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Benefits of Automation Testing


Benefits of Automation Testing over manual testing have dependably been a point of discussion among various Software experts. The greater parts of our team understand the utilities of both, yet the confusion originates from the degree of automated testing for your product. For understanding automation testing easily, we provided few advantages of automation testing below:


Test Automation gives a reliable stage to your testing needs. The tests for which automation is normally conveyed are extremely tedious. Automation radically reduces the margin of error in the testing situation by experiencing pre-recorded guidelines. Regression tests check whether the previous functionalities are suited for new forms, which is basic when new advancement in the current software happens. This novel consistency gives a truly necessary unwavering quality to your testing protocols.

Productive Testing

Test automation tools are an approach to make the testing procedure to a great degree proficient. The testing group can be deliberately conveyed to handle the tricky, case particular tests while the automation software can deal with the repetitive, tedious tests that each product needs to experience. This is an awesome approach to not just set aside on time, cash and assets, yet in addition to produce a high ROI.

Special Programmability and Shelf Life

Not only can automated functional testing be worked to correct testing specifications, it fills in as a prime segment for future benefits of automation testing in agile. In-house automated software created by testing firms is demonstrated to such an extent that they have enough adaptability to deal with a unique product, while conforming to the most recent security and testing conventions. This makes test automation a capable tool for efficient, resourceful and top notch results.

Reusability of Automated Tests

Due to the repetitive nature of test automation test cases on which testing phase automation will be started, notwithstanding the moderately simple arrangement of their setup, software developers have the chance to evaluate program response. Automated test cases are reusable and can thus be used through various methodologies.

Client Environment Simulation

One of a kind path in which testing automation influences the testing method through reproduction of a typical user environment by completely sent mouse snaps and keystrokes. GUI testing is a standout amongst the most tedious and excess systems as the tester needs to convey similar methodology in mock user driven environments and check for issues in the responsiveness of the GUI. With latest automation testing tools, this procedure turns out to be fantastically simple.


Testorigen provides all benefits of test automation as our testers’ works on best automation testing tools to perform all types of testing such as mobile automation testing, functional Automation testing and much more. Our professionals are very much handy in using various automation testing tools like Ruby, Protector a well known functional testing tools. Moreover assist you by giving advantages of automation testing using selenium, the best automation testing tool utilized for automating your applications. Our testers also very much familiar with potential benefits of automation testing are outlined in which phase that help your organization to expand more efficiently.









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Steps for Performing Security Testing

security testing in software testing

There are mainly seven types of security testing in software testing as per open source security testing tools methodology manual:

Vulnerability Scanning: This is done through automated software to examine a framework against known vulnerability marks.

Security Scanning: It includes recognizing system and framework weaknesses, and later gives answers for diminishing these dangers. This checking can be performed for both Manual and Automated scanning.

Penetration testing: This sort of testing mimics an assault from malevolent hackers. This testing includes examination of a specific framework to check for potential vulnerabilities to an external hacking endeavor.

Risk Assessment: This testing includes examination of security dangers saw in the association. Risks are named Low, Medium and High. This testing prescribes controls and measures to decrease the risk.

Security Auditing: This is an internal investigation of Applications and Operating frameworks for security imperfections. Review should likewise be possible by means of line by line examination of code

Ethical hacking: It’s hacking Organization Software frameworks. Dissimilar to malicious hackers, who hack for their own gains, the goal is to uncover security imperfections in the framework.

Posture Assessment: This joins Security checking, Ethical Hacking and Risk Assessments to demonstrate a general security posture of an association.

How to perform security testing in software testing?

To perform a helpful security testing for web application, the security tester should have great learning of the HTTP protocols. It is imperative to have an understanding of how the customer and the server connect utilizing HTTP. Also, the tester should at least know the nuts and bolts of XSS and SQL injection.

  1. Password splitting:

The website penetration testing can be commenced by “Password splitting”. Keeping in mind the end goal to sign in to the private territories of the application security, one can either figure a username/password or utilize some password cracker tool for the same. Arrangements of regular usernames and passwords are accessible along with open source security testing tools for web application.

  1. URL control through HTTP GET security testing test cases:

The tester should check if the application passes critical data in the querystring. This happens when the application utilizes the HTTP GET security testing test cases to pass data between the customer and the server. The data is passed in parameters in the querystring. The tester can adjust a parameter esteem in the querystring to check if the server acknowledges it.

