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Things to be taken into account when executing Mobile Test Automation

mobile test automationPreviously food, clothing and shelter used to be the three basic needs of living for humans, but with the introduction of the mobile phone, things have reshaped drastically, because in the 21st century mobiles, have become one of the major need of living for the population.

In today’s aura mobiles are not only meant for communication, but with the arrival of diverse applications, mobiles have now become multi-use personal gadgets. And with this movement the competition in the mobile industry has grown rapidly, indulging more and more mobile companies to bring out new trending innovative methodology to ensure an edge over their rivals in the sphere of technology. Also, this evolution in the mobile industry has made it progressively demanding for testers to execute mobile testing.

Mobile test automation offers productive solutions to the customers, along with extra features in order to enhance the coverage area and the potency of the test. TestOrigen also is involved in carrying out effective Mobile Test Automation, thus providing the clients with satisfactory results.

Mobile organizations tend to keep certain points in their minds, while executing Mobile Test Automation in order to get desired results, which are as follows:

1) What types of automation will be desired: This will make the organization to pick as to, which tool they should buy, because when it comes to picking up the tools there are object based and image based tools, where object base tools only comes into action when the GUI application is not up to the mark but demands for a substitute to remain within the standards. Whereas, image based tools gives out way to independent test frameworks but it also requires a stable GUI.

2) How much cost is going to get incurred and what will be its ROI: In here organization needs to carry out research as to what they are willing to automate and accordingly execute an economical analysis to measure ROI at various points.

3) How comprehensively the testing would be executed:  When coming to executing the test, testing in both simulators and actual devices should be considered by the organization, because simulators are preferred in the prime stage of development, as they carry out the testing on basic functionality of the application whereas, testing on later stages are executed on actual devices, because they help in verifying the experience of the users.

Hence, by following up few key points, mobile organizations can flourish and achieve success with ease.


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Entail of Compatibility Testing in today’s dynamic environment

Compatibility testingThe world as we know today is becoming highly competitive in nature. From countries to organizations, all are in the quest to achieve more success in order to surpass their competitors with effective distinction. Similarly, in today’s ever changing world, it is vital to ensure the software that is getting released to the consumers is justifying the genuine value for the amount consumers spend to purchase or to make use of it.

Organizations in the present scenario is  preferring  testing, because it helps them in maintaining an edge in the market in terms of compatibility of the software, cost of the software, and the quality of the software which they release.

Compatibility testing provides constructive customer satisfaction, because it ensures effectual performance of the applications, over multiple platforms when operated by the users. This testing also ensures that the software verifies all the specifications that are set by both the developer and the users. Compatibility Testing is categorized into two different units which are, Forward Compatibility Testing and Backward Compatibility Testing. Forward Compatibility Testing, makes sure that the software is compatible with latest version of the software’s. And Backward Compatibility Testing is executed to observe the behavior of the software with the older versions of the software’s. Compatibility Testing is executed on following platforms that are, testing on Operating Systems like the Linux and Mac. It also tests on Databases like the Oracle. Along with them, testing is also executed on Mobile Applications, like the testing on various mobile platforms, networks etc. TestOrigen also carries out comprehensive Compatibility Testing on various platforms, helping the clients to operate their businesses effectively.

All in all, Compatibility testing plays an all important role in regards to testing of applications, because it brings down the level of issues that is encountered during the release of the software for better functionality.

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Cyber attacks are equivalent to dropping of atomic bombs

Cyber AttackThe world as we know today is getting bombarded with cyber attacks, which holds power identical to that of dropping atomic bombs, thus causing massive destruction in the environment . Therefore, it becomes vitally important for the organizations to make sure that they avail genuine resources at the right place and at the right time.

Cyber-attack basically refers to misusing of records, which exposes consumers to frauds by revealing their characteristics across the sphere. Diverse E-commerce enterprises and banking sectors are said to be the most favorable areas of targets for the cyber criminals.

Since the time digitalization has taken over most of the businesses, consumer data has become a unique key in generating enormous business techniques for better outcomes. Also, apart from Banking Institutes and E-Commerce organizations, many other businesses are marching towards the need of conducting a well planned Security Testing to avoid in becoming the victim of cyber attack.

Security testing is an essential element of software testing, which identify suspects in the system and works hard to protect the records from the trespassers. Security Testing generally rectifies few areas which are, Security of the network, Security of the software system, Security of the applications received from the clients and Security of applications received from the side of the server.

In the present surroundings, organizations are not gripped with an army that entirely takes care of the Security Testing. Hence, Cyber Attacks rattles up the organizations and makes it hard for them to operate effectively. TestOrigen executes an in-depth security testing, making sure that the organizations don’t suffer from cyber attacks, allowing the organizations to flourish remarkably.

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Ignoring Big Data & Analytics Testing can be fatal for your business

BIG DATABig data is fabricated to outline the quick growth and wide availability of data in both structured and unstructured forms. In the recent times, the development of Big Data has been remarkable, but at the same time, the growing of  bad data has also seen a scary rise in the process. Though, apparently almost all the organizations are making full use of  business understandings to make vital decisions to ensure that they have  a competitive edge in the market. TestOrigen, toils hard to provide effective testing methods to the clients, and helping them to operate amazingly well in the market.

