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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: Software and Performance Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+- Software and Performance ReviewSoon the Samsung Galaxy new launch S8 and S8+ gadgets had been delivered to customers,  Gone are the times of Samsung’s excessively soaked blue-toned interface. You never again need to manage in backward navigation keys. The recently retrofitted version of new Samsung Galaxy on S8 and S8+ is easier and cleaner on the eyes. Finally, everything feels so firm.

Software Review:

The software layer over Android 7.0 is functional and attractive. Icons are more develop, and the on-screen buttons – a first for a new Samsung Galaxy S-series mobile phone – are edgy and precise.

The stark white shading plan is fresh and clean, and the greater part of Samsung’s local applications have adjusted that look. Google Assistant is on board, in spite of the fact that there’s no Daydream support, since that kind of conflicts with the recently refreshed Gear VR and its great movement controller.

The greatest software expansion for the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, Samsung’s competitor to Siri – and it’s likely the greatest disappointment, as well. This advanced personal assistant pops up all over the place, in addition to there’s a committed Bixby button on the side, so you don’t have to get out an embarrassed expression to make them go. The thing is half baked and not exactly prepared yet.

Bixby feels like various distinctive elements put together, each of which is already part of Android. Perhaps later on it will enhance, yet for the present there’s a helpful alternative to turn it off.

Another new software highlight is ‘DeX’. Like Continuum, DeX requires a sold-independently dock that interfaces with a HDMI-prepared screen and transforms your Galaxy S8 and S8+ into a smaller PC. The dock as well has control, two USB-A ports and an Ethernet connector, alongside a sprinkling of fans in the base to shield the newest Samsung galaxy phone from ending up excessively hot.

This Samsung Galaxy new model has made an incredible showing with regards to make the progress from a 16:9 angle proportion to the 18.5:9 here as consistent as would be possible. Most Android applications scale perfectly, but you can physically extend those that don’t scale.

Performance Review:

Performance software of your new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ comes with the Snapdragon 835 or an Exynos 8895, in both the condition you are getting one the most fastest S- series phone .

This more up to date set of chips offers more proficient 10nm process, which appears to enhance battery life and support for gigabit LTE speeds.

Latest Bluetooth 5.0 is another additional feature that is making this new Samsung Galaxy phone release more popular. Which means you, would now be able to connect two devices all together and play the same source through them both that is incredible for tuning in to the same song with sets of wireless earphones.

There’s a greater hole in performance as far as the synthetic benchmark tests, where the Galaxy S8 and S8+ scores 2034 in Geekbench 4’s single-core test and 6559 in the multi-core rendition. That is on a par with results came from test Snapdragon 835, and marginally above phones running the Kirin 960, which scores 1935 and 6237 in similar tests.

Phone call quality is fine, as it is not Wi-Fi performance, however nor is progressive or superior to anything what you had experience on substantially less expensive phones.

TestOrigen provides both the software and performance testing of Galaxy S8 and S8+ with high compatibility test results of all your applications to this newest model.



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Technology lightened Travel Domain

Technology lightened the Travel Domain.Being one of the most arranged and interconnected ventures of the world. Travel and hospitality domain’s needs are continuously advancing with time. Technology latest trend in the business need to help regularly expanding their interest and lessening paper-thin edges to build cost and operational efficiencies for new and prepared players. Customers always vary from travelling organizations, restaurants, large tour operators, hotels, airlines, specialty experience providers, travel technology companies. TestOrigen has been working and aiding in this domain by serving many parts of the entire biological system giving top range of services and software testing solutions for such companies.

TestOrigen delivers strong proficiency in testing of software products for airline booking, reservation processing and various other processes for travel companies.


The major Tasks to be executed for software testing in Travel domain:

  • Systematization: As organization develops, the amount of data also increases. With the assistance of high travel domain knowledge and test cases for travel application, testers able to arrange client database, rendered services, flights, value records, booking rooms and tickets for planes, trains, and so forth. Systematization may happen as reports and insights.


  • Productivity: The banking domain knowledge for testers helps them in processing and analyzing data quickly and the software must be updated time to time for increasing productivity.


  • Automation: The installed application must automate the work of organization and the travel domain knowledge helps the tester to regularize record keeping, for making competency to interconnect with the database from PC, tablets and phones, remote help.


