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Manual Testing: The Depiction of Man Power

Manual Testing- The Depiction of Man PowerThere are mainly two approaches by which the software can be tested; manual testing by a human, and automatically by a PC.

Every technique has its favorable circumstances and drawbacks yet they share the basic objective of guaranteeing quality in the software product.

What is manual testing?

Manual software testing is the way toward testing software manually for defects and bugs. Software testers regularly follow test cases and test plan to guarantee the fulfillment of the testing.

Software testers can as well utilize manual testing tools like choice tables, test scripts to be utilized, and a straightforward agenda of the things to be research and tested.

Manual testing concepts:

  • Manual testing process isn’t dependable. Utilizing this technique test execution isn’t exact constantly.
  • Testing forums in manual testing doesn’t include in programming assignment to get hidden data. Manual testing will be helpful when the test case just needs to run a few times.
  • Manual testing is slower than automation. Running tests manually can be exceptionally tedious.
  • To execute the test cases first time utilizing manual testing approach will be particularly valuable. Yet, it isn’t sure that it will get the regression defects under frequently evolving necessities.
  • Utilizing manual testing methodologies on various machines with various OS platform mixture isn’t conceivable, simultaneously. To execute such errand distinctive testers are required.
  • To execute the test cases in types of manual testing, each time software testers requires a similar measure of time.
  • To execute the Build Verification Testing is exceptionally ordinary and tedious in manual testing documentation.
  • Manual testing best practices are especially useful in UI testing
  • Manual testing requires less cost than test automation

Manual Testing Pros and Cons:


  • In any case the test case can be running in few times, at that point manual testing can be utilized. QA manual testing costs not as much as automation testing.
  • The basics of manual testing enables tester to test more through ad-hoc or random testing. At times manual testing is more valuable contrasted with automation testing since it empowers the tester to test all highlights, play more with the program’s functionality and highlights, and more inclined to discover genuine client bugs.


  • Manual testing is tedious as test cases and new features should be re-tested for each discharge.

There are the both advantages and disadvantages to automation and manual testing tools. While many say that good judgment should direct you in settling on the choice of which one to utilize, presence of mind won’t lead you unless you have the majority of the data. Ensure that you consider your chance, your assets, and the extent of your project and in addition the quality of the manual and automation testing tools you’ll be utilizing. When you take these things into mind, will probably do what’s best for you.

However TestOrigen is the best option for your both automation and manual testing needs as we provides both the testing techniques with high quality standards.

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Implementation of Automation Testing using Cucumber

Implementation of Automation Testing using Cucumber. cucumber automation testingCucumber automation testing is based on Behavior Driven Development framework which is utilized to compose tests for a web application. It permits clients, for example, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, and so on to automate the functionality in an effortlessly understandable and readable configuration same as simple English.

Before going in brief first understand what is automation testing in software testing?

Automation testing is utilized to control the execution of tests, balance the real and expected outcomes, the setting up of preconditions, and other test control and test detailing capacities using test automation tools.

Automation testing scripts includes automating manual process through composing test scripts that would do the testing and can be run more than once.



What is this cucumber automation testing tool?

Cucumber is a software testing and automation tool that backings BDD framework. It characterizes application conduct utilizing easy English content, characterized by a language called Gherkin.

It permits testing automation functional approval that is effectively perused and understood. Cucumber was at first executed in Ruby and afterward reached out to Java structure. Both the tools support local JUnit.

Necessity of the cucumber automation testing:

There was a need to dispose of the uncertainty and make everything associate with the whole software improvement lifecycle. In this way, the improvement procedure required something that extends the client’s acknowledgment criteria to the real advancement and testing process. So the thought was to update the current Test-Driven Development process and join the accompanying acceptance tests, functional necessities and software documentation into one game plan that would be sensible to non-technical individuals and in addition software testing automation tools.

Define scenarios: The acceptance tests are composed in English-like language known as Gherkin. The scenarios characterized depend on the client stories and features characterized by the Business Analyst group. Sometimes, the Business Analyst also makes the Feature records for use by the automation testing process.

Make step definitions: Once the scenarios are characterized, the steps must be actualized for execution. This should be possible in a wide range of languages upheld by Cucumber automation testing. For example, if a language like Java is chosen for execution, the vital classes and strategies are characterized by making a project structure. The project can have references added to the Selenium jars, with the goal that the bundles can be transported in and used to execute the means to drive browsers utilizing Selenium API.