Reasons, as to why big data and analytics testing shouldn’t be ignored because, it has well-organized operating environment, I.e. it helps in extracting all the necessary information, which  helps in identifying lack of consistency and rapidly increasing  the bar for the execution. It provides genuine coherence in testing, I.e., data that is generated, should be fumigated because the data is generated through many different channels, so in order to make the data dependable, Data quality testing is executed, right from the source to the final destination for perfect analyzation. It also secures the data effectively, because the data is generated from diverse sources, therefore the need of security becomes the top most precedence, making  sure that security of the data  and privacy of the users is obtained by executing various testing methodology on diverse areas of application. It strives hard to enhance the quality of the data, allowing the organization to march ahead in order to form genuine products on a genuine support of quality data. And in the end it helps in maintaining clarity, because it helps in avoiding  unnecessary malfunction of the data.

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Technological Progression in the Insurance sector

The ocean of technology, is rapidly releasing it waves to all the shores in the world. Likewise, the insurance sector is not left behind too, as global insurance organizations are witnessing increase in desideratum from well composed markets and frightful maturing markets at the same time.  Insurance

In order to get things, right on track, insurance companies all around the world are adapting latest technologies and making use of digitalization as a perfect platform to operate effectively and make it comfortable to all the industries to survive for longer years in the market. Also, leading insurance representatives are prevailing to redesign their working theories and introduce modernization, to enhance customer requirements through diverse mediums.

This vigorous change in the ocean of technology, appoints software testing as an essential ingredient for the Insurance Industry, because the industry reaches out to  a reliable testing partner, which makes sure that the  insurance applications are  effectively in operations and generating satisfactorily results on time. TestOrigen, also consist of dedicated team of experts who works on policy life cycle administration time to time and creates test automation frameworks, which allows all the insurance companies to grow enormously.

Few modernized technological modes that is followed by Insurance sectors are:

1)  Efficacious mobile services : Due to increase in the usage of  mobile technology, the insurance industry is constantly executing the use of mobile phones as an integral platform for their business plans. Because with the installment of insurance apps, customers can quickly ask for a policy quote, can track the local agent, measure their premium or retirement income, and  preserve their policy records.

2) Implementing innovation through the Digital touch points: Over Here, the Insurance companies are now handling customer related activities, through the use of various digital platforms like the mobile phones, social media, emails, etc.

3) Influencing in big data and analytic: Insurance sector is basically a data preserving industry, where  ample amounts of structured and unstructured data are created. Big data and analytic performs a major part in the insurance industry, because it  deals with huge number of claims to handle and evaluate different data of diverse policies.

These few points comprise, as to how the Insurance sector is marching towards the sphere of Digitalization, which in result is helping the Insurance Industry to prevail success with ease.


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How Multi-Channel Testing is different from Omni-Channel Testing

In this epoch of technology, success are emerging to only those organizations, who are absolutely being rigorous and swift in adapting themselves to diverse challenges that are coming in their way, because of Digitalization. Organizations in recent times have amalgamated their experience across all the platforms, to remain updated with the affirmation and the speed of Digitalization.  omni and Multi channel

Since the birth of technology, the enterprises across the globe are identifying concrete opportunities to  operate among diverse cultures, in order to boost their businesses effectively.

Omni-channel Testing and Multi-channel Testing are observed as a vital asset in this context, as customer and their requirements in recent times, have brought enormous growth into the businesses, because apparently, Omni-channel Testing has become the root of business-operating initiative among many companies and institutions for growth. TestOrigen ,also works with organization  to perform  the ideal QA approach for their business in this digital era.

Meanwhile both, Omni-channel testing and Multi-channel testing seems to be inter-related to each other yet, there remains few differences, when executing either of them. Some of the key difference are, Differences on applications, I.e. If only one application, which is applicable across many devices, is  tested, then  Omni-channel takes an edge over Multi-channel. But, when identical features is tested on a range of devices, then Multi-channel testing comes into play.  Likewise in terms of Outlook of users and device , then in Multi-channel testing, the users doesn’t have to redo the study of the devices, as each user has to only perform the testing on a single device to, test all the features. Whereas, in Omni-channel Testing, the users executes the test on the application over all devices, in order to log in across devices and share if the experience has been smooth.  Involvement of the customers, when it comes to Multi-channel testing then, the organizations make use of multiple platforms to indulge and provide the same requirements, as expected by the customers. But in Omni-channel, organizations expects, that customer may have identified an activity on solo platform and probably would have moved on to different platform for possible reasons. Accordingly, the testing takes place and the objectives are defined comprehensively.

All in all, performing,Multi-channel or Omni-channel testing approach will be totally dependent  to a great extent on the organization. since , the customer are the core part of Digitalization , hence the preferences of the customer will keep on upgrading the QA and testing approach.

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How QA Consulting and Services an Effective tool for Business?