  • Control: Leader of travel Organisation must have all the data as it is required at the time for Implementation of business administration.


TestOrigen’s travel domain testing solution provides best Travel Technology Testing professionals in areas such as order Booking and Reservations processing etc. Our tester has wide-ranging travel domain knowledge with technical experience that allows us to know the multipurpose requirements of the travel domain. We provide all types of testing for travel domains including Load testing, Security testing and the automated testing for lightening the travel domain at high level.

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Windows 10 S: Boon for Microsoft

Microsoft Launched Latest Window 10S with all new features.Microsoft launched latest upgraded version of 10 i.e. windows 10 S with all new features.  It is built for education, classrooms and to go up against Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Much the same as Google’s own OS, windows 10 S is tied to windows store that means users can only run applications download from the store. Microsoft clarified a few parts of this latest windows in front of an audience; however there’s significantly more to this latest windows 10 S.

Here’s all that you have to know.

  • Only the Apps Downloaded from Windows Store will work:

The greatest change to Windows 10 S is that it’s secured to just work with Windows Store applications. That implies you will have to discover applications in the Store to download and install them, and numerous desktop applications like Photoshop and Chrome basically aren’t in the Store yet. Microsoft allows engineers to port their desktop applications into the Windows Store, yet relatively few have exploited this feature at this time. Thus there are numerous applications that are not available in the Windows Store at this time and if you need those apps then Windows 10 S is not likely made for you.

  • Performance and Safety:

Microsoft declared that the Performance and Safety will both be enhanced with this windows 10 upgrade. Applications won’t have the capacity to run unless they’re available and downloaded from the Windows Store, so that must be helpful in preventing malware and worthless application, although every app is certified by Microsoft to ensure there is no performance drop over time. Microsoft has concentrated on battery life for its Windows 10 S devices to guarantee students can utilize laptops for most of the day.

  • It looks and works same as windows 10:

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgraded to windows 10 S that looks and functions mostly same. Thus most of the schools and colleges are upgrading to windows 10 and also some of the PC manufacturers like Acer and Hp will sell laptops running windows 10 S free of cost.

  • Default search settings and browsers are restricted to Microsoft only:

Windows 10 S will be restricted to selected browsers in the Windows Store that means users won’t be able to change their default settings. Thus if you click on a link from any application in Windows 10 S then you will be constrained into Microsoft’s Edge Browser only.

  • Reason for building Windows 10 S:

Microsoft stated that Microsoft windows 10 upgrade is mainly build for students and its main goal is education. However it’s clear that this is a key move, as well. Microsoft hasn’t had much accomplishment with its Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10, particularly given Windows Phone has less than 1% market share. Application engineers haven’t rushed to Universal Windows Platform thus, and it’s reasonable for the Windows Store to be a successful by attracting desktop applications.


So, Upgrade to Windows 10 now, and get to know more by using Windows 10 S. But if you face any problem with compatibility of Windows 10 S then TestOrigen provides you the assistance by giving best resolutions to all your issues regarding this latest version.


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Is Domain Knowledge is Essential Aspect in Software Testing?

Is Domain Knowledge is Essential Aspect in Software TestingDomain Knowledge is a vital part in any field of IT whether it is Business Analytics, Database Testing or software testing and QA. As IT is well-known in all domains or fields and the functions of IT is diverse in various domain.

Thus the vast majority of the clients/organizations dependably search for boosting their software testing procedures for better outcomes; hence they will be mainly concerned to the highly knowledgeable testers about their domain so they can enhance the value of their software. Therefore one of the key variables for any achievement is adding software Domain knowledge to the Product or Project.

Domain knowledge for software engineers is vital in software testing methodologies as the tester who has domain skills can test the software architecture better than others. The domain knowledge in software testing plays a critical part as one of the software testing theories says “Testing is Environment Driven” that means the testing executed in healthcare domain is not same as insurance domain testing process.

