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Blistering Internet means Li-Fi

Blistering Internet means Li-FiVisualizing the speed of internet over 200 Gbps isn’t a dream now, because Li-Fi is evolving the dreams into reality at a great pace. Li-Fi is a freshly tested wireless communication, helping the frequencies to climb by 100 times more than the normal frequency.

Light Fidelity or Li-Fi maximizes the utilization of light through wireless communications in order to switch on and off LEDs, which results in the relocation of the records at a scorching speed.

Li-Fi indulge in a photo-detector, which assist in receiving of  light signals along with signal processing elements, that converts and authorizes the gushing of the content with ease. Also, the use of LED light bulb becomes mandatory because the LED light bulb is submerged along with getting fade, upside down at an incredible speed, with the help of consistent electricity. These diminutive alterations in quick fading of the LED bulbs are transformed by the ‘receiver’ to electrical signals. And in the end these signals are converted back into binary data visuals as web, video and audio applications which operate on internet compatible devices.

Li-Fi has transformed the lives of people drastically, as Li-Fi is installed with diverse advantages like, Li-Fi has no Hazardous Radiations that causes unhealthy side effects to the masses, Li-Fi has much Greater Speed then compare with   Wi-Fi. Also, Li-Fi is a Cost Effective affair because it is sponsored by the LEDS. The data remains even More Secured in Li-Fi because the data cannot get attacked without a clear line of vision. And in the end Li-Fi promotes Green Technology, as it is based on LED bulbs.




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Cross Browser Testing ‘harboring’ applications

Cross Browser Testing harboring applicationsSimulation of analyzing and differentiating applications for their operations and methodology covering several browser platforms on mobile devices along with operating systems to recognize potential inconsistency is called Cross Browser Testing. Also, Cross Browser Testing guarantees seamless functioning of the applications on different browsers ensuring there is no inconsistency and fixing up all the hindrances timely.

Cross Browser Testing is vital because it executes testing of application for multi-browser compatibility, it also helps in recognizing the scripts that are ideal on one browser and get rendered as unresponsive on others. Along with this, Cross Browser Testing certifies accurate functionality of applications in a wide range of browsers, hence creating an impressive affair for the users, thus resulting in enhanced usability for the users. TestOrigen also performs effective Cross Browser Testing, providing applications to work on different browsers without any hindrances.

The well known browsers that are taken into the account for executing Cross Browser Testing are like Windows Phone, IPhone, Android, Mozilla Firefox for Mac and Windows users, Safari for Windows and Mac users, Google Chrome for Mac and Windows users, and Internet Explorer for different versions of Windows 7-11.

The updates in the sphere of browsers are constant in nature; hence Cross Browser Testing becomes vitally important in smooth functioning of the applications on diverse browsers.

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Continuous Testing ‘safeguarding’ Applications

Continuous Testing safeguarding ApplicationsThe world of applications has immensely installed numerous opportunities for the population by providing them with effective services on time. Also, in present scenario applications has made it easy for every single entity to reach out to masses in just one click with ease. This boom in sphere of applications has increased the demand for Continuous Testing of the apps for their effectual operations, thus providing the masses with accurate results and reducing their burden of travelling to places in order to get their work done on time.

Continuous testing is an approach, where Automated Tests are performed as part of the software delivery and also to get acknowledged about the feedback on the businesses in order to curb the level of threats that are involved when releasing applications. It is rightly said that the more you test applications, the better they will operate, hence providing remarkable quality.  Also, Continuous Testing in the arena of app’s development certifies the quality and enhances the outcome of the apps by carrying out different set of testings like the API Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, System Testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing for the same. TestOrigen performs rigorous Continuous Testing, providing seamless functioning of the apps, hence providing exact and effective results to the clients.

Continuous Testing provides diverse advantages like, impeccable delivery of information by the applications, Stamping proper efficiency of the applications, making it easier for the applications to enter the market, & promoting rapid learning through applications.

Therefore, Continuous Testing gives strength to the automated testing and provides smoother way in generating accurate comments on the business risks involved in regards with the applications.


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SaaS Testing ‘unravels’ Hindrances

SaaS Testing unravels HindrancesSaaS Testing is a technique which certifies applications that has been fabricated through the help of the software, which serves as a version of expansion in terms of services, along with the functions that are designed accordingly. Applications during the SaaS Testing demands comprehensive testing in regards with the solidity of the applications. Also in contrast SaaS Testing has a brief cycle of testing when compare with other testing cycles because of the version of software that exists in terms of services.