Characterize UI Element descriptions: One of the most ideal approaches to characterize UI component descriptions is utilizing the PageObject configuration design. PageObject design makes automation testing approach support simpler. This is due to any progressions made to the page components are disconnected into the PageObjects itself, without the need to update feature documents and step definitions.

Setting up a software testing automation framework for web application testing is a challenge, and furthermore certifiably advantageous over the long haul. We found that utilizing cucumber automation testing tutorial makes the task significantly simpler and brings about more viable test suites that convey high an incentive to your business and don’t require substantial maintenance.

TestOrigen is a leading provider of automation testing services and also well known among various automation testing companies. With our tremendous involvement in testing the web applications, we enable our clients to decrease the execution time of testing that as well results in cost-effective solutions.




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Do you know Code Walkthrough?

Do you know Code Walkthrough. code walkthrough in software testingThe code walkthrough in software testing helps in quality confirmation. It is utilized to cover the general code of the program for finding the language syntax issue.

A formal testing system in which source code is experience by a gathering utilizing a little arrangement of test cases, while the condition of utilization program factors is manually checked, to watch the software engineer’s logic and thoughts and techniques. In this method, when module has been coded, effectively ordered and each sentence structure mistakes expelled. The situation finds an engineer welcoming technical lead, the database director, and a few associates a meeting to experience an arrangement of source modules before production execution is known as code walkthrough in software testing.

What is code walkthrough?

Code Walkthrough is a type of peer survey in which a developer drives the audit procedure and the other colleagues make inquiries and spot conceivable mistakes against improvement principles and different errors.

Characteristics of code walkthrough in software testing:

  • The meeting is typically driven by the author of the record under survey and went to by different individuals from the group.
  • Audit sessions might be informal or formal.
  • Before the walkthrough code meeting, the preparation by commentators and after that an audit report with a rundown of discoveries is checked.
  • The scribe, who isn’t the author, denotes the minutes of meeting and note down every one of the issues or defects so it can be followed to conclusion.
  • The primary motivation behind code walkthrough and code inspection is to empower finding out about the substance of the document under audit to help colleagues pick up an understanding of the substance of the report and furthermore to discover defects and bugs.


The objectives of a walkthrough walls code:

  • To show the documents both inside and outside the software product train with a specific end goal to assemble the data in regards to the theme under documentation.
  • The Code walkthrough tools clarify or do the learning exchange and assess the substance of the document.
  • The code walkthrough in software engineering is utilized to accomplish a typical understanding and to collect feedback
  • To discuss and examine the validity of the proposed arrangements.


Simply, during code walkthrough in testing, the developer who composed the code formally presents it to a small gathering of five or so different software engineers and testers. The software engineers and testers peruses the code line by line clarifying what the code does and why. The analysts question and listen anything that look suspicious. After the survey presenter compose a report telling what was discovered and how he intends to address any bugs found.

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Let’s Discover the Variation among Ethical and Unethical Hacking

Lets Discover the Variation among Ethical and Unethical Hacking. difference between ethical and unethical hackingDevelopment in the IT domain has also postured dangers to the security of resources and data. Guaranteeing digital security is a fundamental undertaking. The term hacking can be characterized as the movement that is embraced by increasing unapproved access to information, data, framework, or assets.

Hacking can be mainly divided into two groups such as ethical hacking and unethical hacking. The confusion among both the terms is always debatable topic. However there is big difference between ethical and unethical hacking. Further, the individual who completes this action is known as the Hacker.

Before differentiating let’s understand both terms ethical and unethical hacking definition in brief:


What is ethical hacking?

Introduction to ethical hacking means something legal work. In numerous associations, today PCs are hacked for the great reason for the association. In association, to hack a PC implies vulnerability that is escape clauses in a PC found by scanning in ethical hacking firewall. Considering an extremely basic case here to understand the basics of ethical hacking easily, i.e. the windows security an association update on the regular schedule. It is a standard demonstration to hack and it is constantly preceding the arrival of new softwares to test its capacity is to see such attacks.

What is unethical hacking?

This is a major problem and furthermore a most blazing point among the present youth. Since each client practically is confronting this sort of issue. Unethical hacking tricks implies that when individuals, take somebody information only for their own personal gain. It incorporates generally, credit card data, ID robbery, and so on. In any case, fundamentally it implies that hacking just to do harm to somebody or something is unfamiliar to me. I don’t and won’t ever see how somebody can get individual fulfillment from watching others bear. Among this the malicious hacker is to be considered as black hat hacker as well.