Benefits of Domain Knowledge in Software Testing:

  • Diminish the Training Period: A tester can become more creative than a tester who has zero knowledge of software testing domains. So it increases the value of software product.
  • Improves judgments on Business Procedures, Work Flows: It will assist a tester in improved manner to understanding the best testing techniques as per client needs.
  • Improves Judgments on User Interface Features: It will also assist the tester in improving their judgments for getting more bugs at the starting stage itself on User Interface.
  • Phrasing: coverage in the language of the business, bringing about great compatibility with the client needs.
  • Improve Judgments on Back end Processing: how viably/proficiently the information/code is taken care.
  • Domain knowledge for testers is also important for classification of defects: Knowing how the application will probably be utilized and how it is relied upon to perform, will tell QA tester whether a given defect is minor, huge, or basic.


Hence the domain knowledge is very important for software testers. And Testorigen’s testers are very much familiar with all types of domains in software testing whether it is insurance domain knowledge, telecom domain knowledge or software testing for architecture. They can also assist you in software testing for healthcare domain as they are proficient in understanding healthcare domain basics and become your best gears for all your software problems.


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User Interface Testing Boosting Web Applications.

User Interface Testing boosting Web ApplicationsUser Interface Testing is basically refers to the interaction between users and software. That is the initial point of connecting the web applications and Users.

Success of any web application depends on how it connect with users through user interface, how user will react to your app features and whether the app respond in right manner towards functionality.

Any web application with incorrect functionality or unacceptable UI can lead to numerous issues that can resolved by web User Interface Testing.

We will help you in understanding few major points about User Interface Testing:

  • Testing of webapps interface feature is very important for boosting the web based application as it guarantees the productivity; design quality and linked visual content are easily understandable to users without any bugs.
  • For boosting the compatibility of your web application, the interface features are must tested in different environments with UI automation testing to enhance user experience.
  • A bad UI testing ios versions can be a disadvantage to your web applications as it bounces away your users to your competitor web app. A successful web UI testing performed by latest automated UI testing tools can boost your web app by making it simple and efficient for your users.
  • A User interface attracts users to look for additional data, explore the web app, settle on a registration or buy choice through a series of clicks or dialogue. In this cutting edge time of advertising, User interface assumes a critical part in expanding conversion rates and client loyalty.
  • As with growing needs, the task of creating user interface testing checklist becoming more complex. Thus in order to create more natural, basic, viable and fun User interface, testers need insight and smart planning by getting knowledge of latest gui testing tools for conveying considerable outcomes.


TestOrigen’s UI testing helps you in increasing the usability of your web application and the soft skills like teamwork, communication, people management and an understanding of human intellectual plans would make us an ideal testing company for boosting your web applications.


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Enhancement of QA process using Quality Gates Next Methodology

Enhancement of QA process using Quality Gates Next methodology.As a changing times we have seen so many ways to deal with software enhancement recently. Thus Practices like Continuous Integration/Delivery, DevOps and Agile have become Ordinary. However with changing trends, the testers are also using different new ways for providing high QA to improve your product quality. The question arise that, how might you come to know, that how effective your QA process is in this Agile and new world?

TestOrigen is one such company focused on Quality Assurance Services and will provide you the answers to your questions through our works not by words.

TestOrigen checks the development and adequacy of software product’s QA using its own licensed Quality Gate Next Methodology that judge the IT-product’s Quality Assurance plan. The outcome of this testing is not only provide us the data about the procedure’s level of development in the common terms of Test Process Improvement but also give us a detailed technical description of each gap found through which the quality is falling down during product developed.

The Quality Gates Next methodology offers 8 quality gates through which the product should go before launch. Each gate consists of particular quality checks that the product must pass to move another stage. A same quality analysis process is well-known to many testers who performs unit testing.

The former quality assurance methodologies mainly resulted in the team beginning to judge quality when enhancement was done. Testers get an untreated product that is mostly flooding with bugs, and thoroughly needed to be fixed. Now-a- day, this quality assurance processes and procedures take an intolerable amount of time, and, sadly lead the many IT mangers to give up Quality in order to meet the due dates for launching the product.

But TestOrigen will not do this to your product as our quality assurance process improvement activities are always get update time to time that will help your organization in the high quality assurance standards as per your needs.

This check based on Quality Gates Next methodology can enlighten the issues as well as give significant suggestions in regards to quality assurance program, starting with the former quality control procedures for software development. Hence the QA and Testing no longer fall behind the latest quality assurance methods. The collaboration amongst advancement and testing will provide outcomes in terms of increasing QA of product and decrease in time.