  1. SQL Injection:

The following thing that should be checked is SQL infusion. Entering a solitary quote (‘) in any textbox should be dismissed by the application. Rather, if the tester experiences a database error, it implies that the client input is embedded in some inquiry which is then executed by the application. In such a case, the application is powerless against SQL injection.

  1. Cross Site Scripting (XSS):

The tester should also check the web application for XSS. Any HTML e.g. <HTML> or any content e.g. <SCRIPT> should not be acknowledged by the application. If it is, the application can be inclined to an assault by Cross Site Scripting.

Attackers can utilize this strategy to execute malevolent content or URL on victim’s browser.  Utilizing cross-site scripting, assailant can utilize contents like JavaScript to steal information stored in the cookies and user cookies.


TestOrigen provides best web security testing and information security testing using various website security testing tools and become boon for the various domains in term of data breaching safety. Our security testing techniques are latest and always updated time to time for giving high quality security testing in software testing world.


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6 Most Common Software Testing Methodologies

Software Testing MethodologiesTesting plays very important role in the advancement of software. Thus Poor software testing methods prompt to unpredictable development times and unstable software testing life cycle. It is exceptionally fundamental to have best software testing methodologies to guarantee that the product conveyed is strong and stable and is conveyed in an anticipated course of events.

Fundamentals of software testing techniques depict an arrangement of general testing components which must be included in the product advancement lifecycle. These systems begin from testing small of code piece by piece to testing the entire application functionality at last.

  • Unit Tests

Unit Tests is the fundamentals of software testing techniques performed at developer level. This spreads exceptionally limited and all around characterized scope. We disconnect the code from any outside collaboration or any dependence on any module. Unit tests concentrate on little unit of functionality. They cover just the collaboration of the code with memory and do not cover any cooperation with system, database or record frameworks.

These conditions are hard coded into the code while testing. They give a basic software testing metrics to check smallest units of code and demonstrate that units can work flawlessly in separation. Even so, we have to check more that when these units are united they work in a strong way which drives us too furthermore software testing types.

  • Integration Tests

This is testing techniques in software testing that is performed at the next class of developer level. They give a software testing process to test the interoperation of smaller units. Integration Tests include testing the modules which get to network, databases and document frameworks. They uncover the issues with organize modules or databases and all the more vitally in the interaction among the small units of code. Frequently when the units are wired collectively there are problems like Unit A won’t be giving information appropriately to the Unit B, the main problem come up in the integration tests.

  • Functional Tests

After the integration tests are performed, higher amount software testing methodologies are utilized. Functional tests check for the correctness of the output concerning the info described in the detail. Very little stress is given on the intermediate value however more concentration is given on the last output conveyed.

  • Smoke Tests

Smoke Tests relationship originates from the hardware where a mistake implies the circuit board giving out smoke. After functional tests are done a basic test is performed from the beginning normally using various software testing methodologies to get new establishment and fresh input values. Fortunately there is no smoke in software testing approaches yet no doubt, crashes are there to demonstrate trouble.

  • Regression Tests

At whatever point complex bugs are fixed in a framework, commonly which influence the center ranges of the software testing strategies; regression tests are utilized to re-test every one of the modules of the framework.

  • Acceptance Tests

These testing methodologies involves at the last level of software testing methodologies. Each component is checked from the client’s point of view by the testing group and the element is stamped acknowledged or dismissed. These tests provide the software quality assurance to the application from end client’s viewpoint like finding crashes after experiencing a specific stream. The outcomes of these tests are extremely subjective in nature and it requires a long time to make sense of the correct issue in the code.


TestOrigen is the independent software testing company that provides the best software testing services and various types of testing in software engineering to their proud customers all over world. Our professional tester’s uses best software testing methodologies in software testing among our competitors and provide the high quality of software products.

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Why Software Testing is Important?

NEED OF SOFTWARE TESTINGOur history is full of such cases in which software bugs caused big problems to the organizations and raised so many money related issues. These software bugs can be more dangerous if not resolved at that time. Thus software testing is important to save the world from software failure and never ever rewrite history again.