Let’s learn difference between ethical and unethical hacking briefly:

At first hacking was tied in with breaking laws and getting to unapproved data by specific gatherings of individuals, represent considerable authority in Information Technology and Computer Programming. There are a portion of the real PC organizations, for example, Apple, IBM and Microsoft includes substantial group of committed, skilled and proficient hackers. These hackers, however are not violating the laws, so far no one can tell. For ethical hacking skills, their activity incorporates to test the recently created software to discover loopholes in security arrangement of the program.

In basic words, ethical hacking tricks are performed by the PC master that known as ethical hacker too, who attacks a much ensured security framework in the interest of his owner with mind and secures the exploitation of the program that a hacking unethical hacker may cause. To test the program, ethical hacking tricks and tools are used as their less principled partners however unethical hacker uses every asset and opportunity accessible for making malicious attack to the security framework. On other hand, an unethical hacker is to a greater degree a vigilante, who is fundamentally include in misusing security vulnerabilities for some hacktivists or individual who needs to get unapproved access to the framework.

The specialized difference between ethical and unethical hacking is ZERO; however what counts here is Moral distinction that’s the important part of any individual. At present, the greater parts of the organizations have their own particular hackers. Both the programmers appears to do well in their business, depends who employs them. It can be all around named as the battle between Police Force and Criminals. In any case, the level headed discussion of hacking ethical or unethical is forever and will keep on going on always until the world secured by both.

Characterization of hackers:

In these phases of ethical hacking and Unethical hacking, there are two sorts of hackers, which bargain in ethical hacking tools and unethical hacking:

The Black hat Hacker:

When we called a genuine hacker in the mean of un-ethical hacking at that point, it is the black hat hacker. The black hat hacker is a man who tries to discover PC security vulnerabilities and adventure them for individual money related benefit or trading off the security of significant frameworks, or different malicious reasons, and closing down and modifying the elements of sites and systems.

The White hat hacker:

This sort of hackers provides security of the digital world. They are just non proved activities. Mostly this ordinary client’s are came across in advanced ethical hacking.

The grey hat hackers:

He isn’t continually complying with the law; if the law is disrupt accomplishing something right. You may call them Robin Hoods or something, they do not harmful. In any case, they will infringe upon a law, when the law is an evil law. This sort of programmer may arrive in prison. In any case, for the most part they don’t or if they arrive in prison it’s a tragical circumstance in a battle against a lawful evil society. A portion of the protection contenders of the Second World War were this way, as Sophie Scholl and The White Rose. You come quickly into the grey area; in any case you work at something genuine.

Hacking of frameworks began in the previous days of PC utilization. In the case of hacking the framework is ethical or unethical relies upon the goals of the hackers. The hands-on ethical hacking and network defense will hack the framework to assess the framework for conceivable attacks and make proper suggestions while an unethical hacker goes for either cutting down the framework or taking the data on the framework. But, the two hackers utilize similar strategies.

Thus, it is very important to secure your system from unethical hacking using ethical hacking steps and also by providing security testing to your systems. So, for the testing needs you can come to us, we guarantee you assured system with high quality as our testers are more proficient than hackers outside.

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Introducing Parallel Testing on various Mobile Devices

Introducing Parallel Testing on various Mobile Devices. parallel testing in software testingChecking a software product for any defects and disparities is the foremost goal of testing. It is simply after thorough tests that any software product is stated fit for discharge. However, the key point is that every single test must be performed in an arrangement with the goal that the outcomes can be viewed as reliable. Aimless testing is only a misuse of everyone’s opportunity. In the arrangement of tests that a software product needs to experience, one kind is known as parallel testing in software testing.

What is parallel testing in software testing?

Parallel testing is defined as the testing of different applications or subcomponents of one application simultaneously to decrease the test time.

At the point when any association is moving from old framework to new framework, heritage information is a vital part. Exchanging this information is an unpredictable procedure.

In software testing, checking compatibility of the recently created framework with the old framework is done through “parallel testing.”

Attributes of Parallel Testing in Software Testing:

  • Guarantees that the new form of the application performs accurately.
  • Guarantees textures and irregularities are the same between the old and the new form.
  • Guarantees the honesty of the new application.
  • Confirms if the information arrange between the two forms have changed.

At what point a parallel testing plan Most Useful?

Parallel testing approach is most valuable and beneficial when another framework is being presented in place of an older one. With the end goal for coherence to be kept up, then the testing in parallel is performed with two frameworks, until the point when the new framework demonstrates its caliber. When software parallel testing affirms the caliber of the new programming, it replaces the more established one without breaking its continuity.