Testing approaches in SaaS Testing excludes test cases that are meant for clients, multiple version support or even backwards compatibility and etc. SaaS Testing constitutes Agile technique because of the lightning pace of the services. TestOrigen takes up complicated challenges with ease and perform SaaS Testing with emphatic enthusiasm to provide clients with accurate results through operating on cloud.

SaaS Testing make full use of various testing techniques that includes, Availability Testing, which ensures that the applications are readily available to the users after the execution of testing. Security Testing, confirms that there is no presence of threat on applications in regards with loosing or stealing of the data by the hackers. Performance Testing, establishes an effectual momentum for the applications, thus ensuring proper workflow of the applications. Interoperability Testing, verifies smooth working of the applications without any problem for the users across various environments. And Business Workflow Testing, guarantees the best outcome from the application in regards with their operation.

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ERP Testing ‘bracing’ businesses

ERP Testing bracing businessesERP or Enterprise resource planning is fecund software, which assists in effective operation of businesses. ERP also allows a particular business to work unitedly to amalgamate all the records from diverse departments in the business.

Along with this ERP ensures that businesses have a commanding lead over their competitors in the market.

ERP is executed on various departments in an organization which includes the Human Resource Department, Manufacturing Department, Customer Relationship Department and Finance Department, hence resulting in better coordination of these departments with each other, thus making the organization to grow on a healthier note across the sphere. TestOrigen determinedly performs ERP Testing with ease, helping the businesses to accelerate remarkably well in the surroundings.

ERP comprises of following types of testing which includes Unit testing, User acceptance testing, integration testing and etc. These testing anchor the organizations to perform effectually on a bigger scale without any hindrances.

All in all a robust ERP execution heavily rely on rigorous testing and proper certification of the software, resulting in genuine exercise of right set of tools for automation. ERP also includes personalization of the package as per the needs of the organization, which in result gives a strong outlook of organization to others in the market.


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Agile Testing assisting IT firms to eradicate disorganized testing

Agile Testing assisting IT firms to eradicate disorganized testingNeed of IT for Organizations have increased significantly in the 21st century. IT in the present scenario plays a vital role for seamless growth of the organizations across the globe.

By performing Agile Testing, IT organizations can evolve healthy relationships that will bestow favorable impact in regards with value of delivery for the IT organizations. TestOrigen being a respectable IT firm executes Agile Testing remarkably, in order to provide clients with perfect results.

The size of the organizations varies, as some organizations are bigger in size and some are smaller in size. And it is rightly explained; bigger the size of the organization, bigger will be the complications the organization will encounter. Also executing Agile Testing in a bigger organization is merely difficult then compare with smaller ones, because accountability of decision making in smaller organizations are viable then compare to bigger ones.

Agile Testing eliminates disorganized testing as it helps in ensuring that there is presence of dependability, effective planning, proper approach, effectual handling and tight security within the entire IT system. Agile Testing also ensures that modification and exclusion of technical debt is done satisfactorily, thus helping the organization to achieve desired results accordingly.  Along with this Agile Testing helps in maintaining continuous delivery of communication between the coordinator and subordinates to maintain proper development in the environment. Also, Agile Testing ensures constant communication which helps the teams to identify the bugs easily and solve it in one go. And in the end Agile Testing operates with more innovative styles, making sure volatile development conditions and digital requirements are met on time.


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Effective Cloud-based Software Testing tools

Effective Cloud-based Software Testing toolsCloud-Based Software Testing comes in with diverse advantages, which authorizes web and mobile based testing in different environments and on multiple machines.

The testing here is executed with the help of certain tools which are:

1) BlazeMeter: It is concerned with executing end to end and load testing of mobile apps and websites. It also helps is lubricating the observation of the performance along with realistic load tests which are merge with reporting on real-time basis.

2) App Thwack: This is a cloud-based simulator which performs tests on Android, iOS and web apps on actual devices. Along with this, the tool is also suitable with automation platforms like Robotium, UI Automation and etc.

3) LoadStorm: This is basically a cost efficient tool related to load Testing of mobile apps and web pages. It helps in verifying the performance in regards with immoderate usage.

4) Nessus: This tool helps in discovering threats like viruses, which are linked with unhealthy and unreliable content. Nessus also executes compliance auditing for industries like healthcare and banking.