  • Vulnerability in Window 10. This bug empowers clients to escape from security sandboxes through a blemish in the win32k framework.
  • Nissan cars need to review more than 1 million cars from the market because of software crash in the airbag tactile indicators. There has been accounted for two disasters because of this software failure.
  • A portion of the Amazon’s outsider retailers saw their item cost is decreased to 1p because of a software glitch. They were left with substantial misfortunes.
  • In April 2015, Bloomberg terminal in London slammed because of software glitch influenced more than 300,000 merchants on monetary markets. It constrained the administration to defer a 3bn pound obligation deal.
  • Starbucks was compelled to close around 60% of stores in the U.S and Canada because of software failure in its POS framework. At a certain point store served espresso for nothing as they unable to process the exchange.

There are many numbers of issues and disasters happened due to software failure that shows how much software testing is important in software development. Above explained cases are enough to draw the below conclusion of the Importance of Software Testing and role of software testing:

  • To ignore user detecting troubles.
  • To discover about the consistency of the software.
  • To overlook being sued by clients.
  • To continue in industries.
  • To discover faults early that assists in decreasing the charges of defect fixing.
  • To verify that the software has no errors.
  • To find out defects.
  • To guarantee that software product works as user anticipated.


TestOrigen’s Software testing services is one of best and high quality resistant that leads you and your organization towards victory. As our testers are very much well known to the importance of software testing and quality assurance for your business to grow and expand.

Our tester knows the importance of bugs in software testing and helps you in finding it. So that you will also understand the basic need of testing for your software development.


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6 Software Testing Tools

6 Software Testing ToolsTesting of software using software testing tools provides the benefits of high scalability, easy availability and lower cost value. The software testing tools allows the mobile and web app testing in various environments without making your own communications. With increasing demand of software testing, the need of various latest automated software testing tools also increasing.

Here are some of top 6 commonly used software testing tools that help testers in assisting all types of bugs.


Selenium IDE:

Selenium Integrated Development Environment tool is very simple to use and come in the selenium suite. It is very easy to install and learn. As it comes with Firefox add-on same as QTP (Quick Test Professional) that generates test cases very fast by its playback and record functionality.

Due to its accessibility, selenium IDE must be only utilized as a prototyping tool. It is not a largely used testing software tools for maintaining and developing difficult test suites.

It is not important to have an earlier knowledge in programming. As you can use this software testing automation tool with basic knowledge of DOM, JavaScript and HTML. JavaScript is only needed when we obtain the part on the Selenese command “runScript.”

It supports autocomplete mode during the execution of test scripts. This feature is helpful for mainly two reasons.

  • It encourages the analyzer to enter commands more rapidly.
  • It limits the client from inflowing invalid commands.


Selenium RC:

Selenium Remote Control is the best software testing tool used to compose automated web application UI tests. It can be written in any programming language beside any HTTP website by any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser.

It is divided between two parts among software testing tools selenium list.

  • A server which consequently kills and launches programs, and behaves like a HTTP mediator for web demands from them.
  • Customer libraries for your most loved programming language.

Selenium Remote Control is awesome for testing complex AJAX-based web UIs under a Continuous Integration framework. It is likewise a perfect answer for clients of Selenium IDE who need to compose tests in a more expressive programming language than the Selenese HTML table arrangement.



It is a latest software testing tool that enables you to execute your tests against various programs, not simply Firefox.

WebDriver likewise empowers you to utilize a programming language in making your test codes.

You would now be able to utilize restrictive operations like if-else or switch-case.

You can as well execute looping like do-while.



Quick Test Professional a Windows based programming testing tools in software testing used to test the applications on the web or desktop, best for “Regression” and “Functional” testing, given by Hewlett Packard. Its UI is called as an IDE accompanies different functionalities which inspire testers towards testing.

QTP utilizes VB Script language to run the content and backings Terminal Emulator, SAP, Delphi, Power Builder, Stingray 1, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Windows Mobile,  Oracle,  Web, Java, .Net, Flex, Web Services, WPF, VisualAge Smalltalk, Silverlight and centralized server terminal emulators.



It is a cross-stage web application testing tool, written in Java and JavaScript. Launched under an open source software testing tools with Apache License 2.0. It is accessible in Pro v5.1.2 is utilized to test different programs applications under web 2.0.

Sahi Pro distinguishes components effortlessly and furthermore deals with application incorporate dynamic ids and applications create utilizing Dojo, YUI, ExtJS, ZK, and so forth.



