, there are now over 1,500 different emoji, including 72 new ones, allowing the users to go ahead and express feelings and emotions comprehensively. Also, with Android Nougat, users can actually control what goes where, and move it according to the needs. Apps can also tailor their content based on the locale settings. Like the multiple languages, for instance.

Fruitful: With the introduction of new features like Multi-window, Direct reply, and Quick switch, Android Nougat helps the users to multitask with ease. Multi-window, runs two apps side-by-side, making the windows change their size. With the addition of Direct Reply, Reply can be done directly to the notifications without even opening any app. Also, Quick Switch smartly allows, switch between two most recently used apps.

Enhanced battery life: With Nougat, device can now get drop into lower power usage, when it’s getting jostled around in pockets, while on the move.

Secured: New features like Seamless updates, File-based encryption and Direct Boot with powerful layers of security, keeps the private data private. Seamless updates, install software updates in the background, as it helps the device to install the update and optimize all the apps for the new version. File-based encryption, isolates and protect the files for individual users on the device. Direct Boot, helps the device to startup faster, allowing the apps to run securely even before unlocking the device.

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E-Learning doesn’t just ‘happen’, It requires proper ‘Planning’ & ‘Testing’

E-Learning doesnt just happen It requires proper Planning & TestingIn today’s dynamic and technological advance world, there are many institutions that have sponsored e-learning contrivance for their students. This concept is equally attracting many students, as they find it easy to access the courses online, according to their ease and comfort.

E-learning platform basically serves the need to create courses, enroll students, and update their progress. It also allows students to have access to the courses they are looking for, allowing them to submit tasks, and take the assessments. In order to perform all these tasks in a smooth manner, the E-learning platforms have got be flexible, reliable, and saleable.

In order to achieve all these targets, testing is required.

So, what are the benefits of testing in the E-learning portals?

The most important aspect of an e-learning platform is to be more comprehensive and effective for the students.  E-Learning platforms should also focus on its accessibility across the globe without any hindrance. This all can be achieved by focusing on the following verticals of testing on an e-learning platform which are:

  • Performance Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing

Performance Testing ensures, there is no hindrance or impact on the user experience while accessing the platforms or accessing various content.

Browser Testing ensures, about the smooth user experience in all the platforms consisting of different hardware, software, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Testing of Usability ensures, there are no errors or challenges while the user navigates to the e-learning portal or website.

Testing of Functions guarantees, the functioning of the product according to the specifications.

Security Testing prevents, vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to e-learning platform, ensuring data integrity and protection.

TestOrigen carries out effective testing, on each and every aspects of the E-learning apps, allowing the users to feel comfortable in grasping out knowledge without any hindrances.

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The new dawn of Banking: Mobile Banking & its challenges

The new dawn of Banking-Mobile Banking & its challengesMobile banking usage in today’s world is exploding. Banks are constantly coming out with modern and newfangled mobile services. Compared to other industries, banks are distinctly among the early adopters of mobile applications. Today, most of the banks have already positioned mobile banking applications, and are now looking for ways to enhance its capabilities that will improve users experience.

Some of the banking applications like ‘State Bank Anywhere’, ‘ICICI Mobile Banking iMobile’, ‘HDFC Bank MobileBanking’ and etc., are doing relatively well in country like India, where the population is moving towards DIGITALIZATION.

So how safe are these apps? Do these apps also face some challenges? And what are the solutions to keep these apps effective and satisfactory?

Mobile baking apps are secured once tested, yes, these apps do go under few challenges which can be in terms of Monitoring i.e. whether the apps are getting real time incident alerts, for where the service is facing delays or is not available. Also, High performance of the mobile application i.e. whether the web based or mobile banking apps are performing effectively or not.

Testing solutions that can be considered in terms of providing a successful Mobile Banking app are:

Performance Testing: It will look for the mobile performance on test development and its execution on real devices, by providing real insights of application performance prior to actual production.

Mobile Monitoring – It will involve in rectifying the receiving alerts in real-time, when the mobile banking service response time is slow or when service is down.

TestOrigen provides an effective mobile banking solution that basically handles these key challenges. Based on the QA & Testing, TestOrigen deals with end-to-end quality solution ensuring banks to install their mobile applications with confidence for the end users.




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Small bugs are important too and how it can be removed easily?