So, you are one step behind from quality, take that step toward TestOrigen and get the best quality assurance process examples by getting latest quality assurance system and techniques within given deadlines.

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The Unsaid Requirements in Software Testing for Consistency

The Unsaid Requirements in Testing for Consistency.It is always said that consistency is important in UI. But there are also other areas where being consistent is just as necessary, even if they are not as detectable. Consistency is one of the important aspects in software development lifecycle among different parts of software system being designed and implemented.

Generally development of any User Interface system we are always aware of the consistency problems and we usually solve these by unique arrangements made by testers. The main purpose of this blog is to introduce our users about the unsaid needs in testing for consistency.

Some of the points explained below that we follow during Testing for Consistency:

  • We first begin with the description to represent the different pieces of data that must be consistent.
  • The description covers all the fragments data and software such as machine code, source code and parses trees. Mainly description is analyzed for the mapping into sets of objects that are supposed to be described.
  • These analysis and descriptions are used as a system for modeling consistency in software testing documentation.
  • This consistency model comprises control parts, interfaces and the demonstration made for description in a system by using software testing strategies that are appropriate for the system.
  • This model gives consistency as a fresh and necessarily for software systems.
  • It shows the graphical notation, that provides an outline of the consistency relations in software test plan. The model is very common, due to this it can be apply to any type of software testing.
  • This limits the level of detail in the model of consistency, yet the model permits upgrade of the determination once the sort of software system is given. We characterize four fundamental strategies for dealing with consistency in software systems modeled in terms of descriptions.
  • By merging these software testing methodologies, we are able to explain the handling of consistency in the specified software system. These software testing methods and graphical representation can help our testers in resolving consistency issues for our clients.


TestOrigen provides their customer a consistent software product as we have efficient tester, who check the consistency of all our products even if it is not mentioned and give our users a highly reliable and software quality standards as per users needs.

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How Beta testing will improve your business?

How Beta testing will improve your business-Testing your product before a launch is not an easy decision to make, Right? So if you are thinking about your product to meet your user’s needs and their wishes, then you need to do in-house testing first before launching to real world users.

So, the Beta testing in Marketing is very important for your business advertizing plan as it is done for refining and developing your product. This testing is not just a beta testing in software testing but also build buzz around your product and provide you a better sense of how your arranged promoting efforts may play out.

Here are a few ways that will tell you how a beta testing can be a savvy method for the improvement of your business:

Improve Your Marketing Plan.

In this Beta Product testing, you run the same promotions you have planned for the launch of your product on small scale like on social media channel after that this Beta testing assist you to coordinate the feedback about your products and enhance your Marketing Plan.

Pick up an Excited, Engaged Audience.

TestOrigen’s Beta testers are very industry-savvy with their fingers on beat of what’s new and hot. They will help you by communicating with each other about the product’s good/bad features and gives you a helpful feedback for the continuous refining of your product, while they create a network around your product and encourage your audience by making exciting and new changes.

Collect aimed audience statistics from your Beta Testing team.

As you are seeking for the information about your product in beta tests, then you can collect the audience statistics from your beta tester team. Reviews and meeting of your testers will provide you a brief shot of your ultimate audience. You can use this data to modify your test to an exact focused group and track the reactions from group to group.

Start creating Buzz feed.

By adding famous brands in your Beta test, you can support them to share their opinion with their own networks can provide you publicity and help you making connections with long term clients.

So, if you are going to launch a new product and need a best beta testing services, then TestOrigen will be the better choice you will make. We are one of the leading and affordable beta testing companies in Noida that support you in your beta testing program and provide you various beta testing such as IOS beta testing, android app beta testing, mobile app beta testing etc, as our testers uses all the latest beta testing tools . For more details you can contact us.


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Required Skills to become a Successful Tester

REQUIRED SKILLS TO BECOME A Successful TesterNow a day software testing industries are developing at a high speed with today’s growing world. So if you are thinking of making your career as a software testing engineer and QA, then you must be aware of technical as well as software QA tester skills to become successful tester. As talking to some of professional testers we analyzed their perspectives and proposal in regards to the basic skills that can assist you to become a successful professional tester. So let’s take a look at some of the key skills of software testing.