QA Consulting & Services picLike petrol is a vital resource, identically in today’s dynamic world, Software testing and Quality Assurance has become an essential resource for any software development process. It helps in preventing defective software from getting released through the detection of bugs and code execution issues.

It is very important to know the effect of software testing and quality assurance services. There are numerous standards and steps, through which the early stages of development can help in performing efficient testing.
Some of the steps that can result in effective quality assurance process are mentioned below.

Accuracy in Technical Specifications: The first stage in software development, is specifying the software required. It is a very critical document, including all interactions and facilities that is provided to the users. A well-documented requirement eases the rest of the development.

Completion of the Test Cases: For a good testing plan it is important to have a chart, showing the dates on which the bugs will be detected. Test cases involves the steps to test the scenarios and assumptions. A good testing strategy results in fixing the bug in earlier stages.

Testing of the environment: A QA testing environment must be done only on a proper machine other than the local development machines. The code on the QA server should not change while the testing is on its working stage, as this might result in inconsistent results.

Providing the correct software test reports: Software QA test reports should include the status of each test case, i.e. pass/fail. Before testing the release, ensure that an internal QA has been done with bugs getting detected and fixed.

TestOrigen along with skilled team, offers it user, effective QA services, involving step by step process, allowing the users to operate on the software satisfactorily.

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Continuous Integration Burgeon Businesses

Businesses across the globe in recent times have grown rapidly, and are moving in the league of being globalized, by getting closely connected to businesses operating in different spheres, across the planet. Continuous integration refers to a software engineering enact, which immediately test’s isolated changes and reports on it, when the larger code base is added. continuous integration

Continuous Integration aims to furnish quick accountability, that is, if a code base detects any defect, it gets rectified rapidly, providing satisfying outcomes, because Continuous Integration is said to be the most ideal implementation for software development, as it follows some well-defined guidelines to achieve remarkable results.

Continuous Integration endows diverse assistance, like the constant feed-backs relating to the status of the software, because it helps in detecting insufficiency in the early stages of the development, and rectifying it seamlessly. TestOrigen also, carries out Continuous Integration process effectively, and helps in maximizing the operations in the businesses of the clients satisfactorily.

Some of the key practices of Continuous Integration includes, the developing of staging, developing of Automation, classifying of the tests for developers, and constructing of the availability.

Continuous Integration, mollycoddle’s businesses to grow effectively, as it, expands the visibility, to grow effective communication for the businesses. Also, it takes less time in debugging of the defects and dedicates more time in adding new and innovative features into the businesses. With the help of Continuous Integration, the base of businesses gets rock solid, which allows them to operate with confidence, helping them to maximize profits. And, the issues related to integration are solved quickly, which helps the businesses to deliver services to the end user timely.

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Predator 21 X: Revolution in Gaming

Acer-Predator-21-X-1The sea of gaming, just got even more breathtaking, with the introduction of Acer’s Predator 21 X.    Acer Predator 21 X, is the world’s first curved screen gaming laptop, that has everything but a hole. The features of this remarkably awesome gadget are by far the most technological equipped, which will make the other desktops to build a jealousy factor towards it. This incredible gadget is loaded with features like, NVIDIA G-Sync and Tobii eye-tracking tech, which constructs the built-in monitor even more risible in contrast with other desktops.

This massive gadget weighs 19 pounds and comprise of five system fans, including 3 ultra-thin Aero Blade metal fans, and 9 heat pipes, also the keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches with programmable LED back lighting and a unique number pad that can overturn around to divulge a precision touch pad. Along with this, it has an outstanding sound system, which includes 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range speakers, and 2 sub-woofers to produce an excellent audio experience.

All in all, this new gaming laptop, will take the world of gaming to the next level, bringing more excitement, enthrallment and enthusiasm among the gamers all around the world. And with proper software testing, it will be like the cherry on the cake, as it will enhance the features, and the performance even more better, of this insanely comprehensive gaming laptop.

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Software testing ‘nurturing’ Retail’s sphere

Since the onset of the 21st century, there has been a colossal establishment of Retail Industry. As, markets in today’s dynamics scenario, are growing at an impressive potential rate, which are resulting in changing of the perspectives of consumers on a regular basis. In order to cope up with this context, Retail Industry strives hard to introduce, ingenious and majestic ideas to work with latest technology, for increasing their selling capacity miraculously.  retail industry

This drift is likely to expand further in coming years, as the wave of technology in today’s world, is bringing everything under one platform i.e. Digital Platform. Software Testing in the field of Retail enables the retailers to interact with the consumers, which improves their efficiency and quality in deliverance of the services. TestOrigen, understands this evolution in Retail Industry, and provides end to end testing services, which brings down all the level of failures regarding the functionality of the software strikingly.

Big basket, Paytm, Flipkart and amazon, are the leading online retailers apparently in India, which are ruling the markets comprehensively. Testings’ like, the Functional, Regression, Performance, Security and Device are performed thoroughly, for all the apps to work effectively and generate positive outcomes for the both, retailers and consumers.

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