Given below the three steps for executing parallel testing on various mobile devices:

1. Begin automating the entire parallel test plan template that can be automated

In case you’re new to test automation you should begin by picking a test automation structures. In case you don’t know which one to pick, we prescribe perusing “Mobile Testing Automation Framework – Choose the Right One”.

If you are now utilizing test automation, these systems, Espress, Robotium and Appium assists you in parallel testing on various mobile devices

When you have picked a mobile testing structure, you should begin to compose test scripts for your test cases. In any case you haven’t done any automation as yet, we propose beginning with Appium.

2. Settle on which gadgets you need to do parallel run testing using test cases

When you have your test cases and the scripts for test automation prepared, you must choose which gadgets to run your tests.

This is a critical advance since testing on the correct gadgets and upgrading your application’s quality will enable you to pick up prevalence, increases download and support your incomes.

Ideally, you must pick 5 to 10 gadgets that are important to your objective market. To discover which gadgets are the most well known in that market you can utilize diverse techniques:

  • If your application is recently distributed, you can take a look at the downloads statistics
  • If your application isn’t distributed yet, you can take a look at your objective market most sold/most utilized gadgets. There are distinctive sites that give these data.
  • If you have a web-application you can begin by taking a look at more prevalent programs in your objective market

3. Presently it’s a great opportunity to begin parallel testing

  • This last part is exceptionally direct:
  • Transfer your application to TestObject stage
  • Transfer your test scripts/test suites
  • Pick the gadgets you need to run your tests on
  • Begin your trials and
  • Wait for the test answer to be prepared or utilize live view to see the test running.


Once the trial is done, you can take a look at all the thorough outcomes we furnish you with, for example, logs, screenshots, and recordings.

If you need to reproduce a specific bug, you can utilize manual testing.

Parallel Environments:

The developing number of gadgets and programs your clients are utilizing can be a challenge when endeavoring to test rapidly and proficiently. How about we envision a true parallel testing example: in discharge 3 of your software product, you have 8 hours of successive regression testing to perform before the group feels sure to convey.

By discharge 5, this might be double the measure of hours you’ll have to run your tests and as a reward, your software product is getting mainstream and is being utilized by more clients on an expanding number of various gadgets.

Before you were testing for just Chrome and FireFox, yet now you see that you require Android and iOS gadgets, Safari and different variants of Internet Explorer. So you have 16 hours of tests and 10 distinct gadgets or program to cover.

This would take us 160 hours for finish test scope before our organization. With parallel system testing conditions, we can run our 16 hours of tests on 10 distinct gadgets in the meantime, sparing us 146 hours of testing time.

Parallel testing in software testing execution likewise has the unmistakable preferred standpoint of detaching test cases and races to one particular OS or program, taking into account the engineers and testers to devote their important assets of difficult issues with cross-platform compatibility.

Thus Parallel Testing is a helpful method for guaranteeing that there is no break in the stream while the prior form of any product is being displaced. In a similar way, when parallel testing in selenium is performed, it prompts gigantic time reserve funds which can help meet due dates without trading off on the quality. To finish up the advantages of Parallel Testing far exceed its disadvantages. Hence, there is no compelling reason to bargain on the quality of the resulted software product by executing with this testing strategy.

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Easy Steps to discover bugs successfully 

Easy Steps to discover bugs successfully. bugs in software testingDoes your software product application have bugs? Obviously it has each software versions that probably have bugs that are out there and bug-free software is a myth.Yet, it’s as yet conceivable to greatly limit bugs in software testing, security issues and defects in your application by following a couple of tips and methods explained below.

Late investigations demonstrate that up to 40% of framework failures are caused by software bugs and that basic memory and simultaneousness related type of software bugs represent 60% of framework vulnerabilities and security issues.

So, reduction of bugs in software testing is the most ideal approach to build the reliability, security and stability of your software product.

There are so many roles and responsibilities of Software Tester. Whatever might be the roles of a Software Tester, “finding bugs in software” is a standout amongst the most vital of them. Utilizing different software testing tools for testing is one of the less demanding ways, yet at times automated testing isn’t sufficient, so testers should be great at finding software bugs. This is one trademark that separates a decent software tester from an average tester.

What are software bugs?

The bugs in software testing are an issue making a program crash or create invalid outcomes. The issue is caused by lacking or mistaken rationale. A bug can be an issue, defect, fault or mistake, which may cause deviation or failure from expected outcomes.