SoapUI is a tool for software testing written in Java language. Additionally known as a cross-stage free open source functional testing tool for representational state transfers and service-oriented architectures. It’s easy to understand interface secures different elements and for the most part utilized for API testing encourages to effectively and rapidly perform regression/functional and load testing, bolsters all conventions and innovations identified with the specific application. Its commercial version SoapUI Pro is fundamentally used to test functionality of the apps.


These are some of the software testing tools come in the top 10 software testing tools list used for performing both automation as well as manual testing.

TestOrigen’s uses various types of software testing tools including all these mentioned above and satisfy their customer expectation. As the testing tools in software engineering plays important role for supporting best services. And we have free software testing tools as well as paid version for detection of all types of bugs that are reason behind your sadness.



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5 Mobile App Testing Scenarios and Conditions


Day by day, latest mobile applications are introducing with an expanding number of organizations and associations. Thus, for the achievement of these applications in the marketplace, they must be tested under various mobile app testing scenarios. So, that the applications offers the most ideal experience for end clients.

Here are the top 5 mobile app testing scenarios for testing mobile applications


The bugs are famous interruptions exist during mobile app testing of devices. As the application usual interface is interrupted by various external actions.

Mobile application testing approach includes pop up observant like cautions, schedule, notices, approaching/active voice calls and instant messages. Among these the approaching/active calls are the most critical sort of interruption occurred.

Occasionally, this can influence the running of different applications in the devices as well. This is basically universal for each application. Clearing this bug before releasing the application in the market can add to its productivity.

Device Integration

Device integration in mobile application testing is important. As in this mobile responsive test, the applications need to join all the settings, alignment and configuration. Additionally they have to merge with in built applications of the mobile device like GPS service, screen orientation, camera, audio, OS, screen resolution, and so forth. It is essential to know how a mobile app testing conditions runs at particulars specifications like your area, video and camera.

Estimated outcomes may move as per the specifications of the device. Reaction of device to the signals can as well be incorporated and how the mobile reacts should also be calculated.


The performance is the mobile application testing basics mainly concentrates on two things:

The responsiveness of the application, proper running speed of app during mobile friendly test, the battery drainage, the CPU of the devices and memory utilization in device or SD card.

Indeed, even minor or significant flaws in the network linking can influence the performance power of the app. This is a type of application versus device. So mobile application testing techniques concentrated on the network availability or Wi-Fi connection can enhance these parts of failures.

These as well cover up the quantity of data utilized by the app.This are one of clients most loved as well. Performance is justified on the premise of how well applications run on the mobile devices.


Mobile app testing scenarios on networks manages weak or poor signal, data transition and quality loss.

Mobile apps that do not need network traffic after the establishment wouldn’t be highly influenced. The fundamental course issue with the application that requires organizes information for additionally working is that, they tend to expand a lot of information. MB. Messenger applications are one among these.

During the application use, the battery is also consumed. The application like sound cloud where client can tune in to music online can cause enormous battery drain.

Due to this Network mobile application testing approaches are followed for better running of battery during application usage.



Installation is the mobile application testing strategy in which the tester should follow the procedure of uninstalling and installing or the properties of updating

Occasionally, testing of installation in the mobile application is not done fully.

There are a plenty of things to judge while testing the installation of a mobile app. At first, we need to arrange the end clients. The aimed audiences have a connection with the procedure of uninstalling and installing the application using mobile application testing tools.

Additionally, the experience can change the first time users of the application. The procedure of updating the installed app must be dealt with care. The fundamental inquiry that emerges here is whether the updated version of a mobile application is compatible to device?


TestOrigen’s Testers well known to these top five Mobile App Testing Scenarios and Conditions. Due to this our testers provide you the best application compatibility to the numerous devices using various latest mobile automation testing tools.




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Mobile Testing approaches ‘expands’ ROI of organizations

Mobile Testing approaches expands ROI of organizationsAdvancement in the sphere of technology has forced the organizations to remain intact with the requirements of the customer on a regular basis. The mobile apps in today’s scenario have become a necessity for every organization to operate effectively around the globe in regards to generate remarkable outcomes timely.

Mobile Testing on Real Devices or Emulators remains an effective key in maintaining and enhancing user’s experience in handling mobile phones efficaciously. TestOrigen with dedication carries out constructive Mobile Testing, providing the clients and organizations with accurate and rapid results on time.