Small bugs are important too and how it can be removed easily_Like a bug bite creates problem in human lives, thus making it hard to identify, as to how long will it take to heal, similarly in software testing it’s hard to know, as to how long it’s going to take, to fix a bug. A lot of bug fixes are only one line changes. What consumes more time is, figuring out the right path to change, like knowing where to use the hammer, or as to when and where the fish will be munching. Some bugs are relatively easy to find and easy to fix ,but some bugs are not that easy to find, but easy to fix.

But the question that arises is, how to find a bug and fix it?

Let’s look at what’s involved in finding and fixing a bug:

1) By clearing the decks in order to find out the right code, to cleanup your work space.

2) By setting up the environment where the test is going to be performed. This can be trivial, or impossible, if the customer is running on a configuration that you don’t have access to.

3) By making sure that you understand what the code is supposed to do, and that your existing test suite passes.

4) Now it’s time to go fishing. Reproduce and diagnose the bug.

5) Write new developer tests or fix existing tests to catch the bug.

6) Make the fix. This may include some refactoring work to understand the code better. And to make sure that you didn’t introduce any new bugs, Regression Testing is done

7) Make the code safer and cleaner, with some more step-by-step refactoring. And make sure that the code doesn’t become more brittle and hard to understand with your fix.

TestOrigen, is determined to work hard towards fixing the bugs effectively and making the software bug free.

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How Agile Testing is different from Traditional Testing?

How Agile Testing is different from Traditional Testing_The main question that arises in mind before starting the testing process is, whether to go for agile testing or stick to traditional method of testing?

The term agile defines quick and easy movements, and the world of agile is a buzz nowadays, as it talks about agile testing and the key role of testers in an agile project.

In today’s Dynamic world, testers are the key piece of an agile team, as they define the success or failure of the team’s attempts to be agile, because the classic software testing team is becoming increasingly obsolete, as the Traditional processes and tools just don’t meet today’s testing challenges.

So, what makes agile testing different from traditional testing?

Here are the basic differences that separates Agile testing from Traditional testing:

Involvement: Agile testing requires continuous team involvement in order to carry out testing. Whereas in traditional testing there is much not of team involved as it can be done on a solo basis.

Tool Support: Compare with Traditional testing, Agile Testing involves more tool support, because of the pace of development and continuous iterations.

Communication: On a broader basis, Agile requires much more effective communication among the team members at all times then Traditional testing, because testers play a key role in establishing and maintaining proper work.

Feedback: The process of feedback is quick in the Agile testing then compare with traditional testing.

At TestOrigen along with a dedicated team, are continuously involved in all aspects of the project, starting with the requirements and design of each feature. Testers not only covers the functional aspects of what they are testing, but also many broader aspects of the application. Our team is also determined in providing a quick and effective feedback to the users.

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Is your E-Payment platform tested and reliable?

Is your E-Payment platform tested and reliable_In today’s world, humans have embarked themselves on a quest to build new things. Everyday or other humans are coming up with new technology and improvement in the world.

Electronic payments have shown great promises in global business environment, as customers and businesses are using the internet to conduct and run business, displaying an incredible growth. E-payment system has become an essential element in everyone’s life, as it is allowing the transactions through an electronic medium without the use of cash.

E- payment apps like Paytm, Mobikwik, ICICI pocket and JIO money are currently being the most favorable apps used by the users in order to carry out transactions.

But, in this age of e-payments where From younger generation to the older ones is making full use of these e- payment gateways, it is necessary to keep track of the transactions that you are carrying is reliable or not and whether the app is performing effectively or not. This is where mobile application testing of E-payments for handheld mobile devices becomes mandatory, because chances of threat, crashing and theft become a serious issue.

We at TestOrigen along with our dedicated team of experts are there to provide you with the best mobile app testing services. From functionality test to, usability test to, performance test of the app, our skilled team works towards it full dedication and determination.

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TestOrigen Nominated as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2017”

TestOrigen Nominated as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2017”

TestOrigen, a leading provider of software testing services announced that it has been selected among ‘20 Most Promising QA & Testing Service Providers – 2017 by Siliconindia

We are delighted to be recognized by Siliconindia as this recognition or achievement shows our team commitment towards our clients and talent in delivering the best and faster testing services solutions at reduced costs and higher quality. And, in so doing, we will continue to deliver the best levels of client satisfaction.

We sincerely appreciate the recognition and are looking forward to another year of excellence.

About TestOrigen : TestOrigen is one of the best end to end testing services provider catering to a wide range of global customers. TestOrigen has expertise in many domains like : Banking & Financial Services, Datacom & Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Embedded Systems, eLearning and Gaming.