Most types of bugs in software are because of human mistakes in source code or its outline. A program is said to be buggy when it contains a substantial number of software testing bugs, which influence program usefulness and cause incorrect outcomes.

Let explore steps involved in how to find bugs in software testing:

Some of the time it’s valuable to break the principles:

The accompanying test cases, which were predefined a tester can miss the bugs in software testing so it makes difficult to give the product i.e. 100% bug free. In any case you-take after pre-decided test cases you chances getting to be plainly blind to outside the bugs types in software testing. A first mystery is to verify the functionality under the test. It’ll be a viable channel to find the more bugs, since functionality isn’t generally secured by the test cases.

Analyze the patterns:

You may have seen that the types of software errors and bugs can be regularly met in the gatherings, one can call them-companionable. The testing another yet the comparative usefulness you should swing to the past testing thoughts or choices. It is as well a superior advice to take note of the test thoughts that have just helped you in fixing software bugs.

Hit it hard where it harms the most:

It is simple to escape when you go over a type of bugs in software testing that can be a crash, a framework hang, a functionality defect, an UI issue, an execution bottleneck and so on. Take it in relaxing way.

This may very well be the start not the end! Try not to be tempted to rush and log it into your bug/issue/defect tracker. Finding a bug only recommends that there is a free connection in the product here. The framework may have gone into an insecure state before you experienced the historical software bugs.

Expecting that the framework is in an insecure state mishandle it more. Encourage more crazy contributions than any time in recent memory. Start up gallons of information inputs. Decrease the accessible framework assets.

Endeavor to take it to a point where the application under test may go to its knees. Who knows you may soon go over a worst software bugs! When you discover it, keep in mind to note down every one of the details and check the reproducibility before logging it into the tracker.

Listen to the footsteps of the approaching bug:

This empowers to hear the few foundation sounds. It helps in couple of fronts. In such way you’ll have the capacity to hear the notice messages, issue boxes and so forth which can’t show up at your screen for few reasons however be observers of the common software bug’s presence.

Pair testing:

The software tester is required to be full with thoughts’, by and by there can be the situations when a tester has nobody for un-cover bugs life cycle in software testing. It’s the ideal opportunity for request that your colleagues offer assistance. Testing-together at same time creates the new testing thoughts. Moreover in addition the pair testing is that you work all the more eagerly having a sentiment being viewed. However, the joint effort which keeps going to quite a while can lead for exclusive focus.

Why software has bugs?

There are so many a reason due to which bugs in software arises that are given below:

  • Changing requirements
  • Time pressures
  • Software complexity
  • Lack of skilled testers
  • Obsolete automation scripts
  • Poorly documented code
  • Programming errors
  • Miscommunication or no communication


Adequately bugs tracking software is one vital part of having a reliable, consistent and robust project management structure. These above mentioned points that have helped TestOrigen’s testers by discovering different types of bugs in software testing all the more proficiently. These are rehearses that have worked for us in our unique circumstance.

In any case, these could possibly not work for you, as your finding bugs software testing may be totally not the same as ours. Anyway, you can try them out and check whether they can help you in getting a larger number of software bug famous computer bugs rapidly than you are getting now! Do tell us your thoughts as well as perspectives at


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Briefly Explained Types of Performance Testing

Briefly Explained Types of Performance TestingIn case you’re a QA engineer, developer, or involved with DevOps, you know you have to perform distinctive types of performance testing to ensure each code change or feature included doesn’t break the framework and functions properly.

Which types of software performance testing would it be advisable for you to lead, what’s the major distinction between load vs stress vs performance testing and which test is appropriate for which circumstance? You will get all your answers and doubts cleared out here.

What is performance testing?

As the name recommends, performance testing is planned to evaluate how well an application performs under certain predetermined conditions. The objective of various types of performance testing is ordinarily to gauge at least one of three critical components: speed, strength, and adaptability. Successful performance testing test plan requires an unmistakable picture of what you need to decide in each test, for example, how much equipment you require in order to permit a specific number of simultaneous clients for the application.

Different types of performance testing in software testing explained below:

To see how software will perform on clients’ frameworks, there various types of software performance testing that can be conducted during software testing. This is non-functional testing, which is intended to decide the preparation of a framework.

Load performance testing

Load testing measures framework execution as the workload increases. That workload could mean simultaneous clients or transactions. The framework is observed to gauge reaction time and framework backbone as workload increases. That workload falls inside the parameters of typical working conditions.