Mobile Testing helps in increasing the ROI of organizations by implementing few approaches like, execution of Shift Left Testing to ensure the readiness of the test cases in the most effective way by introducing testing at the prime stage itself. Also by performing Test Automation effectively to generate proper planning of the organization in the process of long run. Carrying Performance Testing to certify the expectations of the customer is met on time, thus resulting better ROI. Performing Continuous Testing to assure defects and bugs are identified in the earlier stage itself, allowing the applications to perform well, increasing ROI of the organization. And in the end executing  to ensure that comprehensive efficiency is maintained properly to generate higher ROI for the organization.

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Cushions for Digital Banking

Cushions for Digital BankingOnline payments have become indispensable part of human lives in today’s world, allowing the Banks to come on the tips of the humans, thus reducing the work load with ease.

To maintain effective operations of Banks on Digital Horizon there are few armors available, keeping the sphere of Digital Banking safe and sound from the occurring like threat of losing records & unprecedented bugs.

The key cushions are:

1) Functionality of banking apps : Functional Testing, examines the entire functions of the apps by rendering end-to-end test execution, commencing right from the collecting phase, hence certifying that the pace of defects have come down and the Banking app is defect free.

 2) Performance of banking app: Performance Testing ensures the operation of the app is desirable and the way it was calculated to operate.

3) Software validation of banking apps: Software Testing works as a shield ensuring the internal applications and processes are trouble-free and productive, thus protecting the integrity of the records from the threat of potential hack.

4) Security of the banking apps: Security Testing assures the reputation and confidentiality of vital record of the user present in the banking app. Thus, making the app safe to launch in the market.

TestOrigen understands the importance of digital banking in today’s scenario and carries out fruitful testing along with experts in order to maintain smooth working of the banking apps, hence delivering best services to the clients accordingly.

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Usability Testing ‘revitalizing’ Digital Transformation

Usability Testing revitalizing Digital Transformation21st century has been said to be the epoch of Digitalization, as the world has embarked into the arena of being digitally savvy in order to get their work done on time. Organizations have also ascended on a quest of Digital Transformation with experience of the user, along with enhancement of the brand being top most priority in order to maximize their profits effectually.

The walkway of the Digital Transformation isn’t easy as the there are rough pavements along its path like the impeccable operation of the applications, along with the experience of the users over the applications. To rectify all these challenges Usability Testing becomes a catalyst in order to energize the process of Digital Transformation significantly to ensure that the applications are functional, preferable, feasible & easy-going for the users. TestOrigen performs Usability Testing, by patiently observing the problems and executing it effectively, hence boosting up the process of Digital Transformation and allowing the organizations to grow remarkably well.

Usability Testing renders ample benefits to Digital Transformation like, enhancement in the process of transformation rate because of effective user interface, along with surging satisfaction of the users in order to have competitive edge. It also, refines the accessibility of the applications that helps in the ideal growth. Usability Testing also helps in deepening the trust among the users, which results in exceptional bonding. And in the end Usability Testing reduces the cost and efforts due to rapid comments of the users.

The Quality of the products reflects from the testing that has been carried out, proper testing results in well defined extensive product, thus making the end user happy, and the entire testing function a huge success.

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Performance Testing ‘strengthening’ Agile Domain

Performance Testing strengthening Agile DomainAgile Environment has become the top most priority for the organizations in the present scenario, because the organizations today are in the quest to manufacture standard quality of products significantly, with the help of Agile Environment. Also, Agile Environments helps in maintaining healthy relationships between the stakeholders in order enhance the quality of the product produced, resulting uplift in the ROI of the organization.

To remain in-tacked, Agile Environment needs versatility and cannot survive with an incompetent version, for this Performance Testing extensively verifies and pinpoints inefficiency that is present in the final product, thus helping the organization to grow remarkably well. Performance Testing also identifies the barriers related to performance in the primary stage of the businesses and rectifies the hindrance by arresting and solving the performance hold-up for the particular product that is in the examination. TestOrigen also seemingly performs accurate Performance Testing in Agile Surroundings thus, helping the clients and organizations to grow incredibly well.

Performance Testing anchors Agile Domain with few advantages which are like; Hold-ups are exposed rapidly, Applications are balanced accurately, the chances of encountering bugs are reduced at later stages, efforts and money is saved effectively and it helps in fostering the confidence of the organizations in regard with growth.


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