Logical and analytical thinking:

For a great software tester, he/she must have the capacity to make the different scenarios on various situations and should put him/herself in the client’s shoes and think according to the client’s need for preparing workflow chart of the application. Both the logical and analytical thinking are technical skills of software tester that makes you a proficient tester.

Scholarly creativity and curiosity:

Curiosity and creativity is a software testing skills required for enjoying your work. It is belief that software testing is a boring and dull job, but it is really a test of your creativity and curiosity to understand the product and system as deep as possible. The more you inquire; more you find that result in brilliant testing skills.

Thinks and reacts quickly:

Good testers are multitalented and never give up until they get the solutions. They learn immediately when stood up with something new and can accept things are as effectively as they can stay with a plan.

Adaptable to working in teamwork:

While a successful software tester with technical skills is open to working without coordinate supervision, they additionally very respect the value of teamwork. They perceive when to help and also when to request one. They value the skills of their partners and use them to achieve tasks more skillfully and sufficiently when required.

Does not overlook Personal Growth:

Last but not least, a proficient tester understands that their skills for software testing can simply be improved daily. They see the quickly changing trends and attempt to stay aware of them as they learn new skills of software testing and open themselves up to new innovations. They absolutely discovered that what is awesome today might be old fashion tomorrow. To them, learning is the key to success.


Testing is a procedure which never stops all through the software advancement life-cycle and even after that. There is dependably opportunity to get better in the software testing. Other than the important software testing skills given above, you must have good speaking and listening skills as well as non-verbal communication and voice to make a good career in this field.




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Web Analytics Testing: Process and Importance


Web analytics testing is basically the collecting of website data and after that analyzing and reporting this data based on your users targets and organization to conclude the failure and success of those targets for making strategy to improve the user’s understanding.

The key objective of Web analytics testing foremost is to optimize the experience of online clients. It is not only the technology to create reports but rather than that even more a website optimization technique. This enables organizations to improve the website in order to get more profit.

Web Analytics Process:

The procedure projected above will empower organizations to make a commanding information obsessed background, to calculate client connection with the site, to sector guests and see how each crowd act, to examine movement ROI, and to upgrade the site so as to make benefit.

  • Begin with a logical description of business objectives
  • Make an arrangement of Key Performance Indicators to track objective accomplishment
  • Collect precise and complete information
  • Analysis of Data to remove bits of information
  • Making of test Alternatives rely upon assumptions studied from data analysis.
  • Actualize bits of information based on either website testing or data analysis.


Testing and Analytics: Which is more essential?

For the selection of Testing and Analytics, it is really important to first choose the company. Because these both processes are totally relies upon the types of company. And the companies are divided into two sections.

  1. The companies which are new to Testing and Analytics: These companies should begin with a web analytics tools before spending huge amount on testing tools. Although, the least demanding approach to become more familiar with how great your attempt is to begin testing. You can begin with a small part of the site.
  1. Analytics based companies: These companies are one, recently using the web analytics testing solution for the enhancement of their conversion rates. Web analytics testing solution can as well assist in giving better approaching to the site optimizing

So in the conclusion, if we have more data, it can be utilized to boost testing achievement; and the test outcomes could be utilized to help following data analysis.

Importance of Web Analytics Testing

The web analytics testing services are important to assist you to see how your users are connecting with your sites. The Google as well takes this data to rank you up with the assistance of an algorithm.

Various opportunities of testing assist you to enhance campaign performance too. So, for the increment of conversions rate, you should use different testing method including Web analytics A/B testing and WAAT using selenium.

Web analytics A/B testing: Web analytics A/B testing enlightens you regarding the execution of clickable components of your website page. This testing process permits measuring execution like tweaking or revolving between two pictures, an essential suggestion to take action and afterward following up on the outcomes. This assists in getting a site with continuous execution development.

Web analytics automation testing framework: WAAT can be performed using selenium testing tool to test Android and iOS apps. Web analytics testing using selenium is basically performed for the mobile applications.


The central issue is: how can a site owner convince users to purchase a product or read an article? And, the appropriate solution is: look at the data and learn what is going on the site, tune in to clients’ voices and improve the site to better furnish them; after all these users are the purpose behind the site’s presence. Clients should guide us, not advisers, companions or emotions; information and online studies are the place to search for clients’ demands.

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