5) Xamarin Test Cloud: This tool is generally a UI acceptance testing tool for mobile apps. This tool performs the test on physical devices and showcases full-resolution screen shots of each step effectively.

These tools provide an effective and constructive testing, to generate right outcomes for comprehensive operation of the apps. TestOrigen also helps in providing support in positioning the correct tool for testing, thus providing best results to the clients.


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Ransomware “Shocked” the planet

Ransomware Shocked the planetMore than 20000 victims in over 150 countries were swept away in the Ransomware disaster, which was named precisely as ‘WannaCry’. This Incident took place on 12th may 2017, thus making it easier for the hackers to exigent burdensome ransom in order to convert the prime data on a system in regards to unlocking.

The prime motive of WannaCry Ransomware attack was not restricted to extorting of money, but to cause disturbance in the sphere of Web. Nations like India, Russia, Taiwan & Ukraine were the worst affected because these countries were heavily leaned towards pirated versions of Microsoft Windows.

Global experts are implementing rapid plans to generate solutions for destroying the Ransomware viruses with ease by constructing a full-fledged antivirus for the same. Organizations now are focusing in building appropriate applications that are being tested consistently for the security and at the same time, making the users aware for likely cyber-attack in future. TestOrigen, along with determined experts, work in unity in order to carry out comprehensive testing of the apps, hence making them satisfactorily operational.

Organizations globally are executing in-depth Security Testing to eradicate the viruses in one go, thus making the apps reliable to use. Also this disaster has been an eye opener for the masses, as it has given them a lesson to remember, that whenever they carry out transactions they need to remember few things like being cautious when opening any sort of files, because some files may contain viruses that might destroy the person badly. Secondly not to entertain/receive any phone calls coming from un-real tech support numbers. Thirdly, to install a strong antivirus, in order to kill unnecessary viruses in the first stage itself. Fourthly, to built a robust proxy, for taking care of the system and internet connection in it.  And lastly, to have appropriate methodology for risk management, in order to stay away from unprecedented software failures.


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Risk-Based Testing ‘Shield’ to curb complications

Risk-Based Testing Shield to curb complicationsRisk in the domain of Software Testing is elucidated as a potential happening in the software, because of the existence of bug in it. And the execution of testing for these unprecedented occurrences is known as Risk-Based Testing.

Risk-Based Testing generally provides assistance in designating the testing of the features and functions of software depending on the potential risk of mishaps. Risk-Based Testing performs testing on the functionality that showcases the highest likelihood of adversity, because it isn’t easy to carry out full fledged testing on complete functionality of the software due to scarcity of time. TestOrigen envelops all the areas, and executes effectual testing with determined set of experts.

Risk-Based Testing follows few stages in order to execute testing which are, first stage i.e. recognizing and explaining the probabilities of risks occurring for all the functional units of the applications that are under testing. Second stage involves, determining the tests according to the degree of the risk involved. Third stage initiates the framing of the tests according to the requirement that was determined. And last stage i.e. the fourth stage involves execution of tests in regards to the framework that was established.

All in all, the prime ambition of risk-based testing is to execute testing by keeping in mind the best techniques involved in risk administration, which in return helps the organization in manufacturing products that are rightly adjusted in regards with the standard.

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Functional Testing is a necessity

Functional Testing is a necessityMobile devices and computers comprise of diverse components that operate independently, and jointly, for vigorous functioning as, functional testing is an essential testing that helps in determining as to how the system operates.

Functional testing performs testing on every component ensuring, the code that is generated is desirable, and it carries out examining once again assuring, that any impact doesn’t affect the device through the output of a particular component. Along with this, Functional Testing pledges to render remarkable quality of software to the devices satisfactorily. TestOrigen also assures an effective Functional Testing, thus providing the Clients with effectual outcomes on time.

Functional Testing is categorized into many different types of testing precisely to maintain the quality of the software; some of the testing is like the Unit testing which certifies that every constructed code delivers the favorable outcome. Black Box Testing takes care of the dodgy functions of the devices, by creating the test cases for every framework. System Integration Testing diagnoses the feasibility and suitability of the software with different applications. And User Acceptance Testing showcases the final usability of the system. Functional Testing also makes use different tools, like Selenium & Cucumber which are involved in verifying the software in regards with, the user interface, database, and security.

Functional Testing basically ascertains desirable behavior of applications, hence making the applications reliable and dependable to operate effectively in the tech world.

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