Scalability testing

Scalability testing is utilized to decide whether software is successfully taking care of expanding workloads. This can be dictated by bit by bit adding to the client load or information volume while observing application performance testing. Additionally, the workload may remain at a similar level while resources, for example, CPUs and memory are changed.

Endurance testing

Endurance testing — too called soak testing — is an assessment of how software performs with a typical workload over an expanded measure of time. The objective of Endurance testing is to check for framework issues, for example, memory spills.

Volume testing

Volume testing decides how effectively software performs with a vast, anticipated amount of information. It is as well called flood testing due to the test floods the framework with information.

Stress testing

Not at all like load testing, stress tests — as well called weakness testing — is intended to gauge system performance testing outside of the parameters under ordinary working conditions. The software product is given more clients or exchanges that can be dealt with. The objective of stress testing is to gauge the software product strength. When software does fails and how does the software product recover from that failure?

Spike testing

Spike testing is a kind of stress testing that assesses software execution when workloads are significantly expanded rapidly and over and again. The workload is beyond normal desires for short measures of time.

Given below different types of bottlenecks in performance testing:

In the software testing of an application Speed is one of the vital traits. Client won’t upbeat to work with moderate framework. The performance testing methodology reveals the execution bottlenecks and imperfections to keep up interest and consideration of client. Here is the rundown of most normally execution issues saw in performance testing software framework:

  • Disk use
  • OS restrictions
  • Poor system setup Poor reaction time
  • Long Load time
  • Memory usage
  • CPU usage
  • Insufficient hardware resources
  • Bottlenecking
  • Poor versatility
  • Software setup issues


Automation performance testing  is an imperative sort of testing that decides the general execution of the framework keeping in mind the end goal to verify and validate quality characteristics, for example, speed, versatility, responsiveness and soundness under a particular load.

The objective of performance testing metrics is to find the bugs and furthermore take out execution bottlenecks from the framework.

TestOrigen provides all types of performance testing such as website performance testing or mobile performance testing etc. using all the latest types of performance testing tools and ensures you the best performance testing services in Delhi/NCR.

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Can Testers become the Best Software Project Managers?

Can Testers become the Best Software Project Managers?There is a very famous opinion that exclusive web engineers can progress toward becoming project managers. This isn’t so until if they pick such a career. Thus, the question is who can become a good project manager? Can software tester become the best software project managers? The answer is Yes, they can be a best project manager software engineers.

However, if you are a software engineer tester you are actually nearer to moving towards either Product Management or Business Development.

Normally a decent QA software tester has a deep knowledge of software product specifications and would have a less demanding time moving towards software product, instead of climbing by becoming a software tester.

A QA individual knows precisely how a software product should not behave as like as a product manager thought of specifications on how software products behave. It should not take much time for an inventive software quality tester to attempt and be a successful Software Product Manager.

Basically who is software tester? A software tester is an exceptional individual, who remains at the last purpose of the web improvement lifecycle. He is the last individual between the web developer and the client.

So at to begin with, to be software tester intends to be in charge of quality software, as well as practically responsible for the achievement of the whole project.

How about we think more. A software tester is a man, who doesn’t create anything himself. He just checks. So he knows superior to anything the entire project team, how the things must be and practically the special case that here and there isn’t hesitant to state what is incorrect.

The Similar qualities of software tester and the role and responsibilities of project manager in software development:


One of the most critical software project manager skills that is similar to the skills required for software tester must dependably keep in their brain is, it takes their activities to set a specific business as usual for a group, instead of their words. A decent management requests and exhibit of moral practices.

The project management or leadership relies upon honesty speaks to set of values, devotion to genuineness, and consistency in practices with team mates. Honesty is that a good software project managers assumes liability for setting the high bar for moral practices for oneself, and in addition rewards the individuals who personify these practices. Leadership quality inspired by self-interest does not serve the prosperity of a team that is in built role of tester in software development.

They are Good Decision Maker

Good Decision Making is one of the vital roles and responsibilities of project manager on software projects that is must skills of a software tester as well.

This Great role of project manager in software project management isn’t just vital for personal life yet it also as important in professional life too. The great project manager software development is engaged to settle on numerous choices which will help characterize the project track.

As we all understand that a single minor wrong selection taken can without taking much time endanger the whole project. In this manner, a software tester work should be fit for thinking rapidly and responding conclusively.

They Inspire a Shared Vision

The productive roles of project manager in software development frequently portrayed as having a dream of where to go and the capacity to explain it. A software project managers is somebody who lifts you up, gives you a reason of being, and gives the vision and soul to change.