We offer Web based testing, Desktop based testing and mobile apps testing etc. Our highly qualified experts also provides the Automation & Performance testing with various open source tools like Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, Protector, Jmeter etc.

TestOrigen is also recognized as a Testing Leader – our people work on innovative and unique concepts to offer better, faster, less expensive testing services to deliver the best quality of product to our clients. We offer pilot testing as well to show our quality, capability and deliverable to faith in us with our work more than words.

About Siliconindia : Published from Bangalore, India, Siliconindia is a print magazine that explores and understands the ways adopted by firms to execute the smooth functioning of their businesses. A distinguished panel comprising of Siliconindia editorial board finalized the “20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2017” and shortlisted TestOrigen. For more info:

For more information, contact:


or visit

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Why Mobile app testing is mandatory?

Why Mobile app testing is mandatory_Now a day, Smartphone has become a necessary part of everybody, whether it is an individual or a corporate.

Having a mobile app or mobile website becomes mandatory for any industry or business. As we all know that there is nothing handy other than mobiles and we made our work easy and faster with a single tap on mobile buttons and keys. Some of the most popular apps are WhatsApp, Skype, SnapChat or shopping sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, or Games like Candy Crush, PokeMon Go and even our Social apps as well like Linkedin, Facebook etc.

There are many apps which are in competition of other similar apps like Ola, Uber and many more. Here comes the idea of Mobile app testing. Success of your mobile app totally depends on its performance. It is not just about having a cool app, users are likely to abandon a program if its functionality is problematic, regardless of how promising it may seem. On the contrary, even the simplest applications could be lucrative for a business if it works flawlessly.

Today, almost half of the poor reviews on mobile app are due to the Crashes, poor performance, design issues and battery drain and as you know reviews of the app on app store and play store are very much responsible for the success of your app.

That is why, Mobile app testing is growing these days and for any organization that wants to stay competitive mobile app testing becomes mandatory. And it makes sense to extent an investment on testing mobile apps and we are therefore here to provide you best mobile app testing services.This is extremely important to lead in the market. We have experts those can test mobile apps quickly and help in improving the performance of app easily. Finding and solving bugs before an application is released is equal to ‘Prevention is better than cure’. With advanced technology and skilled workforce we are here to make your app bug free and successful in the market.

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Cloud Testing

Cloud TestingCloud Testing is a type of software testing which uses cloud environment for testing.

As we all know in the near future majority of IT companies will be on cloud, according to blog post of Oracle“SaaS market segment will be at minimum 80 percent of the entire application market.”

According to the post the predictions are –
1) At least 80 percent of production applications will be in the cloud (up from approximately 25 percent of SaaS applications today)
2) Two cloud suite providers will have 80% of the SaaS apps market
3) 100 percent of new development testing (Dev/Test) will be in the cloud
4) Virtually all enterprise data will be stored in the cloud
5) Enterprise clouds will be the most secure IT environments

As the environment will change and most of the application will be cloud based, their testing pattern will also change and will gradually move towards Cloud Testing.

The need of cloud testing will be visible to companies when they will see what are the benefits they will have, it may be incurring low cost on environment, it’s ease of customization or their desired scalability of computing resources.

As cloud computing is being the big thing in industry right now, using cloud for testing will help organizations achieve their maximum efficiency.

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Reasons Why Bugs Should Be Fixed

Reasons Why Bugs Should Be Fixed. testorigenA software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.It’s an error that prevents the application from functioning as it should.

There are many reasons for software bugs. Most common reason is human mistakes in software design and coding.Once you know the causes for software defects it will be easier for you to take corrective actions to minimize these defects.

When actual result deviates from the expected result while testing a software application or product then it results into a defect.

Hence, any deviation from the specification mentioned in the product functional specification document is a bug.



The main reasons why bugs should be fixed are mentioned below :

1) Unfixed bugs camouflage other bugs
2) Unfixed bugs suggest quality isn’t important
3) Unfixed bugs leads to duplicate efforts
4) Unfixed bugs lead to unreliable metrics
5) Unfixed bugs distract the entire team
6) Unfixed bugs leads to inaccurate estimates
7) Unfixed bugs hinder short notice releases
8) Fixing familiar code is easy than unfamiliar code
9) Fixing a bugs today costs less than tomorrow
10) Discussion on unfixed bugs later is waste of time

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