The visionary project managers empower individuals to feel they have a genuine stake in the task. Additionally,  the software tester as well enable their team mates to encounter the vision of their own and offer other the chance to make their own vision, to investigate what the vision will intend to their employments and their lives, or also to imagine their future as a major aspect of the vision of their association.

They are Great Problem Solver!

The best project manager role in software development is to work with a group of specialists or experts and utilize their authority in taking care of issues in best ways.

Only the roles and responsibilities of software tester will envision that the software project managers will have a prepared respond in due order regarding each and every issue; software project manager responsibilities are that they must have the ability to use the learning of their colleagues and even partners to create an aggregate reaction to any issues they encounter on their approach to conveying a project.

Finally, a software tester is the main individual who knows how is and will be better for the end-client to work with the software product. This isn’t the web usability question as it were. As a tester himself utilizes the software product a huge number of times while testing it, he is the main individual who can state, what is done advantageously or not. So a tester tells how it must be.

Do you see here much alike software project manager roles and responsibilities? Same as a software tester, then yes is the right answer and the fact is only software testers can become a successful project managers.


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Learning of Monkey Testing

Learning of Monkey TestingNumerous automated tests additionally shape a part of any software product’s pre-discharge testing life-cycle. In fact, it is because of these automated tests that testing speeds up at many stages. One such testing method is known as Monkey Testing.

What is monkey testing?

Monkey software testing is an unplanned, automated unit test. The test isn’t scripted and is run essentially to check if a framework or an application won’t crash. The monkey testing software is also a micro scale test commonly keeping running by testers to check particular capacities or program codes.

The automated testing tools are called ‘monkey testing tool‘ which load or input the information to test, if the product can deal with them.

The term monkey originates from a prominent saying “a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters will in the long run sort out the whole works of Shakespeare”. Monkey testing is now and then portrayed as “random, with no particular test as a main priority” While monkey is the prevalent name for the test, “stochastic” is the formal or specialized term of this kind of software testing.

Qualities of Monkey Software Testing:

Following are the qualities of the Monkey testing:

  • The situation may NOT be perceptible and may NOT be the right business case.
  • Monkey Testing needs testers with great domain knowledge and specialized ability.
  • This testing is random to the point that the tester will most likely be unable to repeat the defects/bugs.

Sorts of Software Monkey Testing:

There are three sorts of Monkey Mobile Testing:

Smart monkey tests: In Smart monkey tests the testers have a smart thought of the framework or application. They know precisely the software product’s usefulness. They give the valid inputs to perform testing.

Brilliant monkey tests: In this monkey tests the software testers have sensible thought as how the clients are utilizing the software product and they complete their monkey testing with the client’s viewpoint.

Dumb monkey tests: In Dumb monkey tests the testers have no information of the application or product. They don’t have any thought regarding their sources of info whether it’s substantial or invalid. They are otherwise called ‘Unmindful monkeys’.

Pros and Cons monkey tool for testing:

Pros of Monkey Software Testing:

  • As the situations that are tested are adhoc, framework may be under stress so we can as well check for the server reactions.
  • This android monkey testing is embraced to finish the testing, specifically if there is an asset/time crunch.

Cones of Monkey Software Testing:

  • The test completed during monkey testing is random to the point that it is either impractical or exceptionally hard to reproduce any bug.
  • It’s extremely troublesome and tedious to investigate the sudden issues found during the monkey testing android.
  • Testers experience issues in characterizing the correct test scenarios and they additionally can’t guarantee the exactness of test cases.
  • Monkey tool for android testing may expend loads of time before finding a bug since it doesn’t have any predefined tests.


At whatever point you are uncovering a major web application to the world, would you be able to envision the sort of clients you are providing catering your application? There are unquestionably some great clients, yet you can’t be certain that there won’t be any dreadful clients. There are “n” quantities of dreadful clients, who are additionally similar to monkeys and love to play around with the application and give unusual or vast sources of info or break the applications.

Thus to test on those lines, we testers likewise need to wind up Monkey, think and in the long run test it with the goal that your application is protected from the outside frightful monkeys.

Therefore an automation testing tool like monkey testing can be methods for effectiveness, if utilized appropriately. Generally, many bugs may at present evade it. A decent understanding of the qualities and shortcomings of either the dumb or smart monkey is basic to touch base at a decent choice in picking which one to utilize for your testing needs.


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Myths and Truth hidden behind Automation Testing

Myths and Truth hidden behind Automation TestingAn ever increasing number of associations are experiencing a change inside the advanced transformation age. They are under strain to stay aggressive and to convey quicker. It is more critical now for everyone to understand what is automation testing in software testing?

And viably meets objectives, desires and remains practical. The initial phase in understanding automation testing is to address some of its myths that are hidden and kept unknown most of the time.

Thus during the progress to QA testing automation, it is critical to oversee desires.

A few regular myths and truth are defined below:

Myth 1: Automation software testing is fast!

Truth: Well Automation testing consumes time!

Solution: Automation testing can help the association highly when utilized in the right manner and with the correct arrangement of needs. However, for this to be conceivable, we need to invest some energy, cash and in particular patience. Testers need to know the domain, the test cases to be automated and after that pick an automation testing framework in like manner to build automation testing metrics. This will bring about solid establishment working for upcoming difficulties to come.

The amount of attempts to be placed in for Automated Software Testing is equivalent to the amount of attempts that are placed in for building up an application which needs careful approval. Mobile application automation testing scripts must be examined appropriately keeping each conceivable arrangement of test data under thought which as well incorporates negative testing. Neglecting to do as such and giving over incomplete tools for automation testing therefore prompts disappointment of automated scripts amid execution, because of which you have a tendency to lose trust in the automation testing tools.

Myth 2: Users simply need to click a button to execute the testing automation test cases.

Truth: When mobile automation testing is finished and conveyed to end clients, they expect that software testing automation scripts can be executed with no adjustment in test information yet this happens just in an uncommon circumstance. End clients must as well invest their energy in execution. They must know about the streams of the application, keywords utilized as a part of the application and the test information should be given.


  • We must have an occasional discussion about the test case stream and test information to the end clients which will maintain a strategic distance from wrong desires.
  • We must as well know the test information utilized which can be consistent and which can be utilized as input. This will limit the amount of information inputs required for each test case.


Myth 3: Expecting 100% Automation Testing with no Failure!

Truth: Executing Automated Software Testing without a failure is almost impossible!

Solution: There can be a few reasons why UI automation testing scripts can flop in their execution. Be it because of information variation or it may be network problems, environment problems and might be due to variations in the UI failure of Test case can’t be discounted.

Myth 4: Automation replaces Manual Testers.

Truth: After the web automation testing scripts are created, the basic confusion is that we can replace the manual testers with Automation, however this isn’t valid. Website automation testing is a program which will test the stream of the framework. Indeed, even a little imperfection can be missed in any case we don’t compose test scripts to search for it, yet this can simply be found during manual test execution. Additionally, if the application being tested experiences changes, this regularly brings about the failure in test scripts and the manual tester must test the progressions until the point when the scripts are refreshed.

Although the basic concepts of automation testing is to decrease the amount of time taken by manual testing, one needs to invest energy in test outcomes examination to ensure that software testing and automation has not missed out any vital defects and bugs.


  • We generally require a human mind to examine the test outcomes. Robots can’t replace people in automation testing.
  • For applications, which are evolving much of the time, open source automation testing tools for mobile applications must be utilized as a source of perspective and not as a substitution for a manual tester.
  • Automation testing must be utilized for static applications which are autonomous of different modules and which should be regression tested.


Myth 5: Automated Software Testing has Quick ROI!

Truth: Automation Testing’s ROI is a long haul return!

Solution: While actualizing Automated testing Solutions ,aside from simply composing the test scripts there are as well a couple of interrelated software formative assignments that are involved. First of a framework that can support the testing operations must be produced, which a huge task in itself and will require exceedingly talented individuals to work on it. However regardless of the possibility that a team chooses to us a completely created system, the underlying test case checks will take additional time than physically executing the test. So if an application is still in the formative stage and requires speedy input, Test Automation isn’t the correct activity. The ROI of Automation Testing is, therefore, a long run activity design.

Why automation testing is required?

  • Automation testing is the most ideal approach to build the viability, proficiency and scope of your software product testing. Each product improvement gather tests its products, yet conveyed software dependably has bugs.
  • TestOrigen’s Test engineers endeavor to get them before the product is discharged yet they generally sneak in and they frequently return, even with the best manual testing forms.
  • An Automation testing tool can playback pre-recorded and predefined activities contrast the outcomes with the normal conduct and report the achievement or disappointment of these manual tests to a test build.
  • Once software testing and automation tests are completed they can without much of a stretch be re-used and they can be reached out to perform tasks unimaginable with manual testing.


TestOrigen provides both IOS automation testing and Android automation at best suited price in the software testing world. So do contact us at and get best services.

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